why do white men act like they don't ...

London, UK

#108 Apr 29, 2013
There are white women who resemble white monkeys, some resemble pigs lol what the hell is that dog smell yall have reminds me of the dog I used to have when he was wet that dog smell stinks! Why the hell would u get a tan if yall skin so perfact lol, dipriving brown people of oppotunities coz ur sad people who don't know how to have fun, yall are evil that's why u age fast and badly too, get ur facts right if your so superor ur actually not white but pink, Pink like the colour of a pig and yall behave like pigs the world would be a betteR place without you evil demonised pink stinky people!

Francesville, IN

#109 Apr 29, 2013
white people actually taste like pork . That is the original barbecue . Roast whitey on a spit , yummie .
here goes stupid

Hazleton, PA

#110 Apr 29, 2013
My theory is that black women are too low maintenance to attract most white males. The racial education asperity causes them to be unsuitable mates.

Since: Apr 13

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#111 May 23, 2013
whitegirl wrote:
<quoted text> lol black girls are just ugly they look like mud monkeys or sonething and they all Stinkk! Can you say
who ask u darn thing dont u know when pick on a,race you mocking God.s. Creation an idiot wouldnt know this
bensleys best

Nashua, NH

#113 May 24, 2013
Mohammed al Kuunt wrote:
If Allah forbids it, then thou shalt savor it.
allah is a moron . why would she allow muslims to kill muslims over leadership of this dysfunctional religious movement for 1,163 years ??

Muslims bombing mosque and markets killing other muslims??

So you dumb ass suni keep bombing dumb ass shiete and killing your own woman and children like you have been doing since 850 AD when some muslim moron stabbed the leader of the religion in the back.

What dysfunctional weak minded fools.
Jessica Lancaster

Evansville, IN

#114 May 27, 2013
curious georgette wrote:
It seems to me that white men act like they dont like black women then date them in their thirties. Is it because they don't care about appearances by then??
So What Your Sayin' Is That a Black Woman's Appearance Isn't Good Enough For White Men Until Their Thirties..?
Jennifer Stevens

Evansville, IN

#115 May 27, 2013
here goes stupid wrote:
My theory is that black women are too low maintenance to attract most white males. The racial education asperity causes them to be unsuitable mates.
I'm confused on what your theory is ,First it was a black womans education , Then it was asperity ,'Harshness' basically , But isn't every women harsh sometimes, and to low maintenance to attract most white males , So Their No Good ..? Is that what it is ? but where all the same , it doesn't matter in education , or unsuitable mates..
and by the looks of your name i don't you know what your talking about 'here goes stupid '
Alyssa Hurst

Evansville, IN

#116 May 27, 2013
whitegirl wrote wrote:
<quoted text> lol black girls are just ugly they look like mud monkeys or sonething and they all Stinkk! Can you say
I really don't think you know what your talking about because if you want to go around post dumb ass shit like that yo' ass needs help honey , you need to go back to school and get your education and learn how to properly say something about another race because black people have went through a lot in american and african history , So black women are ugly but have you seen tyra banks and beyonce and so on , and we stink and look like mud monkeys ,but half the time white people are the same in their ways of smelling , and one if your gonna call a race mud monkeys well then you really need help because apparently you need to learn how to judge someone or a different race before you get to know them .. okay honey because you , yourself probably isn't all that pretty or smell that good ..
Alyssa Hurst

Evansville, IN

#117 May 27, 2013
Colorado Chick wrote wrote:
<quoted text>
RAISED to stay with your OWN KIND.. NOT even DARE to venture and SEEK TRUE LOVE...outside the CIRCLE... CONTROL FREAKS!!!
Bitch I didn't know you were a cop ..? Really because you don't know how anyone was raised , And if anyone wants to find true love Black Or White let , cause i know your not gonna stop em', and 'outside the circle ' what circle ..? the circle of life because i believe that it doesn't what race you are you deserve true love .. Control Freaks ..? Really their the control freaks because people are in love ..bitch if any thing your the control freak ..a control freak that needs to be on a leash and led to the pound ...I REST MY CASE ..!!!
Grace Hurst

