Two gay men kicked out of Chico's Tac...

Two gay men kicked out of Chico's Tacos restaurant for kissing ...

There are 334 comments on the Las Cruces Sun-News story from Jul 9, 2009, titled Two gay men kicked out of Chico's Tacos restaurant for kissing .... In it, Las Cruces Sun-News reports that:

Two gay men kissed at a Chico's Tacos restaurant, prompting guards to eject them and a police officer to endorse their ouster.

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United States

#359 Jul 14, 2009
Jesus H. Christ, lady (Amazed_n_LC), take a break. Don't try that religious shit online. It doesn't work. Your constant attempt to interject religion into a f'ing taco meal makes no sense. In fact, it tends to drive away those who might be leaning towards salvation.

Go back to bed, read your Bible, and pray that you might have understanding of ALL humanity.

“Romans 13: 8-10”

Since: Feb 08

Oklahoma City, OK

#360 Jul 14, 2009
DarkMan wrote:
Enough with ur bible thumping nit everyone believes your religious fairy tales. If your waiting for the invisible man in the sky to come down to earth you are wasting your religious f reaks crack me up. Quoting some bull s hit book about how to live your lives. News flash you don't need fairy tales to be a good person
You're right, but you DO need to treat other people right to be a good person. When do you plan to start?

“Romans 13: 8-10”

Since: Feb 08

Oklahoma City, OK

#361 Jul 14, 2009
Amazed_n_LC--"Amazed_n_LC --"AMEN!!! I stated previously,(MOST) QUEERS are ATHIEST anyway,"
(Lie. There are millions of gay Christians, including excellent ministers, bishops, seminarians, deacons and elders in every church.)
"Ok, so YOU'VE been in EVERY religion and have the inside scoop on them, right?
They use religion to hide behind."
A despicable lie. Absolutely gross. They are not "hiding" behind ANYTHING. We're not talking about someone saying they're 13 so they can get into the movies cheaper, we're talking about people devoting their LIVES to serving God in the ministry. No, they are NOT "hiding behind" religion...YOU are hiding behind it to cover the fact that your bigotry is simple hate and simply immoral. There's NOTHING Christian or Godly about homophobia.
"The Devil is their SAVIOR."
(If they're athiests, they don't have any savior.)
"My Mama always said,"It's much easier to be bad then to be good."
(And you're proving that true by spewing hate instead of Christian love.)
"You believe it's "HATE" if you'd like GOD
says he HATES also because HE HATES WICKEDNESS."
I agree, and your bigotry is wicked. Being gay is NOT. And don't pretend it's NOT hate, it certainly is. You use the SAME lies, the SAME sleazy attacks, the SAME slurs, you just won't be honest and ADMIT your hate. If you did NOT hate gay people we would see it in how you treat them. You don't treat someone you care about in this fashion.
"I don't HATE the person, I hate their Wicked ways."
Lie. Being gay is not a "way". It's not something you do, it's something you ARE. And to call it "wicked" IS HATE!
"Just as I hate drug users, Gang members, Child molesters, bank robbers, murderers...etc...They are all doing evil and wicked things."
Your bigotry is comparable. Being gay is NOT. Those things all cause harm to others. Being gay harms NOBODY. Those are all actions, being gay is NOT. Those are all CHOSEN. Being gay is NOT.
Calling the way God created millions of people "wicked" is blasphemous and insulting to God.
"Up until the end of this world, Queers have a chance to repent and change their ways."
Lie. Being gay is NOT a sin, they have no NEED to "change their ways," and they CANNOT. There is no such thing as a former homosexual. A person CANNOT change their sexual orientation.
"They should grab a bible, instead of lubricating gel. LOL"
(Jeez, ANOTHER homophobe obsessed with gay sex. Pathetic.)
"The only thing PATHETIC, is Condoning WICKEDNESS!"
Which you are doing in your lame excuses for hate and bigotry, and blasphemously blaming your hate on God and using God as a weapon. THAT is wicked. Being gay is not, and I'm not "condoning" it, which would be stupid. Sexual orientation is not chosen, my "condoning" it would be a complete waste of time.
I am condoning NOTHING but what Jesus condoned...treat others with love and kindness. Stop being hateful towards others.
"God hates ALL that is WICKED."
(Your hate and bigotry is wicked. Being gay is not. If God "hated" it, God really messed up in creating millions and millions of gay people.)
"You will be sorry for that one for sure, God doesn't mess up,"
You're right. God didn't mess up in creating millions of gay people. YOU messed up in hating them.
"he gave everyone the opportunity to abide by his word,"
And YOU choose not to. God's word says to treat others with love, you refuse.
God's word NEVER says it's wrong to be gay. Not once.
YOU are the one choosing NOT to abide in God's word. YOU are the one disobeying God.
"he ALLOWS these wicked people to live their lives anyway they choose,"
That's idiotic. Being gay is NOT chosen, GOD chose for them to be gay.
And saying they're "wicked people" proves your hate.
"thats why he will RID the world of all that is wicked and evil."
Like hate, bigotry, and lies.

