Why White Guys Like Asian Girls

Canton, GA

#120 May 25, 2013
Black Joan wrote:
Ahhh haaa haaa haaa! Yeah you should see all of the desperate white boys over here in DC chasing down the Asian ass.. Too damn funnay.
<quoted text>
Yeah mah, ahs libbit ondown muh digdah

Kota, India

#121 Jun 10, 2013
Brasileiro wrote:
I also don't know why the white guys from USA, Canada like asians girls. I'm brazilian and in Brazil most of the guys don't like asian girls. It is kind of hard in a group of brazilian guys they talk about asian girls. When I'm with my friends, everybody talk about hot brunette and hot blond girls. Here in Brazil we like hot girls. We say that we like "gostosas". Girls with thick legs, round ass, sensual. There are a lot of brazilians girls like this: sensual, hot, nice ass, nice legs. Asian girls are not hot. They have flat asds, they are small, short legs, funny face. I think because in latim country guys want sex a lot. And to want sex we want with hot girls, and not with small girls like asians. But when I see a asian flat ass here in Brazil who cannot find a brazilian boyfried, I will tell her to travel to Canada or USA because in theses countries they can find a boyfriend.
Now this is completely pathetic.. Beauty is not just about a glam doll in a bikini, beauty is in the thought, culture, behaviour and nature. And i dont think only Asians are the heir of the beauty.. Races doesn't matter at all, We all have evolved from same ancestors. And talking about the physical appearance, every region has a wide variety of them. We cannot judge anyone on the way they look. Physical appearance and good looks are not just enough to have compatibility and love in a relationship. But if you are talking just about sex, then let me tell you that this trait also doesn't only depend on race. Black women can be equally sexy as a brazilian women. So please, use your mind before writing anything, and same goes for those who are comparing women's beauty and intelligence on the basis of race.

Kota, India

#122 Jun 10, 2013
Superior Asia wrote:
Japanese and Korean girls are smarter , hotter and better quality than other asian girls .
Yeah sounds like a joke.. Now this is sub racism. Go get a life seriously. Nobody becomes superior by their race, color or region.
The White Knight 2016

Douglas, GA

#123 Jun 10, 2013
I like my Johnnie Walker black and my women blonde and white.

Heathridge, Australia

#124 Jun 16, 2013
Hi im an asian girl, im fat short n ugly!!! I have bad skin n greasy hair like a white chick, smoke weed and fuck around like a black chick and oh yes i have massive boobs and a huge ass hmm maybe that is from all my fat!!! N yes white ur dick so HUGE not getting fking life people jeez
Asians Are HOT

Lawrenceville, GA

#125 Jul 2, 2013
Evil099 must be fat, black, and ugly to boot!!! Where's ya mammy???

New York, NY

#126 Jul 2, 2013

South San Francisco, CA

#127 Jul 21, 2013
TheLukeTheory wrote:
I'm white and I think it's time I cleared things up for some people. What I am about to say is not racist. It is mere preference.
I have dated four white girls and two Asian girls. Out of the two Asians (one Thai and one Vietnamese), I am still great friends with both. I am only friends with one of the white girls.
Asian tend to be loving, caring, intelligent, and an added bonus--cute.

For me, all of the white girls I have dated have specifically and without fail lacked in an area vital to me--intelligence. I felt as though simple conversation about scientific or mathematical matters could not occur. With Asian girls, such talk was commonplace.
And the other luring thing about Asian girls is the exotic style and beauty of them--this word is used often (exotic) to describe them as seen from the views of a white man.
I also feel that my attraction to them could also be caused by my genes. My genes are looking for variation. What better way to do so than to mate outside of my racial gene pool? Though this isn't all of it, I feel this plays a significant role in my attraction to Asians.
I feel this will not change things for other races: there are plenty of Asian girls to go around and there are plenty of white men to go around. On that note, it is important to understand the significant rise in the number of Asian girls with white men.
It is commonplace now.
Hey dud I think you are gay you must have small pinats

Jakarta, Indonesia

#128 Jul 25, 2013
Asian women are beautiful and attractive. they are more polite and smart.
I'm white guy anyway

