About Judge Hagler - What goes around...

About Judge Hagler - What goes around, comes around

There are 68 comments on the www.rheacountynewspaper.com story from Jan 7, 2008, titled About Judge Hagler - What goes around, comes around. In it, www.rheacountynewspaper.com reports that:

Too bad that the local officials did not share their care for the reputations of Carrie Geren Scoggins, and her immediate family the "Gerens," that they seemed to have when it came to a local judge such as Mr.

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Antioch, TN

#67 Jul 6, 2010
Here is yet another article printed in newspapers across the state that shows she never supported any Neo Nazi agenda such as genetic purity of the "white race," again noting that she is of Native American heritage, and that after she and her child were tested they were considered both "gifted," and Carrie Scoggins herself again went off of the scale on creativity, and scored with an IQ of over 190. The testing was done on her daughter at her school in Tullahoma without her legal consent, and her tests were orderd by the divorce court to be done by liscened PHD's, which she was tested many times to which they wanted to refuse her high test scores and the good report about her ending in demands of further testing that ended in the same good results for her. This of course just more angered her enemeies that did not want her to have a good name, and credibility to testify against their "good ole boys," in court. This shows again that the end will be in God's hands, and not in these evil human's hands. The ball in in God's court this time!---------
Yet another article printed in newspapers across TN, more on Big Brother violating civil liberties, this time it happened to Carrie Scoggins' child-
The bill passed that allows our public schools to house a database of our children's genetic code!
Yes, the government wants the genetic code of your children!
I was shocked to find that my child has been submitted to testing by the school system to evaluate her mental capacity. After testing so highly on the test she was retested again. Scoring the same high score on all the tests given she was deemed "gifted."
This kind of testing to find the "gifted" children shows those of us that are thinkers that there is a reason why our government wants to know what our IQ test scores are! What are the consequences if our children are not found to be gifted? What are they going to do with those that are gifted?
Many now believe that the genetic code of our little geniuses are ultimately desired by those of whom wish to clone humans, and those that wish to breed the new "super babies," which is going to make our human gene pool one that is so small that eventually it would resemble in breeding. A small gene pool for all of man kind means a bleak future. It may work for one to two generations, but eventually the end result would be that of in breeding.
The question is always put forth as to what deems a "super baby," and who and what characteristics are they now deeming desirable. What will happen to those that do not have these seemingly desirable qualities?
I hope that our leaders are not so blinded by the ability to control genetic code in trying to create what they deem as a perfect person, that they forget the euthanasia of Nazi Germany. Hopefully they will realize that a disabled child is just as needed in this world as those fitting the description of these new "super babies." It is breeding more discrimination against the disabled with trying to bring back the mentality that the failed leftist socialism of Nazi Germany became a breeding ground for, which was that if they are not producers into the economy then they are sucking down the economy as a "use-less eater."
America needs to take a look at what is coming down the pike against them. Surely the add is true about what we are leaving for our children's future by not dealing with our problems now is akin to leaving them standing in front of a speeding locomotive, yet it's not only concerning our environment. The laws that are being passed which are reeking of Nazi Germany, and the nightmare of communist Russia, need to be overturned. It's not just our children's future, it's our future!!!!!

United States

#68 Apr 7, 2012
It is religious debate, not secret govt. conspiracy nut case talk that the ujedufated pass it off as. I saw as more and more truth surfaced about the lodge's false new age doctrine, such as the false teaching that "all paths lead to God," which was the source of their politically liberal stance, that they wanted to try to make any real scrutany of their writings to be overshadowed by dumbed down for the idiot masses crazy conspiracy talk. IT IS RELIGIOUS DEBATE, and it puts the spot light on their false doctrine!
The Christian counter cult ministers that they tried to frame for racism in order to try to twist the truth to cover for the facts brought out shows how hard the tried to stop the truth from being brought out! The FBI wronged Texe Marrs for not arresting those that kept up the web site spreading the lie he was racist, and they left it up cyber bullying him for years!
Why would a racist be exposing lodges like the Knights Of The Klu Klux Klan Masonic Lodge, or their brother lodges like the European lodges The New Order Of The Templars, that produced Hitler, or The Knights Templars, the original lodge these branched from?
The facts show Texe Marrs exposed Freemasonry, and loathed their racism! They tried to twist the facts to accuse Texe Marrs of what they themselves were, that being racist red necks! The Bible says that they will accuse you of what they themselves are, and that is what they did to Texe Marrs.
Dear Carrie

Houston, TX

#69 Apr 8, 2012
How long have you been in this condition?
D Scoggins

United States

#71 Apr 18, 2012
Dear Carrie wrote:
How long have you been in this condition?
Shes been stalked down by 1,000s of informants trying to ruin her name for court since back in 1991 ,tyter about, when the mafia in the police dept in Dayton, Kurfreesboro,and Cleveland paid some one to drug her-rape her-try to murder her, and paid to frame her! That many informants folloingher weekly for that many years, all on tax payer money, stalk down the victim that can testulify for court, shut them (carrie and jason) up at all costs was their mentality!
SmyrnaClevURBANl egend

