Mt Tabor Church Of God

Pana, IL

#62 May 18, 2010
After I told a non-cog family member some of the "incidents" and "Stuff" that has gone on in this cog group down through the years she said, "THOSE THINGS DO NOT GO ON IN EVERY CHURCH".That helped me to see that there was something VERY, VERY WRONG with this group.

Cleveland, TN

#63 Jun 19, 2010
WOW! People are just unbelievable these days. It's not a cult. Ya'll are just trying to cover yourselves up for your wrong doings and you blame the church and the pastor for your decisions! Man up and get rid of your pride and admit to your own faults! Absoutely ridiclous. They don't make you do anything you don't want to do. Every decision you make there is on your own free will. So before you run your mouth about things that are not true get your facts right!
hope u know

Cincinnati, OH

#64 Jun 20, 2010
verizon7 wrote:
WOW! People are just unbelievable these days. It's not a cult. Ya'll are just trying to cover yourselves up for your wrong doings and you blame the church and the pastor for your decisions! Man up and get rid of your pride and admit to your own faults! Absoutely ridiclous. They don't make you do anything you don't want to do. Every decision you make there is on your own free will. So before you run your mouth about things that are not true get your facts right!
I bet they told you to say all that, didn't they?

Richwood, OH

#65 Jun 21, 2010
Actually they didn't. I left the church willingly about 2 years ago and I am still friends with them all. You people need to get your facts straight and I'm pretty sure most of you people on here need to attend so you get it straight. grow up and stop making the few christians in this world have to deal with your crap. you don't even know them. I do. so stop running your mouth. k thanks ;) btw thanks verizon7. someone on here stands up for what is right.
throttle jockey

Lima, OH

#66 Jun 27, 2010
jrs wrote:
they is fruitcakes!! god loves us if we watch tv,and the girls wear jeans!! they twist the truth!!
I agree 110%.
I went to their "worship service" it was probably one of the oddest "worship" services i've ever been to.
#1. my sister was with me she was in jean shorts. no one would talk to us. It was nice jean shorts knee length.
#2. my sister curls her hair a little short again doesn't fly in that church.(if you haven't noticed sometime look at the hair of the women in that church).
#3. They only associate/spend time with people "of the church" I've asked friends to come to our house that goes to Church of God they always have a excuse but yet they go to people of Church of God house all the time.
#4. they sent around the offering plate around 5-6 times. Now i'm a christian and been regular church goer for 25+ years NEVER have i seen anything like this. Matter of fact i was offended.
Bottom line: Church of God(at least on county road 13) is a damn Cult.

Celina, OH

#67 Jul 20, 2010
Look, if you sat there and watched it and did nothing about it, you're as guilty as him
what the hell

Staunton, IL

#68 Aug 9, 2010
@ throttle jockey
when did you go , where there they where sending the offering plate 5-6 times. what was the reason?
I went to that church for 6 years of my life and not once did I see the plate go around that many times..

Richwood, OH

#69 Aug 10, 2010
Cute. I was just there yesterday and NONE of that happened. and why would you wear shorts there anyway. you know the rules. Your just rebelious and angry because your going to hell. Well sunshine. Quit. Zion will go on with or without you. K. thanks.

Cincinnati, OH

#70 Aug 10, 2010
Why are you on the internet? You know the rules. You will be going to hell for being on here. I don't know why you even bother going to church. All the sinful things you do during the week is going to catch up with you.

Richwood, OH

#71 Aug 11, 2010
Except for I don't attend there. I just know the truth and I hate how you people run your mouths when you don't even know.

Cincinnati, OH

#72 Aug 11, 2010
You don't attend there? You wrote that you were there "just yesterday". So if you don't attend there regularly, then you don't know for sure what goes on there either, So you are running your mouth about things you don't even know. Practice what you preach, Sunshine!

Mattoon, IL

#73 Sep 9, 2010
I personally grew up in this church and let me tell you there is ALOT that goes on. All of us younge people are leaving/have left because we realize that there is more to life for us, the women in this church are not allowed to work.... period. the only thing they are allowed to do is stay at home and cook and clean and dot on their husbans 24/7 you are forced to marry within the church and let me tell you i dated guys in that church and they are mean and very controlling worse than the men "in the world" the men are so sex craved that some are goin out and raping other women in the church even teenage girls it is very sad you had to basically ask permission to buy a new car or get a new house. when i turned 19 i left and when i did i lost my family they shunned me and told me i was goin to hell because i started wearin pants and i cut my hair (it was down to my butt) i started wearin makeup and i was goin to hell. well it has been five years and i recentlly went there one sunday to visit my dad had passed and i was really missin him anyways i go and within seconds of walkin in i get swarmed by people askin me if i am goin to "come home" and if i was goin to "get saved" i am married now and they were already makin plans for me to leave my husband and marry within the church a guy that i had already dated and hated within the day i was so cnfused and out of my head all i was doin was crying it had taken me 5 years to know that i was not goin to hell for who i was and within hours they had me back to the way i used to be depressed and lonely i knew that i couldnt go back ever again i am truelly happy with who i am and how god made me God id not the author of confussion and that church deffinantly will suck you in and brain wash you so yes this place is very much a CULT

