Mexican labor helped move El Paso a c...

Mexican labor helped move El Paso a century ago

There are 19 comments on the El Paso Times story from Aug 10, 2008, titled Mexican labor helped move El Paso a century ago. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

By the early 1900s, a period of great Mexican migrations, transients streamed north through Juarez and into El Paso, in those days there existing no limitation on Mexican immigration.

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El Paso, TX

#1 Aug 11, 2008
Have you' been to Santa Ana, California lately? Or Downey, or East L.A.? I think we're fast catching up with their reputation of being the melting pot of the U.S. The more the merrier! Migration has certainly helped the City grow. There seems to be a problem though in the subject of minimum wage and high taxes and the pressure being put on the local General Hospital to care for ppl who cannot pay their medical bills. This creates a strain on the american pocketbook....thumbs down!

Baldwin, NY

#3 Aug 12, 2008
That was then , this is now ! Now it's the Gateway for an Illegal Alien Invasion !!
Dumb Bill

El Paso, TX

#4 Aug 12, 2008
Okay Bill I hope you like your salary now because if we follow you down the anglo-saxon path then we will be paying 10 a gallon for milk and gas... Good Job Bill.

San Antonio, TX

#6 Aug 12, 2008
Bill wrote:
That was then , this is now ! Now it's the Gateway for an Illegal Alien Invasion !!
OMG! people like you suck!
Dumb Bill and WT F

El Paso, TX

#8 Aug 13, 2008
America was built from "illegals" This is the kind of country we are in.. WTF is just another republican who can't see past the truth and is just caught up in emotional hate... What did your girlfriend leave you for a "illegal".. think about it don't act emotional on the part just be logical then make a decision...
Juan Camaney

United States

#9 Aug 13, 2008
Actually, you hit it right on the nail. WT F's girlfriend (and cousin I might add)left him right out the door for a Mexican and he can't but hate them since. Just thinking about them starts him foaming at the mouth. Left him she did, his cousin/wife, saddest thing I ever heard, she walked right out the trailer door and never came back. All that the poor dog does since then is drink coors, watch nascar, eat varmit, watch internet porn, bicht on the web, and that's it. Pretty much the same case for all Mexican haters. They're pathetic.

El Paso, TX

#10 Aug 13, 2008
The illegals are the ones that accept jobs with no benefits, working 12 hrs a day, under the sun, for a lot less then the minimun wage. Now, this illegals help the economy as well, because the produce is a lot cheaper. Also, this is because the legal people that live here, prefer to ask for unemployment then to accept one of these jobs. Because we are legal here in this country I guess we are "too good" to go work at the field.
Juan Camaney

United States

#11 Aug 13, 2008
Yup, including WT F, cause he could actually get a real job (picking crops), but he would rather watch Nascar in the trailer and use his Lonestar card to buy coors. Right Bubba (WT F)?

When the next big war comes around all the indignity with undocumented workers will be forgotten and everyone will welcome them again with open arms so they can work the fields and help feed everyone just like was done back during WW2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
Juan Camaney

United States

#14 Aug 13, 2008
Mexican hater wrote:
<quoted text>
I am a mexican hater but I didn't start out that way. It wasn't until I met scummy mexican after scummy mexican that I formed my opinion. You are just one example of one of those turds we call mexicans. And its obvious what kind of a piece of crap you are from your posts.
And what freakin country/planet do you live in/on? We are in the middle of a big war and yet the mexicans are not welcome here.
And it sounds like you are bitter about you and your amigos having to take low paying jobs with no bennys. I can't help it if you are too stupid to do anything else so don't try to make this my problem.
You are an ignorant piece of trash, that is what you are. There is no group of people on this planet which I hate collectively because unlike you I am intelligent enough to realize that there are good and bad people everywhere and in every culture. The bad thing is that yours, at the moment seems to be going down the toilet in regards to quality control. It looks like the haters, the racists, the xenophobes, and the ignorant trash are on the loose, on the rise, and on a rampage. But I will never say that I hate all of the people of whatever race you belong to because I know that there are good people out there. You hate because you ignore and because you have a poor education. Take some time to go to college and travel and try to pry that iddy biddy skull of yours open.
As for the U.S. being in the middle of a "big" war, that statement just shows your level of ignorance and your lack of schooling. No way in hell can you compare the current "war" with the WW2, Korea, and Vietnam you dumb redneck. Where are the enemy armies, where are their brigades and divisions, where are their air forces you dork? Compare the amounts of casualties. Does the enemy in Iraq control any territory, do they have tanks? Do they even wear uniforms? If you think that that is a big war, you ninny, it's only because the U.S. isn't what it used to be.

