Is Daytona Beach A Good Vacation Spot...
John Berlin Germany

Hamburg, Germany

#126 Jun 29, 2013
I been spending 3 to 4 weeks a year in Port Orange for the last 13 years. I love the area. I remember me first time here on South Nova, Dunlawton Area: road work, construction area. Now we've got a lot of nice restaurants, shopping mall, new stores. In PO happen a lot! Guys, think positive, you all cannot change economy in a couple of years! Come all here, spend cannot survive without you!

Fort Wayne, IN

#127 Jun 29, 2013
The advertising for Daytona Beach doesn't go beyond, The Plaza Hotel on a video tape. Youtube offers bike events or the race track. 3 commercials about the plaza- using the same three people pretending to be tourists. They talk about attraction & shops?... An article in the Daytona Beach News Journal read that the Plaza & Mayan Hotels have been thretened with $5000 fines for making too many calls to the police! The locals are convinced that if you don't have a motorcycle stay home!
Dave P

Lexington, KY

#129 Jun 30, 2013
Just got back from a week in Daytona Beach. First time in 13 years. It has changed a lot in 13 years. Nowhere near as busy and crowded as I remembered. My kids enjoyed the beach, I actually found it quite easy to get around town, and found a lot of stuff I wanted to come back and do.

I'm not a nightlife person nor a barfly, and not much into t-shirt shops and "tobacco accessory" shops. Beautiful area, lots to see, still some decent food there. Andy Romano park up in OB is wonderful. Would love to see the baseball team play, do the zipline at the park.

Hopefully all of this corruption gets cleaned up, town livens up, and Daytona thrives again. I'll be back.

Fort Wayne, IN

#130 Jun 30, 2013
It now costs $30 for beach tolls.

Fort Wayne, IN

#132 Jul 1, 2013
Herb M wrote:
Only when the Feds come down and actually prosecute and convict a couple of Daytona's corrupt Commissioners will things change.
Trouble is... They will squeal like the crying bitches they are and betray their handlers, the intellectual culprits: The Daytona Five Families. The scandal will be just too much and pressure will come from Hyatt Brown's friends in Tallahassee.
Then it will get interesting...
There are some news reports about F.B.I. investigations. The director of the F.B.I. was questioned, concerning an insurance investigation. The short version is that f.b.i. director robert mueller admitted on tape, his mishandling in the case. After listening to the total disregard for public concern from Mueller, the story is thyat theproblem has been corrected. Again no attention drawn to the idea that pubiic opinion is convinced that it's true. With that people are led to believe that Josh Wagner [spit] Derrick Henry, Carl Persis ted Doran, and the evil predudices of Joyce Cussack are being investigated, for recieveing illegal campaign contributions from - Ramara Garrett- and Jim Sotolongo. A case that has been postponed alledgely until August [2013] because lawyers feel the paperwork in the Port Orange raid [in january] is overwhelming. According to F.B.I. investigators, Wagner [spits] is connected to Garrett through their connection with the pier. Which may or may not still be owned by Theresa Doan. Cici and Hyatt Brown need to be investigated for insurance fraud!

Fort Wayne, IN

#133 Jul 1, 2013
Someone other than Ann McFall [supervisor of erections' for Volusia County has to investigate voting fraud. Derrick Henry, has been accused of ballot fraud before. He boasts that his votes are from the african american district that he was in charge of as a commissoner. He has alledgely been questioned by an ethics committee acording to more recent news. As mayor he has complete control over union organized contracts, and the order of local fire departments. R.J. Larissa recieves his votes, only from the government employees [not the voting public] This allows for Ann McFall to deny any wrong doing in what is certainly a huge cover-up.
Never Going Back

Charleston, WV

#134 Jul 30, 2013
My family and I frequented Daytona Beach for most of the 1980's every year. Whether we were there for Spring Break or summer vacation, we at least got there one a year for a week or so. The last time was our last time, this being in the late 1990's, and we have no intention of going back.

There is no more 'beach' on Daytona Beach. I guess the storms have washed all the sand out to sea or something, but the water never came up practically to our door at high tide like it did when we were there. Driving on the beach is now impossible, unles you're crazy and want to risk losing your car in the surf.

