Who Killed Yasmeen Sayani?

Who Killed Yasmeen Sayani?

There are 90 comments on the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution story from Aug 2, 2007, titled Who Killed Yasmeen Sayani?. In it, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that:

“We would want to know if this is a random thing or a targeted thing ... I'm hoping their silence means that they're onto something.”

Questions about a mysterious death linger amid the $500,000 houses up and down Rising Moon Trail. via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Utica, KY

#64 Aug 24, 2008
Soothsayer wrote:
I don't have to go learn about the 'wonderful peaceful so-called religion of islam'. I learned everything I need to know by watching the news over the last 20 years. GMAB. Your religion is a sham. A murderous political movement shrouded in a religious context.
Why don't YOU go do some research into the religion.
Your fellow murderous muslims CLAIM that 'oh well it is only the fringe groups that are the killers' and then sit silently when those so called fringe groups kill in the name of the so called sacred allah. No world protests. No cars burned. No one killed--except innocent people killed as part of the day to day operations of islam. THEN you have someone publish a cartoon of allah depicting him with a detonator turbin and the entire so called peaceful islam people suddenly can get upset and organize quite effectively--killing, burning, and ransacking. Innocent people killed in the name of allah...good....unflattering cartoon of allah...people must die. You are a lier and a fraud and the entire world knows it.
You denying that islam=terrorism is like someone denying the sky is blue.
Muslims will burn in hell for all eternity, sorry but true.
The news? You're going to base your thoughts on the news? You say our religion is murderous when the AMERICAN government is murderous? Are you aware that nearly 50 innocent people died during the presidency of Bill Clinton? And who knows how many people died during George W. Bush's time! But that does not mean every single American is a murderer, does it? There are millions of kind Muslims in the world. You are judging them by what you see on the "news." Wouldn't it hurt you if some one spoke ill of something you believed in? Do you not understand that everytime you try to bring religion matters into this, you're only hurting other people? You are acting like that elementary school child that picks on a student because he is different. You should be exteremely ashamed. Please stop post such heart breaking comments on here. Christianity and Islam have much in common. They both believe in the same God. In case you didn't know, God and Allah are the same. We just don't believe that Jesus is the son of God. He is a prophet just like Muhammad to us. Please show respect for other people even if their beliefs are different. I think they will respect you in return if you do that. You know, sometimes things are better left unsaid.

Atlanta, GA

#65 Aug 25, 2008

Finally, you show your honesty.

Yes, islam is murderous. Where would you have me get my facts? Fairy tales? Perhaps if Baghdad Bob were still alive, he could say "There are no murderers in islam...not one"! while standing in a muslim suicide belt factory.

Explain to me how the world of islam can organize and riot worldwide because some cartoonist in the Netherlands--or wherever that was--dared to insult allah with a turbin-o-bomb-a. Yet these same people--who say that they are peaceful muslims and that the killing worldwide is against what allah teaches--can't be bothered to get upset about three young Christian girls who were beheaded in Indonesia simply because they were on their way to school. Or the other people that are killed daily for allah.

Sorry Nazzie....that crap doesn't fly.

Oh and to say that Christianity and islam are related is absurd. Don't you understand that by saying that islam and Christianity are the same religion...oh except for that whole Christ portion...is saying they aren't anything alike? Kind of like saying "well darkness and light are one and the same". I think God spelled it out pretty clearly in "thou shall not kill" and his commandment to pray for your enemies. Oh wait, that was from the Christian bible and this God/allah entity only meant what he wrote in the koran...is that my understanding of your position? Come on Nazzie, you gotta believe one or the other because the koran and Bible are mutually exclusive.

Sorry islam is murder. Been proven down through the centuries and being proven today in all of the innocent victims of terrorism. All muslims are not terrorists.....virtually all terrorists (present day) are muslims.

Just as there are many so-called Christians that associate with a religion but don't practice, there are likewise muslims that associate with islam because of where they are born or family ties. They certainly can be peaceful. My ex-neighbor was from Bosnia and was a muslim but he drank and smoked and didn't practice. I loved the guy to death and didn't harbor these feelings towards him. Maybe you are the same.

