Atlas Glenmor Oil price caps

Ashland, MA

#24 Dec 8, 2009
I have three accounts with Atlas all three prices vary. The difference between the accounts is as much as $ 1.00 per gallon. I called and complained. They did adjust the price with no arguments. My advice is watch them and call them emediatly.
Joe F

Woburn, MA

#25 Dec 12, 2009
How did you settle out of the contract?

Burlington, MA

#26 Feb 9, 2010
I'm sure they're a great company, but they are damn frickin' expensive. Almost 85-90 cents per gallon above their competition.
Fran Melrose MA

Cambridge, MA

#27 Feb 12, 2010
I'm gone aftert this year. I have a cap of 2.99 and each time I had a fill my price was always 2.99 even when the price dropped. I called and complained and when it was all said and done they lowered my cap 10 cents...big deal. I'm getting screwed big time for this, I'll never sign up with them again. If anyone has any suggestions for next season I would love to hear from you and yes a class action law suit should be initialized, where do I sign on....

Cambridge, MA

#28 Mar 2, 2010
Yes they do suck!!! they deliver my oil without even letting me know, next thing I know is an oil bill in my mailbox,I have no contract or anything, they just show up every a month or two???
soon to be ex customer

Dracut, MA

#29 Mar 2, 2010
Ever since my oil company was bought by these guys I have had nothing but bad dealings with them. When my current contract expires, the will lose a 10 year customer. I agree with everyone who said their field service people are great. But their billing policies are the worst. A total rip-off. Every single bill, since locking in a ceiling rate, has been at the ceiling rate. But the ceiling rate at the time I signed up was significantly above their daily rate. So they tell you it is a ceiling rate but treat it as a lock-in rate. I have been paying almost a dollar a gallon more than the going rate for other full service companies. If you complain, they explain they charge more because they are a full service company. But then they also bill you over $200 a year for the service contract. These guys will suck every cent out of you that they can. In fact, after doing a little math, I will cancel today and pay the $399 fee. I expect to use more than 400 gallons before the contract expires so I will actually save money in the long term.

Since: Apr 10

Wellesley Hills, MA

#30 Apr 7, 2010
I have never been much of a blogger, but I have been reading these posts about people's experiences with their fuel oil provider, so I thought I might be able to provide some insight. Many of these comments were the reason I started my oil company last year. Please understand that I am not trying to use this venue for self promotion, but some of what I can share will help you in your negotiations with your current fuel provider, or help you ask the right questions. I also will not throw my competition under the bus; companies in any industry create their own beds based on how they treat their customers. Oil is a commodity, and is either sold on contract or a cost+ basis to consumers. The contract or + amount is determined by a companies overhead and the mark-up necessary to make a net profit after paying expenses. The price for oil and gas fluctuates daily, and no one in my industry has the ability to affect or predict where the market is going, thus deciding when to buy (or sell). There are many levels where oil companies try to buy low and sell high later which I won't get into, but on a daily basis, all oil companies pay close to the same price for their oil, and 1 or 2 distributors handle most of the oil distribution to the greater Boston area. Historically, oil would drop in price in the warmer months, oil companies would buy contracts that they would sell to their client base, thus guaranteeing a certain volume at a set margin for the upcoming heating season. In the last few years, that model has not held true, and if I had to bet I think the current trend of unpredictability will continue. For example, oil is higher now than it was at any time during the 09-10 heating season. Go figure. Larger oil companies prey on 2 things, client complacency, and a customer’s perceived need for security. The larger companies do it in the form of promoting their size as an advantage; "we have been around for 100 years, and we have all these guys and trucks" etc. We have the best service, and offer service contracts, or perhaps even "free" service. One thing is for certain-there is no free service out there, it just gets passed on in the form of higher oil prices. It's really the oil version of insurance, and most homeowners don't know how much they might save by altering their view, just a little. I have heard many times that the same oil company can deliver to many people on a street and they all can pay a different amount. They do it mostly because they can, most people don't check their bills, and even less call to complain. If you want to spend 45 minutes on hold with your cable provider to complain, they will lower your bill, especially if you threaten to leave. It's the same with oil, you call up to say your leaving and they want to know what your deal is with the new company, so they can match it, or offer you "free" service that you paid for the past 10 years. I see it as their way of just reinforcing how much they have been screwing you for as long as you were with them, you just didn't do the work to find a better more straight forward alternative.

