POLITICALLY CORRECT- Redefined in 2013

POLITICALLY CORRECT- Redefined in 2013

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Slidell, LA

#1 Apr 27, 2013
POLITICALLY CORRECT- Redefined in 2013
FACT: To be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” in 2013 you either have to be BRAIN DEAD, a LIAR, a LIBERAL or all of the ABOVE. Sadly, you can “NEVER EVER” be NONE of the ABOVE!
In 2013, to be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” means to be “WRONG”, it’s really that EFFIN SIMPLE!
To be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” in 2013 means allowing the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA to continue to “MISLEAD” U.S. by “MIS”-INTERPRETING THE NEWS AND “LEADING” U.S. in the WRONG Direction.
EXAMPLES: Recently an 8-month old White Infant was SODOMIZED to Death by a YOUNG BLACK THUG in Gretna, Louisiana and a 13-month White Infant was SHOT Right Between the Eyes by two YOUNG BLACK THUGS just outside of Atlanta, Georgia! When questioned about the Incident by the Police one of the Suspect said and I Quote ,“WE SHOT THE WHITE BABY FOR THE FUN OF IT”!
In 2013, the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA is too busy attempting to keep everyone’s Focused on the up-coming TRAYVON MARTIN Trial to notice any of the Real Victims of Black on White Crimes! Crimes against NATURE and Crimes Perpetrated against Defenseless White Infants!
The TRUTH is that Trayvon Martin was nothing more than a YOUNG BLACK THUG who got CAPPED while Playing the “KNOCK OUT WHITEY GAME”!
QUESTION: Why can’t TRAYVONY Read or Write? He is in the 11th Grade!
TRAYVONY can’t Read or Write because ------>
BLACK's STRUGGLE THE MOST ON EDUCATIONAL TESTING that why many Predominately Black School Systems across America have resorted to CHEATING-> ATLANTA, ST. LOUIS, CHIGAGO, DETROIT and WASHINGTON D.C. to name a few!
Educators need to review the "BELL CURVE" and sooOOOO DOES THE LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA, as well as, the SOUTHERN POVERTY LGBT LAW SINNERS! STOP trying to BULLY Everybody and SIMPLY Admit the obvious TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH!
AVERAGE High School Graduate has IQ of 100
AVERAGE Black High School Student IQ = 83
AVERAGE Hispanic High School Student IQ = 92
AVERAGE White High School Student IQ = 108
AVERAGE Asian High School Student IQ = 114
Sadly, Muslims and People from India are America's BEST STUDENTS!
FACT: "DENILE" ain't just a River in Egypt!
FACT: Nobody in their right mind wants to take a test they know that they can't PASS!
FACT: America has gotten sooOOOOO POLITICALLY CORRECT that we are no express the GOD's Honest Truth, without CONDEMNATION, DEMONIZATION and OSTRACIZATION!
"The TRUTH can be a REAL BYTCH, but that doesn't make it any less REAL or any less TRUE!" (TRAINAISM, 2012)
FACT: Different Ethnic Groups Possess Different Talents and Different Deficits, it's just the way GOD Built U.S.!
FACT: Very few White Guys are Playing Basketball in the NBA or Football in the NFL! Black Athletes tend to be Stronger, Faster, better Coordinated and significantly more Aggressive than their White Counterparts!
EXAMPLE: Very few Women are as STRONG as their Male Counterparts, however, they are SMARTER, more MANIPULATIVE and know how to COOK, CLEAN and MOST importantly CARE FOR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS!
FACT: Educational Testing is considered to be a BAD THING by the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA, TEACHER'S UNIONS and PARENTS that don't want to be held accountable for Poor Progress in Academic Achievement or rather LACK THERE OF!
FACT: Things will continue to get WORST in America until Ignorant People STOP having Babies they are ill prepared to raise, as well as, ill afford to keep!
FACT: I am not and I repeat "NOT" for ABORTIONS, but, unlike the CORRUPT and PERVERTED CATHOLIC CHURCH, I am PRO-CONDOMS!
fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA
RESPONSE: I would much rather be "RIGHT" than be
FACT: Being RIGHT means being a "REALIST"!
http://www.nola.com/education/index.ssf/2013/... ]

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#2 Apr 27, 2013
I'm sure the PC racist will label you a bigot, because they fail to respond to the truth with positive posts. The truth shall never set anyone free who can't stand the truth.
Tyrone 2016

Dawsonville, GA

#3 Apr 27, 2013
"To tell the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act."

