What if Jesus was Black?
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#22 Dec 10, 2011
wolfeagle wrote:
What about Jesus' siblings? He was not an "only child". So in a way, would the brothers of Jesus be divine in a way? I suppose that since Joseph was the daddy of Jesus, but God was, this means that Jesus had "step-siblings" and as such, absent them not producing offspring then to this very day there must be direct descendants. Where are they?
One thing for sure, Jesus was born in the Middle-East and clearly he didn't have Anglo-Saxon facial features nor did he have blue eyes with blond highlights in his long hair as depicted in pictures. Now, do Angels have wings?????
Jesus's siblings were not blood kin.

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#23 Dec 10, 2011
well,if they had the same mother,wouldn't they be blood kin? I seriously don't know about this and would like to know. Doesn't the Mothers blood matter at all? I mean,she does carry the child and her body fiters the blood and nourishes the child..
hey Lisa

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#24 Dec 10, 2011
You're right. Everyone here constantly plays the "I'm a christian" card but deep down they hate everyone they deal with, they even hate themselves. What would Jesus do...again?

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#25 Dec 17, 2011
I don't say I'm a "devout christian" Me I'm just "FORGIVEN"! A child of God no matter what color he is. But, Dr. Jere, you do have a point!!!

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#26 Dec 18, 2011
pixie wrote:
well,if they had the same mother,wouldn't they be blood kin? I seriously don't know about this and would like to know. Doesn't the Mothers blood matter at all? I mean,she does carry the child and her body fiters the blood and nourishes the child..
They did not have the same mother.

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#27 Dec 18, 2011
How did they not have the same mother? Mary had Jesus & if he had bros & sis' then she had to have them.?

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#28 Dec 18, 2011
to "who"=what are you talking about-of course they had the same mother-the Bible says that Mary had other kids and James was one of them.He states that he was the brother of Jesus(through Mary)

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#29 Dec 18, 2011
huh wrote:
to "who"=what are you talking about-of course they had the same mother-the Bible says that Mary had other kids and James was one of them.He states that he was the brother of Jesus(through Mary)
Not so.

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#30 Dec 18, 2011
The names of four brothers of Jesus are actually listed in the Gospels. According to Matthew: "Is not this the carpenter's son? Is not his mother called Mary? And are not his brothers James and Joseph and Simon and Judas? And are not all his sisters with us?" [Matt. 13:55-56; RSV]. A similar list of names can be found in Mark's Gospel: "Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon and are not his sisters here with us?" [Mark 6:3; RSV] These lists agree with each other apart from the minor difference between "Joseph" in Matthew and "Joses" in Mark. Later in both Gospels, the names of those, who followed Jesus to His crucifixion, are recorded. These lists contain family information on two "brothers." According to Matthew, the women, who followed Jesus, were "Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee." [Matt. 27:56; RSV] Mark's list includes: "Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the younger and of Joses, and Salome,... and also many other women." [Mark 15:40; RSV] The same name variation is observed in both lists: Matthew refers to "Joseph"; whereas, Mark refers to "Joses". This variation supports their connection to the names of Jesus' brothers. According to both texts, James and Joseph (or Joses) are the sons of Mary. But this Mary is not referred to as the mother of Jesus. This would be an odd omission, if she were also the mother of Jesus. John's Gospel has a similar list of women: "...standing by the Cross of Jesus were His mother, and His mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene." [John 19:25; RSV] According to John, Mary the mother of Jesus was present at the Cross, but John also records another Mary other than Mary Magdalene. Comparing lists, it appears that James the younger and Joseph (or Joses) were the sons of the other Mary. Elsewhere, Matthew actually calls her "the other Mary." [Matt. 28:1] This other Mary is said to be the "sister" of Jesus' mother. Therefore, James and Joseph (or Joses) are Jesus' cousins and not His siblings. Now since both Marys share the same name, it is unlikely that they were siblings. Instead they were most likely members of the same clan. It would be confusing for parents to name their children with the same name. This is an example of "sister" being used in the wider sense as cousin. One small problem still remains: In Acts 1:13 and Matt 10:3, the younger James, an Apostle, is also said to be the son of Alphaeus. Perhaps the other Mary was married twice, or Alphaeus was also called Clopas (not uncommon in the Bible, e.g. Israel vs. Jacob, Simon vs. Peter, Paul vs. Saul...), or Clopas was not the name of her husband but her father, birthplace or whatever. The last explanation is supported by the Douay-Rheims translation: "Mary of Cleophas" [John 19:25]. The Bible text shows that Mary, mother of James, and Mary, mother of Jesus, are different women. The case of two Marys can cause confusion today as perhaps with the crowds of Jesus' day.