Let's be honest, your heat is not really a transaction you want to have that much involvement in, unless you have a problem. Most people I spoke with as I was evaluating my business model didn't know: 1. how much they paid for oil or how much they used, or who their oil company was. If they remembered their company, it was either because they loved or hated them. My model is simple: everyone pays the same for the oil, cash, check or credit. I offer 24/7/365 in-house service at reasonable prices with the burner service contract or pay as you go option. This past year my prices consistently were between 40-70 cents/gallon less than others, and yes for the exact same oil. Not one customer called to wonder why their bill was what it was, it's because I let them know ahead of time what they could expect, and that's what I delivered.
Another Point of View

Saugus, MA

#31 Apr 19, 2010
People who complain about price "want their cake and eat it to." Historical trends have been useless over the past 3 years. There is no logic or reason why or when prices fluctuate up or down. Fixed or ceiling prices were good when customers were paying a $1 less than their neighbors. The smaller companies which charged a market price were charging a $1 more for the same oil.

That was the story last year. This year the same customers, who were happy last year, locked in at a reasonalbe price because they thought prices would rise. They played the market and lost. They would not complain if they guessed right and were again paying $1 less than their neighbors who were on a market price program. Atlas Glenmor, the company they are complaining about cannot win. They suck if prices go down and are great if prics go up.

I have been a customer for 10 years. During that time I seem to recall stories about an oil company that tried to assist oil customers who lost their savings by prepaying for oil when Viking Oil went bankrupt. There was also a story about an oil company who delivered oil on a duck boat to a customer who could not get oil during the recent flood.

You may think this is a company that sucks. I think this is a company that deserves a second look.
Soon ex-Atlas Customer

Bristol, CT

#32 Apr 20, 2010
Replying to ABC of Saugus.
Actually, there is a cost. But it's not even close to the premium Atlas charges. I will not renew at the end of my current contract.
First of all, the reason given for the $399 contract buyout is that they put money up-front to guarantee a maximum price. Can you say oil futures? So if oil shoots up to $10 a gallon, they have already locked it in at the current price.
Second, the market price is not based on low-ball prices but rather an industry average based on market surveys. I have found these to be extremely accurate and not introductory pricing. I agree Atlas's service is great. And that's one reason they say their oil is more expensive. However I also pay over $200 a year to them for a service contract. So they are hitting you on both ends.
However my main issue with Atlas is their use of the ceiling rate plan. When I signed up for it oil was going for 2.69 and they gave me a ceiling of 3.29. At the time, 2.69 was about 20 cents over the average market rate.
The surprise, surprise. Less than a month later my first delivery under that rate arrived at a cost of $3.29. And at the time, the average market rate was then about 2.50. And my price stayed at $3.29 ever since even though oil has repeatedly dropped since that time.
My previous company, before Atlas bought them out, offered a lock-in rate rather than a ceiling rate. That always proved to be an excellent deal. From my personal experience, Atlas is selling oil under a ceiling rate plan but using the ceiling as a lock-in rate. I think it is very deceptive and they have lost my future business.
Emery Board

Greenville, NH

#33 Dec 15, 2010
Max0045 wrote:
Anyone with price cap with this company, with agreement for lower price if oil drops, feel overcharged with so called lower price? Lower price charged way off actual current cost of oil.Would you consider a class action suit to find out the answer
I would consider this

Lexington, MA

#35 Jan 10, 2011
Max0045 wrote:
If you have price cap plan with this company they promise to charge a lower rate if the price of oil drops. Well it seem that the price they charge you when oil drops is very much higher than the current prices offered in the market. If you are a customer of Atlas Glenmor is this happening to you also? What is going on with this pricing>
I totally agree with you. I have filed complaint to BBB, and AGM responses just showed they do not care. We have been charged with the cap rate everytime even though the market price is 60 cheaper. I will not renew the contact, but I am hoping you can also complain this to BBB to reflect the multi-cases out there.

