why do white men act like they don't ...

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Renton, WA

#51 May 14, 2012
whitegirl wrote:
<quoted text> lol black girls are just ugly they look like mud monkeys or sonething and they all Stinkk! Can you say
You sound stupid lol black girls dont stink im around them all the time and some look like monkeys and those are the ghetto ratchet girls but the really pretty girls who act like sense dont look lke monkeys so stop being ignorant.:)
black girl

United States

#52 May 19, 2012
I think a lot of y'all make great points, black woman aren't favored as much as any other race because tan or lighter skin and small features are favored more. It's a fact, ever since slavery they were favored more that's why lighter blacks got to work in the house and darker ones had to pick cotton. They also made it worse as time went by by being loud, ghetto, and arrogent. Its not right but certain blacks made it this way for us.
Now I think as a white guy grows up they have prefences to what's beautiful and and untouchable and since they hear all the horrid stuff about black and if the parents probid interracial dating. They catagorize them as untouables, which is why they don't date blacks. The whites guys who do dated black girls finally relized they're not all ghetto, have a fetish, is experimenting, or have found their soulmate.
I'm not ghetto, arrogent, or loud, I'm thick, I look more native american than black, am a dark carmel color, I don't have a big butt, I am really proper or "act white", and I loooooovvveee white guys (I like guys of all races though).
And some of you white people are plan arrogent and ignorant.

Shady Side, MD

#54 Jun 14, 2012
Hey white girl. Actually black women are more beautiful than whites. 1 reason is we do not age like your saggie face do. U are the ones the has to get face lift at the age of 20.lol. so go look in a mirror & watch your face melt.

Haslet, TX

#57 Jun 25, 2012
if black men don't wan't black women why would white men wan't to

Union, NJ

#58 Jun 25, 2012
Alot of black men don't want black women because they won't put up with alot of crap, or take care of them, while they themselves take on no real responsibility. But there are black men that do want black women. They are strong (put up with alot of issues and crap some people will never deal with in their lifetime). It is very easy to pass judgment on one particular race as a whole, but you show show your ignorance and fear, by not taking the time to learn about people for who they are, not what you've heard or experiences from a few select. These negative run-ins do not portray any race as a whole, but in particular black women. BTW.....to whoever made the statement about black women looking like an animal of some sort there a re plenty of unattractive animals that white women or any other race resemble as well, so that little statement just reflects your stupidity. And for the record....before any one starts putting up information and stats about unwed single blacks mothers needs to check the stats on whites and Hispanics before spewing misinformation, how about maybe they were divorced? Besides what business is it of yours? If you feel so strongly you take care of them. And for the person who made the std comment get a life seriously....nobody is immune to std's. They don't discriminate, if you lay with someone, that is one of the consequences. It doesn't just pick blacks, never has and never will. Besides you'd be surprised how many white, Latinos, etc have some sort of std, and have no clue. But as stated earlier, fear of the unknown and general, generic, lumping is the problem for all the race haters on this board. In all races there are those that you wish you could disown, just like in family, it unfortunately you can't.

Omaha, NE

#60 Jul 28, 2012
Let's give black people a break. For us to expect the least evolved human beings on the planet to be able to compete with the most evolved humans is just goofy. Not to mention they are overwelmed living in a complex civilization with an average iq of 80. Human beings of all races failed to figure out balance to the effect to which we now get to watch the world as we know it implode. Grab a beer, shoot some heroin and enjoy the show. Not everyday we get the chance to witness overpopulation of the human species meets common sense.

United States

#61 Jul 28, 2012
FACT:..Black woman are born naturally beautiful.....just ask envious white people why they want to tan, get lip injections, and butt surgeries????....jus sayin...;)
Proud Black Woman

Brandon, MS

#62 Jul 29, 2012
Bigtown wrote:
Nowadays, lets be honest, black women aren't high on anyones list. The only white men persuing them are either wiggers or white men with fetishes for them, or ones wanting to experiment for a short time. Black women in America have the worst personalities and attitudes in the world. Pit vipers are cooler to be around honestly. You folks want to be PC but be honest for a change. Not to mention well over 70% of them are unwed mothers, who wants to take care of some other mans children?
This is really sad that society thinks this of us as a whole. I know that I am not and don't even slightly resemble this description. I want everyone to know that not all African American women are like that. We are not all loud or obnoxious; I think every person should get a fair chance without being restricted to racial stereotypes. And just for clarification: most of the African American women that do fit this description have been hurt and torn down in so many ways. They have to be tough and strong not only for themselves but also for their families. Don't be so hard on them- most are doing the best they can and in my opinion they are doing a heck of a job.

