2010 Florida Governor Race Election R...

2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today

There are 3001 comments on the thenewsoftoday.com story from Nov 3, 2010, titled 2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today. In it, thenewsoftoday.com reports that:

Posted by Jason Moore on Nov 3rd, 2010 and filed under Featured News . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 . You can leave a response or trackback to this entry Florida Governor The 2010 Florida Governor Race has been a close one ever since the primaries ended.

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who am I

Spring Hill, FL

#3583 Jun 25, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
What an idiot the Spring Hill Shill Corrupt Judge is.
Does he think his stupid comments attacking anyone who tries to post information or an opinion has any merit?
I hope he is fully investigated and loses the pension he and others built for themselves promoting corruption and racketeering.
They are all Brothers in murder and treason.
above is but similar to book written by A Hitler
Really Who are You

United States

#3584 Jun 25, 2014
Just another piece of excrement that is flushed down the "terlits" (credit to Archie Bunker) of the former free world millions of times every day.

You got rewarded to fix cases for the friends of the Bush whackers , you got who knows how many retirement checks along with all those other little rewards for being in their clique.

But, don't worry about that. You are safe as long as you are alive and well and able to throw a few spurts on the truthful blogs, after all it was the Bush whackers that invented propaganda in WW1 and WW2 because your friends in high places will protect you from your crimes as long as you live.

But, the excrement will strike the aerator when you meet your maker. God Almighty, the keeper of the Book of Life. Why? Because it is God Almighty who who writes the rules and demands they are followed and it is God Almighty who is the ultimate REAL JUDGE of humanity. Not you fake government sanctioned oligarchs who destroy the lives of American families and persons at your whim.

So, reality is you are nothing more or nothing less than a human being passing through a world created by God Almighty and managed by God with the help of his son Jesus Christ. They very one that you and your friends deny ever existed on this earth. Why do you and your friends deny Jesus? Because you have chosen to worship the paper dollars printed by the "money changers" the offspring of the same "money changers" that Jesus threw our of the temple.

I hope to be there on your judgement day. It will surely be a grandiose event!
just asking

United States

#3585 Jun 25, 2014
who am I wrote:
<quoted text>
above is but similar to book written by A Hitler
Mein Kamp just like Obummers "Dreams of my father" was probably written by some ghost writer who was paid by a Bush whacker! George HW bush's father Prescott Bush and his Union Bank financed Adolph Hitler from 1939 until after we the USA was at war with Hitler. Check the congressional records.

No one cares because the Bush whackers have this magnificent way of denying all the truths that ever rise about their New World Order.

Obama, OBush, OClinton, like Hitlery says "what difference does it make?
Stupid but cute

Spring Hill, FL

#3586 Jun 25, 2014
Really Who are You wrote:
Just another piece of excrement...
yes...hope you enjoy your own odor

remarkaable how some recognize themselves and then use their description of themselves
distortion not fact

Spring Hill, FL

#3587 Jun 25, 2014
just asking wrote:
<quoted text>
Mein Kamp just like Obummers "Dreams of my father" was probably written by some ghost writer who was paid by a Bush ...
sure......WWII never happened ... and millions didn't die but had tea

United States is a distortion of reality
never never never

Spring Hill, FL

#3588 Jun 25, 2014
no Paramaed no United States
Paramead is from China with buck teeth


Spring Hill, FL

#3589 Jun 25, 2014

as tired as we are of Fl...US is used up


Alachua, FL

#3590 Jun 25, 2014
Lon Spector wrote:
I'll have to compress my comments. because I NEVER
get the promised 4,000 letters:
1) Jesus Christ and God The Father created the
world______years ago.
2) The purpose of our human lives is to develop
character by overcoming obsticals.
3) Sin seperates us from God and condemns us from
God."The wages of sin are DEATH."
4) The life-and death-of Christ was a rescue mission to
save ALL mankind. "As in Adam ALL die, so as in Christ
shall ALL be made alive."
5) No one except the Father in Heaven knows how long
this will take, but much is left to be accomplished.
6) It is impossible to understand these things unless
God Himself gives you the insight. "By Grace are ye saved, through faith but that NOT of yourselves, it is a
gift of God."
Can god commit suicide y/n?
If 'n' why not?

Religion has divided people. I don't think there's any difference between the pope wearing a large hat and parading around with a smoking purse and an African painting his face white and praying to a rock.

The current war in Iraq illustrates that Sunni or later a steaming pile of Shiite will explode. Modern-day crusades.

Sunni vs Shiite = Catholic vs Non-Catholic

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand" - Milton Friedman

Alachua, FL

#3591 Jun 25, 2014
BAGHDAD (The Borowitz Report)—In a development that offers a faint glimmer of hope for Iraq, both Sunnis and Shiites are finding common ground in the view that former Vice-President Dick Cheney seriously needs to shut up.

