GOP Accused Of Smearing Candidate -- ...

GOP Accused Of Smearing Candidate --

There are 86 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Oct 26, 2007, titled GOP Accused Of Smearing Candidate -- In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Democratic first selectman candidate Justin P. Good's campaign is accusing local Republican leaders of conducting a smear campaign against him on the eve of the election.

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Ansonia, CT

#22 Oct 29, 2007
Justin Good (post #12)
For the most part I thank you for your post. The second two paragraphs are exactly the type of response I would have liked to see you making in the article - move on to the town isues.
Please though - unless you are willing to offer proof do not make allegations. Don't stand by the article that was filled with unsupported allegations - unless you can offer proof.
Don't identify someone as a "Chester resident who is a member of the CT State Republican Party and a known purveyor of political sleaze tactics" - unless #1 you can have proof that the person you assume is spreading rumours is really doing so (copies of emails, videotape, audiotape, etc)#2 that you can prove that the person is a "known purveyor of political sleaze tactics"
Notice a pattern - PROOF PROOF PROOF before allegations. Thank you.
Leif Nilsson-Chester

South Dennis, MA

#23 Oct 29, 2007
Hello All Posters,
Please listen to what Justin Good has to say.
Thank you,
Sincerely Signed, Sealed and Delivered.
Leif Nilsson

United States

#24 Oct 30, 2007
Thank you Leif.
Leif Nilsson-Chester wrote:
Hello All Posters,
Please listen to what Justin Good has to say.
Thank you,
Sincerely Signed, Sealed and Delivered.
Leif Nilsson

Woodbury, CT

#25 Oct 30, 2007
Chester Unafilliated wrote:
What background does Justin have in becoming a first selectman? Everybody deserves to have certain issues or cases that arise as nobody is perfect especially when you are in the election spotlight. Chester is changing, I feel that the new Chester community of 30+ YOA with families needs to get away from the artsy fartsy mentality and begin to start attracting new tax revenues that can in turn fund education and programs for the community. How much tax revenue are generated by art galleries? almost none. This is the beginning of the new Chester that the current first selectman is pursuing. Who needs an art colony with walking trails? That is not the answer to making our town better.
that is just the disrespectful, uncooperative, anti-chester verbally abusive and NEGATIVE commentary that leads to angry elections... how about a well balanced community that makes room for art, nature and a stable tax base...your belligerence is un-productive
Robert Blair

Litchfield, CT

#26 Oct 30, 2007
I agree that these rumors have taken away from the platforms of the candidates. People including me become very confused about things. I think the town would be beeter served by two resident troopers and no constables, or abolish the state program altogether, as it seems the police have too much time on their hands. Killingworth which is a much larger town then Chester seems to operate very well using this system with just a resident trooper. Just my opinion. What ever way this situation turns out, the police have lost their efectivenes in Chester, which is too bad because most of them are hard working and decent people. To clear the air start fresh and hire new police in Chester if people want to go that route and then I think people will have a greater respect for the police, knowing that they are not politically tyed in with any one group

United States

#27 Oct 30, 2007
If you really want to know what Justin Good and his team are about, visit:

Litchfield, CT

#28 Oct 30, 2007
I feel that this matter will be taken care of through the First Selectmen,Justin Good and the Commander of the CT State Police.
I think we have all went off topic.
With the election coming up soon I would like to hear the issue each canditate has to offer for Ideas.
With My son being a voter for the first time I am excited for him.
So you have another voter for Chester.:)
Don't forget to vote on November 6,2007.
If possible can the Hartford Courant end this forum.
I would appreciate this If you can do so.
Thank You

South Yarmouth, MA

#29 Oct 30, 2007
I do not want to further the conversation that this blog has ignited. I do not want to pour fuel on the fire of political propaganda and hearsay. I want to remind people of what this election is NOT...DUH!

It is not about who did what and to whom; it is about electing a who that has the passion, the knowledge, and a plan for Chester's future!

It is not about hearsay and rumors; it is about good, old fashion democracy in action. DUH! Have we forgot what that means?

It is not about character assassination; it's about character assessment, and using common sense.

It is not about mistrust; it is about belief in the words, hopes and dreams that a candidate carries forth daily in his manners and speech and imparts, with zeal, to the voters within the community.

It is not to occlude; but to include the people in the town of Chester IN their government. DUH! Isn't this DEMOCRACY?