The hotels we stayed at are all gone. We liked the Beachcomer. Now it's all hih priced resorts, massive motels ran by big chain hotels. Not Daytona Beach at all!

The one thing we found that we still appreciate is Ponce Inlet. The lighthouse is still awesome, and the caretakers have done a great job at restoring it. We always enjoyed the lighthouse, and I'm glad to see it has actually improved over time.

The Down the Hatch Restaurant on the wharf was a big disappointment as well. They used to serve fresh sea food, and now it's all processed for the most part. Not what it was at all, and we were saddened by that. Going to Down the Hatch was always a vital part ofour Daytona Vacation, but not anymore.

Rednecks abound now on Daytona Beach. Beer belly men, bikers. No for us. I miss the old Daytona and now we go to Clearwater instead.

- From West Virginia.

Daytona Beach, FL

#135 Aug 27, 2013
WantingInfo wrote:
Is Daytona Beach Still A Good Place To Come And Vacation Or Not???? Heard Rumors That Everything Is Run Down Still And None Of The Shops And Restraunts Are Open Anymore???? Daytona Beach Was A Good Place To Go Before The Hurricanes Came In 2004 (Last Time I Was There Was In 2002) Hope All Is Back To Normal By Now....
No, it's not a good place to vacation. Years ago yes - now, no. The crime rate is high - there is high unemployment and what businesses there are - are operated by stupid, greedy, disgusting individuals - who should be either arrested, sued etc., etc.

The buildings are run down. Some renovated outside, but inside - are disgusting.

The price of food and drinks - outrageous for tourists.

You'd be better off somewhere else - until the city leaders actually do their jobs and the community starts caring - which may be a long while (we have to wait until a generation dies off)

Fort Wayne, IN

#136 Aug 27, 2013
The county manager [who is very corrupt] tells the corrupt city manager, what to do. The city manager- who in the last couple of years has crawled under a rock where he belongs, tells the corrupt sheriff of the county what to do. Budget cuts for the Daytona beach police department [according to chief Chitwood] cut to more than half. Ben Johnson [the county sheriff] who is very corrupt, brings in other police officers from different parts of the county, on temporary assignment with the DBPD. Johnsons corruption pays them off. Chief Chitwood can't find his way around a search warrant that intentionally gets lost, it's impossible. Drug cases have been thrown out many times by Judge Joseph will,[who is very corrupt] Chitwood will be given a pat on the back for his work, but these people slip thru the cracks. As long as the tax dollars are being completely wasted, the crime rate will continue to pay for itself. The case for Sharks Lounge was open & shut [guilty] nothing happened. Drug lord Pravin Pm Patel owner of the Heritage motel open and shut guilty. Politics will let these people slide. The City leaders are not going to do their job they need to be arrested!

Versailles, KY

#137 Sep 5, 2013
drugs, violence, unemployment- its everywhere!
NOT just in DB area.- it's the American way!

I'm going to DB in 2 weeks for a vacation- I can't wait.- was hoping to find some fun things to do here on topix-

any major places to avoid?

Fort Wayne, IN

#138 Sep 5, 2013
Avoid Sharks Lounge.

La Follette, TN

#139 Sep 5, 2013
Actually, since you're so psyched to travel so far, and spend so much time vacation time in notoriously known "drugs, violence..." locations, then one of the 1ST stops when you get to DB for your particular bent of enjoyment would BE the Sharks Lounge.

Oh, and no... drugs, violence, and unemployment at the rates of such places as DB are not 'everywhere'.

Nor is such self-embarrassing ignorance thriving EVERYwhere like apparently is in 'Lexington, KY'.

Enjoy! lol

Clearwater, FL

#140 Sep 5, 2013
People from the South Side of Chicago think Daytona Beach is paradise, yea they may not have to duck a bullet or two for maybe a week here.

But seriously just look at the mugshot web page and compare Volusia County daily arrest rate with the other major cities counties with more population.

