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#1 Aug 29, 2011
That Shit is no joke that Shit will trip you out who had a bad trip on that

Bakersfield, CA

#2 Aug 29, 2011
bigblue69 wrote:
That Shit is no joke that Shit will trip you out who had a bad trip on that
I smoked that shit yesterday I give it a 8 out of 10....flame is the shit tho!!!
Whats gucci ma nigkuh

French Camp, CA

#3 Aug 29, 2011
Why dont you jst smoke dank?
maryjaneisthemay nelady

Delano, CA

#4 Sep 1, 2011
Where can I get spice diablo??
im just sayin

Cedar Park, TX

#5 Sep 2, 2011
maryjaneisthemaynelady wrote:
Where can I get spice diablo??

La Mirada, CA

#6 Sep 2, 2011
Fudge u gotta go there!

Tustin, CA

#7 Sep 4, 2011
That shit fu$*ed me up. I took a few bong rips and was trippin out. I ended up puking my brains out. Way too strong. I recommend starting with a little at a time.
diablo in GV

Folsom, CA

#8 Sep 4, 2011
maryjaneisthemaynelady wrote:
Where can I get spice diablo??
you can find it at a smoke shop in downtown grass valley, california. I just tried some that my wife brought home and we each had only one hit off a pipe and we both got tore up! its VERY similar to a very good skunk bud, only more

Las Vegas, NV

#9 Sep 22, 2011
man i suggest you not to use diablo from my experience and for the ones who's no longer here off that shit, my first using it i was moments away from death until my homie can at the right time and i only hit about 7-9 times i thought i hit it too much so i contuine to use it but only one hit and let my homies hit the said they aint f"ing with it and i watch my twin sister pazest off it and freaking the f' out and when i was holding here she said she didnt want to die<<< off that diablo and i would it like 1 time and the last time i almost died i only hit it once went outside walked about 35-50 feet and just wasnt feel ok so i walked home and i was in front of my door having a heart attack while stay there and the guy repair the roof was just staying there walking me move and i was moving because it was pazeting me idk wtf to call it but i was pazest off and after that i would have nightmares and would think people was going to kill and it went for about 3-4 months i had it bad broz i tell ya dont play with that shit cuz i am still here but people i mean many people have died off it real talk so think before buying it,, matter of fact dont buy that shit at all i should have kept smoking trees then to think i could quit and smoke that shit... please dont buy it cuz the aftermath is worst then u think RtrillaSwag out#

Pleasanton, CA

#10 Sep 24, 2011
Now that sheezz crazzz. Stick to flame and aloha. I've had bad experiences with funky monkey. Remember "u trip cuz u couldn't control it, just think of a happy thought" and I will fly!!!
Manny Fresh

Hesperia, CA

#11 Oct 19, 2011
Yeah I'm trippin right now on it I'm bCk to flame this crap is too much....... Do not buy it's scary.

Sedro Woolley, WA

#13 Nov 15, 2011
Still feel like pukin. This shit is way dangerous do not touch it do not go there.
Nick from Orange County

Downey, CA

#14 Nov 15, 2011
Ok i tried diablo spice for the first time last night, as soon as i hit it (i was already shit faced drunk) i started having a bad trip, i didnt recognize the people i was with and started running home, i lived right across the street from where i was at, i thought people were chasing me and i wondered into a neighbors house, i told him i knew his daughter, he kicked me out , then i banged on his front door and told him i need water and he asked me what drugs i was on, i cant even tell what was reality and what was a dream, i couldnt find my way home and thought i was gonna die, im not gonna lie i started crying, i was alone and lost and thinking i was gonna die , and this was all in my neighbordhood and i thought people were chasing me and trying to beat me up, ive had bad acid trips and bad shroom trips but this was by for the worse trip ive ever had, thank god it only lasted a few hours, or at least i think, i never wanna feel that way again it was truly fucking scary , i cant believe i walked into a strangers house i could of been arrested for home invasion or easily been beaten up