It is not about closed minds; it is about open dialogue - which when listened to with an open heart and mind, and practiced wholeheartedly, can lead to unity, action and change.

It is not about TWO parties; it is about COMMUNITY, and its future.

Voting the way of a platform and the issues is the only way to vote for the future of Chester, its citizens, and its generations to come.

I believe that we can rise above this messy monologue and come to grips with the reality of what this really means... not as a feuding Republican or Democrat, but a Chesterite. I believe in the Common Sense Platform of Justin Good. It is a vote for the sustainability of a way of life that most people in Chester have come to love. It is a vote that leads to a future that is bright, a community involved in their government and united. Read it if you haven't, comment if you will, but do something positive versus negative. Here's the link:

In the end, no matter what you decide, it should be for the right reasons not rumors. Dialogue Unites Humanity, not silence. Your vote will speak louder than any of the words written throughout this blog. Make it count where it should count. Make it heard where it should be heard. Stop wasting it!

Ansonia, CT

#30 Oct 30, 2007
It is about who did what to whom. If a candidate can not be trusted to be honest and fair than they can not be trusted period.
Robert Blair

Litchfield, CT

#31 Oct 30, 2007
If you read Justin Goods blog you will see that he has a wealth of imformation and ideas for keeping Chesters resources in tact, Yes I agree bigger is not always better. That is why it is so important to streamline all town services. You can not just keep throwing money at every problem thinking it will go away by itself. I had the pleasure of talking to Jusin for about two hours and I found him to be a breath of fresh air. Just because he is running on the Democractic Party does not mean that he will not listen to other citizens of Chester. He is a teacher of college students, by far not the easiest job one can have by any means. I have not made up my mind yet on who I will vote for as I like both gentlemen very much. I will look very carefully at all the isues facing Chester. I wish all the candidates good luck, and I wish all could be elected and work together for the best of Chester. Thank you
Marsha Sinks

United States

#32 Oct 30, 2007
Julie says: "It is about who did what to whom. If a candidate can not be trusted to be honest and fair than they can not be trusted period."

Which is why I've decided to vote for Good/Heft. If Tom Marsh and Bruce Watrous were really behind the slander of Ms Clymas' religion/marriage, and calls to the Courant reporter claiming that Justin was naked - along with all that the "Frustrated Democrat" claims, then these are not the type of people who should be running our town.

One question for anyone - Who is this Pat O'Neil everyone is talking about? Does he work for the town? Is he running for office on the Republican line?

Ansonia, CT

#33 Oct 30, 2007
I agree that if all that the "Frustrated Democrats" were claiming was true, from Clymas slander to Justin naked smears, then Marsh and Watrous should not be running our town. HOWEVER, there is no evidence that these rumors are true - I have only heard these rumors from Democrats who say they are defending against the smears. I interact with many townspeople on a daily basis and no one seems to have heard the Justin naked rumor from anyone but prominent Democrats prior to the Courant article and even those few that claim to have heard it prior to the article thought it was a crazy rumor and didn't believe it. Now that the article has generate so much talk I do hear various people stating that Justin was naked during the stop but the funny thing is they think they know that from the article. Also, Frustrated Democrat made some allegations against Tom Marsh earlier in this blog - I researched each item as well as I could and found at least one that was completely false - a negative statement about Marsh that was supposed to have been made by Sec of State Susan Bysiewicz in front of 50 people which was proven false by contacting the Sec. of State's office and simply asking the question. Then 2 which were opinions that other people take in different ways(credit when due to others & Calling for votes until favorable response). Finally questionable budget practices - budgets are black & white, they are numbers and if there is mishandling there would be quantifiable proof - where is the proof?

As to who Pat O'neil is - I couldn't find anything online. There is a Patrick O'Neil listed in the Chester phone book. There isn't any O'Neils listed on either parties list of candidates. And I'm pretty sure that he isn't a town employee - when I searched "O'Neil" on the website I only came up with Fuss & O'Neil as the company involved with the sewer project and when I went to their website there is no P., Pat or Patrick O'Neil listed on their employee list. Good Luck in finding out (Is what is being said something that would affect opinion on who the better candidate is? if you want, could you share what is being said that has made you curious? I haven't heard the name before and as you can see from this blog I've been spending ALOT of time on politics this election.)