Only thing I have a problem with in your post is blaming the "LILY WHITE MEDIA." "Our" media is controlled Jewish supremacists for the most part who don't consider themselves White. Not only do they not consider themselves White, they are anti-White to the core. It's like saying a bunch of White guys control Wall St or the Federal Reserve. Goldman Sachs and Ben Shalom Bernanke aren't a couple of Irish guys. Jewish power and influence is the 800lb gorilla in the room.
Tyrone 2016

Dawsonville, GA

#4 Apr 27, 2013
Political Correctness is indeed a religion. "Our" media spews the guidelines "we" must follow. If you want to know who has the power in this country, think of anyone or group who you can't criticize without repercussions. Ever heard of Rick Sanchez or Helen Thomas? Kind of weird when these politically correct freaks attack the so-called "Bible thumping" Christians just for wanting to worship the way they wish, and yet these PC freaks wish to impose their ways on everyone. Hypocrisy anyone? Political correctness is a form of SOFT TYRANNY, and the people behind it have been practicing this modus operandi for a long time. Ever heard of the Bolshevik revolution or the former Soviet Empire. Ever heard of the Holodomor? It really is quite comical to hear a grown adult to their children to ignore being called names and remember the old "sticks and stones" mantra. And yet these same adults are terrified at being called the Leon Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky coined phrase, "racist." Not only "racist" but now the PC freaks have assembled more firepower with more names guaranteed to stifle all attempts at crushing their agenda. How about these gems like, Nazi, neo-Nazi, homophobe, bigot, anti-immigrant, anti-Semite, Bible thumper, knuckle dragging troglodyte, fascist, White supremacist, Uncle Tom, nativist, xenophobic, etc.
Tyrone 2016

Dawsonville, GA

#6 Apr 27, 2013
I will also beg to differ on Black athletes being stronger, faster, and more coordinated than White athletes. Whites for the most part just don't put as much emphasis on sports PARTICIPATION as Blacks. Whites to their own detriment and physical health would rather WATCH other people play sports than actually participate. The New England Patriots roster is full of Whites. And really not too long ago in the scheme of things even in basketball, the Boston Celtics back in the Seventies and Eighties were always loaded with White players. White Eastern Europeans are dominating all the heavier weight classes in boxing. Remember the Great White Hope era. Well now the White Klitschko brothers have dominated the sport for nearly a DECADE, and Eastern Europeans are dominating all heavier weight classes. Joe Calzaghe the super middleweight champ from England retired with an undefeated record not too long ago and beat Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins in the process. The Super Bowl MVP of the Baltimore Ravens, Joe Flacco, is White. Whites dominate the Winter Olympics, Whites dominate swimmming, weightlifting, strongman competitions, gymnastics, pole vaulting, throwing events like shot, discus, javelin, etc. Whites have the edge in MMA, wrestling, tennis, golf, and not too mainstream sports like volleyball for example. And don't bring up the Williams sisters and Tiger Woods for golf, those are the exceptions rather than the rule. Oh and Whites edge out hispanics(which isn't a race) in baseball. Whites are well represented in the world of sports and would probably be even more dominant if Whites didn't put any emphasis on pursuing other endeavors like education and what not. Blacks put all their eggs on one basket. If you do something ALL THE TIME and don't concentrate on anything else, naturally you will be better than someone who doesn't.
can I holdadollar

United States

#7 May 5, 2013
If tests are biased against minorities, why do asians outperform whites. Let the best man win. It's that simple.

Howell, MI

#10 Jul 8, 2013
Politcally correct means nice right??cuz i'
mbasically your saying in order to not be a jerk you have to be braindead.

Howell, MI

#11 Jul 8, 2013
Asians dont' outperform yall.. dammit..

If I was gonna date out I rejected Asians..

Howell, MI

#12 Jul 8, 2013
you whites make all the money All Asians do is go to school...

Howell, MI

#13 Jul 8, 2013
Asians reincarnated of course they outperform people..

Howell, MI

#14 Jul 8, 2013
they don't even lie about it we just don't believe em..

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