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armpit of the earth

#278 Mar 7, 2013
Oddly enough, you posted this exact same thing, verbatim, earlier in this thread... under a different name.
Peggy Clark-Knoxville TN wrote:
I have purchased from Capital Meats over the last two years and have been EXTREMELY pleased. They have top quality meat and seafood and my salesman is very professional. I can call at anytime and know that my questions will be answered and my product will be here within 48 hours. The prices are amazing and if I have a problem, it is resolved immediately. The only problem I have ever had us the fact that I did not like the lemon pepper chicken and it was exchanged for the Italian chicken (my personal favorite) Give Capital Meats a chance... You can't go wrong. Does your grocer give you a guarantee? I will not buy meat from any other place.

Ambler, PA

#279 Mar 25, 2013
although i didnt have the chance to view all of the post above me, I did get to read a lot of funny ones from people complaining about how people buy them with food stamps,the packing (which has a 12 month warranty from the date of your purchase)!!!!!! what meat store/company ESPECIALLY a "door to door" company do you know that warranties their meat? Now no company is perfect and never will be capital meats in the past was at best par.. Now they have new farms in south america where the air is cleaner and the grass is more nutritious. They have 3 steak packages premium (grain feed cattle) than their new white and gold label beef from south america which has thicker better quality cuts.I understand alot of people buy meats by the pound, capital meats does not sell it by the pound they sell it by the serving because to all the people who do the shopping and cooking when you buy your meats by the pound you have to do a lot of trimming and cutting wether its fat or bone. With capital meats everything is ready to cook ready to eat they tripple trim all their steaks so what your paying for your actually eating not throwing away or letting your dog chew on. I would say capital meats is far from a scam they are whole salers so ask them about their package deals and youll get a better price.
Steve-Eastern Shore MD

Salisbury, MD

#280 Mar 25, 2013
From being in sales myself for quite some time, I'm a little more aware of sales tactics or should I say non-tactics like those used by this group. The sales person showed up on a Friday night (dark outside), with the garage door open but the lights were turned off, and walked in to knock on my garage door-not the front door. Let's just say that this 'move' instantly put me and our GS dog on the defensive, which the sales person then just left pretty quickly. I'm all for people that work for a living, but their methods are terrible, let alone that the product is not good at all.
sexy tiger

Chalfont, PA

#281 Mar 27, 2013
EgoBrain wrote:
Am I that predictable????
Don't answer.
I just wanted to let everybody know I bought from Capital meats last week we probably 83 different kinds of steaks at least 1 of every chicken and marinate and I do have to say that is the most amazing food that I ever ate in my whole entire life...they should just stock the grocery stores up fool of capital meats you know why the grocery stores which sell out that's right I'm going to say it again the best food in the whole entire universe

Crossville, TN

#282 Apr 12, 2013
oh my God!

People who buy meats like this and say this is cheap are so stupid!!

One can go to save a lot and get 5 packages of good meat for only $19.99 per each 5 packs. Or go to dollar general market and get huge steaks for like less then 6 dollars for package that has 2 to 4 in it. let me give an example of just how dumb peope are.

kroger had a tv ad that said this 2 - 5lb bags idaho potatoes for $5. I heard people saying that was a great deal. well save a lot had 10lb bagof same brand of idaho potatoes for $2.99 and these dummies were arguing kroger had better deal, yeah right? maybe for these stupid people lol. these 10 for $10 deals and the buy one get one free are jokes as well. buy one mac and cheese for $3.59 then get 1 free dumb. you paying for 2 by paying almost $4 for just 1. You can get Kraft mac and cheese for $1.29. And those that are for 1$( 10 for $10 can get at other stores for 60 to 89 cents each.

people who buy this stuff thinking its cheap and they getting a great deal have never had to take $100 to the store to buy food to feed 3 people for a whole 30 days. not $100 per week, but $100 the whole month. well that is what have for budget to eat on the whole month and NO i dont get food stamps, never have gotten them.