Murfreesboro, TN

#76 May 14, 2012
So which big liar turned in the big FIB that Jason had a huge sum of money, and Carrie ws not supposed to have to work again?!?!
Truth is Jason's only income is from rental units in his trailor park, since crooked officers and family working with them went to ALL his jobs getting him fired, getting everyone at his jobs working against him as an informant, stealing all his jobs driving him down into poverty!!!
All his family knew and still worked with them doing it knowingly sinning against Jason Geren! They did the same to Carrie Scoggins his sister, getting her fired from every job! For over twenty five years!
If Carrie Scoggins retires young its from 75+ gold albums, money stolen in divorce hearings! Wynonna's last two albums, Kenny Roger's albums, Kenny Wayne Sheperds albums, most won CMA awards! She would never take off someone else's money to live off of them, it was her mother married for the dollar sign- Carries family was John Blackburn, who was wealthy, their family inhereted the land and money, let them put that in their jealous lyin cap and chew on it! Thats just like white trash, to assume that the money tied up in land and rental property was gotten illegaly, or to spread a lie like that to ruin the name of those they are jealous of! or to keep stealing tax payer money stirring up lies to keep informant check coming in out of ruthless greed, or for both reasons as a win win.

Murfreesboro, TN

#77 Jun 4, 2012

Keep putting notes on this site for Carrie Scoggins, it really is what the "lame stream" media will not cover, and "wow" at what she and her brother Jason have suffered at the hands of their family using law enforcement to ruin them! That is the "abuse of a public office," described by the site, as well as them using her x inlaws and x husband against her, not only in the divorce but the last decade since. He really has no reason to hate Carrie that way, he would not be where he is having been in the real music industry without the college degree, which he would not have had without using Carrie as a place to live all through his college years!
Carrie Scoggins

United States

#78 Sep 1, 2012
Again as I stated in the Charles Darwin's Racist Writings forum that I began on Topix, Darwin's book "In The Decent Of Man," have his racist statements such s "The caucasian race is the highest evolved race", and "Soon the highest evolved races will ennihilate the lesser evolved races,"which violates the civil liberties of minority races to have this taught in schools. It shows his racist spiritual evolution doctrines, and that teaching of false theology violates separation of church and state. Darwinism, a peice of spiritual evolution false doctrine, teaches the lie that a spirit begins as a small lif form, evolving into a higher more complex species each time the spirit dies then reincarnates. The spirit, according to this false religion, teaches that evolving upward through the species in a process called transmigration, ending in the higher evolved state of man being a human of the white races, and they teach false information leading followers to believe that the minority races are the subhuman-almost human stage of spiritual evolution. Darwin's racist books wee used to attempt to make this false religion appear to have a Scientific basis in Nazi Germany, and this Nazi propaganda has no place in public schools!
Carrie Geren Scoggins

United States

#79 Jan 30, 2013
Now that I am taking radiation treatments, I have to drop Med Ride, as their behavior turns low brow and wreckless after law enforcement steps in illegaly using it to stalk me with government informants. The first day this week there were almost 3 wrecks on a simple trip to my doctors office, as we almost slammed the back end of a vehicle. In that same one van ride the over weight woman in the back seat that did not buckle her seat belt was thrown into the front crashing into the back of my seat, and stopping in mid traffic flow and turning the vehicle around in mid steam. The ride home is two loud government informants chattering so fast and loudly even the driver noticed, and of course like all informants they try to talk drugs and alcohol to attempt to frame me for this kind on uncooth behavior. I was left to wait over an hour to be picked up each trip, in the place being treated for cancer, then over an hour in the vehicle getting taken back home. The drivers picked up and dropped off too many other people, who were all healthy, and were all government informants there to quote back things said in my home where wire tapping laws were broken, and to push drugs or alcohol hoping to make me appear as if I was some alcoholic! The driver was in on this kind of behavior! IT WAS A THIRD DEGREE FELONY IN AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT HAVING INFORMANTS OR LAW ENFORCEMENT INVOLVED IN ANY ASPECT OF MEDICAL CARE, DISCLOSURE LAWS WER BROKEN BY OFFICERS PLOTTING THIS ILLEGAL TRAP AND SNARE THEY HOPED TO LAY FOR ME GOD'S ANOINTED MINISTER! It was not just wire tapping laws broken violating TN state law, it was also disclosure and AWD Act laws, and spreading to informants accusation such as diverticulitis, ect. At least their knowing the things said in our home where they broke the law gave it away, causing further checking into it.FACEBOOK CARRIE GEREN SCOGGINS OR FACEBOOK LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF TN CARRIE GEREN SCOGGINS

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