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#70 Apr 7, 2012
Itsafactjack wrote:
Yes Sir, it is the exact same guy. If he is behind Rowe for Sheriff and just got charged by the Feds for Drugs and Weapons Charges, and we all know that Rowe is owner of a gun shop in Del Rio, kinda makes a normal person wonder!!
If Rowe had anything to do with the drugs and weapons he got busted with then Rowe would be in jail too. Martinez was under investigation for months before he got arrested. So let's say you just know someone and they get arrested, does that mean you are guilty as well just for knowing them. No. Flawed logic. Think before you post. Connect the dots first.
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#71 Apr 7, 2012
Maybe a nice public debate would settle a lot and get both candidates in raw view of the people both wish to serve so we can see true colors for both men? Let us see what Rowe and Martinez do when faced with real questions from the community. Time to stop arguing on here and make this real and get the answers from the people being discussed on this forum instead of going off theories whether true or not. Bring it to the public. Everyone needs to know both candidates.
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#72 Apr 7, 2012
Woof Woof wrote:
So who in the hell talks about the lord when they were just recently caught dealing guns? Why are some people so two faced, him saying he loves his wife. If he loves his wife he wouldnt have put her in that position to be made fun of! Liars in my book are the worst but always sooooo religous it is scary!
Why can't some one talk about the lord if they dealt guns. That logic makes no sense. So if someone's wife gets made fun of then the husband must not love her. What? do explain more please. Agree with you on the last sentence though.
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#73 Apr 7, 2012
Hey if this is a forum about the sheriff why is Rick Martinez such a big part of the topic and how come joe frank Martinez isn't being discussed? I mean someone bashed Rowe for knowing Martinez but think about, maybe Rick and joe are related somehow, maybe that's how he got let out so easily. Could they be distant cousins? If we r gonna talk about one candidate then te other must be discussed.

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#74 Apr 7, 2012
First off Rowe and Martinez were pretty close. Martinez was busted for a felony weapons charge, Rowe owns a gun shop. That's a pretty big coincidence. Btw he got out on bond genius, not because he might have been related to Joe Frank. Besides the way it works is they bust someone retarded and easy to arrest like Rick then turn him into a snitch to reduce his jail time. Anyone with common sense knows that. So whoever his supplier was will also be arrested pretty soon. Btw he is being scrutinized for talking about the Lord because he never once mentioned Him before but now that he is facing prison time he is born again. It's a cop out. So maybe think next time before you start getting defensive about Rowe "My Name". There are a few people on this thread with intelligence.

Uvalde, TX

#75 Apr 8, 2012
Martinez has been good... I even saw the man get out of truck car during a parade to direct traffic... Real hands on man... I say let's keep him!

Dallas, TX

#76 Apr 9, 2012
To me, Jernigan was a good sheriff. Some may not have liked him, but he was there to help me out with my problems.

Uvalde, TX

#78 Apr 9, 2012
itsafactjack: you must be a blood-sucking lawyer right?? Who gives a rats a**!!! Take a class in the "important things in life" I highly recommed it.

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#79 Apr 9, 2012
What the hell is a truck car "doctor"

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#80 Apr 9, 2012
diablo del rincon wrote:
What the hell is a truck car "doctor"
If you can tell us what "recommed" is and why itsafact needs to take this "the important things in life" class you talk about then he might tell you. Btw explain that comment. It didn't make much sense because this is a pretty important topic. A candidate for Sheriff who owns a gun shop has a has a close friendship with someone going to prison for felony drugs and weapons charges.

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#81 Apr 13, 2012
diablo del rincon wrote:
itsafactjack: you must be a blood-sucking lawyer right?? Who gives a rats a**!!! Take a class in the "important things in life" I highly recommed it.
Diablo del rincon: First of all I am not a lawyer. But I do have an education. I will take the class you mentioned if you can tell me what is important in your life. I personally think that it is very important that an individual running for the highest law enforcement position in the county be upstanding and honest. And must of all be qualified. So yes I do give a rats ass who is in charge of our local law enforcment!

San Antonio, TX

#82 Oct 6, 2012
Wow, Rowe has some anger issues. Lol I can't believe he was stupid enough to respond. Lmao!!

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#83 Oct 24, 2012
Can't wait for the election!

