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Detroit, MI

#1 Jan 23, 2008
I would Love to know what goes on in this place we recently removed our daughter from a trailer in this park, and I would pay for names of the people buying and selling these kids alcohol and drugs its like a whole different world over there you drive through this park and kids, little kids are walking around smoking. And the older kids are held up in the trailers doin drugs and drinking, having sex with numerous people and where are the adults, the parents? Who knows either they are not there(possibly out partying themselves) or they are the ones supplying it who knows all i know is noone has any answers. not the park not the police, but all these 16 and 17 yr old kids are learning alot and not being held accountable for anything.I have talked with many parents whos 16 and 17 year old daughters have run away to this trailer park and they dont come home the same, by the time you get them out of there they come home addicted to ecstacy and willing to do anything for it. Any info on this trailer park would be greatly apreciated
Shannon L

Farmington, MI

#2 Jan 23, 2008
Which one is this? Near Bogie Lk Rd?

Detroit, MI

#3 Jan 24, 2008
no this is the one on north milford road

Wiesbaden, Germany

#4 Feb 27, 2008
I am only 25 and I grew up in this park and high;and hills. they wernt this bad even back in 2001. But now there are only a few run down trailers left with nothing but junkies. It is sad that the little kids have to be exposed to this life style.

Ludington, MI

#5 Mar 6, 2008
This Park & Troy Mobile Home Villa have really gone down the tubes in My Opinion !!!! When the Father Owned them, the were very Nice to Live In. But- Since the Daughter Shelly & Son Rodney took over- They " Do`nt Know How to Run a Park " Especially RODNEY !!!! There are Several People in Troy Villa that I Personally know, & He is giving them a Really Hard Time SELLING ! He should be Reported, & Taught a Lesson. Half the time He`s Off His Meds & You can`t even talk to Him. What a A** hole....The MAJORITY of the People who live there would like to see Him GONE !! If You want to get in this particular Park, Try Talking to Shelly First-NOT HIM....Good Luck to You

Ludington, MI

#6 Mar 6, 2008
DaLin is right !!!! I tried to purchase a home in Troy Villa for $4000, went to the Building to Sign a Lease & RODNEY stated to Me- Why I would pay $4000 for a Unit that`s only worth $2000....What`s that to Him ? The Owner stated He would give $500 for the home. Talk about a CHEAP Idiot !!!! Somethings really wrong with this Guy !!!! Not only did He want to see My W2 Form & Pay Stub- He wanted to see My Bank Account. I told Him to go to H*** & left....I think He is getting away with stuff He shouldn`t be getting away with. Someone needs to Report Him, & really have Him looked into. Troy Courts can`t stand Him, neither can the Residents.
trailer trash

White Lake, MI

#7 Aug 1, 2008
yea this trailer park has gone to shiiiiiiit. every neighbor in here is on crack. literally ive seen it all

Walled Lake, MI

#8 Aug 2, 2008
Ive been around Highland Greens my entire life, and maybe you should be watching your children a little more closely if they're coming home "addicted to ecstasy and willing to do anything for it" it sounds like thats more of a parenting problem to me, rather then the childs. You should know where your childs going if your that concerned, and so quick to blame it on a place of residence. Kind of rediculous. Take responsibility for the fact that maybe your the reason your child ran away to Highland Greens, and would rather be there then with you or maybe you didnt do a good enough job to get her to come home. Highland Greens isn't hell, theres not people knocking door to door selling drugs, or shooting up heroin on your doorstep. Its the parents like you, who let there kids go wherever they want and wont accept the repercussions of where they've been.

White Lake, MI

#9 Aug 3, 2008
i have lived in highland greens for a little over 11 years now and i have watched it become one of the nicest trailer parks in oakland county, and run down to one of the worst. not only is it the trailers that are lacking upkeep, but its also the underaged children running around unsupervised, while parents are sitting inside partying, or hell, even partying outstide in their yards. Curfew used to be 10 o'clock, but now its never enforced. my car has been broked into numerous times, and im sure numerous times to come. i have asked the park officials to please place a light post on our street, and they tell me to get a brighter porch light. and when i told one of the men that work for the park that there is a widdowed old lady that lives next door all alone and would appreciate a light post he replied "hmm, well maybe i should go down there" in a provocative manner. i advise if you are looking for a place to live, this is not it. it is hell on earth.
Patti Highland MI

