Organized Gang Stalking What You Need...
A lot of it in this tow

Corpus Christi, TX

#46 Oct 5, 2011
The stalking stems as a form of emotional abuse, and they are looking for something to blackmail you with, hence the lies. And yes, people get in on it from all perspectives. You have to call them on it each and every time. And yes, the children are being taught to do the same thing at an early age. Yes, your phone will be tapped and yes your apartment will have a nanny cam in it for the show. Your mail will be tampered with and your car gone over.Keep going to the police and talk to the other TI's. It is amazing the commonalities that will be had. And be prepared, there is usually an award if you comply and are quiet. Like an contest. And of note, they WILL use doubles for you or anyone they want you to be jealous of, as standins.
Eleanor White


#47 Mar 14, 2012
A lot of it in this tow wrote:
By all means ALWAYS go to the police with your information ...
When I went to the police, they sent their psycho squad to my apartment to haul me off to mental hospital. Most targets report the police will tell them stalking by more than one stalker doesn't happen, and you (the target) should "discuss your beliefs with a doctor." Some actually do get hauled off - I'm lucky in that I did not.

Eleanor White

United States

#48 Apr 11, 2012
San Francisco new Obama provocateur program to drive political active black men out of the city. Volumes of recuited agent provocateurs blaCk females STALKERS used by counter intelligent agencies, to drive out target black men challenging the corruption and growi.g hidden discrimination practices hindering black progress. The used techniques are implanted next neighbors supplied illegal wall rader system used in the military, and wiretapping devices to spy, terrorized, frightened, intimidated and harass their target victim 24/7 including while they sleep... How does the landlord fit into the equation? Usually they have been secretly proposition with incentives by counter intelligence agency to allow their assign agent or snitch to carry out the experiment. What does this mean in retrospective view? Expose the rats at their own game, and their identity to wake the community up..... start with 88 Sixth Street #527 SF, CA used agent provocateur.
Jim Davis


#49 Apr 21, 2012
I have been a victim of gang stalking, in Flint, TX. The stalkers have got a device that can see every thing I am doing, in my house. Most of my closest neighbors have got the system where they can watch me. They make it obvious by raising their voice, and telling me what I am doing. Also there is an audio bug inside here.
They have at least installed an audio bug, in my truck, and also have installed a GPS, in my truck.


#50 Dec 19, 2012
gang stalking is a community based program by the medical health authority used for personality building. however my purpose her today is to expose certain people who are abusing the system and using it for a malicious torture campaign of hate.

14b Ailsa road
westcliff on sea
Amanda rowntree aka as Amanda Palmer
mark rowntree

these people are stalkers and harassment personnel working for secretive nhs trust


#51 Dec 19, 2012
Since moving in to my property in above n 2008 I have had several problems with my neighbours Mark and Amanda rowntree who live at 14b Ailsa Road Westcliff on sea in the flat below me.
I have had problems from them regarding loud music ...banging late at night ...stalking including what I believe to be surveillance, abuse from neighbours and attacked and threatened with an air rifle in which the police failed to take further action because of Mark rowntree conspiring against me and lying about the events which took place. I have pictures of injury's to myself which I believe show that hes side of the events were fabricated.

Before moving to this property in 2007 I was a member of the Electronic victims forum currently operating on the internet, which also covered various topics about so called gang stalking.(which I now to be NHS treatment for personality strengthening) One member of the forum was an Amanda Palmer,and had a very distinctive face,of whom I now know to be Amanda rowntree of 14b Ailsa Road, I have no idea if any of them are her real name, however her partner Mark rowntree I do believe maybe using a false name. I believe many members of the forum are also members of this NHS trust and may well be using false names and in similar situations around the country.(ndeed it would be very interesting to find out if any of them had similar accusations made against them)
Shortly after joining this forum I realised the forum did not contain genuine victims of this problem
although at the time I did not realise why. Amanda Palmer was one of the members who was not only rude but made threatening posts which were later removed by the forum. I left the forum and a few months later I decided to return to the forum under a different name but although I never said they knew it was me. I did a search for Amanda Palmer to find out if she was on other websites and found she was several including David icke under name of chicken and contributed to a website called mad not bad which also debated gang stalking, I also found a picture of her and I now know her to be the Amanda rowntree of 14b Ailsa road the same one as in the electric harassment forum.
On the website she mentioned she was leaving Yorkshire for the west country I now know this not to be true or if it was the move was very quick.

I have always had a compulsive personality problem everything I do and enjoy becomes a compulsiveness which now I have thankfully managed to control 90% of the time...which as included
food, alcohol, smoking etc. After accidentally stumbling on a condition known as histrionic I realised I have had several of these symptoms in the past but as I said I now consider my self with virtually no problems. I also found information on a web site which explained there are several secret nhs trusts set up which work as a community based treatment for this condition , which in include stalking, surveillance problem solving in a process designed to strengthen personality problems.
It creates fear then requires the patients to break down that fear as part of the strengthening process.
My problem is, I did not consent to this treatment and I believe the treatment is being abused by Amanda Rowntree to the point of torture. I Believe she as taken a personal grudge against me and will never let the treatment end. I do not want to prosecute this woman just make sure she doesnÂ’t work in this type treatment which I believe to be immoral and excessive in its present form.

