R. J. Larizza and his Network of "COR...

Saint Augustine, FL

#25 Dec 1, 2013
I was actually talking about other corruptness that Mr Larizza practices or allows to be practiced but I sure hope they tie him in with it all and get rid of him.

Hollywood, FL

#26 Dec 1, 2013
Ann Mc Fall has to cooperate she doesn't have a choice. As the supervisor of elections she'll be in hot water if she doesn't. Larizza will most likely be protected from serving time getting rid of him might be all there is.

Saint Augustine, FL

#27 Dec 2, 2013
Pray they get rid of him.i have a lot of info on some corruptness and one of his employees committed battery twice on a disabled defendant and assault on a witness. Another employee threatened the same witness.Some people need to be fired with no benefits.im gathering all info I can get

Fort Wayne, IN

#28 Dec 3, 2013
Joe wrote:
<quoted text> It's a federal investigation into slush fund organizations. Bribery- leading to arrests and convictions of 2 former South Daytona Beach city officials in 2010] Ballot fraud [Daytona Beach mayor Derrick Henry was accused in 2011] Money laundering [Thru bus bench advertising=Waverly] Corruption of the healthcare and legal system. The F.B.I does not want this to become national attention. Public opinion will interfere with jury selection.=no media coverage.
This part of an investigation involved Ramara Garrett. Former South Daytona Beach mayor Ron Clifton was charged with lying to federal officials. The money was traced to Riverboat condominiums, Garrett bribed Clifton/Mitchell into reducing code enforcement liens and removed her name from the paperwork by forcing the code violations on the previous owner after buying most of the units. Any internal investigation or news about Wagner is nothing. It's just the names of the people involved in money laundering using the News Journal as a defense. Everybody is under indictment regardless of how many times the Journal reports - cooperation- denial- victimized by... or receiving a slap on the wrist. Heflin Brown & Coton didn't receive probation. Both of the article [particularly Heflin Brown] points out that they lied to federal officers about in-kind contributions. The News Journal defended their actions. Nobody gets probation for not cooperating.

Fort Wayne, IN

#29 Dec 3, 2013
Andy Kelly is accused of accepting illegal contributions. That would be an indication of how false any internal investigation by Wagner really is. Kelly's name is mentioned to deny any involvement. Wagner wants to trace an investigation to Ormond Beach to point out that money is moving in circles. As a county manager it's interesting how his investigations keep avoiding the mention od Holly Hill government.

Fort Wayne, IN

#30 Dec 3, 2013
correction county councilman.

Tampa, FL

#31 Mar 13, 2014
KML wrote:
Lets contact the New York Times they will investigate into Mr Larizza and his corruptness especially employees that he has working under him.
this is so true. Had the misfortune to deal with him and His employees. So corrupt doesn't even begin to describe this embarrassment of this judicial office.And, if you haven't noticed, the public defenders office is just as bad.

Palm Coast, FL

#32 May 6, 2014
Mbd wrote:
<quoted text> this is so true. Had the misfortune to deal with him and His employees. So corrupt doesn't even begin to describe this embarrassment of this judicial office.And, if you haven't noticed, the public defenders office is just as bad.
I have discovered more corruptness in St. John's county with states attorney and a certain judge! Everyone needs to get together and stand up to them.if we all stand together with all our info and proof they can be brought down

Fort Wayne, IN

#33 May 6, 2014
This is what happens, when you contact the New York Times, This becomes a national story legal teams are assembled documents concerning legal importance become a consideration for being admissible in court. Records of privacy protected by the federal government are violated under the privacy act The stories become exaggerated by most members of the media, jury selection becomes extremely difficult, created by various opinions many of which lead to an assumption of guilt without proof. And more than one constitutional right has been violated because you choose to generate this by creating national exposure. Wrong! The tax records in Volusia County will prove illegal payoffs. This is the right direction. Conviction by proving the illegal use of properties and misuse of permits will support the tax fraud. Tax fraud that will allow for specific voting districts, under the concerns of fire department union contracts voting districts created by illegal permit use for the purpose of profit among private enterprise that will in fact prove that R.J. Larizza receives additional funds for his willing to ignore the fact that white collar crime is a serious problem. Laundered funds thru the Volusia County school board by Mori Hossini mismanagement of property by civil engineer Maryam Ghyabi payoffs established by International Speedway Corporation which in itself is an illegal use of property. No the only way to fix this is a proper examination of tax records that will establish a long history of payoffs.
Victim of the System

Ormond Beach, FL

#34 Aug 17, 2014
popeye wrote:
<quoted text> This information is posted everywhere.
And it is very true.

