Well my fellow Americans, there is yet more lies from the mouths of white folk circulating round the world faster than a speeding bullet driving through cement and earth to hit a target in an underground Bunker!

Call me "thoughtful" but not crazy! Okay the old white man who shoots and kills a white bus driver, snatches a 6 year old white boy off the bus, holds the kid hostage for almost a week down there is suddenly shot dead.

How? Why couldn't or wouldn't the apprehenders' share that information with us? Cause a big old lie is brewing that's why.

If I am underground in a cement cave, with one way in and only a pipe to breath out of...unless you smoke me out, gas me out, or turn into some kind of God damn Gofer...I'm good.

If you gas me out or smoke me out...the kid is going to NEED to be in the hospital right? Why withhold the information?

Okay...let's look at another lie playing out on the world stage...The Jodi Airas trial. This white woman, plays jack the ripper on her boy friend, then blows his brains out AFTER slitting his throat. THEN she lies two or three times to the police..before finally telling the truth about killing him herself...BUT GET THIS EXCUSE! "What had happen was...when I was seven, my momma beat me with a wooden spoon, den she didn't really seem overly excited about my art work, den Travis was abusing me, so I drove to where he was, had some nasty sex with him and then he attacked me in the shower. I had a premonition he was going to abuse me, that's why I brought my knife and Gun, some extra gas, hair dye and stuff."

My question is Why do white people bore us with these obvious guilty as hell murderers trials? How much is this costing the tax payers?(You bitch about Government spending but not about this???}

Why not just turn her azz over the Travis' family?