Minneapolis, MN

#63 Jul 29, 2012
There was a time when the only mass produced car you could buy was a BLACK model "T" Ford.
An actual white guy

Buffalo, MN

#64 Aug 25, 2012
BOY look at all of those laughable comments. You have no right to judge other peoples opinions if you can't even fucking spell.

And no, I myself just do not really find them attractive. HOWEVER, like all things there are exceptions to the rule.

I would say it is a mixture of bad attitudes and the fact that problems would most certainly arise from dating them, being white. Having a big black ex boyfriend knocking at your door doesn't sound too good. Neither does a big black dad with a shot gun.

There are so many different variables to the problem that my brain hurts. I am not racist but I feel like the question should be "why WOULD white men be attracted to black women?" I mean if you really like someone go for it, but you shouldn't hate on people for following logic while selecting something as important as a potential partner. Sorry folks.
so true

Kent, OH

#65 Sep 12, 2012
no white guy wants to date an ape, even the other apes. white women have been brainwashed by the media, and the media covers up the endless violence perpetrated on them by black males
planet of apes

Kent, OH

#66 Sep 12, 2012
no one wants a sheboon
Lays Classic Potato Chips

Madrid, Spain

#67 Sep 19, 2012
I like Black women, they're very beautiful. I don't like arrogant women, regardless of race.
Aryan soul

Athens, TX

#68 Sep 21, 2012
I don't mix race sorry i am a true aryan. Therfore i will continue my bloodline the right way.

La Mesa, CA

#69 Oct 6, 2012
henry wrote:
if black men don't wan't black women why would white men wan't to
perfectly said man.
Black IS Beautiful

Erie, PA

#70 Nov 27, 2012
Ive come to realize that white people feel more inferior to blacks due to whites hindering them in the past from a bright future all because they knew if blacks were given the opportunity they would over rule them. White people are born into racism some stick with it some dont, but one thing no white person can say is that black women are ugly or trashy because black women are beautiful and have alot going for themselves not just making babies. And to keep it real white women are to easy thats the only reason men go for it, there not more sexy etc.. you can over power them more than a black woman.

Kamuela, HI

#71 Nov 27, 2012
branded22 wrote:
What are the reasons.. just wondering.
It's not that they ACT like they don't find black girls attractive its just that they don't. It's like about bone structure and stuff that a lot of whites find attractive and most black girls don't have that bone structure. Also a black girls private areas don't seem as special. Those tribal tits on discover channel (and porn hub) don't turn me on but white tits do. But this is just speaking from my experiance. And don't think they think your ugly its just not attractive there's a difference. And I'm just trying to be real not a dick. Also don't generealize by saying white guys I know a few white dudes that would tap anything darker than them.

Saugus, MA

#72 Nov 28, 2012
Love all kinds of women.

And since you brought up black women,
I noticed that everywhere I went today black girls were checking me out.
I gotta stop being so lazy prick and actually talk to some of these fine women ;)-

United States

#74 Dec 10, 2012
Well my boyfriend is white and trust me he had no difficulty approaching me. But it had to be somewhat scary not knowing if I was attracted to whites. I can't judge because I used to pretend like I didn't like white guys untill I stopped acting like a little kid and went to highschool. Me and my boyfriend are a great match we spend lots of time with eachother because I'm a cheerleader and he is a basketball player. I made him wait six months to be in a relationship with me and a year and four month to give him my virginity. He was a player and I didn't want him to get me confused with on his one night stands. Race doesn't matter to me and God created all of us for a reason.
Thick gurl

United States

#75 Dec 14, 2012
Im 15 and i believe that im beautiful so i dont know why some white guys think black girls are ugly, obnoxious and gettho.

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