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#31 Dec 18, 2011
The previous post is a classic example of eisegesis!

this is why people need to actually read the Bible themselves instead of reading the assumptive interpretations of strangers on topix.

To the previous poster, I would recommend studying by using/comparing several different versions/translations of the bible. Using only the english revised standard version (or honestly the KJV) is why there is so much confusion within Christianity today.

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#32 Dec 18, 2011

Lavinia, TN

#33 Dec 18, 2011
James says in the Bible that he is the brother of Jesus!

Shelby, NC

#34 Dec 18, 2011
I always liked to think of him as glowing, kinda like a black light but way brighter. oh, and he has the body of chaning tatum, the face of johnny depp, a black mohawk, tattoos, and dresses like brett micheals! oh yes!!! I think I feel the need for a very close relationship with my creator!!!

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#35 Dec 18, 2011
Well the beauty of all this is that everyone has the right to believe the teachings and biblical scholars that they want to. It is certainly not my purpose, goal or desire to make anyone else believe the way I do. To each his own, and that's part of living in a free country. And as far as studying what the bible says, I have done a good bit of that, including comparing various translations from the ancient scripture and the actual intent of the words used in the originals. You believe it your way, and I will believe it mine.

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#36 Dec 18, 2011
I now understand the meaning behind the BIG BANG theory :-D
balls to the walls bobby

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#38 Nov 1, 2012
agreed big dick johnson if jesus was black there would be another holicost

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#39 Nov 1, 2012
Color doesn't matter. According to historians people of that area in that era possibly were more of a creme color.. as far as any racist comments, that there may or may not be... i don't know cause i was afraid to read the preceding comments, but some people are just hardwired with hatred and who better to hate than someone of a different color than yourself. Once i was starving in Chicago, my mom was in a sugar coma and i was pretty much on my own.. a stranger fed me for a week. Very nice guy. He was s Puerto Rican
atheaist or agnostic

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#40 Nov 1, 2012
if you want to believe in something beleive in what is proven by facts, fact the bible was writin by man,, and man lies cheats and steals that just his nature.
man muders and mutilates, and doesn't need a devil to make him do bad things, fact theres is no proof there is a god, its all faith to beleive in something bigger than ourselves so our lives don't seem so point less, fact you live than you die and so it's been for thousands of years,,fact a book thats been translated hundreds of times has books left out edited than edited again how can there be any facts left,,fact there has been so many things here before us dinosaurs ,caveman and so how do you explain those things the bible doesn't but science does to a point,, there are atousand other facts i could point out but what good would that do everyone needs something to beleive in so beleive in what ever you want
amazing Grace

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#41 Nov 1, 2012
I love Jesus.....im not ashamed! Im saved by the precious blood!!! Praise God im saved glory glory to My king.

There will always be anti Christ. But to those that dont belive in God, you should at least study about the tribulation. So you will know what to expect when you notice the rapture has happened and the saints of God are with him in heaven.
You then will become a beliver and beg for mercy.
But.....its to late! And you cant say you didnt know because you are reading this post.....
Jesus died on the cross of Calvary so that we can be saved. You must repent and ask God to save you.
To enter into the kingdom of heaven. you must belive.Those who do not belive will burn in hell eternity. if you die before the day ends....where will you go? You can chose heaven oe hell??? Its simply theres only 2 places. How about this study revelation study the tribulation period...
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#42 Nov 2, 2012
Evil Bible.com

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