just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6590 Apr 15, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>I don't worry about what liberal democraps are like,cuz I just go ahead and flush'em. Baaaaahahahahahahaaha!!!!!!!!
See what I mean?
Just sayin

Rio, WI

#6592 Apr 15, 2013
just sayin wrote:
<quoted text>
See what I mean?
Help me I'm a democrap swimming in my own crap.
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6593 Apr 16, 2013
Just sayin wrote:
<quoted text> Help me I'm a democrap swimming in my own crap.
Thanks for proving my point firsthand!
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6594 Apr 16, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>Are you in a nursing home? Do you live alone? Where do you get your income $$$$$ from? Where is your computor access. What is your proffession? Do you drive?
Hey worthless,
Are you in a mental institution? How many nuts are in there with you? Get any money from the gov't? Who the hell let you use the internet? Did you ever hold a job? Does the state sanction your mobility?

What an ass.

Madison, WI

#6595 Apr 16, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>Are you in a nursing home? Do you live alone? Where do you get your income $$$$$ from? Where is your computor access. What is your proffession? Do you drive?
Their is NO SUCH thing as nursing home, convelesant center residents without COURT ORDER for them to be their at all. Kidnapped and held hostage for death and out of family way for a policy payoff early after 2 years of enterence.

I live by myself, in a apartment...

... Although I don't do credit cards, I saved status for a husband some day. Im 44 years now.

... I have one of 25 cleanest female DA files in the State and top 250 in the nation.

...my Surgeon General records are astronaumical digits of malpraictice claims and Surgeon General approved and put the attorney assignments, competent new drs. and $ stipulations for attorney to suggest payment in court.

...I saved my 1st business loan and grants for my disability with the bank to see what a future husband wants to own and run and I will work by his side for a allowence where he needs me.

...I saved my 1st buyers loan and 1st farmers loan and my governemtnal livlihood and homesteaders grant for my husband to bounce back into life when I find one.

My DA File remains clean so that with my Surgeon Generals Malpractice suiot payoffs, I have money to BID documents out my childrens and future husbands file to remove crime of payoff and rehabilitation costs so he can walk in life a clean and free man.

I do have a drivers license..

my 1st car was a chevy Chevette
2nd car I cant remember the make of bumble bee
3rd car was a ford tempo
4th car was a Boneville 2004 or 07 I think.

At this time I still have a license clean driving record no accidents, no cause of accidents no crimes involved with driving.

I had 2 DUI in 2006 but it is consolodated and I served 2 weeks in Huber for my cirme, DA privilaged my file as a result police officer in SOuth Madison Jurisdiction threatened to kill me and paid his family and friends in bars to do it for him regardless of my children in car or not. He was fined and fired for miscondcut and he hit me in my hand and knocked my cigarrette on my floor, They were supposed to arrest my X neighbor(companion periodically), and Fitchburg police had that case jumped jurisdiction and made arrest since he was under durress and chose the unlawful party to side with instead.

I am A Traumatic Brain Injury my professions in life was Human Services and Hospitality industies. Period. I am currently retired.

I have Vicadin, Flexeril, and 25MG. OF Valuim authorization to imobolise me until my surgical procedures. Although Pharmacy at Walgreens warned DEAN CLINIC AND HOSPITAL ALERT they know my family personally and I hoard medications and serve as a Higher Middleclass drug dealer for their socio-economical income bracket since my family does drugs. Cocaine, Opium and marjuania and SEA WEED from coastal island off Swiss.

