Charter Communications Receives Faili...

Charter Communications Receives Failing Grade on Customer Satisfaction

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Just Asking

Simpsonville, SC

#1 Feb 22, 2007
Does anyone else feel as frustrated as I do with Charter? They keep raising their prices and their customer service is horrible and almost non-existent. When you call with a problem you are kept on the phone talking to a "machine" forever and if you are lucky enough to get to the point in the process of being allowed to actually speak to a live person, they can not actually help you. They set up an appointment for you that can either be from 8AM until 12PM or 12PM until 5PM. You are required to sit at home for four hours to keep the appointment and then chances are they are late! You can be a good customer and still be treated very poorly when you have a problem. What can be done about them?

United States

#2 Feb 22, 2007
I recommend DSL from BellSouth (now AT&T) and DirectTV.

Ive had (knock on wood) no problems with either.

Charlotte, NC

#3 Mar 1, 2007
I don't care for Charter either. There customer service is terrible.
Abused Customer

Anaheim, CA

#4 Mar 15, 2007
Recently Charter Cable changed their online billing site and my headaches began. I have been faithfully paying my bills in the same way (online) for 2 years. Feb. 2007 I could no longer log in to make a payment so after 2 useless hours on the phone with tech support I sent them a check. I waited 3 weeks and the check didnt clear but a bill arrived in the mail showing that they electronically attempted to collect money from my bank account without my permission. Btw the bill was for $425 for 2 months of service @$125 a month. So I called customer service. THe first lady I tried talking to named Emily began screaming at me and hung up when I asked at how they came up with $425. The second call ended up being forwarded to Manilla where a nameless operator told me to just pay and shut up. Then later that night I received a call from them asking for $580 for 2 months of service from a man named Sean. He couldnt tell me how they came up with that amount, only that I owed that amount. So I took all of my charter equipment and marched to the office. When I came in, there were reps yelling at other bewildered customers... My rep told me it was my responcibility to insure that they process my payment correctly in their billing system. She herself could not tell me why they werent processing it right - in fact after talking to their collections department she discovered that they double billed me for January but still instisted that I pay january again and pay a late fee even though I showed her a printed confirmation page of the January payment. She too could not explain the charges to me only that they wanted me to pay again everything from Nov. to May , inspite of receiveing payments for those months! Needless to say I cancelled the service on the spot. I am still awaiting my final bill as she told me she couldnt tell me what I owed in detail.

Ellenboro, NC

#5 Mar 25, 2007
I for one have had enough. I've ordered direct tv to be installed next week, It's time charter comm, be held accountable for the horrible way they treat the customers. If everyone decided to discontinue service they may wake up and understand without customers they have nothing. there are plenty of other choices.
Tech Guy

Mauldin, SC

#6 Mar 25, 2007
I have found that Charter Internet service is very unreliable (especially for the price).
Just Asking wrote:
Does anyone else feel as frustrated as I do with Charter? They keep raising their prices and their customer service is horrible and almost non-existent. When you call with a problem you are kept on the phone talking to a "machine" forever and if you are lucky enough to get to the point in the process of being allowed to actually speak to a live person, they can not actually help you. They set up an appointment for you that can either be from 8AM until 12PM or 12PM until 5PM. You are required to sit at home for four hours to keep the appointment and then chances are they are late! You can be a good customer and still be treated very poorly when you have a problem. What can be done about them?

Ellenboro, NC

#7 Mar 29, 2007
Ha..... I want to let everyone know... You do not have to put up with charter communications. direct tv came to my house last pm, was very professional, was here all afternoon installing my service, the office called while they were here to make sure they had arrived, they stayed till the job was done which was not a simple insallation. Boy what a difference.
Disgusted Ex-Customer

Salt Lake City, UT

#8 Mar 29, 2007
I received a "Settlement Offer" on behalf of Charter Communications from a collection company, whom I phoned immediately. I neither use Charter anymore nor live in the same state--for the past 5 years! The collection agency said I owed $114; when I asked for address and date validations on amount due, I was told the date could be anywhere from 1994 to 2002 (3 years of which we did not even live at the address)! Furthermore, I told them my name could not have been on the bill in 1994--it was in my ex-husband's then! I did not move owing them ANYTHING, nor have I EVER received a bill or late notice before or since moving--now I get a "SETTLEMENT OFFER" claiming I can pay HALF to avoid a bad credit report--13 years later! This is pure rubbish. I told them I would be in touch with an attorney before paying a dime. Comcast is a breeze compared to this foolishness.
So Sick of Charter

