Off-duty police officer cited after c...

Off-duty police officer cited after crash killed girl on bicycle

There are 89 comments on the The Boston Globe story from Dec 8, 2006, titled Off-duty police officer cited after crash killed girl on bicycle. In it, The Boston Globe reports that:

Prosecutors cited an off-duty police officer on Friday for his alleged involvement in an accident that killed a 10-year-old girl who was riding a bike in Foxborough.

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Educated Cop

Foxboro, MA

#21 Feb 6, 2007
Try proof reading before you post...

North Easton, MA

#22 Feb 7, 2007
hey aaron u baby killer .i hope u burn in hell. i do u sleep at night why dont u just end r life for everyone sake
Christel Mansfield MA

Hampton, NH

#23 Feb 23, 2007
I am disgusted by the negativity and hatred evident in many of these messages. Do you really think that a Mansfield Police Office; who is a hard working American citizen with a lovely wife and two small children is a "killer". You should all take a close look in the mirror before you judge others. Aaron's life is forever changed by this TRAGIC ACCIDENT - DID YOU HEAR ME ACCIDENT!! My heart and prayers goes out to the family and friends of the little girl. However, what has our justice system come to???? Maybe it's time to find a new lawyer.
know the facts first

Mansfield, MA

#24 Feb 23, 2007
For all those who are quick condem, do you have all the exact facts from the case in front of you? I doubt it. They call these things ACCIDENTS for a reason. It is horrible accident that will scare one family for ever. Do we need to jump to conclusions and ruin two families in the process?
Concerned Resident

West Bridgewater, MA

#25 Feb 23, 2007
It was an accident, but what if you were driving drunk and hurt or killed someone. That too is an accident. He needs to be held accountable for his actions, intentional or not. As bad as Fine feels, he will never feel the pain and loss that the family is feeling that lost their child.
Grew up with Aaron

Pawtucket, RI

#26 Mar 4, 2007
Aaron has always been a cocky, greedy, and arrogant person. The badge did go to his head. This crap about family was his and yes while he was suppose to be protecting and serving the Mansfield residents he was out collecting monies and appraising other jobs for HIS landscaping business. Do I think he willfully hit that poor girl...NO....But, he was definitely negligent and knowingly operated a monster machine illegally which took that poor girls life. If there are so many laws that protect our officers, then our officers must live up to OUR, the peoples, expectations and laws that we so intrust in them to inforce. If they fail us....then they should pay as much if not MORE, as the laws protect them from harms way.
Pissed off

Portsmouth, NH

#27 Mar 12, 2007
You people have no idea what you are talking about. Before you pass the blame, listen to someone who knows firsthand facts. First, the young girl who was riding her bike on that road pulled out directly in front of the truck. The truck moved wide to the left of the girl and was travelling UNDER, yes under the speed limit. This was a horrible accident and nothing more. Both of these families are suffering. You call him a baby killer? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Aaron did everything he could to avoid this tragedy and you have the cold heart to call him a baby killer. This is a guy who takes care of his family and devotes his life to public service. You sound like a lynch mob. Get your facts straight before you write anything more.
Concerned Resident

Leominster, MA

#28 Mar 14, 2007
Dear Pissed off, if poor Aaron was doing everything as you said he was....why was he arraigned for motor vehicle homicide???? Maybe you should get your facts straight.

Taunton, MA

#29 Mar 21, 2007
I just have to say that I can't believe people would call him a baby killer because of an accident. I had a sister who died in a car accident when she was 13. The driver of the car she was in and the driver of the truck that hit her were both at fault. I would never call them baby killers and they both had fault in the matter. I still believe it was an accident and that someone would not intentionally have killed a little girl like that. You can say that he didn't have the proper license and everything but are you telling me that you never drove too fast down a back road? He was going under the speed limit on the opposite side of the road as the little girl. It was an accident. I wouldn't have wanted to see something terrible happen to the people who were responsible for my sisters accident have to suffer anymore than they already have. I'm sure it isn't easy for them to live with. I know it was an accident. To tell someone to end their life over an accident such as this is horrible.
Law is a scum bag

Taunton, MA

#30 Mar 24, 2007
To law and the other people that called aaron a baby killer, you NEED A LIFE. Whats the matter brake the law and blame the police that YOU are a scum bag!!!! No one knows the facts, before all the facts come out in court! So why don't you KNOW the facts before you pass judgment? because if that was you or I we would not be going through all this. People LIKE YOU who hate police for doing their jobs are just ignorant, and when they make a mistake in their off duty lives you still see them as the people that show up at your door when YOUR NEIGHBORS call the police on you. Pissed off and Facts know what is what and the rest of the people who support the little girl and her family as WELL as aaron and his family are the smart ones. So law go beat your wife or what ever you do "god bless the little girl and her family as well as aaron and his family
get real