Mansfield, OH

#74 Sep 11, 2010
The tactics they have been taught are showing in their responses? telling is we have sinned and we need to pray and ask for forgiveness! Who are you to judge anyone and tell them they have sinned and need to ask for forgiveness? And that verse that you guys believe say women wear skirts and boys wear jeans is totally twisted. He is saying don't cross dress! And no tv? Come on this enternet here is a billion times worse than a tv? You can block the naughty shows! But I bet since men will be men the first pastor of the church had to make sure porn was available in secret. And as for my beliefs, I believe who ever accepts jesus as your savior and you try to live a life with the mind set wwjd your going to go to heaven. I find it had to believe god will look at a women and say sorry you did not wear a skirt, to hell you must go. And here is the funny part, every time one says we are goingvto hell they are sinning! Who are you to judge me? Did god tell you hey when you die I want you to help me pick out who is coming in to heaven! I don't really think so! And believe it or not but god says to enjoy life and I know you guys can't enjoy it trying to be perfect all the time? To much of anything can kill you! It's crazy some of the things you guys inturpret because there is a verse that says if the right hand cause sin then cut it off and if the eye cause sin pluck it out or something like that. If it says it thenvyou must do it and that means you all would loose your tongues because you all are the most gossiping people I have ever seen tatleing on someone because you seen them sin wow! And about all the men there would have no penises or eye balls because looking twice is cheating! All by the way if you have not noticed most of the bible is written in metaphors. And as for the truth off the other postings well I have talk to personally way to me ex mount tabors who's stories were all too much the same for the is all be a big lie. If it sounds like a duck and looks like a duck then it must be a duck. And the church building it's self looks like a factory ( sweat shop) than a church. Oh by the way I had a neighbor who was mt. Tabor and she was older and sick and had to take several medications. Well I noticed she wasntblooking good one day and ask her what was going on and she said she could afford her meds. And I said well your s.s. Check should be enough to cover the meds and she said they did but after the church does a direct withdrawal from herbcheck she didnt have enough to pay for all the pills. She died about a year later in her little apartment in bellefontaine. Sad sad sad.......

Goshen, IN

#75 Nov 8, 2010
i think u need to ask god to forgive you why not my family was torn my mother was sandra clements of the phx church of god and when she died the new pastor they have there is worse than a pentecostal preacher god has resevered a spot for him
Oh mmyyyy

Mount Vernon, OH

#76 Mar 1, 2011
Can I say something? I went there all my life. Stopped going a couple years back, They do not pass the offering plate around 5-6 times! are you on crack? They send it out one time just like every other church. They have several people pass out the plates because the church is so big, and having only one plate and one guy would take all night. Soo yeahh not sure what your talking about i think your a little bit confused. They have people that go there that yes have done some bad things. Does not mean that the whole church is bad does it? Just because one guy kills someone does that make his whole family killers?

Mount Vernon, OH

#77 Mar 1, 2011
see i think it is funny. Most of these post are from IL see.. IL went to the IL church and THAT pastor did it.. So she is blaming all of the other churches for one mans wrong doing?
old news

Cincinnati, OH

#78 Mar 1, 2011
Mt. Tabor is a cult pure and simple, but attending is the adult members' choice. Once a child gets old enough and has enough courage they can leave if they choose. It is their choice. But is it a cult? Yes, by every definitin.

Loveland, OH

#79 Mar 9, 2011
I have met several people from there and they have all been nice enough. remember Freedon of Religion! If it doesn't effect you then it's none of your business!

Cincinnati, OH

#80 Mar 9, 2011
Oh but it is people's business when the cult tries to alienate family members from the rest of their family. It is none of your business to decide what is MY business. Mind your own business.
yall so stupid

Hillsboro, OR

#81 Apr 19, 2011
Well obviously your life is so much better than theirs.. you have nothing better to do than talk shit about them.. yay you! I think if my life was as pathetic as the people on here blaming every lil problem they have on a church I would become really good friends with a cliff..... good job wow and v7 for putting these idiots in their place. I'm out.

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