The treatment is a surveillance so it as been very difficult to get evidence but exposing the people I believe to involved would stop the situation from happening again and hopefully prevent a virtually unrestricted NHS department from operating outside the law.
real truth

Huntington Beach, CA

#52 Feb 23, 2013
anonymos wrote:
The expressed goal of Organized Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the victim's reputation and believability as the person will likely be viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse. To cause the target to appear mentally unstable is one, and this is achieved through a carefully detailed assault using advanced psychological harassment techniques, and a variety of other tactics that are the usual protocol for gang stalking, such as street theater, mobbing, pervasive petty disrespecting. Organized Gang Stalking is also used to gather information on individuals as well as force individuals to move or leave an area. Do the Stalkers ever question or check to see if a targeted victim is indeed guilty of a crime? No. There is an "assumption of guilt" among the stalkers. Also, remember that many stalkers are paid for their harassment, so these individuals are not concerned with the innocence or guilt of a victim. Assuming a victim knows the group that is behind their stalking, should they attempt to openly communicate with
them? Absolutely Not! For one, the stalkers automatically assume the victim is guilty of an atrocity, and thus "deserves" the treatment. Second, many stalkers actually want the victim to engage them in some fashion. In these instances the interaction will be recorded and used as evidence against the victim, especially in attempts to suggest the victim is mentally unstable. If a charitable and respectable society practices Organized Gang Stalking on the side, should we assume the victims deserve such
treatment? Absolutely not! When people take the law into their own hands, any notion of "law" is destroyed altogether. I should emphasize that the majority of Organized Gang Stalking victims are completely innocent of any crimes. Any group that performs Organized Gang Stalking is not positive in nature, nor beneficial to society, despite any charitable works they may perform. Likewise, such societies only remain "respectable" because any and all evidence of "wrong doing" is conveniently destroyed or eliminated.
Motivations for Organized Gang Stalking vary. Revenge for a real or imagined offense, true or false accusations of a "horrible crime" of which the victim has gotten away with, silencing a corporate "whistle-blower", defecting from a cult, a perceived enemy of a group or organization, and "knowing too much" are all examples of possible motivations. Due consideration should be used as the motivations of the stalking and harassment groups are in no way limited to the above.
The stalkers, for the most part, are everyday citizens. Other stalkers are "street thugs" who have been recruited or hired to harass and intimidate. Some Stalkers are actual Private Investigators who have been hired to gather information concerning the victim. Many stalkers are members of volunteer police groups.
They are Masonic Demonics.They run the show,Join Geo-caching and join them for how they find you.Geocaching is a teaching tool game to locate you anywhere. Masonic run and owned.
christopher edwards

League City, TX

#53 Feb 24, 2013
im being stalked i got proof, but i aint gonna tell
they finally picked the wrong one!!!
christopher edwards

League City, TX

#54 Feb 24, 2013
i am being stalked, u finally got the wrong one, im gonna get them all every one!!!
Thank you

Reynoldsburg, OH

#56 Apr 21, 2013
The information is very thorough & very helpful.

Thank you!
Thank you

Reynoldsburg, OH

#57 Apr 21, 2013
Eleanor White wrote:
<quoted text>
When I went to the police, they sent their psycho squad to my apartment to haul me off to mental hospital. Most targets report the police will tell them stalking by more than one stalker doesn't happen, and you (the target) should "discuss your beliefs with a doctor." Some actually do get hauled off - I'm lucky in that I did not.
Eleanor White
I agree the police in my city participate in gang stalking & street theater. Every day a car is "pulled over" or everyday a white car is "pulled over."

Sammamish, WA

#58 May 8, 2013
What to do in such a situation? There must be something...we live in America. What to do/
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Sammamish, WA

#59 May 8, 2013
Simply filing a police report is not enough. What else? Are there any attorneys that could help? A specific department...anything?