I don't do drugs, tried a coupel times in life believing I can equalibruimzie my system closer to theirs so it does not cause them disruptions, I ran to hosptial and police reported my coupel encounters and turned myself in immediate and indicated why, and they helped me calm down and took the drug out of system and laughed, "JAimie how can we medicate you or hospitalize,you light weight.. It had less then 7 % cocaine agent not even cocaine drug and is over 90 % baking soda and tylonal, That is not illegal. The rest is cleaning supplies you are subjected to at work which causes side effects and concern for a plasidity disorder, but since it is not higher volumnes, it has not gone into blood stream and can be sweated out, if a concern it would disrupt the bone to a jello goo like plastic man. But we dont see that in your lifetime"

I have Knights of Columbus responsibility and reports I need to possess. Incharge of 2 VFW affairs houses and we have a problem With FOTRA and ILLEGALS they over thrown, ELKS club, Viking Arms
Jim Dandy

Prior Lake, MN

#6596 Apr 16, 2013
Outta FitzWalkerstan wrote:
<quoted text>
1) It's the Republicans who have been blocking ALL health care cost reducing regulations.
2) Democrats have reduced the deficit, reduced taxes, and ended the avalanch of losing 750,000 jobs PER MONTH that Republicans caused.
3) The Gopvernment doesn't do health care. It never has and never will. Obamacare is HEALTH INSURANCE reform and isn't related to Medicare or Medicaid in any whay other than to use those savings to increase coverage.
4) It's the heath INSURANCE COMPANIES that were forcing their clients to go to other doctors. Obamacare ENDED that practice. And, surprise, health insturance premiums went DOWN, mpore people are covered, nobody loses health insurance because they get sick, and diabetics and others with lifelong congenital or chronic diseases CANOOT be turned down for health INSURANCE coverage.
5) It is a violation of thye Sherman Antitrust Act for the government to interfere with the free market. No bill can be passed to force you to chance your free market choices.
6) Walker has dragged Wisconsin to 44th in new jobs in the country. He started with a SURPLUS of $3 million, created a fake fiscal crisis by giving tax breaks to big business, threw away almost a $trillion in FEDERAL money and plans to create a deficit of $600 billion to make up for his sheer stupidity to be paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers alone, without any FEDERAL taxpayer support. This is the austerity brought to you by the States' Rights selfishness.
7) Republicans CAUSED all these problems. And you still want them to keep making things worse?
8) Do Janesville schools teach Civics any more?
Born in the Land of Cheese.
You don't really believe those lies do you? LMAOROTFu
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6597 Apr 16, 2013
Jim Dandy wrote:
<quoted text>You don't really believe those lies do you? LMAOROTFu
people who live in glass houses?

Madison, WI

#6598 Apr 17, 2013
2nd car was a Pontiac T-1000

I had 2 computers, 1 my father bought for me when I was 35 years old; the other I purchased a couple years ago. I got rid of both computers, and use the Library for only 1 hour a day to not develop a nuerological disorder that disrupts brain and central nervous system. And I did not want a obsessive compulsive Muscular terret behavior pattern either.

I like to fish, find treasure, abandoned homes and estates or a cadavor and make legitamate reports, after I find the legal owners family so it is not lost in another mans pocket book. I like painting and making picture boxes for the collections I find on my walk, Lottery tickets, money, jewelry, Rabbit tails, Turtle shells bottles.

My latest finds were by the channel off Milwaukee street, May 2, 1893 bottles.

I don't have a mental Illness like family gossips to have and pay people to rape and obstruct me, to drive me to committment, jail in self-defense, or sucide or death form the aggrevated assault, ITS NOT agrrevated assault it is attempted murder and you will spend over 25 years in prison for any head and neck blows or to my lower back, IM trauamtic Brain Injury and had brain surgery at Meriter Hospital as a 8 year old child and listed on registry as such, thier will be no payment my parents are on federal alert for their partisipations as well trying to jail or committ me in a mental ward with a credit card so their insurence policy pays after 2 years premature my death, BUT THAT IS Attempted murder I have TBI and have numerous head neck and spine injuries that are still pending surgey.

Still trying to wed and impliment my legal accoutns for a husband, although parents sabbotosh because my sibling is not safe or happy yet and until she picks I must be single and lady in wait status.