Dallas, TX

#15 Aug 13, 2008
VIVA ZAPATA CABRONES!!!! Come one Come All. The new minority soon will be the gringos thats why they are scared! Nothing is going to be done about the Brothers invasion. And your job is next. So better step it up a notch if you dont want to lose it to someone who'll do for cheap and better quality. "MEJOR MORIR DE PIE QUE VIVIR DE RODILLAS JIJOS DE LA CHINGADA"
Juan Camaney

United States

#16 Aug 13, 2008
Oh, and I have probably a better job than you do and I have "bennys" on both sides of the border. So, don't worry about competition from me, go take that job that you racists say that americans will do. Go pick crops, wash dishes, make hotel beds, mop floors. That is, if you don't already do that.

Dallas, TX

#17 Aug 13, 2008
Mexican hater wrote:
<quoted text>
Stop being soooooo stuuuupid...
The quote is "America was built by immigrants", dummy. Not ILLEGAL immigrants. Go read an AMERICAN history book. A 3rd grade text is probably all you need (which is good because that is about your reading level)
Howdy Neighbor!! Que haciendo ese!!!! y La Comadre como esta "esta retebien le Ņora" Here's 20 bucks do my lawn ese.
Juan Camaney

Moulton, TX

#19 Aug 15, 2008
Mexican hater wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Juanito, Iraq had the 5'th biggest army in the world when we started with em. mexico ranks where?
Their air force is gone, we blew them away, destroyed all their tanks, Navy.... under water. All without some great need for mexicans. Wonder how that happened?
Yo Dummy, I didn't make any comparison with Iraq and WW2. Although we are fighting on 2 fronts right now. Think that qualifies as a big war. How do you define a big war? Casualties? troop count? cost?... tell me.
I've traveled extensively, have an education and am not a redneck, tho I could care less what you think. I have yet in my travels, only met 2 mexicans that are worth a damn. You ain't one of em.
So tell me about all the great battles going on in Iraq right now? Massive huh? How many enemy brigades are there you i d i o t?
Oh yeah, this war's so big that they had to bring back the draft you j e r k. WW2, Korea, and Vietnam all required the existence of a draft and involved way more troops than have been involved in Iraq. Only an retard redneck like you would consider the Iraq war, which by all measurements would qualify as a low intensity conflict, as being a big war. You mention that Iraq had the world's 5th biggest army, well, that might have been, but back during the gulf war in 91' when they had an air force, though most of the weapons that they had dated back to the 1960's, big f***g deal. That sounds so scary huh? By the time of the 2003 invasion, Iraq had an army 1/4 the size and effectiveness of their status in 1991. Sounds like a big war to me... not.
A big war is when you face an opponent the size of China or Russia, which will never happen because the US only fights scary countries these days like Grenada and Panama, or cripples like Iraq.
As for your education, I meant something higher than high school, and your travels, I meant something farther than Las Cruces. If you've only meant two Mexicans worth a damm, it's because you've never left the trailer park and you have never traveled or read a book in your life that was worth a crap. You have never read about history book worth a damm and you have never been able to get over that two foot high mental barrier of prejudice inherited from your bigoted parents that turns you into that redneck trailer park trash that you are (even if you don't live in a trailer).

P.S. If I'm not one of the two Mexicans that you have met worth a damm in your 14 years of life on this planet, it's because you've never met me you bozo.

Azle, TX

#20 May 23, 2009
WT F wrote:
<quoted text>
So you deny this? 14 million illegals (or so). That pretty much makes it an invasion in my book.
You suck!
I don't call it an invasion. I call it an infestation.

Las Vegas, NV

#21 May 23, 2009
Yes, and this infestation has no cure. It will remain and will propagate. It will continue to grow and will never cease. A time will come when any Latino can go anywhere in this country without having to think whether they are wanted or liked. The time will come when the opinions of non-Latinos will have no effect on Latino life in this country. This is the direction we are heading and I, for one, am all for it.

El Paso, TX

#22 May 23, 2009
Mojado wrote:
Yes, and this infestation has no cure. It will remain and will propagate. It will continue to grow and will never cease. A time will come when any Latino can go anywhere in this country without having to think whether they are wanted or liked. The time will come when the opinions of non-Latinos will have no effect on Latino life in this country. This is the direction we are heading and I, for one, am all for it.
That time is now.

Azle, TX

#23 May 23, 2009
Why are mexicans such bad neighbors? Everyone I've seen are loud, drink beer endlessly, play loud accordian music, let their nasty dogs run loose and have no respect for their neighbors? How do you mescans explain this?

El Paso, TX

#24 May 23, 2009
Yea, right, LOL, keep dreaming

Azle, TX

#25 May 24, 2009
Alabama wrote:
Yea, right, LOL, keep dreaming
Don't you even know how to properly quote a post? No one even knows what post you're replying to. You're an illiterate moron.

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