Ansonia, CT

#34 Oct 30, 2007
re: my last post - Don't bother answering the question as to what is being said if it is just allegation or rumor - I let the curiosity part of me overwhelm the part that knows that the repetition of rumors makes them credible to some people.

PS I also found a Pat O'Neil listed as a Democratic in the Michigan House of Representatives but I have to guess that that would not link up with our election =)

United States

#36 Oct 31, 2007
Julie - The numbers and actions are available in black and white.

It was a Finance Committee member who told me that the Wig Hill Bridge replacement has been so poorly managed that Marsh is coming back to the town to ask for $90K more - but he put off the referendum for that until AFTER the election.

Our capital fund has not been replenished from the last most recent draw. And there is more that is easily seen.

Who did you talk to in the Secretary of State's office? I researched that after hearing Susan Bysiewicz say that to the crowd, and indeed it is true. If you only talk to receptionists you'll get the publically safest answer.

If you were at the last pre vote sewer hearing, you would have heard Tom Marsh admit that he didn't like the last result, so he called another election, which simply gave him time to make this a political action.

And if you know the principals in town - Planning and Zoning in particular, you will find a fairly annoyed chair and several members who have been working on the town plan before Tom came on board.

I agree with Mahady above, this is a small town and I'm sure I will get to meet this Pat O'Neill if I try hard enough. I can't wait, because I want to ask him if he did these things and why.

Since: Oct 07


#38 Oct 31, 2007
Marsha wrote:
If you were at the last pre vote sewer hearing, you would have heard Tom Marsh admit that he didn't like the last result, so he called another election, which simply gave him time to make this a political action.
i was there. this is true. i, along with others, asked, "...what part of 'no' don't you guys (on the wpca) understand?" i wonder if what they did is even legal. i'm for a best of seven vote myself.

Harwich, MA

#40 Oct 31, 2007
I was at the Dem social and this is what Bysiewicz related. Her office got a phone call from our current first selectman telling them not to engage in partisan politics at the planned senior voting workshop. She also said that was the first time she had ever received a call like that.

Why do we need to fund another full time police officer when in the same article, Marsh said there had been no up tic in crime? Of course, perhaps we could use one to figure out who spray painted my Good/Heft lawn sign last night.(The only only one vandalized on a street with 11+. Are these guys trying to send a signal?)

Irony. The chair of the state central republican committee(who was spotted in our town hall parking lot on referendum redo day) is a repeat convicted DUI offender, public record, much reported. Is this one of the guys orchestrating the smear campaign?

Go to Justin's blog. Very interesting innovative thinking for the future of our children and our world.

Since: Oct 07


#41 Oct 31, 2007
jeeez - reading is fundamental, huh?!
Larry wrote:
Please, you have been caught for driving with beer and exposing yourself. You should be ashamed. I guess it is a case of do not confuse me with the facts.
-Drinking while driving
-You had to be doing something to have been pulled over in the first place
-getting a ticket
Gee and I was going to vote for you....

Woodbury, CT

#42 Oct 31, 2007
to frustrated democrat if you acknowledge that this will be hard for the O'Neils children whay did you identify them? This is not their fault and it is really quite low to include them in this
I am really surprised that an adult would do such a thing

Woodbury, CT

#43 Oct 31, 2007
Again to FRUSTRTAED DEMOCRAT I am truly appalled that your last post brought this whole dilemma to a new low how can you hide behind a moniker for fear of retribution yet identify two children so someone can give their Dad a piece of their mind while they are out having breakfast talk about changing the tenor of town life I sign my name to my opinions, have walked into Tom Marsh's office with my Good/Heft button proudly showing and sat down to talk with him personally about my distress regarding the character of this election please come clean or at least change your name to frustrated individual so you don't drag the rest of us down with you
Robert Blair

Litchfield, CT

#44 Oct 31, 2007
The police seem to treat some citizens different than others. Most of the radar for speeding are set up on state roads, while leaving people who live on back roads asking over and over for help. If you get on the wrong side of the police it seems that they will go after you. Ask them a question and you get a sarcastic answer. The police forget that they are there to help all the residents not just a chosen few. Do not let the police take away from a otherwise great campaign. Both candidates have run very positive campaigns. Please do not turn Chester into a police state. Please start fresh and rotate the police , like other towns do. This will due alot to clear the air in Chester, and also clear the air for the police. Thank you very much for all the police that work very hard, puttting their lives on the line so we can continue to enjoy the freedom of this great nation.

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