Since: Jul 13

Sunnyvale, CA

#129 Jul 26, 2013
because thay are beutyfull see these guys http://bit.ly/17HwMZi
Viet woman

Jupiter, FL

#130 Jul 27, 2013
It's right. Asian women are never jealous of any one.
1. Our culture are Confucius, Budda.
Budda said: One's Biggest sorrow is jealousy.
after living in America for 20 years, I learned other races are jealous of Asian women.
This year, I quit job because Hispanic supervisor hates me so much.
When I wear good clothes or jewelry, she stared at me ans I am sure i'll get trouble that day.
Most of them are so jealous.
Jealousy does not make you better. Want a better life?. Learn from successful people. If you still have a bad luck, wait, be patient and try, try different things.
White girl, Hispanic girls gave me a hard time at work. All I do is to avoid them. Stay home.
crazy crayon

Dallas, TX

#131 Jul 29, 2013
Asians women and jewish women... both are hot and have big brains. lol These and are true nuturing lovers and make amazing mothers. However, I perfer Asians because while both types are fit for a nice conversation about a lecture on organic compounds or the flaws in our justice system, Asian women seem more like the older generation of jewish women and less materialized.
Brazilian women I have to agree, If you like butts, then they make a perfect for a one night stand in you early 20's but not the mother of your children.

Uruma, Japan

#132 Aug 5, 2013
Richard wrote:
Asian girls can't get enough white cock hence they make it easy for white men to date them.
I for one am Asian. What you said is not true at all, Asian men just aren't that attractive or entertaining. If that is your opinion of why Asians date white men, then NO Asians women will ever date you because unlike yourself we are intelligent beings.

Baltimore, MD

#133 Aug 5, 2013
I have a Chinese friend who is divorced with a child and dating. She told me whites guys have flat out told her to her face they are looking for Asian women because Asian women value family and they like to cook and clean and please their husbands. Mind you my friend is a doctor and she finds comments like that insulting.

It's funny because she dates only white men herself yet has some interesting things to say about Asian women who date/marry white men. She says many will get with a white man just because he is white regardless of how crappy he treats her. They want the part white kids and want to feel superior because being with a white man makes them feel superior.
Asian gurl

Singapore, Singapore

#134 Aug 8, 2013
We like white guy because most of them are gentleman .^-^

Memphis, TN

#135 Aug 10, 2013

Bodø, Norway

#136 Aug 11, 2013
Sup wrote:
<quoted text>
The only reason why white women are seeking Latino and black males are because they're a lot more manly than the video-game addicted nerd.
Plus, I never knew circle lenses, wigs, and double eye lid surgeries were so hot? I mean, they do so many at home surgeries that it's literally stuff they'll joke around between themselves. An Asian girl without make up is a nightmare.
oh please don't you ever judge Asian women, not all Brazilian girls/women is hot and pretty, you just want a sex eh? Am I right? Take note you jerk Asian women is lovable and caring it's not like you!!!! They care about the feelings of others appearance is not important it's about how you treat others!!!!!!!

Bodø, Norway

#137 Aug 11, 2013
meme wrote:
<quoted text>your with a asian because no white girl would give u the time of day
STFU b*tch!!! Try to visit Asia and you'll see how the person will treat you there did you ever heard or read the quotes "BEAUTY IS USELESS, CHARACTER IS THE BEST"??? I'm pretty sure you did not!

Bodø, Norway

#138 Aug 11, 2013
meme wrote:
<quoted text>haha they are so ugly and most of them just get with any soldier just to become a us citizen lmao
hahahahahaha MAKE SURE YOU'RE PRETTY!!!!'Coz if not I'm going to crash that face of yours!!!!!

Bodø, Norway

#139 Aug 11, 2013
Euroasian wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm guessing your one of those over tanned, over weight, 10 pounds if make up white girl with no manners what's so ever. I'm guessing your boyfriend left you or someone you like is dating an asian girl. Must be a good reason why you took the time out of your day to go on a site just to hate on us. Your quite pathetic.
haha :D true I'm afraid they'll going to look like a clown because of those make up maybe she's just jealous and insecure

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