Montgomery, AL

#9 Apr 3, 2007
I've had 156 service calls to charter in 4 years. I've caught Marissa Wilcox (supervisor for charter escalation) in 4 lies. I have not had more than 20 days of uninterrupted service. Charter is charging me for service calls and refusing to credit my bill for errors. Marissa closed my complaint with the Better Business Bureau because she said she "Didn't want the extra paperwork". I reopened the case and the Better Business Bureau said Charter was being uncooperative. I've writtend the board of directors 8 certified letters. I did not receive a response from any of them. Charter Corporate office froze my account (after my letters were sent) and told the billing office not to credit my bills...even if they were incorrect. Marissa Wilcox will not give me another contact other than herself and she has not returned my last 16 phone calls. I've filed complaints with the Attorney General's office in 3 states. I've filed with the Public Service Commission in 2 states. I've spoken to our local State Representative who agrees "Charter is a disgrace". He told Charter's lobbyist they would never get anything from our legislature again. However, our State Rep says we must go through our city council members to ensure the cities do not reinstate the Charter contracts. This company is the most fraudulent company I've ever encountered. Their tech support told me I should be happy that my internet worked 82% of the time last month. Doesn't their advertisment say "Fast, Reliable 24/7?"
This company is corrupt from the top to bottom. The fact is...they do not care. Their employees will laugh in your face because we are forced to do business with such disgusting lying thieves.
customer service

Willmar, MN

#10 Apr 4, 2007
I'm having a problem with a DVR that I'm renting from Charter. It's their DVR. Yet I have to pay the service guy to come out and fix it. Not sure the logic in that. When I called to talk to customer service (when I FINALLY got through) it turns out that I'm talking to someone in Panama. Half of the stuff they were saying I could barely understand.

But I have a simple fix. Cancel!!! Looks like I'll go back to DirectTV. I loved that anyway.
Charter Sucks

Inman, SC

#11 Apr 16, 2007
What a waste. I call them that their DNS server is down, and they don't know what the heck I am talking about. Folks,-you- are the ones who are supposed to know more about the internet.

Saint Louis, MO

#12 Apr 17, 2007
yeah - they just tried to raise my rates from $83 to $112 without really offering me anything new, or anything I need. I'm going to look into Direct TV right after I finsih typing this!

Ogden, UT

#13 Apr 18, 2007
I work for charter.... you know what the only reason you gonna have poor customer services, because the way you treat us. I'm sorry if the tech didnt go out there, I'm sorry the previous rep hung up on you, i'm sorry teh company isnt as organized as other... I am, but its not my fault, I'm just working to make a simple dollar, and you think what, by yelling, cursing, making racist slurs about who's taking the calls, are going to help you, then I'm sorry. It wont get you anywhere with us, being rude is not what we want to hear. I know yoru frustrated, and upset, but you think we want to hear you guys complain, if I could help you I would, if I could send the tech back I would, if I coudl credit you $140 that your being charged for services you didnt have I would. But we cant, we're not allowed to call dispatch, we're not allowed to give more than $25 credit, even supervisors dont have that power, they have the same power as we do, only with a differnt title "supervisor", you guys act like we're the only company screwing you guys over... we're not! just like your issues with charter I've heard the same about dish, direct tv, time warner, etc... there always gonna be people complaining, I know cause I worked for those other companys also, my only advice and in all honesty... charter sucks... DISH NETWORK IMO has better service, better quality and has there customer services down, comparing this job to my previous with dish.... Dish is alot more organized.

Simpsonville, SC

#14 Apr 18, 2007
I've had Charter 3meg internet service for about 5 years and last month decided to upgrade to the 10meg package. I had been paying about $52/month for the 3meg service and the 10meg service was supposed to be $79.99/month.

This month I received the bill with all of the correct prorates and charges for the actual service, but there were additional charges listed as "10m+mdm W/3 Sec Licenses $84.99/month". That's in addition to the $79.99 for actual service.

I called customer service and the representative told me that this was a lease fee for the cable modem. I told him that I had purchased the modem at least 5 years ago and that all he needed to do was look at all of my previous bills to see that I have never been charged a lease fee.

After he spent about 10 minutes "checking around", he came back to say that there was no way that they could confirm that I had purchased the modem and if I would just go ahead an pay the bill then everything would be fine.