I give you all a challange. for every 3 members of your family take $100 worth of food make it last a whole month. you got 6 people in your family up it to $200. then in 1 month let me know if you were able to do that and i will show you how i do it every month!
PSC Knoxville

Tucker, GA

#283 Apr 13, 2013
Get your facts straight. Capital Meat trucks do not have pictures if steak and other meat products on their trucks. You do not pay $30 per puns for their products and their products are high quality. Do a little research and find out the truth. Odds are you are from a competing company
Jimmy wrote:
The old "meat Truck" scam is back in town. The van has been around this area this week. The van has pictures of steaks and meat products on the sides with the name Capital Meats. If you think paying $30.00 or more per pound for average quality steaks is a good deal...go for it. This is a high pressure scam. I suggest doing a Google search on "Capital Meats" and read the long list of complaints.
PSC Knoxville

Tucker, GA

#284 Apr 13, 2013
You obviously took my comment from Capital Meats website

Taylor, MI

#285 Apr 15, 2013
Capital meats is a total scam, the meat sucks, the delivery guys are losers. Apparently people who say they like the meat do not know what good meat is! They will not be welcome near my house!!!!
Live free or die

Forest Hill, MD

#286 Apr 19, 2013
Capital Meats has knocked on our door twice in the last month. I don't like the way they knock very aggressively on the door. The first time the guy knocked so loudly and insistently that I thought there was some kind of emergency happening. That guy was a clean cut looking, kind of cute, asian American. I didn't really like that he ran back and forth across my lawn between the back door and front door knocking on both. That might have been because my cat was up on the roof meowing. She goes up there to look in the bedroom window. He thought she was trapped up there. Of course, I didn't open my screen door and didn't buy anything. I don't allow strangers in my home.

He didn't look like a criminal or thief. He actually looked like a nice guy but I don't like salespeople coming to my house--it is obnoxious and intrusive. At my home, I want peace and quiet and to be left alone.

The second time I didn't even answer my door. I looked out the window and saw their truck and stayed inside. I watched to make sure he didn't steal anything because I don't trust anybody who drives up onto our property uninvited. If they pull up when I am gardening, I'll run inside for my gun and let them know real quick how unwelcome they are. Come to think of it, maybe I should keep my gun on me when I am gardening. I really hate son of a *itches on my land.

It should be illegal for them to come around to sell things. Imagine if you had people knocking all day selling every god damn thing in the grocery store. It would be a nightmare. They should not have a right to do unsolicited sales at people's residences.
capital meats employee

Woodstock, VA

#287 Apr 20, 2013
I am baffeled by the negative things I am seeing. I started working for this company a little while ago and I am still in training but I have never once seen any of the drivers do anything out of line. They have all always been curteous and respectful. Also where else in the world would you find ALL NATURAL steak, pork, seafood, and chicken with a 12 MONTH guarantee? Most of our drivers and sales people even put our own personal cell phone number on the receipt so if anything is wrong or you do not enjoy the food, it can be exchanged or refunded. We make our money based on what we sell, not how many doors we knock or by the hour. We are simply doing a job. I understand not every one is interested but to sick a dog on us or to threaten to shoot a firearm at us is completely out of line. If you ever have a sales person act out of line with you, there is a 1800 number on the capital meats website that you may call and speak with someone. Also, how would it be a "scam" if you are getting a receipt with the transaction? Every driver carries a receipt book with them.

Also some of the vehicles being described do not sound like capital meats. All of of vehicles will have the capital meats logo on them usually the whole van or truck is covered in flames. They will have a capital meats shirt or sweatshirt on and also have brochures that show the retail amount that stores would charge and what we offer them to you online for. Most drivers will give you a discount for helping us out and to get the meat off the truck. Just saying, you are not being scammed, I would not work for a scammer.

