do not shop at art van
Jillian Newcast

Troy, MI

#205 Feb 8, 2014
Does anyone out there know if Art Van helps his former mistress that left Florida and moved to New York? Art allowed his former cook to kick Lorin out and he did nothing about it. Now his cook is living Lorin's life that she wanted so desperately. We all feel so bad for Lorin as she was so heartbroken over this loss of Art. She loved him so much and for over ten years. The cooks is ugly as far as we are all concerned and she makes Art look even older.

Whitmore Lake, MI

#206 Feb 8, 2014
I used to work for art van in the back of the store. as a teenager, unloading the trucks there was quite a lot of dishonesty going on. All of the kids back thre would scratch up tables, slice open leather sectionals and "accidently" drop some of the furniture. While customers yelled at us for taking a long time, nobody did anything. Breaks on a timely basis? not very often. managment was a total joke. While the founder of fart van may live a rich lifestyle his emplyees are being suckered into such a waste of a company. Good riddance you terrible company.

Mount Pleasant, MI

#207 Mar 6, 2014
I will never shop
There again!!!! Rude sales man who was talking behind our back and we heard it all ..... What a jerk he was ... I was warned not to go
There by my sister who before she passed away got a bed there and 2 years later it was so bad that the middle springs where up so high that her and her husband couldn't even lay side by side as she was dying. But I thought since it was family who worked there it would be ok . Nope a salesman at art van doesn't matter if it's family or not ---- your just a number and a person to manipulate to buy junk so they can profit off from you
not arts big mansion

Royal Oak, MI

#208 Mar 7, 2014
I don't understand why people are surprised that they get poor products, bad value, crappy service, and poor service after the sale at Art Van. Isn't this just common knowledge?
Mark In Indianapolis

Whiteland, IN

#209 Mar 13, 2014
On the front page of Art Van's website they say, "Total Satisfaction Guarantee". Not only does my experience with them lead me to believe their actions donít follow this value, my follow up dealing with the Indianapolis store supports my belief. My wife & I bought a $2,400 mattress. When asked about a delivery date, the store manager gave us a couple of options on dates. We chose one and (we thought) were all set. A day before the scheduled delivery a lady from their office called to verify the schedule, only now it had moved 4 hours. We told her that canít happen (as we did the manager) because we would be on our way out of town at that time. She said, no problem, and said we are all set back to the original delivery window. So, I came home early from work, waited, and after waiting 1 hour past the delivery window, I called to find out where the mattress and was told they would call back once they found out where it was. 30 minutes later I had to call to ask again, as I got no return call. Finally, about 10 minutes later they called to say that the mattress would be delivered in the "next 45 minutes or so". I was furious, as I had taken off work and waited, for nothing. I told him to cancel the delivery and that next week they will now provide me a pinpoint delivery time. At 3:15 their delivery people called to say they were "here with the mattress". I told him that we are on our way out of town and to take it back. Anyway, they did not call Monday, as they said they would, to schedule that, so I had to call, yet again. When I did call, he was upset that he would have to do a pinpoint delivery but I said I already wasted half a day waiting on them. When he, angrily, said they would be there at 4:30 sharp the next day, I said ok. So, I left work early to await their delivery. However, by 4:40, the driver called and said he would be there "by about 5". Upset, I said to just get here and deliver the mattress. Once delivered, we also did not like one of the pillows they provided; we had bought 2 of the same pillows. Although included in the purchase price, each pillow is valued at over $100. When I went back to exchange 1 of the pillows that was not used, the manager would not even talk to me other than to say "you can select from one of these". I selected a different pillow and left.
I am in a service industry....when you encourage a culture of disregard for the customer it becomes prevalent throughout the company. This was evident here. Obviously, we will never purchase anything from them again. We would also encourage all our friends and co-workers to go to Cosco or Macy, as their customer service is heads-and-shoulders above anything we experienced here. With prices so competitive, I truly could not understand why anyone would be a repeat customer to Art Van. That said, cultures like this typically cause their own customer base to leave them and eventually fail. Although I donít like saying this, it will likely happen here, because our experiences lead us to believe that their website talk about total satisfaction and their actions are totally inconsistent with each other.
Buyers beware!