Jacksonville, FL

#35 Oct 3, 2014
Joe wrote:
Larissa's position as State Attorney is funded through union contracts. Fire Department & school board officials receive oversized pensions as a result this shows a separate set of books[or computer disks] where records will likely indicate an amount that is going into city/county expenses. The money used in the most corrupt sense, is built into an accumulated slush fund of which there are several. The Echo Foundation Halifax Advertising Authority, Convention visitors Bureau Elite Management and the Waverly Real Estate company. All of which are the same idea. The paper trail of every organization launder's the money that pays the judges [such as the notorious Judge Joseph Will] Will presides over drug cases, the cases are often dismissed crime has become a matter of setting up shop [Sharks Lounge] Drugs are murder, crime is rampant the slush fund remains active, and the paperwork becomes impossible to trace along with the money! Investigations are conducted on the authority of the people that should be investigated. Find someone that will conduct an honest investigation. Finding the money to get it back, won't happen. An honest investigation that's what has to be done!

Joe Larissa is corrupt, no backbone and is a disgrace to the community. He and his staff need to go!

Jacksonville, FL

#36 Oct 3, 2014
R.J. Larizza is a disgrace to our community and state, get rid of him, please.
Yvette Maynard

United States

#37 Mar 10, 2015
Victimizing innocent people

Palm Coast, FL

#38 Mar 11, 2015
Joe wrote:
<quoted text> It's a federal investigation into slush fund organizations. Bribery- leading to arrests and convictions of 2 former South Daytona Beach city officials in 2010] Ballot fraud [Daytona Beach mayor Derrick Henry was accused in 2011] Money laundering [Thru bus bench advertising=Waverly] Corruption of the healthcare and legal system. The F.B.I does not want this to become national attention. Public opinion will interfere with jury selection.=no media coverage.
There exist alleged and uncertain ties here between government use of resources, prostitution and laundering operations, likely with 66 year old Robert "Bob" Arcuri and his 33 year old fourth wife Jody Arcuri (Google both, DV, assault, drugs and murder), Commissioner Robert Gilliland and his ex-wife, Cindy (Google both, assault and murder - both got off with dropped charges and 15 years probation), Patent Attorney Ronald "Ron" S. Blum II (his sudden "suicide" August 12, 2014 near Satellite Beach while speaking according to Volusia County court records, he spoke with Pam Geldart nightly, right up to the moment of his death), John Korchinsky (of Delray Beach "Suspicious Death" boyfriend of Ms. Geldart ), it seems online, registered with the State of Florida, Ms. Geldart and Mr. Arcuri were/are business partners in many ventures including banking, accounting, art, medical and dental supplies, fence installation/sales, LED lights, among other websites each and all tied to a single LPGA residence, seconding as a business address and all are publicly listed under Pamela "Pam" K. Geldart at 269 Perfect Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32124.





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United States

#39 Jun 12, 2015
I am a victim of the Volusia County prosecutors office. A little summary of the case at hand.
Upon arriving from the hospital the alleged victim let's me in. I discovered my stuff was gone when I wanted leave the house. I told them I will call the police if my cellphone and things are not returned to me. The kids who have respect and steals from people threw pledge in my face a ran out the door. I got up from the couche saying to them what fuck did you that for? The laughed. At the same time his brother came from behind me and hit me in the head causing my to fall down. Which point they began hitting me. When I said I would call the police they ran inside and called the police. I walked to a neighbor house to call the police. She did. When the police arrived to scene they never asked me what happened or even spoke with the woman who.made the other 911 call. In fact it is almost a year that has gone by and every attempt to obtain this second 911 call has been proven fruitless. There was also police recording of the incident which now has disappeared. The police lied and said the neighbor saw me with a knife. However I told the officer nobody talked with them. I was standing there. He then walks over and claims to have spoke with them. In 4 seconds comes back and tells me I am under arrest. I said what for? They said you had a knife. I said officer I never had a knife that they stole my stuff. And when I came home I had a court order signed by a judge telling me to go back there. He called me a liar. And then said I committed fraud. I said that not true. He said fuck me and began getting hostile with me. The police as well as the kids searched for at least 4 hours for a weapon the never existed. However I still went to jail. Today the prosecutor is still pressing the case. Dispite me giving the court order to my lawyer. Even though maintain it is fraud. But the transcripts doesn't lie. They also accuse me of running around block. Falsely cause the woman who called 911 for me saw me come from the direction of the house. The prosecutor put the 911 call they made into evidence. However not the call that was made on my behalf. A friend of mine a police officer from another state call the 911 center there they recovered the second 911 call. Which the lady says I was beat up. Again this 911 call was never put into evidence by the.prosecutor. my injuries prove I was assaulted. But yet there charging me based on trouble kids. During this time the victim was charged and convicted of bringing a knife to school. He is also currently in probation for 2 counts of aggravated assault. 2 of the witnesses are friends with them. In fact I have asked text from the mother saying Brandon the witness came to her house. Including Brandon girlfriend just before we set to do depositions. Depositions were postponed. My friend a police officer points out there credibility in this case. All these witnesses and not 1 describes the knife in any of there statements. But yet they saw it.