I did get in a verbal altercation Yesturday by the channel at BRidges golf course, a female with a big dog shouted I was tresspassing on Bridges proerty and she will call the police I said" B are you sick, I OWN BRidges Golf course and surrounding areas, My Name is MS DREWS, they owe me 60% of the entire status on my land and 12% interest after court involvement, NOT TRESSPASSING when it IS your own property you drug infested WHOR, CALL the police in cuoprt to imply I tyresspassed they will have to locate legal owner, BRidges and resturaunt have digger permit and homesteaders as the owner never works their land, NEver even sought me out, court will prove MY PAPERS in court and then I get a copy to sue, so call dumb B"

I was walking by the water looking for turtle shells and the fish are spawing routes now, BIG but I think their sick. Not carp that was for sure.

Hey ddoes anyone know they dropped COMMON LAW MARRIAGE to 2 years sharing residence In MAdison Wisc now and you can take a non productive relationship to divorce court and awarded $25% plus of the partners property and gorss annual for 2 years of broken litigation non legal or wholesome looking. It is NO LONGER 7 year to be common law.

Now here is the question: If you reside on someones proerty or work does the employer or owner of the apartment complex or BANK until mortgage is paid off, have legal rights to COMMON LAW marriage suits agaisnt you? Coulds this be why relations foul in the first 2 years, becasue you did not do the owner first and wait for placement. SKULLS are riding high in MAdison WISC Their leadership funding took hold over VFW FOTRA GIRL SCOUTS< BIKERS and GANG affilaites of the owners, BUT THOSE WERE NOT THE OWNERS THOUGH THEY WERE KILLED BUT Their decendets still lived and I CALLED SKULLS TO assist and said take it out my SSDB that US NAVY has for me but only payment is out interest on the accoutn and no legal right to read the journal that he was authorized to right and patent by US NAVY COMMANDERS Those papers are the result of WW3 NOT Mine alone, But a collective of US AIRFORCE and ANVY that served on 7 vessles in VIETNAM WAR in BLACK SEA AND INDIAN OCEAN

Madison, WI

#6600 Apr 18, 2013
My Grandfather was Edward Drews, his brothers families were the founders of The Atwood banks across from IDEAL BAR in Madison Wisc. The side still operating was my grandfathers generations, versus the bank across the street, still my family but BOOMER AND XER, and they had a competition, so the bank that shut down was not as COMPETANT as the other. The old men knew they would win, hoard houses locations, bunkers, family assginments other pertinent documentations. BOOMER AND XER fell hard but since family permitted to employ under their elders lead again. I used to sit at the bus stop and counsil with my great cousin, he prefered to be called until and said to inform Dad to check ion, he has not seen him since his military medical retirment papers came thru.

Our families lived by the dirt mounds across form OScar MEyers, before it came in. We were inflicted with stage and rail codiene and morphine purchases for healing measures, But the owner of OScar MEyers brought in Herpine and Cocaine, jewels and bloody money in the cows asz or in holes in the cows bone for storage.

Oscar Meyer had its employs cross the street with torches and stages a attempted murder of my family form that neighborhood. Military base the higher commander that was in charge was my family as well running the golf course area as a result our families proerty so he was promoted to protect and research on his own families lands. Gross manslaughter came, back then before I was born LEGAL to protect to LIFE your own property, IT was a blood bath indeed, the whole town hated my family but no prosecutions as a result my family never bothered anyone the Oscar Meyers recruties tried to kill them and burn their homes for not authorizing signature on their documents to consent to the business in Wisconsin at all, The employs chanted "IF your not with us your agaisnt us" Man women and children manned arms and open fired on those trying to tresspass and kill them in their own home. WE STILL LIVE TODAY GOOD MARKSMAN Military intervened and the town was pissed, he defended his family thru down arms and took off uniform and ran to aide.

This was all in our time history some are still alive today children at the time armed and taken their first life defending their land.

I made esquire status in International United Kingdoms, HArold Drews JR apprentice of differnt trades then men.

His father Harold Drews SR. was so proud of my father, he cried and frieghtened NON_Familiar with NAvy and airforce efforts, But my Father was the first on their sides history to make it to US NAVY it means he was non bodily fighting machine and mentally and Inetellectually competent to advace to a higher man status.