West Bloomfield, MI

#10 Aug 8, 2008
Personally, I believe that no matter where you live, there are going to be problems. I believe that parents today need to take a little more responsibilty for their childrens actions. Most of these parents don't care what their children are doing, as long as they are not bothering them. It is truly sad. Children are now in control. Parents control was taking away when we were no longer allowed to "spank", not "beat" our children.(big difference between the two"). Not only do I live in Highland Greens, but I also work there. Believe it or not, I have seen a lot of improvement, and a lot less problems here, compared to 5 or 6 years ago. Yes, we will still have our groups that cause problems, but, like I said, parents need to be a little more responsible. I raised three children here and am proud of all three of them. Yeah, they may have had their ups and downs, but, they didn't or don't run the streets and I, as a parent, know where they are and what they are doing at all times. I think that the Community looks wonderful, compared to 5 years ago, and Shelley and Rodney continue to make improvements. If nothing else, they are trying. And, just to let everyone know, the last group arrested for a string of B&E's to homes and vehicles within the Community, did not even live here. That I know for a fact. So, if you are looking for a place to live, this is a great place to check out.
not from Highland

Ann Arbor, MI

#11 Aug 9, 2008
Where are the police while all of this "known" drug use and underage illegalities are occuring?
Lee Highland

Little Rock, AR

#12 Aug 14, 2008
I also live in the park. As a parent, I know alot
of families that would never let their children
run the streets. I would like to let you know that
NOT ALL HOMES IN THIS PARK HAVE AN ADDICTION PROBLEM. I happen to be very proud to call Highland greens home.

Wixom, MI

#13 Aug 27, 2008
Well i'm 22 I have lived in highland greens two years.As far as I am concerned the park it's self is getting better there tearing out old trailers and putting in new ones. The so called parents should be jailed for what they are letting there children do.The street that I live on isn't to bad it is mainly older people. But I feel the park needs to kick out some people and higher some securty. Another problem is when you call the cops they show up hours later, that is if they even show up. If all this was taking care of this place wouldn't be so bad.

Linden, MI

#15 Dec 19, 2008
Wow, that's a lot to take into consideration. I have to say though, that I know a familly that lives in this park, and when I go to visit them I never see people in the streets, at all. So somebody really doesn't have a clue. Also at the moment I live in a City that has more money and better police, in a really nice neighborhood and there are still, ignorant, non-deserving parents that don't watch their kids enough and let them get addicted to one thing or another. I would gladly live in Highland Greens.

Trenton, MI

#16 Dec 22, 2008
Not to be rude or offensive but typically haven't trailer parks had the reputation of being a pretty rough place to live?

Saginaw, MI

#17 Jan 3, 2009
I grew up in this trailer park back in the 70's. wow have things changed. back then we had security.you couldn't get a way with anything. I am sorry to hear that the park has gone to trash. This was a great place to grow up. we lived in this park a total of 16 years. really a shame.

White Lake, MI

#18 Jan 6, 2009
I have been living here at Highland Greens for almost a year now and I hope I don't jinks myself but I haven't had ANY problems livin here at all. The park is strict about keeping your yard kept up, the guys that work here are very helpful and polite. There are some run down trailers however, the yards are always well kept. When I first moved in, the street light outside my house would flicker. When I told them about it, they fixed it asap... To be honest, I moved in here thinking "oh god, please help me!" Ya know what... he was. I have an afforadable place that my children and I call HOME! Thank You Highland Greens.

Dayton, OH

#19 Jan 8, 2009
well, watch your kids every minute in that park...i know from experience, i use to live there, there is alot of drugs there! and have you looked up sex offenders in your area? i would. keep your babies close to you, all the time. i couldn't wait to get out of there. good luck

Wixom, MI

#20 Jan 9, 2009
I have a very dear friend who lives here with her son, who is a great kid thanks to her involvement with him. She is a wonderful mom, very involved with her child and keeps her place very nice.

I think it is very unfair to paint all people who live in any same place with the same brush.

I live in a "nice" sub and we've had more trouble with kids coming into our sub from the nearby neighborhood which is full of mansions on lake property.

They steal from your garage, break into your homes, trash your pumpkins and Christmas decorations - and these are kids that aren't even living in my own sub.

So who is anyone to judge?

Greer, SC

#21 Jan 14, 2009
I have lived here for 13 years and let me tell you, its like any other place you live. there's always going to be the bad and the ugly nomatter you go. I havnt had any problems except for my car being brokin into. but that can happen anywhere. Ive also had my car broken into at kmarts, so does that make the store bad no. Its the parents need to take back control of there kids, and its sad that they are afraid to. I would bust my daughters butt to next week if i knew she was out doing bad things like that, but ya know what i dont have to worry about that because i do have control of my children. we need to stop being so afraid to go to jail over spanking our kids and just do it.. I feel fine about the place that i live and im glad im in highland.

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