Teacher Admits Molesting Child

Teacher Admits Molesting Child

There are 47 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from May 21, 2007, titled Teacher Admits Molesting Child. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

A teacher at a private academy in DeKalb County, Darryl Williams, has just begun serving three years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting one of his students, a 15-year-old boy.

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United States

#26 May 22, 2007
Where is the justice for the victim? He knew better, he only have to serve 3 years! So what do that say about our legal system here in Georgia.
Who write the LAW

Stockbridge, GA

#27 May 22, 2007
This is a sick world and I agree with the person above that the young man that had sex with a young lady that is within his age group, he was charged with rape, verses this man, a teacher a person that children look up to and respect, violated the trust that children have for there teacher. The world is becoming so corrupt that you can't even feel comfortable about sending your children to school,It's better to homeschool your child where you can watch them. I know you can't protect your children or watch them 27/7, but you can do whatever you can to protect them. The law need to be reviewed for the young man who will be 27 when he get out of prison, for something that alot of young children his age are doing anyway. If it's a problem then they need not put ninth grades in high school they should remain in the middle school and start out in high school when they are in the tenth grade. May GOD have mercy on the law makers because the young lady will go on with her life, verses the young man will be confused about his sexuality. He has a long way to go. The 17yr.old,will be missed up forever,and the teacher will move to another state and become a teacher again and violate another child. GOD help these confused eduated lawmakers who know everything.
Who write the LAW

Stockbridge, GA

#28 May 22, 2007
Mindin_Ur_Biz wrote:
<quoted text>
No need to use the Lord's name in vain!
Who write the LAW

Stockbridge, GA

#31 May 22, 2007
Chris wrote:
Jannett...you have to be kidding right?
What are you talking about????? Please stick to the conversation.

Rome, GA

#34 May 22, 2007
Jannett Campbell wrote:
This is a man of God. He should not have plead guility. He said he did not do this. Why is he in jail. This is so shocking.....
Huh...What..,.? You say he was a "man of God". Give me a break! Try and explain him as a "man of God" to his four victums. Come on now! Just try and convince me that he is a "man of God".

Atlanta, GA

#38 May 22, 2007
If he plead guilty or "no contest" then he is GUILTY! Why would anyone plead this way unless he was guilty? To go to jail for a shorter amount of time? If I were charged with this sort of crime and I was innocent, I would risk it all to save my good name, no matter how much less jail time I might could serve by pleading guilty or no contest. Folks, he IS guilty of the crime, he admitted to it, it's over.

What's really sad is it's not over for the victim. The healing takes much longer than the time it took to hurt this young man.
Mic Jagger

Boynton Beach, FL

#39 May 22, 2007
The kid wasn't a student at Greenforest and he wan't at a school function.

Washington, DC

#41 May 23, 2007
Im very disappointed in this man! My family looked up to him as a christian schol teacher. His wife must be stupid to be with him. How embrassing. what is the kids thinking now. Hope other chrildrens not bothering them. I am so sorry for this person. He put is foot in his mounth. Seem that he let the dogsssssssssss out. Was he guy are something molesting a child when he has a wife. He got to be a sick person. whta decide to make him do something like that!!!SHAME!!!!!!
Cant give more details

Camp Hill, PA

#42 May 23, 2007
The comments many of you are making about serving all 15 years are very appropriate. Unfortunately, the juries in Dekalb county will not convict anybody. No one will step up and put these guys away. Next time you are on a jury, take responsbility for the children. The reason these cases have to be settled for 3 years is because if there is even the smallest discrepancy or hole in the facts these guys will walk totally. Because of poorly trained, understaffed police departments and rogue prosecuotrs like the idiot in Durham, NC juries will let guys like this walk. Step up and lock these guys up. When a 30 year old rapes a 12 year old these days he walks if there isn't a 100% DNA match. Do the right thing next time. Don't blame the DA's office - they are each handling 50+ cases at a time and dealing with politically motivated judges as well.
A preacher

Decatur, GA

#46 Jun 2, 2007
This is a preacher.........this is a sick indivdual dang all these grown men around here and you wanna mess with a little boy and he get only 3yrs

Indianapolis, IN

#47 Jun 2, 2007
I am praying for his Wife and Kids.

Portland, OR

#48 Jun 12, 2007
Pastor Darryl Williams is my brother and a friend. I don't know what the truth is on this story or why he said he was guilty. It is funny to me how we read something and then make such bold statements. This is all cool until the light is turned on our lives. Becareful what you say about he and his family. I feel very sorry for the young man in this story and his family. Pray that the truth will be given for all to see. There has to be more to the story or the courts wouldn't of let him plea down. If you read everything careful you can see where some things don't fit. If he did this, I pray that he will get the help he needs. I pray that the 15yo will get help and be able to move past these actions into a normal successful life. I pray that this is not the end to two great men and that there is not a lie at the root of this. To everyone, please becareful what you write, because when it's your turn we could be writing about you. I know Darrly and he is a good man. I don't know what happen here, if he did it he is paying more than you all could ever write. If he didn't do it, then he is paying far more than anyone should ever have to. This will only be healed in love. Angry only makes everything worst. It is true that people are only great until you find out that they have a issue. If this is his issue he really needs help now. One quick note - Did you look at the fact that this was a 15 yo boy - the story seems empty of fact. I know when I was 15 yo i couldn't of been attacked by a 40 yo old man. I sure wouldn't of ran and told my parents. There would of been a fight. I am not taking up for this at all. I am just saying we need to know the truth. I do know something must of happen, the question is what and why was he so comfortable to do this in this place. I wish the whole truth was out. I will just pray.