Acworth, GA

#60 May 10, 2013
Crazy you are.
Michelle DeChene

South San Francisco, CA

#61 May 15, 2013
This is happening to me right now in Silicon Valley, CA where I have been a recruiter for almost 30-years. I am followed in my car constantly by various out of state expired plates with no current license tags, police run rental car plates on customized cars with plated tires/cut shocks/custom wheels, I've had all my corporate apts with security systems broken into, I have several weird spiders put in my house/offices/cars and I have bites all over my body, I have had chemical exposure and huge Stanford Hospital bills (I don't have medical coverage as a contractor). They destroyed my room in a stanford professors house and broke my desk chair, lights, closet.. the day i moved in i saw a tall japmese man walking outside the house-i lived bect to thr stanford presidents house. thry rendered a new security system unusable that i ha a googlr IT person install. They destroyed multiple cars (chemicals on the inside, nails in expensive tires, scratched my cr to the primer, ripped off the inside interior by the windshield). They keep killing my fish tank at work. put spiders in my office. send ninja bikers to hararass me in my parking structure. They send blacked out limos to drive by while I get my nails done. Did i mention they have hacked into my phines, computers and bank accounts??? I let by stupidity a New Delhi Indian work colleague I met at Lockheed Martin stay in my san Mateo condo who was a diplomats son who grew up as a teen in Japan who reads writes and speaks Japanese said I needed to give, borrow or loan him monies because he took a loan from Japanese yakuza in japan when his son was born (he's 5now) and he owed them debt. I said no. He owes them monies and he needs to pay his own debt. He asked me to consult on his company for the acquisition space, finding him a solicin valley office, and he hasn't paid me for English translations for two websites that are hundreds of pages long, he didn't pay for staying at my home -using my bed, modem, food, electricity, my cars, Hemant Setya owes me monies and these thugs are stalking me, Harassing me, destroying my property, items, jobs, etc.
Michelle DeChene

South San Francisco, CA

#62 May 15, 2013
I have police reports, went to see the Sunnyvale police where a policeman showed me hemant setya has two birthdays on the DMV system (3-15-57 and 3-15-67) that's why I cannot do a restraining order as he appears as two people, I went to lawyers, talked to my prior accountant to ask for legal help, I went to the FBI where the bastards pushed an empty truck towards my rental car when I parked to find the FBI office. Some are tattooed, some cars light green with Obama stickers on the back, some are custom cars, some old junky cars-some even harass me on the road (cut me off driving, try to sideswipe my cars, etc) with kids in the car - even when my friend,Jonathan Polite, was in the car. Harassing drivers. The San Jose FBI told me to go to the District Attorney. I called their office. But, what does this do? I have a man who told me I would regret it if I didn't give him money - who has hit me in the past that i cant put a restraining order on, pictures and pictures of the people with with plates that sometimes are rental cars, old plates. expired plates, have car dealer paper plates, apartment/rooms/hotels I've paid thousands for to live in and my personal belongings are crated, which I paid for storage, moving, locks, security systems, guards, hospital bills, etc. the money lost has a specific value now and is endless for me here in CA. They put some type of fluorescent yellow substance in my little Audi rental car that took me to the Stanford hospital and my pupil dilated in my left eye so large they could have blinded me! They put some substance on my new eyeglasses frames and my eyes would turn ted and sting and the eye doctor told me after paying $500 I had to throw them away. I hadn't bought glasses in about 12 years. This story is horrible for me to tell. A few weeks ago, someone I've never heard of, NJ Pete Moses, put two amounts into my parents and I checking account ~$4,500 and then someone called my parents from the bank telling them he put it in my account number by mistake and wanted the monies back. Online when I researched his name -he's a terrible rapist who was in jail last August 2012. How do these people HACK into my bank accounts and render my credit cards in Silicon Valley to decline at a rental car company where I've know the people for years. I will go the bank, deposit monies, have a bank slip, call the bank in front if the rental car company for the card and we have to end up doing a manual transaction. Hackers. right?
I came to Silicon Valley to hire the opposite-engineers who add value to life's processes.

San Jose, CA

#64 May 23, 2013
Here is a freedom of information act form letter on gang stalking to send to the FBI. It looks like it has been written by a lawyer and addresses many important issues. The writer suggests that tis and anyone connected with tis send one in. The more people who send this in will give us a bigger voice and perhaps bring some needed attention to this crime which is only going to get worse and worse with modern technology.

Cheers! And than you to whomever wrote this. The letter I sent on my own was a disaster.
j robertson

Westbank, Canada

#65 May 31, 2013
Jim Davis wrote:
I have been a victim of gang stalking, in Flint, TX. The stalkers have got a device that can see every thing I am doing, in my house. Most of my closest neighbors have got the system where they can watch me. They make it obvious by raising their voice, and telling me what I am doing. Also there is an audio bug inside here.
They have at least installed an audio bug, in my truck, and also have installed a GPS, in my truck.
oh my, im living through Exact thing? how are you now??
In the Know

Kunming, China

#66 Jun 5, 2013
Most people don't realise that it actually all comes down to FREEMASONRY. Look it up online, this pretend charity has implemented these tactics through business, organisations etc. Don't ever think it's anything else, they are fully behind this and their sub-groups,such as Jehovah witness,Scientology and other mentally ill cults. This tactic is basically very similar to the tactics they used to use in each group to control it's members or ex members. So Scientology did 'Fair Gaming' and Freemasonry did 'White glove treatment' or 'The silent dagger' These tactics have now been extended to 'Gang Stalking' or whatever name is ie Cause stalking, community mobbing etc. Tell 5 people you know to look it up and show them credible evidence. They are falling apart in the west, so keep up the good work exposing them!

Minneapolis, MN

#67 Jun 21, 2013
They are exposing minors to this stuff!!!!!!!!!

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