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> On Feb 11, 7:48 am, Will Dockery wrote:
>> On Monday, February 11, 2013 8:02:58 AM UTC-5, Gemini Jackson wrote:
> > > >> > Rodriquez is all about lyrics.
> > > >> Not for everyone...just you. Like all other music, seemingly.
> > > >No, check out that crazy great bass line on "I Wonder", just for starters.
> > > Though I think I prefer Cold Fact, Coming From Reality has some truly
> > > magical music.
> > Ah!
> > All I have right now is the Searching For Sugarman release, a "greatest hits" of sorts... I expect I'll have to wait for my next Atlanta trip to get the actual two albums, I saw them there last week but opted for the overview first.
> > There's a chance I'll find these when I get to Auburn later today, a little town that's always had a bit of a hip edge, despite being stuck in the middle of the Alabama wilderness...
> > "Over You" / Will Dockery & The Shadowville All Starshttp://youtu.be/4rvCp_xzW H8
> Sad to see the Shakes walk away empty handed.Surprised Bob didn't even
> get a nod. Maybe next year a Lifetime Achievement Award for Sixto.
> Where do you get your music when you go to Atlanta? Wax 'n Facts?
> Wuxtry? Fantasyland?

I usually stop at all these shops when I make an afternoon shopping trail through Atlanta. Alas, the pickings are slimmer and slimmer, as more used book & CD/record shops go under each year.

I'll usually head up I-185 from Columbus-Phenix City up to Atlanta, veer off east on I-20 over to Moreland Drive and up to Little 5 Points, hang out there a bit and browse Criminal Records (this is where I had my introduction satori about Rodriguez) and Wax-N-Fax, and always A Capella Books, although they've moved down the road a piece.

Then up to Ponce De Leon, hang a right at the light and follow it to Atlanta CD in Decatur (also a block or so from Eddie's Attic, the premire place to catch new and obscure talent from the Deep South area) some great selection of stuff here, and they'll pretty much get anything you want that is available. It'll cost you, but they can get it. Preety interesting used bins as well, which is where I mostly haunt, the new stuff at $20 bucks average is just too rich for my blood.

Rodriguez, by the way, was only a bit over ten bucks at Criminal Records, which is really why I opted for the Sugar Man collection, the reissues were still in the pricey "brand new copy" range.

Then, on out another couple of blocks to Clairmont Road, and Wuxtry, which I just celebrated my 33rd anniversary with, having found that shop, which looks almost exactly the same as it did back then, when I was with my father at the VA Hospital on up the road back in 1980, and just happened to come across the place. What an eye-opening moment that was, literally changed my life, or helped change it faster.

First record I ever bought at Wuxtry, sometime in early 1980, was "Growing Up In Public", one of the oddest, but in many ways best of all the Lou Reed records.

From there a stop at Book Nook, which has moved but somehow has replicated the "look" and floor plan of their old location, only slightly smaller.

Many little record and book shops, and many other things, and people, are long lost on this trail, so there's now a long "blank" strecth all the way to Oxford Comics on Piedmont Road, and finally Fantasyland, if they're open that day.

Fantasyland has, after many years, moved, and are now on Pharr Road, sitting on the spot where the fabulous Oxford On Pharr was back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Then mostly stop off at Varsity for a few chili dogs, and head on out...

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