Milford, MI

#210 Mar 15, 2014
Worst customer service!!!
Bought some bunk bed's or my kids. I paid for delivery charge to only getting 3 boxes since the stairs were damaged. These stairs had no protection on them nor plastic. Called Art Van and complained all they could tell me is wait till next week and transfered me to warranty!
They kept wanting to just give me my money back and wait a week for corporate check!
Such a huge hassle..employees are so unprofessional!
Will NEVER to business with Art Van!!
I've purchased from Value City and will keep purchasing from Value City!
Former Employee

Rochester, MI

#211 Apr 3, 2014
I worked for Art Van for 6 years .. and yes we never got a raise was promised and promised raises .. Yes Art Van gave to Charity for Recognition, Sorry but if you trying for points in God's eyes you do for the less fortunate silently to be rewarded . Not so People think your a Great Man and Want to shop in your stores . Unfortunately I seen so many customers scammed by the sales people , and being rewarded for it . My Sister was dying of Cancer , and they would not let me have any time off to help her . Their saying was forget your family , we are your family now your here at least 9 hours of a day you see us more then anyone. Sorry but my family would never hurt people and be cruel to people like the managers at a lot of their stores . I know the company got to big , and lack of knowledge of what goes on in their other stores also . When they did send someone to spy to see exactly what may be going on , there was always a leak warning them someone was coming to watch . Employee purchases are the worse , you get a discount but if you have problems your basically out of luck . So I paid like anyone else , but even then since i was a employee they treated me rude when had problems with furniture . They are famous for sending out furniture sent back with flaws and painting or just redelivering the same furniture over and over . Not wanting to take something back with a problem ,when you pay for brand new. The Drivers tell you sorry we cannot take it back unless your very insistent , they want to insist that you have to have service come out ! Fraywah YOU ARE SO CORRECT also .. Most of their Furniture does come from China , only the mattresses do not the kingsdown mattresses are owned by Art Van and made right here in Michigan . I have worked for a few places , and I can HONESTLY say , I never seen a company that treated their employees so horrible , unless you are Family or Friend of Family oh and there are many there that are , since Art Van has a huge family .
So disagree former employ

Rochester, MI

#212 Apr 3, 2014
Shannon wrote:
I have bought furniture from Art Van with no problem at all (several pieces). Of course I take care of My furniture also. As far as furniture falling apart - stop buying cheap furniture. Afterall - you get what you pay for - no matter where you shop. And like Mike said - leather does not just fall apart on it's own - if you buy good quality that is. Of course if you go out shopping for the cheapest thing you can find, then yeah it probably will fall apart.
I so have to disagree with Shannon ... I worked at Art Van I seen people buy very expensive furniture and Special Order furniture and go through round after round to either never get a resolve or finally after fight after fight with Art Van Managers all the way up the Ladder . I myself purchased a living room set (expensive ) and a bedroom set ( clearance ) My Living room set which consisted of Sofa , Loveseat , Coffee & tv table in one , end table , table with Lamp attached , Lamp . The Coffee-tv table was all chewed out on inside like a rat ate the wood , they did not want to take it back , because i had delivery of it . even though i called immediately after i cut the straps on table . Had to go a round to have them do that , the Sofa the recliner pops out started about 1 year after purchase and had 5 year warranty . At first they kept saying nothing wrong , when started popping out on them then they kept just saying dont know what is wrong .. then Said they were sending best guy they had out .. he did nothing .. finally after service called after service call I gave up . Pretty hard to be home for them and work too .. had to keep meeting them and for what to never fix it . Bought a mattress , did you ever try to sleep on a mattress and it sinks in the middle ? The phones ring all day long at all the stores , and at the service department do you know how many service people they have just answering complaints constantly all day long ? I am sure you can find many people who purchased High Quality (supposedly) Furniture there , and had just as many problems if not more then the people who spent less .. It all comes from CHINA
So disagree former employ

Rochester, MI

#213 Apr 3, 2014
Cynthia wrote:
Worst customer service!!!
Bought some bunk bed's or my kids. I paid for delivery charge to only getting 3 boxes since the stairs were damaged. These stairs had no protection on them nor plastic. Called Art Van and complained all they could tell me is wait till next week and transferred me to warranty!
They kept wanting to just give me my money back and wait a week for corporate check!
Such a huge hassle..employees are so unprofessional!
Will NEVER to business with Art Van!!
I've purchased from Value City and will keep purchasing from Value City!
Sorry Cynthia ... but it is not the employees .. unless your talking about Managers .. the employees have rules they have to follow they are not given a choice . They program them what to say and do .. It is a Corporate Rule and Decision about the Check .. their policy is .. if you spend a certain amount or with a Check , they have to submit it to corporate to give you the refund it is the head office

Lennon, MI

#214 Apr 18, 2014
Good luck with getting the depression epidemic resolved on the King Koil mattresses, sounds like the GM issue going on right now. Just need a few people to get hurt before they fix it or even address it! Hopefully the third try is the charm for us!