Holliston, MA

#36 Apr 13, 2011
I will tell you that my rate of $3.99 was outrageous in January and again in April...they are consistently anywhere between $0.25 / gallon to $0.50 a gallon more expensive than any of my neighbors in a similar sized home/family - or more!! When I called in January to complain they dropped my price by $0.45 per gallon no questions asked...very interesting...when I called in April they said there is nothing they can do...this is outrageous and bordering on criminal...they need to be investigated for their pricing practices - who monitors this??...I am definitely switching providers and would urge you to do the same.
Max0045 wrote:
If you have price cap plan with this company they promise to charge a lower rate if the price of oil drops. Well it seem that the price they charge you when oil drops is very much higher than the current prices offered in the market. If you are a customer of Atlas Glenmor is this happening to you also? What is going on with this pricing>

Holliston, MA

#37 Apr 13, 2011
I would consider a suit as well without do we report and initiate??
Emery Board wrote:
<quoted text>
I would consider this

Since: Apr 10

Wellesley Hills, MA

#38 Apr 13, 2011
I chimed in last April; look up about 5 postings so I won't be redundant; but my advice is to just move on and find a better company. As I mentioned, heat is a funny thing and oil companies count on complacency and having a large percentage of their clients who just pay their bills. It's a business that is not regulated like gas, and many companies use tactics to just keep their clients guessing. It's a simple business, we all buy our oil (especially in Metro-west) from 1 distributor. Our business actually has grown this year with people shopping who didn't historically shop for a better relationship. $4.29+/gallon will do that, the highest we have been all year is $3.75/gallon, and that is this week. I'm in line at the terminal with all the other companies....same oil, just different business practices. Cheers.
also angry

Beverly, MA

#39 Sep 9, 2011
I had been loyal to AGM for several years, buying a new furnace etc. I referred my family and that is when I found out their gimmick. They rope you in and offer lower prices to new customers promising them the world, all the while their solid old customer base gets screwed by paying in this case almost DOUBLE what the new customer paid. When I complained they said there was nothing they could do. Oh yeah, I didn't renew the next year. I let a year go bye and got their flyer offering all sorts of come back incentives. I locked in and I was suppossed to get $$ on my account and that never came through. All the promises they make can be shoved right up their.....

Danvers, MA

#40 Sep 20, 2011
I keep getting calls from AG now. 1year offered 395.9 not to go over 419.9. I am not calling back and plan to do my homework on I am very scared of ever signing on with them for any amount of time. Special "loyalty plan" offered 379.9......

Malden, MA

#41 Jan 11, 2012
I am being charged $4.50 per gallon, average prices are $3.30- $3.90.. Jan 2012...
Experience with Atlas

Sudbury, MA

#42 Feb 14, 2012
My experience with Atlas is that they are expensive, but reliable. Generally speaking if you speak up and negotiate in good faith you can get to a resolution.
ex wakefield Customer

Wakefield, MA

#43 Feb 7, 2013
They charged me for a service call that should have been covered by my 200/yr service contract. I want back and forth with the "friendly" customer service person who kept insisting that I must be mistaken because they would never do that. When she finally got the message that I was not going to let it go she checked her records which she should have done in the first place, saw the mistake and reversed the charges. It would have been better if she had apologized for arguing with me but noooooo. If I'm going to pay a premium for friendly service it should be friendly.
Atlas Glen-mor

Levittown, NY

#44 Feb 13, 2013
I am sorry to hear your dissatisfaction with our customer service. We couldn't agree you with more that you should receive friendly service at all times and if we are wrong, we should fix it. I apologize for anything inferior. We would like to make it up to you if we can. Kindly, contact our office at 800-433-1616 or email us at [email protected] and provide your contact information. You can speak directly with Diane Manuel, our Customer Service Manager.

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