Peoria, AZ

#42 Sep 6, 2015
#7 Jody Arcuri 12/04/2012 - 16:24 Robert Arcuri my husband, cheated on me with this Pam Geldart b@#$. I demanded he stop seeing her! Then I got falsely arrested April 23, 2012 for battery, and then he got arrested Oct 28, 2012 for DV assault.- http://florida.arrests.org/Arrests/Robert_Arc... - http://florida.arrests.org/Arrests/Jody_Arcur...

#8 Ronald S. Blum II SUICIDE because of Pam Geldart 09/21/2014 - 01:13 Pamela K. Geldart Phyllis Abadie is Ronís mother, and just beside herself! Her son - a successful patent attorney for Harris - Ron Blum - dated Pam Geldart off and on for several years! Pam cheated on and lied to him - used him - over and over again and broke his heart. He argued with her, then went to Satelite Beach, Melbourne and KIILLED HIMSELF Aug.12, 2014 because of her!! She didnít even care!

#9 Cindy Gilliland MURDER with STEAK KNIFE on AUG 11, 2010 07/07/2015 - 01:13 Robert Gilliland Cindyís ex-husband ran around with us (Iím a cop) and Pam Geldart in our car. We wondered why on that fourth of July Commissioner Gilliland paid personally over $230 to get Pam Geldartís car out of the pound after she had parked illegally. I mean, thatís an expensive date right? They were screwing around, and it led Cindy (his ex) to be such a mess that she stabbed a guy (only got probation for it too). Commissioner Gilliland ended up with a felony mugshot of his own punching a 66 year old man! Stay away of Pam Geldart and her partners... itís like this Pam Geldart is like a black widow or something.- http://www.volusiasheriff.org/press/Port%20Or... - http://www.myfoxorlando.com/story/26823710/da... . Jody Arcuri killed a skateboarder DUI/drugs, driving Feb 2014!





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Deland, FL

#43 May 12, 2016
The worst is the state is now covering the corrupt police in their local "sex sting operations" I know someone that responded to a adult post.told him she was in her 20's and wanted to ageplay. After doing so there was talk about meeting up where he had guns pulled on him and cuffed on the spot. The arresting officer threatened him and took his phone and changed his email password and deleted emails that would prove his innocence. The emails were recovered and not entirely lost. The state says the don't care and want to convict based upon the stigma the arrest creates.they are covering for the crooked cops and even the arresting officer sent him a death threat email shortly after boosting about how he pulled one over on him and if he talks hell get taken out.etc.etc. the cop sent it from his personal email account.state doesn't care and that snake rj larrizza is just as disgusting with his team of goons.
Concerned Citizen

Lithonia, GA

#45 Jul 11, 2016
To make matters even worse, law enforcement officials are very corrupt in Volusia county. Right up the line from the police officers, investigators, who lie under oath and plant false evidence, right up to the corrupt prosecutors and judges who will lie and scheme just to help secure a conviction. They are part of the problem and need to be investigated for the rules and laws them break if anyone is to take law enforcement around here seriously.

Norcross, GA

#46 Jul 12, 2016
Perhaps when people start filing lawsuits against these corrupt investigators, prosecutors, and judges for all their corruption and wrong doings maybe they will learn their lesson and behave and act fairly and honestly, but I doubt it.

Lithonia, GA

#47 Jul 15, 2016
Why is law enforcement not addressing issues pertaining to the mentally I'll. You can't have fair and balanced and proper justice system without dealing with these issues on a case by case basis with each person. Alot of people have specific mental issues and police can't just lump everyone into one category and must treat people on a case by case basis. They need better education on mental illness and how to deal with different people if they are ever going to be respected.

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