Silver Spring, MD

#288 Apr 23, 2013
I thought the guys were a little pushy, but the meat is tender and I have no complaints. We've eaten 2 of the 6 boxes we bought and so far everthing's been great.

United States

#289 Apr 23, 2013
Bull Durham wrote:
<quoted text>
How long have you been employed at capital meats?
What does it matter... The irony about our educated idiots is they always has to gripe and complain about everything they probably still live with mom our dad working at a low income job and states that they are helping thier parent

Denton, MD

#290 Apr 23, 2013
michael wrote:
No matter how a customer pays,they should be treated fairly and not scammed.Been a meatman for a long time.Worked for Ohio Steaks in Columbus,Ohio for a short time and saw the ugly side of this business.The owner,Mr.Stewart,tolerated crack and heroin use(in his trucks!)by 90% of his employees.Alot of these 'salesmen'(and women)would double charge food stamp cards and credit cards,steal some of the meat back by "packing the freezer for the customer",or just flat out steal from them.I've worked for a reputable company,and idiots like these give real salesmen a bad name.
I had an "interview" with them and it was a day of driving around on a route. One of the guys was drinking and driving on the way home and they were playing loud rap music all day in the neighborhood in question. They also took a couch from the side of the road that was unsanitary and put it in the back of the meat van to their shop. I did not want to be associated with them after that.

Woodbridge, VA

#291 May 8, 2013
They are now in sterling, VA. Scary looking guy knocking at the door, this is th second time.... Be aware

Huntingdon Valley, PA

#292 May 10, 2013
All of you idiots need something to do with your lives.
For those of you who buy meat from a truck, your double idiots
common sense

Nashville, TN

#293 May 30, 2013
Did you stop to think...maybe the were afraid of dogs?! Many door to door salesmen have been bitten by dogs as have delivery people of all types of products. It is not easy selling door to door because of many reasons including over coming all the mentality of those hwo like to pre-judge others and stereo-type them!
nick wrote:
They just came through my block. As soon as my dog started barking they took off. Complete scam. Seems fishy to me that they ran.....
common sense

Nashville, TN

#294 May 30, 2013
Ok so you followed them around all day? And you do not like rap music? They picked up a couch, which can be sterilized!!, and this is note worthy enough to dislike someone? I guess your couch at home is sterile? lmao at you..........did you stop to think they could have dropped it off at salvation army?
Elly wrote:
<quoted text>
I had an "interview" with them and it was a day of driving around on a route. One of the guys was drinking and driving on the way home and they were playing loud rap music all day in the neighborhood in question. They also took a couch from the side of the road that was unsanitary and put it in the back of the meat van to their shop. I did not want to be associated with them after that.
common sense

Nashville, TN

#295 May 30, 2013
But buying meat at the grocery store is so so safe? Same USDA Certifies both products. How many liilions of pounds have been recalled from Kroger, walmart, etc etc etc. Many good deals can be had from "off the truck" sales. But always buyer beware. Not all people are the same.
Budooch wrote:
All of you idiots need something to do with your lives.
For those of you who buy meat from a truck, your double idiots
common sense

Nashville, TN

#296 May 30, 2013
Have you looked at the price when buying from Omaha and Kansas city steak etc etc? 20 plus per pound! Buying off the truck is usually less per pound than grocery store or equal. Considering you do not use your time at the store, your gas, your vehicle and it has a guarantee. It is better apples to apples than going to the store even if price is only equal!

Browns Mills, NJ

#297 Jun 6, 2013
Fred Bastiat wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know about capital meats, but there is an outfit that distributes out of a truck (and internet)called "the Cattle Exchange" from Cumming Ga. They go door to door and they sell steaks , shrimp, italian sausage, hamburgers, salmon, red snapper... they have about everything. Their prices are reasonable and the more you buy, the better the prices. This is the third year we bought from them and we have been very pleased with their product. If you are NOT satisfied they will send a rep to replace or refund. Everything comes frozen and vacume packed.
Give them a try if they are in your neighborhood.
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