Portland, OR

#49 Jun 12, 2007
STjohns - That was really sad of you to say. His church has nothing to do with this, His family has nothing to do with this. I hope you are living up to your own standards of judgement, because it comes quickly. If you knew Darryl like you say you do, you know that he had every type of person around him. Old to young, you will not build a case against him with that stuff. The name you picked for this even makes it more sad. He didn't trick noone, but whatever happen between him and this boy. Darryl was Darryl. Everyone knew that. I just once again warn becareful of the stone you throw, a brick will be coming your way. Don't rejoice in someones down fall. Weakness and short comings for great men are hard to fight. The funny thing is that if this was happening anyone of us, Darryl would be defending us to the end.

Palo Alto, CA

#50 Jul 19, 2007
It is sad that people can sit on their soap boxes and judge so intently. What he did was sick and wrong but that does not negate the fact that he needs help and locking him away for 15 years wouldnt do anything to help him. You got IDIOTS on here like BURN IN HELL,ROT IN HELL,cindy and KingstonLLC who believe that things are always as they seem. Innocent people go to jail everday. You have no heaven or hell to put this man in. The bible says obey the law of the land and the LAW said 3 years. When and if it happens to you I hope they throw away the key.
The Truth

Atlanta, GA

#51 Jul 20, 2007
Demetrice wrote:
It is sad that people can sit on their soap boxes and judge so intently. What he did was sick and wrong but that does not negate the fact that he needs help and locking him away for 15 years wouldnt do anything to help him. You got IDIOTS on here like BURN IN HELL,ROT IN HELL,cindy and KingstonLLC who believe that things are always as they seem. Innocent people go to jail everday. You have no heaven or hell to put this man in. The bible says obey the law of the land and the LAW said 3 years. When and if it happens to you I hope they throw away the key.
Can anybody say HYPOCRITE. First off your 'judging' too so get off your soapbox. Second how in the world can you quote the Bible after defending a child molestor. And third the Bible also says "Judge in Righteousness" there is no shame is calling out a wrong committed against a person

Ellijay, GA

#52 Jul 20, 2007
UNKNOWN wrote:
It kills me that a couple of years ago when you did a report on a black male 17 and a white female 15 was at a party and had consuntial relations and he got 10 years his whole life down the drain even when the female said that she wanted to do the acts that was protraided on him, but a report that's being told on this 47 year nasty freak gets 3 years on all these felonies charges. Please explaine I'm sure you know that case im refuring too.
Please do your research. The 15 year old girl was NOT WHITE. She was BLACK! Not that it makes a difference.
deedee hart

Atlanta, GA

#53 Jul 21, 2007
if i were in charge of the judicial system, i'd put these child molesters where they belong, which is in the jail cell with 'BIG TINY', someone with a 12-inch appendage and tell him to use it to his heart's content on that molester. when is the system going to stop slapping these people on the wrist and letting them out in 2 or 3 years, only to get out and start that mess all over? i suspect that if these children belonged to the judges or the lawyers there'd be stiffer sentences for the sorry idiots. i can't understand what a fully-grown person sees in the tiny bodies of a child. may God protect the little children of the world because we as parents sure don't.
A Jamaican Friend

Suwanee, GA

#54 Aug 9, 2007
Darryl Williams is a wonderful brother and friend. All we need to do is pray for him. The saints Love Darryl and we are praying. He has a beautiful wife and two nice little girls and my family spent lots of time with his family and This is just so unfortunate but guess what.... God is in control!! God will see him through.

The Truth

Atlanta, GA

#55 Aug 15, 2007
Was God in control when he was molesting these kids and ruining their lives

Hialeah, FL

#56 Nov 10, 2007
My thoughts and prayers are with both families at this moment. But first, let me explain one thing to everyone that is reading this. When I was 14, I had my first encounter with a member of the same sex and I WANTED IT!I was never molested or abused. By the time I personaly turned 15, I had already had sexual encounters with the same sex well over 10 times and again, I WANTED IT! When you look at 15 year old boys and how attractive and mature looking they might be, it is easy for someone that is an adult to get trapped. Who is to say that this 15 year old did not want all of these things to happen in exchange for "good grades" or "money" and when refused he decided to BLOW THE WHISTLE. Wake up people, this was not a 5 year old or a 10 year old, this was a 15 year old that is already in the middle of puberty probably attracted to the same sex and saw he teacher was a fine man. Further more, I use to live in Atlanta and Darryl Williams was my Sunday School teacher at the church we all went to (he also was the church organist) and let me tell you he is not OLD and UGLY. He is a very attractive man that both men and women would want (including a 15 year old who wants to experience sexual relations with a person of authority). I belive both parties are at fault. This was no one way street. Its just sad that Darryl will now be a sexual offender, go on the sexual offenders list, never be able to teach again, record will be scared till Jesus comes! I wish Darryl would have said NO. With that in mind, dont place blame solely on the adult as the 15 year old could be just as guilty but the media wont tell you that.

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