After I told him that is not going to happen, he said he would submit a work order to check their inventory against the serial number on my modem to see if I had actually purchased it and it would take about a week. Just in time for my payment to be late.....LMFAO

Ogden, UT

#15 Apr 18, 2007
get out while youcan... its gonna get alot worse... we arent trained properly. we're a third party call center... we take calls for charter... and three other companys... you think they would train us enough to handle everything,l but they dont... they're training sucks... our managers and supervisor dont know squat about the sys. more reps are knowledgeable of the sys than our own floor managers...becasue of trial and error. We dont get paid much... we're pressured to sell... we cant do swat... everything from adjustments to complaints are sent out thru emails... and we never hear back from them... everything has to be transferred to another dept, one day we're told we can do this... the next it changes to we dont do it... its bullshit... I plan to leave this crap soon
word in edge wise

Ellenboro, NC

#16 Apr 19, 2007
I've been with direct tv for about a month now and the difference in customer service and choices is amazing. People... take a stand against this rip off cable company and go to satallite, I recomend direct tv. They were more polite and easy to understand than dish net. Dish is getting so big they are starting to resemble charter as far as customer service and the way they field calls.

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Apr 19, 2007
I was employed with charter for over 6 years and I can tell you that they treat their employees just as bad as they treat their customers. Sometimes worse. As an employee, I moved and had an untrained, 3rd party contractor at my house trying to set up my cable, hsd & phone service for over 7 hours and he left with only the cable working. Then, I had 12 service calls to get the other svcs working, still it never got fixed until I complained to Tracy Pitcher (VP Customer Experience). Then, I got 5 calls from people and had a tech at my house to set it up, it was a modem change out is all. Then, when I leftCharter, I made 7 calls and 4 emails and got confirmations of changing my service to non employee services, but they still cut off my account and I had to wait on the phone with someone in Asia, then Canada for over 4 hours while she kept putting me on hold for over 45mins at a time and telling me that she was "looking into it"?? Then, I got a $30 equipment charge on my account and got the runaround once again, no one could tell me what it was for, since I didn't return any thing or need to? I kept my services.

Then, they cut off my service on one tv, telling me that they had "No record" of my having service with that ID number on the box, so I switched it out 4 times, and still nothing.. nada.. After 6 more calls, and several escalating vm's/email's, I got responses and it got corrected. My service is terrible, the customer service is worse. I cannot pay my service on line with their new billing system, yes, they have charged me double and not been able to explain my bills to me.. This starts at their upper mgmt, who decided to offshore their customer service over a year ago within a matter of 3 months, without training the other offshore companies.. Then, not hiring actual techs and using 3rd parties without certifications, background screenings and etc. It is a sad state, yet the executives are sheltered from these complaints and the people responsible for the Customer Care Organization are actually telling lies to them and covering these issues. They blame one another and then instead of being held accountable, they hire someone else who is the new "brain child" to "fix" their problems..
I have been hung up on, transferred into other queues because they didn't want to help me, and I have been told blatant lies on my service. There is a lack of training and support in this company.. everyone is worked to death on a skeleton crew and are treated terribly. If the FCC investigated them further, they would be fined a great deal and possibly change their ways, but since they haven't-they operate with the same poor standards. They have such high turnover, with a company of 16000 people, their turnover is on average over 36% company wide with average tenure under 2 years..imagine that?
Good luck with their services... The old CEO at Charter is at Dish; therefore, I wouldn't be surprised that their service ends up the same..
Mark Rockford Michigan

Slinger, WI

#18 Apr 26, 2007
We switched from Dishnetwork to Charter cable,internet, and phone service. This was 2 months ago.(to save a few bucks)The cable service is shotty at best, like the internet connection, we still DON'T have our phone hooked up, this is after several horrible calls to have it hooked up.
They have over billed us each month, by more than a hundred dollars. The service is the worst we have ever seen. We are looking at going back to dish, never had a problem with them.
We wouldn't recomend Charter to anyone.
lynn birmingham alabama


#19 May 11, 2007
Charter is the most unprofessional organization I have ever dealt with. The CEO in Saint Louis will not even take your calls or voice mail. I have been trying to upgrade to HDTV but can not get any service. I waited all afternoon for tech support to come and install a house amp no show and no call. Today they are suppose to be here between 3 and 5...we'll see. But I am thinking of cancelling and goint to direct TV. You cannot even talk to someone in birmingham in person for help.
Hang Up and Drive

Creola, AL

#20 May 11, 2007
I've been a very satisfied customer of DishNetwork for the past 4 years. I dropped Charter mis-Communications to go with satellite.....Dish has been cheaper, more reliable, better signal, etc...

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