United States

#215 Apr 18, 2014
My couch recliners don't work no more

Royal Oak, MI

#216 Apr 20, 2014
Futons is good for f*ckin!

and not much else

Little Rock, AR

#217 May 4, 2014
Bought a patio set last summer. The Agio Haywood 5-piece with firepit and 4 chairs. The sales person told us that because the set was aluminum, there was no need to bring it indoors for the winter.
This spring, when putting everything back together, found out that the seat back cross braces blew out because water collected and had nowhere to drain, then froze. I had the service rep out, and he indicated to me that they would not honor the warranty because I did not cover the chairs.

Whether or not the chairs were covered, water got into the frame and froze. When water freezes, it expands. When it expands, it pushes in all directions. One of those directions would be sideways, which blew out the cross members.

I know how to construct tubing, that was my job for years. To deny that they flawed in the manufacturing process is total BS.

Flint, MI

#219 May 30, 2014
disgruntled wrote:
<quoted text>
The misery index is a 12 on a scale of 1 -10 I have been employed 6 years here and I am pusuing a hostile work enviroment law suit.
I would file one also if I were you. I worked there a couple of years ago, and HR leaks confidential information towards one another without your consent. It's the good ole boy system but little does these corporate fucks never heard of the eeoc or department of labor I guess. Every bodies got a boss or superior to answer to at the end of the day. Management micro manages you if your not gossiping and being messy with them...
Tom Stokes

Sylvania, OH

#220 Jul 8, 2014
Art Van recently built a mega store in Toledo. Thought we would investigate, what a mistake. Bought a chair and learned it would be $99 to deliver! So when you shop there be sure to add $100-200 to the price you are looking at because the prices do not include delivery. We asked if that included hauling off our old chair and the salesmen assured us it did. He went on to sell us warranties, again none of their furniture comes with warranties, so add that in too.....delivered the chair and refused to take the old chair saying "oh we never do that". Mad as hell, they lied! Kept the chair but went back and got a refund for the warranties....if they lied once they will lie again.....have seen many posts about their lying, seems to be their standard practice. Stick with local stores that have full service and care about their reputation.
Just sayin

Utica, MI

#221 Jul 9, 2014
mary wrote:
<quoted text>
Just some friendly advice that I received from an employee that worked for Art Van,and my husband and I tried it and it worked. We had the same issue, but with a mattress. So on a busy Saturday in the middle of one of their promotional days, we went in their and started raising hell and telling people not to buy that certain mattress, etc. and we had the manager's attention in 1.5 seconds. He pulled us away from the area very quickly and tried to quiet us down. We told him the issue we had and the run around we got from the store, he said he would get us a brand new mattress and within a few weeks we got our wish. They sent another service man to reevaluate our mattress and miraculously he agreed that it was defective, when only weeks before it was declared perfectly normal wear and tear. So raise hell on a busy day! Good luck! Hope this helps!
Do they have any idea what normal wear and tear on my "work bench" would be? I hit it more times then Peter North on that bad boy. I mean, it sags in the middle from the constant pounding. And that it after two weeks. Just sayin...

Savannah, GA

#222 Jul 11, 2014
Many of these comments seem to be from art Van employees. I am suspicious of any notes with correct spelling and grammar. I trust the complaints.

Savannah, GA

#223 Jul 11, 2014
I suspect that several of these entries are written by Art Van employees.
Dirk Diggler

Troy, MI

#224 Jul 23, 2014
Just sayin wrote:
<quoted text>
Do they have any idea what normal wear and tear on my "work bench" would be? I hit it more times then Peter North on that bad boy. I mean, it sags in the middle from the constant pounding. And that it after two weeks. Just sayin...
Do you know where I can buy one of those black Casting Couches? They seem to hold up well, and are farily resistant to bodily fluids. I could not find this at Art Van.
Poor Art Van Service

Brooklyn, NY

#225 Nov 13, 2014
Terrible! Terrible! Warranty!! There Service and Warranty Department have very poor Customer Service!! They will find a reason, why they will not Repair the furniture!!! Scam!! Scam!! Don't buy this cheaply made furniture or the warranty, that they charge a fortune for!!

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