Family that tried to kill my father to prosper on a life insurence policy by murder or suicide, Otto, Brinkman, BEckwith, BAcklund Ballweg, all had city funds for ceremonial rituals during my fathers 4 term tour(stationed 8 years), although when he returned they all had houses and cars off his parties and never paid 1cent and scorned by town for hoarding his properties and playing working/middle class man instead.

Fathers blue prints of building and houseing developments, were patented US NAVY PROPERTY as well his formula for oil purifications system and US NAVY uses today, less cost, more effective.

HONORABLE man and a privilage he called me daughter.

Alsip, IL

#6601 Apr 19, 2013
Fact: Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin lost another 8,500 jobs last month. Scott Walker is running out of excuses for his epic jobs failure almost as fast as he’s running out of the state to campaign for president.

Alsip, IL

#6602 Apr 19, 2013
Fact: under Scott Walker, Wisconsin has dropped to 45th in wages and fallen from 11th to 44th in job creation in the nation.

Not opinion, not a lie, just fact.

Madison, WI

#6603 Apr 20, 2013
Under Scott Walker, pawn shops, second hand clothing, second hand books, and even junk yards have EXCEEDED their hoard surplus inventory and holds no more spacing, now they needed laborers and recycling contracts that they are having inability to achieve off their own contacts.

So market should be in the start up revenue for obtaining stock, in junk yard, bottles recycalables, lost stolen or aquired property. Once inventory is obtained all that wealth is lost in search of a buyer of stock aquired, so sell after 5 years I guess right, the rest was free money.
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6604 Apr 20, 2013
Aren't facts the elusive little creatures?
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6606 Apr 22, 2013
Judy wrote:
Tom and Janet of Gillet display their Grouse hunting technique.
Paranoid,delusional,racist,his head has been used for fracking.
Who Tee Who

Rio, WI

#6607 Apr 22, 2013
just sayin wrote:
<quoted text>
Paranoid,delusional,racist,his head has been used for fracking.
Your head could be used to srubb Gov. Walker's toilet. Srubb it good toilet head boy.
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6608 Apr 22, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>Your head could be used to srubb Gov. Walker's toilet. Srubb it good toilet head boy.
Who the F--k asked you nit-wit.
just sayin


#6609 Apr 23, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>Your head could be used to srubb Gov. Walker's toilet. Srubb it good toilet head boy.
I wouldn't put my head where your lips are constantly sucking.

Madison, WI

#6610 Apr 23, 2013
There is a brain chamber that you can research with your doctor. It formulates Lies and slander vulgarity and derogatory terms. When you deal with normal people that do not lie and tit appears to HURT them when they do or try to get out a f word, that is a person without it operating.

Usually only active in drug addicts and drug birthed babies. Your supposed to be identified in school and put on a concentration camp city in development around nation with those like, you so you see the same reality system, Not trying to prosecute or harm they are rehabilitating a city for you to live together as your brain functions in and out a chamber that is NOT of the common norm. THat way NO drugs and medications is a necessity to administer outside a balanced diet to yoru blood stream and a vitamin to keep you stable to the normalcy of common whole.

South Elgin, IL

#6611 Apr 23, 2013
In Wisconsin we’re down to 44th in the nation in job creation. That statistic is bad enough on its own, but when you consider the fact that we were ranked 11th when Scott Walker took office, its even worse.

No other state has seen the kind of jobs free fall that Wisconsin is experiencing because of Scott Walker’s failed policies – the cheese stands alone. Guess this falls a bit short of his initial promises.

South Elgin, IL

#6612 Apr 23, 2013
In Wisconsin we’re down to 44th in the nation in job creation. That statistic is bad enough on its own, but when you consider the fact that we were ranked 11th when Walker took office, its even worse.

No other state has seen the kind of jobs free fall that Wisconsin is experiencing because of Scott Walker’s failed policies – the cheese stands alone. Guess this falls a bit short of his original promises.

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