Here's Yesterday Bookings for example:

Brevard 44 Cocoa Beach
Broward 128 Ft. Lauderdale
Dade 46 Miami (remember the city has it's own jail)
Duval 101 Jacsonville
Hillsborough 157 Tampa
Manatee 45 Bradenton/Sarasota
Orange 93 Orlando
Palm Beach 96
Pinellas 109 St.Petersburg-Clearwater/Tampa
Polk 71 Lakeland/Orlando
Sarasota 59
Volusia 67 Daytona Beach

Berea, KY

#141 Sep 11, 2013
It seems most people caught up in these problems are drug addicts, gangsters and trouble makers. I've never experienced any of these problems in Daytona, and have been vacationing there for 40+ years. but then again, I don't do drugs, nor put myself in the position of dealing with "Late night" activity that hmm seems to be familiar with?

I have seen these problems in many cities across America. common sense can keep you out of trouble in MOST cases. and CCW in the others. LOL

Daytona- Here I come!

Fort Wayne, IN

#142 Sep 11, 2013
Police Chief Mike Chitwood, developed an idea, on how to catch, people using mobile meth labs. Although the idea remains a secret, it will send a message to people, who think they can get away. Hopefully they won't get away, they'll just go away, and stay away!

Fort Wayne, IN

#143 Sep 11, 2013
When Pam Bondi announced the prescription drug data base plan, the article didn't focus much on ideas of progress. Attention was given, to the idea that, rights we're being violated. From an other perspective, because it was an issue, it would make someone wonder, how many drug addicts there really are.

Versailles, KY

#144 Sep 30, 2013
Vacation was great,
Locals very nice. I will vacation there again!

thanks, Daytona!
the jury

Daytona Beach, FL

#145 Jul 17, 2014
See, that is the problem with this town this mentality:


The place is redneck with no culture.
Cujo wrote:
I've been in and around Ormond Beach all my life and we are hurting just like any other resort town. However, we are open,have some very good hotels,restaurants and a GREAT BEACH and I would and have recommended to anyone to come to Ormond and give us a chance. I can't say the same for Daytona until they cleanup the political end of it and stop Daytona Police Chief Chitwood from calling everyone he arrest{guilty or not} SCUMBAGS and they have arrested some that were wrongfully arrested. Now having said that I would be weary of the MAIN Street area in Dayton.
By the way, a new restaurant that serves GREAT Ribs and BBQ has opened up on NORTH US 1 in Ormond and the Tomoka Yacht Club on W. Highway 40 {Granada Ave.} serves some good Steaks and COLD BEER..

Leesburg, FL

#146 Jul 20, 2014
Condominiums are a timeshare market. Small investors move in on as many condo properties as they can. It's a limited agreement that protects an investor from lawsuits. Those investments move from one condo to another. The result is a municipal tax that pays for city services including roads bridges public works intersections traffic lights and parking lots. You made a temporary limited transaction where you're obligated and can share the condo with your friends to use when you're not using it because it's overpriced. Limited partnership agreements where an investor keeps the money reinvests the money and you go home!

Bridgewater, NJ

#147 Jul 30, 2014
I've been going down to Daytona (from NY/CT) since I was a kid (70s) and heading back this weekend. My parents had a few condos there and now I have one of them (south daytona). It's changed a ton since then, some good, some bad, but it's still a nice place. My condo is on the beach (just a studio), but I wake up, throw on my shorts and head to the beach and pool. If you're looking for a lot of excitement, not sure if this is the place, but it is relaxing down there. An average day is on the beach and pool, maybe dinner at crabby joe's, some putt putt golf and the water park every once and a while. There is plenty of shopping, some good some not, but everything you can want. There is fishing if you so desire, and assorted other water sports. Not sure if I would recommend Daytona as a family vacation destination, but if you want to relax, it's not a bad place to spend a couple of weeks (south and north are quietest). My place may even go on the market for weekly folks.

If you do want excitement down there, try during Spring Break, Race Week or Bike Week. Plenty going on, and crazy active. If you want great service, ridiculously friendly people and tons of excitement, stay at Disney (a little pricey, but still the friendliest place on earth).

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