Dallas, TX

#15 Dec 11, 2011
INTENSE!! So I went to my smoke shop asked the dude for salvia. He said here try this and it was a diablo spice. Ok so I work for a spice company myself and try all their products. Never have I been mind fucked AS MUCH as this.... Some ppl when they get high get real paranoid, I on the other hand have spiritual weird crazy stuff happen... no joke, once I smoked this i heard voices in my head and they started controlling me. I praise God creator of all seen and unseen, and these voices were telling me to leave god and be with diablo. I started feeling a presence in my house and went to the bathroom where I literally like literally thought I was starting to be possessed by a demon. I cant even explain the voices. They were telling my own personal thoughts to shut up, the voices were over powering my own thoughts.I started praying to God telling him I accept him and need him. The voices werent stopping. I ran to my back yard and I swear I felt like the demon left. Like the dark presence was gone. So then I stayed outside praying and asking the Lord for strength not to become fully demonically possessed when i go back inside my hiuse. Went back in my house and was coming down and eventually got my mind back. But this shit is a mind fuck. I did it again tho because I needed to see if I had a similoar experience to my first: and I did! Every time I smoke it there are voices. Sometimes helpful and sometimes very demonic and scary. Like a helpful time for example is, I have bad breath alot and idk they were yelling at me criticizing me and seriously SERIOUSLY some thing/some one took control of my body , took me to the bathroom and did extensive mouth cleaning. And the voice was explaining the right way to get clean, like I look into my eyes through the mirror and sometimes its like someone else looking and speaking to me.... But yea Since I use that method my bad breath is gone. And like it's a serious thing! I always brushed my teeth but idk why my breath got bad fast, after I listened to the lecture, it's cured. Idk maybe it's just me. But This stuff is crazy.

A part of me likes smoking it because it's a very un earthly thing, it's like other Worldly, to me. It's interesting that my mind goes to the places it does . People might think im bs-ing but I'm not. I had to tell this story because im already starting to feel it didnt happen. But it DID. and it's something I should never forget. 
But the other part really SHOULDN'T keep smoking because the voice likes when I ignore God and it helps me ignore Him. I think this product was named appropriately..... FYI , I have that little inner conscious voice like everyone. But this was not my soul or conscious speaking. Someone else was in my head.... Trippy 

Delano, CA

#16 Dec 11, 2011
Diablo is bomb ppl just hve a weaker immune system and just cant handle it. To me its like smoking on some good cannabis

Washington, DC

#19 Dec 13, 2011
So I get up this morning right, the first thing I do is get my bowel and spice (dioblo) I hit it twice got in the short want felling any diferent...then it fucking hit me while I was in the shower I was starting to forget where I was, who I was, then all I could see was white and no matter how freaked out I was my mind was somewhere else so I couldn't move finally I snapped back and was shaking, my stomach was clenched really right and my heart was latterly pounding harder than it EVER and if I wouldn't if had anyone to talk to I could of gone into a coma and died

Clements, CA

#20 Jan 3, 2012
Guy is rite. Some people(i think most) has a weaker immune system.. Me and the group has been hitting spice for a year and diablo is what i call good shit. My cousin smoke diablo and he was crazyy funny.. Me and the others was having the GREATEST laugh ever ahah no joke.. I say dont try diablo if u are new to spice, but if u been smoking spice for a while now, i greatly suggest u try these bomb ass shit.
No creo

Delano, CA

#21 Jan 4, 2012
Diablo is wack in my eyes just as it isto salvia. They just dont faze me, i guess my immune system is too strong for that shiit. Thats just my opinion

Los Angeles, CA

#22 Jan 4, 2012
I swear kids and their spice lmao. Smoke some real dank and budder or wax any type of thc oil. Spice is retarded and should be considered a controlled substance since it is not even a natural product! Stop killing yourself kids.
Be Safe

Bakersfield, CA

#23 Jan 4, 2012
Guys stick to Natural stuff water is natural from Nature, Nature supports LIFE 2x2=4 not 5 Lifey is goody, spicy is baddy, diablo Bad Guy bad! Bad! Diablo.

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