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#84 Oct 25, 2012
David Rowe wrote:
<quoted text>Hello there again Whatajoke. Yes I do remember you, as do the other two witnessing Deputies, one from Kinney County and the other from Val Verde. We all three were there when you pealed out throwing gravel all over me and then ran out into traffic nearly striking the elderly persons car in your fit of anger. If you really had read the information from my web then you would know that I do have experience. Yes I was a BP, protecting the United States Borders for everyone, not just for some. By the way, you were not from Houston when we met, you were from Del Rio. As I recall, the Judge and prosecutor instructed you that what I did was done in accordance with the Law and that my actions were legal and correct. The judge also explained to you that you were not free to leave until any peace officer so instructs or advises you. Made me admit? Exactly which court room were you in Sir? I ask this because this did not happen. You “made the prosecutor correct me”? Funny. If this were true then why was the case NOT thrown out and a verdict was rendered against you (public record if anyone cares to look it up)? You said “You think he has a predominantly Hispanic community's best interest at heart?” You are only claiming one part of the entire community, are you so prejudice that you yourself would not only believe this but would attempt to taint the free thinking of everyone else? I have everyone’s interest at heart, I have no “particular singular community” as you implied, I represent and Serve Everyone. All of my history is public record and very easy to access, please, help yourself. I have nothing to hide and I use my real name. David Rowe
All due respect, Mr Rowe. You were speeding down Veterans Blvd. the other day, how does that make you look? I'm not attacking your record or reputation, but when you passed me and I realized it was you driving, I just thought " and that guy wants me to vote for him " ?

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#85 Oct 25, 2012
badabing wrote:
<quoted text>
All due respect, Mr Rowe. You were speeding down Veterans Blvd. the other day, how does that make you look? I'm not attacking your record or reputation, but when you passed me and I realized it was you driving, I just thought " and that guy wants me to vote for him " ?
Lol you just got told Rowe. Respond to THAT.

San Antonio, TX

#86 Oct 25, 2012
Enrique Rick Martinez III wrote:
Ive know Mr. Rowe since 1994, my family lives in the county as do I. I trust David Rowe to protect the lives of everyone in the county. WHATAJOKE you sound very racist. My name is Enrique Martinez III and my mothers familes name is Padilla. Mr.Rowe has spoken to both and they all support him. Also feel free to look at my Law Enforcement record with TCLOSE. Ive worked under Sheriff Gonzalez, Sheriff Jernnigan as well as Sheriff Rios in Maverick county and my father worked with Sheriff Koog I know what a good Sheriff is. I Know Roe has experiance both local and federal.
Enrique Martinez III
Texas Peace officer
Texas Corrections officer
Texas Jailer
Texas Security lic.
Hey you can add "felon" to that list now that you're in jail for drugs and felony weapons charges. And btw..tell us the reason why you don't work at any of those places anymore. I already know but I want you to be man enough to tell the truth. Hey this is who you have supporting you? Lol You're in for a big surprise around election time.
#87 Oct 26, 2012
well things aren't always as they seem , some of us know theres more to D.D.ROWE Then meets the eye !
#88 Oct 26, 2012
Not everything you see mets the eye there are many layers to D.D.ROWE And they all stink!
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#89 Oct 27, 2012
I know that it's probably useless to comment on this site but I can not sit idly by while a few malcontents continue to mislead the masses. I'd like to set the record straight by posing a few questions.

The main question at hand is “who is David Rowe?” or “who is Joe Frank Martinez?”. I'll start with what we know about them.

Rowe is a retired Border Patrol Agent who began working as a sheriffs deputy upon retirement. Up until his recent bid for public office he has practically been unheard of in this small community.

Martinez, on the other hand, is a life-long member of this community. He is a graduate of Del Rio High School and a former Del Rio Police Officer and Detective. He was also as State Trooper where he retired as a Narcotics Officer. He comes from a large, well-known family of Del Rioans who have long been involved in this community. Martinez has volunteered many hours of his time when he was involved in the Del Rio Rams Booster Club, the Del Rio Youth Soccer league, Del Rio Little league and most recently 4-H to name a few.

Who would Rowe bring to help him run the Sheriffs Office should he win this election? I don't know, but I can only imagine the Sheriffs office being run by a bunch of people who have no close ties to this community. And just maybe, the type of people who have been uprooted from another part of the country to follow a job. They've end up here in Del Rio, Texas and spent a career building the attitude of hatred and disdain for the people in the community the rest of us call “home”.

Martinez has shown great progress and has moved the Val Verde Sheriffs Office forward, beginning with top notch Chief Deputies. These Chief Deputies bring a vast amount of experience and are well-respected members of the law enforcement community. Martinez is endorsed by many life long Del Rioans, community leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike.

I have read other postings on this site that state that Martinez is an micro manager. Well, law enforcement personnel must be held to a higher standard and I suspect that those comments come from an ex-employee who could not stand up to that standard. Continue to expect Martinez to hold his people to that higher standard. It shows in the work they do. The community has taken notice of the professionalism. For the malcontents, you might find a job with Sheriff Rowe and may the rest of us suffer.

Vote for what we know, not for the unknown and vote to keep one of our own.

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#90 Oct 27, 2012
itsafactjack why don't you put your real name up. what you scared of? I guess you want a liar like joe when he told some one else to lie for him, he said no so he fired him at least if mr rowe gets mad because people are doing bad things. why don't you run for sheriff if you don't like him.

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