“Romans 13: 8-10”

Since: Feb 08

Oklahoma City, OK

#362 Jul 14, 2009
"Look what he did to SODOM AND GOMMORRAH!"
(That is a story, and had NOTHING to do with homosexuality. Do you even HAVE a Bible? Can you read?)
"GEEZ...I really wonder about you. The "STORY" of SODOM and Gommorrah, they were doing all kinds of VILE things in the streets."
NONE of which were homosexuality.
"You really should go back and read it."
I have, dozens of times. I've taught classes on the story, done sermons about it, written articles about it. I don't need to read it again, it will NEVER be about homosexuality. Jesus SAID what it was about, and it had NOTHING to do with sexual orientation.
Lie. Homosexuality is not a practice. It's not something you do, it's something you ARE. The sex in the story was NOT homosexuality, nor was it the reason these towns were supposedly "destroyed."
"they were SODOMIZING each other, and all the other things GOD just couldn't take anymore. so he put a stop to it."
Blasphemous lie. In this STORY God destroyed the cities because of SELFISHNESS, because people refused to help strangers in need. IT WASN'T ABOUT SEX! And the sex was NOT homosexuality, it was ritual abuse and humiliation, like in Abu Graib. You CANNOT be so dense and ignorant as to think they wanted to "know" these men because they loved them, because they found them attractive. It was NOT about sexual orientation.
"Do these QUEERS KNOW where the word "SODOMY" came from? Doubtful!"
(No, they know where the hateful slur comes from, and how ironic it is that people stupidly spew it not knowing that the story has NOTHING to do with homosexuality.)
"HMM.. let's just check this, QUEER MEN have sex in WHAT WAY? It's called SODOMY, GEEZ!"
First off, not every gay person has sex. A gay virgin is still gay. A celebate gay person is still gay. A gay person who is 107 years old and hasn't had sex since Mickey Mantle was a rookie is still gay.
Secondly, the term you hatefully use, "sodomy," refers to an act gay AND straight people do, which is NOT a sin and which harms NOBODY.
(Quit using the Bible as a weapon of hate.)
"QUIT Trying to make Wickedness OK, GOD WILL have the last say."
And God NEVER said it's a sin to be gay. Your hate, on the other hand, is a sin.
"Be afraid, be very afraid. You have never known the WRATH of GOD, but you WILL."
Blasphemous lie. I have NO reason to be afraid, I'm doing nothing wrong. You obviously have never known the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Once again you pretend to be a Christian but have NOTHING but hate and threats and violence and vile meanness within you...forgiveness? Absent. Love? MIA. Grace? Never heard of it.
Your threats and "Fear" are NOT Godly.
"Just as he will put a stop to all the other evil and wicked things in this world."
Like hate and bigotry.
"I bet you think you are going to heaven also,"
I don't think it, I know it. Jesus died for my sins.
"you believe whatever you want, you will be really sorry and in disbelief when he destroys you and your kind."
My kind?
God will NOT "destroy" all gay people. This hateful lie has destroyed many, many lives. GOD DOESN"T DESTROY THEM, YOU DO! Your hate is destroying them, and Christ said it's WRONG.
Even if it WERE a sin to be gay, and it's absolutely not, God forgives sin.
Do you even know the word "forgive"? Ever HEARD of it?
"But at least you'll not go alone!"
That you'd WANT people to be tortured in "hell" shows your hate, once again. You hypocritically pretend not to, but your hate is obvious.
And it's NOT Christian.