I have yet to meet a practicing muslim that was anything but a hater of life, peace, and anything non-muslim. Sorry, but true...I would never turn my back to one.

But if you and I are to have any more discussions about this, please explain the clear contradiction about....how muslims can be insulted by a cartoon and mobilize yet can't be bothered to even be bothered by the supposed insult of killing in allah's name when allah supposedly doesn't agree with it. If your religion was 'peaceful' and allah didn't support the killing of innocent people in his name, seems to me he would be a lot more pissed off about the killing than the cartoon. Explain that away and we can talk. Explain it and perhaps you can change my mind.


Memphis, TN

#66 Aug 25, 2008
I did not mean you should get your facts from fairy tales. I just meant the news can not always cover the facts. Like if we go back to when Hurricane Katrina occurred, the news reporters could not get to the extremely devastating parts of New Orleans due to all the flooding, so they couldn't show all the work that was going on. The army, although, was actually in the devastating parts of that city and they were helping, but they were never recognized, so to you that must be as if it never happened. You know how I get my facts? I read this little thing called a book. Ever heard of one? Try picking one up. I'm seriously not trying to be rude. I just am really surprised that you are attacking me and many other people when you don't even know us. I'm telling you all this honestly, okay? A religion only makes up a small part of a person. I have so much respect for my Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim friends. My best friend, in fact, is a Christian. I'm sorry you came in contact with a non-practicing Muslim like your friend. Not all Muslims are like that. Muslims are against drinking alcohol, smoking, and any types of drugs. Of course, with every religion, there are some that go astray. I wasn't extremely angered with the cartoon. I was shocked, but if it makes some one feel better to put some one down, then who am I to stop them? But I will tell you, I will never let anyone speak ill of my religion to my face or directly to me in any way. As you believe in what you believe in, I also believe in what I believe in. I feel very strongly about my religion of Islam, but I would never strap a bomb to my chest and kill innocent people. There are good Muslims in the world. But I do agree that some make bad choices that make the rest of us look bad and mean. But come on, Yasmeen Aunty was an amazing Muslim. She was nice and caring. So many people in our mosque loved and respected her. I doubt that a Muslim did any of this.
To go back to that cartoon you were speaking of, I don't think Allah is happy with the way some Muslims reacted to the cartoon. Killing people was not the answer, in my honest opinion. I pray and hope, in time, Allah will see to it that those people who ruined the name of our religion will receive whatever punishment is needed for them. I hope I have helped to change your mind about this religion. If I change one person's hateful perspective into a more caring perspective, it's worth it. Again, if I came off as rude or mean anytime in our past conversations, I apologize for that. I was just somewhat angry because I felt I was being attacked for being different.

Decatur, GA

#67 Aug 25, 2008
Nazzie I totally agree with you and for Sooth pick up a Bible and a Koran and read.Then only you will know more about both religions.Iam not a muslim but have a lot of muslim friends.But I do belive in god and no religion teaches to do wrong.Its the leaders of different countries target the uneducated people to do wrong in the name of religion.

Decatur, GA

#68 Aug 25, 2008
If someone made a cartoon of jesus christ what would the christans do.I belive the same as the muslims did

Carrollton, GA

#69 Aug 25, 2008

Okay, I was being a bit rude and for that I apologize.

However, in my new spirit of politeness, you didn't answer my question. Explain to me how the muslim world can justify rioting, burning and killing because of an insignificant cartoon that changed nothing in the world. Yet, these people can't be bothered to lift a finger to demonstrate when innocent men, women, and children are slaughtered in the name of allah. I would think that allah would get his turbin in a wad much quicker over people being killed in his name than a silly cartoon about him. Only when other muslims get killed in a suicide bombing did I see the muslim world even begin to react. Sorry, pal, muslims = murder. No not all...the muslim brotherhood had its PR wing whose job it was to live among the intended victims and act peaceful so that no one starts an anti-muslim crusade. Damage control, if you will.

Oh as for my neighbor, I loved him to death. He wasn't a nasty drunk or chain smoker. I just know enough about islam to know that those things are prohibited. See, and this is telling, you apologized for my neighbor as being a bad muslim and and I think he is the only muslim worth a darn that I have ever met.