Evansville, IN

#118 May 27, 2013
henry wrote:
if black men don't wan't black women why would white men wan't to
Okay I see what your saying but it depends on what kind of black girl you are if your an oreo type (white on the inside and black on the outside ) black girl , or a ghetto type of black girl ....
Grace Hurst

Evansville, IN

#119 May 27, 2013
Steve wrote:
<quoted text>
perfectly said man.
Guys your not understanding , that it depends on what type of girl you are and it doesn't matter on race ..
Grace Hurst

Evansville, IN

#120 May 27, 2013
planet of apes wrote:
no one wants a sheboon
Why would you post something like this you can't just put someone down by their race and looks , okay so before you go and say something like this you need to learn how to treat a lady then come back and comment something EVER again ..
Shea Loomis

Evansville, IN

#121 May 27, 2013
Really is this what comes to peoples minds when they think of what other people think of others .. bitch please if you really had common sense you wouldn't another's opinion well then you need help ... I REST MY CASE ..!!!

Fayetteville, NC

#122 May 27, 2013
I am a white male, and I am for the most part unattracted to most black women. Phyiscally, I'm unattracted to most because of their hair, wider noses, and texture of their skin. I like to run my fingers through my girlfriends hair, and the feel of black girls hair is quite different, even if they let you touch their hair. I do like their thicker lips, wider hips, and darker nipples (TMI?) I have found many mixed or light skinned black girls very attractive, however I still don't approach them.

The biggest turn-off for me is that I personally don't like most African Americans. I've met black people from Africa, Europe, and South America which I absolutely love personality wise. I met a girl that was almost charcoal black, her father was a Dr. In England, and I would have dated her if she was single. Most, not all, African Americans seem to have a sense of entitlement, arrogance, or "ghetto" attitude. Even the most respectful African Americans I meet seem to turn rapidly when they are around other less respectful African Americans. For this reason, I typically shy away from dating them. I wasn't raised to feel this way, but my perspective has been shaped by the experiences I've had growing up around them.

This is just my honest opinion/feeling towards the matter.

Houston, TX

#123 Jun 3, 2013
Anonymous wrote:
Because its not an act,stay within ur race.I know if I'm gettin beat up in my city by blacks and a white guy will help me,if a black walked by he"d keep goin
actually it's been studied that black people are most likely to help....and white people the least..actually all ethnic people are more eager to help the Caucasians....I guess that why white people were the ones that wronged a lot of different ethnic groups.

“Humanity is exclusive.”

Since: Feb 11

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#124 Jun 16, 2013
Casino wrote:
<quoted text>
Typical arrogant Negro she-male thinking her nappy dark skin is attractive. Delusional, you can tell by the fact that she calls her obesity "thick."
LOL what an idiot.
You idiot she said nothing about thick. And how can skin be nappy? Ignorance must be bliss. Smh damn...
dirty white boy

Arlington, VA

#125 Jun 17, 2013
I dated a black girl, just didnt work out for us because we had no jobs or money at the time, both young and unsure of life. I always wonder how things turned out for her and I dont think its right for me to interfer in her life after 12 years.

Oaxaca, Mexico

#126 Jun 18, 2013
Black women are by far the hottest and sexiest. Im a great cook and clean up after myself. I want some class hanging on my arm and in my bed. All a white woman can do for me is tell me where the closest black woman is. Highly refined and educated or straight out of the Hrlem ghetto is fine with me.

Fort Worth, TX

#127 Jun 21, 2013
whitegirl wrote:
<quoted text> lol black girls are just ugly they look like mud monkeys or sonething and they all Stinkk! Can you say
Look u ugly thing. We are not ugly. Oh white boys love us. Cause I had one. So shutup!
see thetruth

Kent, OH

#128 Jul 21, 2013
nobody wants a sheboon, yuck! Oprah is a billionaire and can't get a man!

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