Holbrook, MA

#31 Mar 27, 2007
From Foxboro wrote:
Um, child killer? Get a life. This guy is a cop - someone who has spent his career in public service. It was an ACCIDENT and an absolute tragedy for both his family and that of the little girl.
I suggest you get off-line and do something for your community instead of sitting on your axx and passing moral judgements, you Moron.
This guy was a foxboro pig! This group of cops either shoots people or beats them. Then they try to frame them and lie about it in court. Yeah great department how many have been arrested or fired for anything from domestic assault, sexual harressement or theft/fraud. Oh yeah Officer Fraud....I bet this guy thought it was going to get broomed away like all the other stuff they pull

New York, NY

#32 Mar 27, 2007
aaron is nothing but a cold blooded killer
Law is a scum bag

Taunton, MA

#33 Apr 1, 2007
Or should I change my name to get real is a peice of sh-t. Whats the matter looser have nothing better to do then call police officers pigs. I guess you beat your wife to! And lets not get started on tedkennedy. Your hero I think may have killed a girl himself in a car Oh wait HE DID but i bet both you jerks voted for him. The foxboro officer was shocked because it was AN ACCIDENT! so once again I must say go beat your wives or kids and do your drugs or what ever you jerks do and leave the little girl to rest in peace and let aaron get on with his life! God beless the little girl and her family as well as aaron and his family
Concerned Resident

Leominster, MA

#34 Apr 1, 2007
Law is a scum bag....are you a MORON? It was an accident but so aren't most dui involved motor vehicle accidents. Being an accident does not excuse what happened. By your reasoning, everytime something ILLEGAL transpires that was unintentional, we should just forgive and forget....especially if the lawbreaker is police officer. Get a life!

New York, NY

#35 Apr 2, 2007
send this baby killer to jail for the rest of his life

Taunton, MA

#36 Apr 4, 2007
I'm curious as to why nobody has responded to my comments. Everyone keeps calling him a baby killer yet they don't want to respond to someone who has first hand experience from the other side. This WASN'T a case of dui. That makes a huge difference. I want to know if concerned resident or Ted or any of you other moron's have ever gone over the speed limit. Let's say none of you have, are you trying to tell me none of your relatives have. If they were in this situation would you feel the same way? Have some compassion. I feel terrible for the little girl and her family, however I don't think that jail time for Aaron is going to help anyone. Now, let's see if somebody is actually gonna respond to my post this time. It seems to me that you don't want to respond to somebody that actually makes a good point and has something to say. Other than the ones who are just being stupid and calling him a baby killer.

New York, NY

#37 Apr 5, 2007
aaron is baby killer.and aaron family has a history of drug use and alcohol abuse.i hope they lock him up for the rest of his life .aaron you will burn in hell FOREVER
Law is a sucm bag

Taunton, MA

#38 Apr 5, 2007
tedkennedy you are a jackass!!! and concerned you are a jackass but not as bad as tedkebbedy! a dui you are drunk and don't care about wht you are doing. when you do EVERYTHING you can to avoid the ACCIDENT and THEN EVERYTHING you can to get help it is a big differace!!!!! WE ALL SOULD LEAVE THIS TO THE COURTS!!!!! and it is SCHOKING TO ME that tedkennedy is from where all the kids are getting killed everyday! he WILL BURN.
Concerned Resident

Peabody, MA

#39 Apr 5, 2007
Dear Facts, if you really do know what the real story is, then why was there arraignment and why was there found to be probable cause to proceed with the charges. Nobody responds to you because you don't make any real points. I think that Aaron should go to jail because if this happened to a non police officer, they would definately suffer the full consequences of the law. If this had happened to me, I would have been arrested at the scene. I don't know if you are a cop or a cop sympathizer, but get real and start using your common sense.
Concerned Resident

Leominster, MA

#40 Apr 5, 2007
Law is a Scum Bag, first off, let me say that I should not have called you a moron, everyone is intitled to their own opinions, I don't agree with yours and I'm sure that you do not agree with mine. As far as Fine doing everything he could to avoid the accident, you are right, only the courts can decide that, but just the fact that he was arraigned says volumes about the situation to me.

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