In the days following the publication, this week, of a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece about Iraq that Cheney wrote with his daughter Liz, hatred of the former Vice-President has, to the surprise of many, become the first thing that Sunnis and Shiites have agreed upon in centuries.

Iraqi observers in recent days have reported seeing both Sunnis and Shiites reading the Cheneys’ op-ed then tearing it to shreds in a rage.

“Cheney is an ass!” a Sunni merchant reportedly exclaimed in a Baghdad market on Thursday, to the resounding cheers of several Shiites nearby.

“Historically, it’s been challenging to find anything that Sunnis and Shiites agree on,” said Sabah al-Alousi, a history professor at the University of Baghdad.“That’s why their apparent consensus that Dick Cheney needs to shut the hell up is so significant.”

Visiting Baghdad on Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the joint Sunni-Shiite calls for Dick Cheney to shut his pie hole were a cause for optimism.

“If Dick Cheney winds up being the one thing that brings Sunnis and Shiites together, the United States owes him a debt of thanks,” he said, adding that the two sects’ view of the former Vice-President was also shared by the Kurds.

Lady Lake, FL

#3592 Jun 25, 2014
That you again Lou? How'd the visit go with the kids?

Panama City, FL

#3593 Jun 26, 2014
You people are "off the rails crazy!" The combined intellect of all of you would equal negative numbers! Crazy as a....well, a certain rodent in an outhouse comes to mind. Carry on, there will be no liberties granted in this port.

Spring Hill, FL

#3594 Jun 26, 2014

Mobile, AL

#3595 Jun 26, 2014
Your Port Panama City has been compromised by The Gulf Cartel and their association with THE COMPANY.

United States

#3596 Jun 26, 2014
POOOOOO wrote:
Hey Judge, thats the most intelligent statement you ever made. And I agree "wit choo!"

I thought I would never see a president less competent than Jimmy Carter, but that belief has been shattered. Yes George W Bush makes Jimmy Carter look like Jesus. Your complaints sound like they came from McCarthy. Are you just afraid of the black man thats president? GW got thousands and thousands killed for a LIE. There were no WMD unless they were made in the USA. Remember Bush didn't know what difference was between Sunni and Shia and his own rear end. He just wanted to make Grampy Cheney happy, so he took us to war to get oil. He has 4500 dead soldiers on his watch. We didn't belong there in the first place. Had we done what Obama did and just KILL bin laden then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place and we would still be living off the surplus provided by Bill Clinton's balanced budget. They told us the biggest problem was paying off our debt too fast. GW fixed that by spending more that all before him combined...and now Obama is to blame?? You are funny!! I feel sad for all you Republicans. First GW ruined your party and now the Tea Party is going to finish it off.
"Food Stamp usage has mushroomed, Obamacare has proven to be a huge disappointment"

Its all in the Bush book of the New World Order......

Somebody has got to program obummers teleprompters.........

Lady Lake, FL

#3597 Jun 26, 2014
You got that right. But the repubs will never see it. They're too brainwashed by Faux news.
AH aH hA

Spring Hill, FL

#3598 Jun 26, 2014

United States

#3599 Jun 26, 2014
Mickey wrote:
You got that right. But the repubs will never see it. They're too brainwashed by Faux news.
The Globalists world banksters Rothschilds, Rockefellers and so forth own 98% of the MSN Media including the Bush Wall Street Gang.

Faux just done a how great the Bushes are segment last week. O'Reilly and Hannity and Greta never met a Bush their didn't love!

And PS old Shill Judge go right ahead and puts your marks on this truthful blog as well.
The Hon

Spring Hill, FL

#3600 Jun 26, 2014
Rex wrote:
<quoted text>
And PS old Shill Judge go right ahead and puts your marks on this truthful blog as well.
Request denied
smell the odor

United States

#3601 Jun 27, 2014
Shocking! Obama Announces New World Order 2014 Speech

This Obama speech was given at the Bilderberg Group conference in Brussels, Belgium, on May 23, 2014 "ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. Individuals must surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign."
This has got to be the most quick and blatant declaration of the New World Order I have ever seen, delivered with practically robotic precision.

US puppet-president Barack Hussein Obama explains with cool indifference to individual rights and liberties, in a statement that not only reflects what is in store for the American people but for people all around this world as they literally surrender their rights under what is sure to be terrible penalties otherwise.

This is seriously one of the most disturbing things Obama has ever said and given what we have had to put up with from this drone-wielding, whistle-blower incarcerating, freedom of speech suppressing sociopath that is really saying something.

&fe ature=youtu.be

George H. W. Bush’s speech announcing the New World Order.

If this does not prove these people are all connected at the hip what
in the hell ever will?


Spring Hill, FL

#3602 Jun 27, 2014
smell the odor wrote:
... are all connected...
perhapps you have a broken nose

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