Oh well Nazzie. Best of luck pal or palette. I do join you in hoping that whomever killed Jasmine is found.


Carrollton, GA

#70 Aug 25, 2008
angry wrote:
If someone made a cartoon of jesus christ what would the christans do.I belive the same as the muslims did
There have been many....remember the crusifix submerged in urine? Remember the various art exhibits around the world?

The difference is that Christians get mad and want the offensive material removed. Muslims go kill people.

Decatur, GA

#71 Aug 25, 2008
You talking about people in third world countries who due to they being no education and the politicans taking advantage of the fact and make them do such crimes in the name of religion.The politicans follow the policy of divide and rule in the name of religion.

Atlanta, GA

#72 Aug 27, 2008
No, Angry....

I am talking about muslims worldwide. I am talking about the muslims that were dancing in the streets on 9/11. I am talking about muslims in Great Britain, I am talking about muslims right her in the good old US of A that preach this hatred and nonsense. I am talking about muslims in Canada....poor, third world, rich, industrialized, doesn't matter.

Worldwide, the greatest threat to peace and religious and personal freedom is islam. Period.


Boca Raton, FL

#73 Nov 17, 2008

Are they gonna do something!

I feel so bad for her daughter.....


Watch during thanksgiving they will be gaining there fat bellies eating turkey instead of solving the case...

They Better Start Moving

There weight isnt even on the scale

Move your big butts police and do your work

Boca Raton, FL

#75 Nov 17, 2008
I think you need to take your words back!!!!!!!!!! Cuz you are the ones who are part of the religion like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears and take nasty photos of yourselves ...

we dont do that

So take your words back

Our Culture is awesome period

Boca Raton, FL

#76 Nov 17, 2008
Um Perosn whoever you are this poor woman you are talking about IS muslim
So Take your words BACK!!!!!!!!!!
BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Decatur, GA

#77 Apr 25, 2009
any news,was the killer caught

Jackson, GA

#78 Jul 31, 2009
Was the killer caught?
still sad

Brentwood, TN

#79 Oct 11, 2009
I am still saddened by yasmeen's death. I hope that her family is doing well. We still mourn her at work.
Friend in UK

Chelmsford, UK

#80 Jan 4, 2010
All we want to know is whathappend on the day. Do we know the answer? Why is the police in US of A so quite about this. If this had happend in UK we would have known exactly what went on and the killer would have been caught by now. So please tell us what is going on.
old friend

Norcross, GA

#81 Jul 14, 2010
Come to this site every year and pay tribute to you. It has almost been three years and I still miss you my friend ...I pray that your family is healed and I will never forget you.....

West Wickham, UK

#82 Oct 28, 2010
We still remember and love you ... We Miss you Every Day
May God bless your soul with all his blessings ...

Dallas, TX

#83 Mar 12, 2011
Everyone on here who uses this forum to battle back and forth on topic of religion is just plain ignorant. Islam itself is a religion of peace but those who claim to be muslims and kill in the name of Allah are just fanatics who have been brainwashed into believing something(just like the nazis were brain washed by Adolph Hitler or do we forget this?) Allah in arabic stands for God and nothing more. Allah is God and God is Allah. The two are interchangeable because they MEAN THE SAME THING!!! If you were speaking in arabic and wanted to say god you would say Allah regardless if you were christian, jewish, muslim, hindu or other. This clash we are seeing played out in the media is what the media wants you to see. Maybe a few minute clips of people dancing in the streets or fighting happening but it is what they want you to see. If you are going to be that ignorant and think that just because a few people of a certain group feel a certain way then all the people of that group feel the same way I feel very bad for you. Islam is a religion of peace plain and simple. The man who bombed Oklahoma City I believe was a Christian man so does that mean that all christians believe what he believed? Think about what you say before you say it because when you dont know what you talking about you sound plane dumb.

Snellville, GA

#84 Apr 23, 2011
friend wrote:
Old friend,Yasmeen or Yasmin can be spelled both ways like Neal or Neil.They both sound the same.And whats in a name a rose is rose
yasmin or Yasmeen. Same thing!

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