“Romans 13: 8-10”

Since: Feb 08

Oklahoma City, OK

#363 Jul 14, 2009
Amazed_n_LC--"Your Delusional or on Crack! Gay is a sin, always has been always will be."

Lie. It's certainly NOT a sin. It's not an action...not something you do, something you ARE. It's not chosen, and cannot be changed. It harms NOBODY. It is NEVER mentioned in the Bible. You simply don't know what you're talking about, your hate is more important to you than Jesus' love, or commandment to you to love others.

"GOD Didn't create QUEER!"

Lie. God created millions of gay people.

"He created humans with brains to KNOW right from WRONG,"

You're PROVING that people often don't listen to that brain, because your hate and bigotry and lies are VERY wrong. There's nothing wrong with being gay. Your bigotry is extremely wrong.

"these people choose to snub their noses at the word of GOD."

Lie. The word of God never says a WORD about homosexuality, and they don't choose to be gay, they're not "snubbing their noses" at ANYTHING.

"Jesus died for our sins is correct but it was so that WE could have a choice as to how we live our lives,"

SEXUAL ORIENTATION ISN'T CHOSEN!!! The choice in how we live our lives is about loving others, or not, and you've chosen NOT.

"either by GODS word or BY SATANS. Queers CHOOSE Satan."

A blasphemous lie. Being gay is NOT chosen. Your hate is.

"You'll SEE! in the end just HOW Wrong you were. "

More sleazy hateful threats. You're obviously no Christian at all.

“Irony, metaphor, film @ eleven”

Since: Feb 08

Old Mesilla/New Las Cruces

#364 Jul 14, 2009
The next time Chico's has any people who look and act wierd,...and they want them gone......

Next time just call in your own bomb scare,
light off a stink or smoke bomb, or just shut off the friggin' lights.

See what they started with these late nite
jotos with the munchies

Since: Jul 09

Las Cruces NM

#365 Jul 14, 2009
why don't you guys start a bible discussion group!!! this is noghing more then a buch of drnk kids causing trouble by dancing around tables and making trouble they playing the gay card to try and get out of it!!!

Helena, MT

#366 Jul 16, 2009
taxpayerlc wrote:
Even the catholic church accepts gay as acceptable with the overall caveat that sex outside of marriage is wrong period. catch 22 is they do not do gay marriages. There they do allow gay priest because they take a vow of celibacy
Though you don't recognize who the seat of the catholic church really belongs to. wouldn't say that.

Helena, MT

#367 Jul 16, 2009
Crackers wrote:
Jesus H. Christ, lady (Amazed_n_LC), take a break. Don't try that religious shit online. It doesn't work. Your constant attempt to interject religion into a f'ing taco meal makes no sense. In fact, it tends to drive away those who might be leaning towards salvation.
Go back to bed, read your Bible, and pray that you might have understanding of ALL humanity.
Do you eat with that mouth?? Good God. LOL

El Paso, TX

#368 Jul 16, 2009
I suggest the owner should settle outside the court, start anew and rename his restaurant to: Chico's Fagos.

El Paso, TX

#372 Jul 20, 2009
they kick him out because no one likes him...

El Paso, TX

#373 Jul 20, 2009
oh my god!! that manny guy just wants attention!!! thats how he is!! hate him!

El Paso, TX

#374 Jul 20, 2009
hahaha hes an ass! im glad they kick you out!
dont eat at chicos1

El Paso, TX

#375 Jul 20, 2009
racist place!! but i do agree he deserves that and more!! he make a big deal when he is the same way at the op! now you know stop acting like if u are some one!! and yeah he just wants attention!

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