Rude EMS service Technicians

Spring, TX

#21 Feb 2, 2009
i recently called 9-1-1 and the emt was very rude and inconsiderate i understand that alot of training goes into this job as does it with any other job. but who cares why does that justify an emt to treat patients rudely. just because you see trauma on a daily basis and may not be surprised by it we dont. You should have compassion and an open mind when you work with distressed people. remember we called YOU so we obviously felt it was dire and absolutely necessary so HAVE A HEART and be polite and if you dont like your job go find another career.

Trenton, MI

#22 Feb 3, 2009
tarmac wrote:
<quoted text>
I hope if I need emergency help I don't have you responding to my call. As if we are suppose to call you or 911 often to be familiar with emergent situations. Gimme a break. Considering you wish to make issue with spelling and grammer of a poster, I can imagine we would be dead if you were to to be the attending EMT at an emergent situation. Thanks alot. R.I.P.
Well said! I agree!

Abingdon, VA

#23 Feb 12, 2009
I think everyones issue is a one sided view. We as providers dont see situations the same as untrained persons. Example grandpa cant breath, to the family that means grandpa is dying. To us, we see the ashtray and know grandpa just smoked about a carton of marlboros and needs o2 and to quit smoking. Two views of the same problem. As for the rudeness, well that is somewhat unexcusable but to those not in ems, you ever had bad day at work and been pissy. Well for most of us a bad day at work means we werent able to save a life or we had to deal with those who abuse the system and cause a loss of life. Just food for thought.

P.S. I really dont give a damn about my spelling or grammer. I dont get paid to spell.
sad without him

North Las Vegas, NV

#24 Apr 7, 2009
I was present when my fiance had a stroke in our home and later died, although at the time, I had no idea what was wrong with him. I heard him making choking noises from the other room. When I entered the room, his eyes were half open and he was not making eye contact with me; he was talking to me but not making sense. Terrified, I called for an ambulance, and the EMT's arrived.
They asked him a series of questions so that they could try to figure out what was going on. As they strapped my now incoherent fiance into a chair (to wheel him down the stairs), one of the EMT's asked me if my fiance had been doing drugs. To my knowledge, he had not, and I answered accordingly. The EMT snidely replied, "We're going to find out anyway, so you might as well just tell us."
Now, I understand that probably countless people are on drugs or overdosing at the time a 911 call is placed. However, there were no drugs involved, ever, in our case, and hearing my fiance be accused of doing drugs when he hadn't and then being treated without respect, as though I was lying, only served to add stress to an already frightening situation.
Please remember to have empathy in these situations. Have respect towards the family members or friends who make the emergency call. If you are an EMT who had a bad day because a life was lost on a prior response, why on earth would you take it out on another person in the next emergency situation that arises? They're all just trying to stay alive, or trying to help a loved one stay alive.
You became an EMT because you wanted to help people, right? Then please help with your actions AND your words. Those words hurt five years ago, and to this day I still don't understand why that EMT couldn't have been more compassionate towards me as I witnessed the beginning of the end of my fiance's life.
sad without him

North Las Vegas, NV

#25 Apr 7, 2009
That being said, you EMT's really are appreciated for what you do. Thanks for all your hard work.

Brighton, TN

#26 Aug 28, 2009
All ems workers all sometimes stressed, because of their job just like everyone else, because they are human. god bless you all.

White Lake, MI

#27 Aug 31, 2009
why would you question any of our public servants,after all not everyone with a third grade education can get such a prestigious job where they can park right outside the door or get free food at the stores and restaurants in White Lake9375 township

Brighton, TN

#28 Aug 31, 2009
I am a EMT and i love my job, i try too treat all my patients the way i would want too be treated if i was the patient.

Brighton, TN

#29 Sep 13, 2009
Everyone knows that if it not your own family of friends that is hurt or sick, some people just dont care.

White Lake, MI

#30 Oct 13, 2009
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big D

United States

#31 Oct 29, 2010
i had just made a call to 911 and they came but my mom had chest pains but i think it was her heart, the paramedics said she wanted attention and they were very rude. are paramedics allowed to say that?
just sayin

Allen Park, MI

#32 Nov 5, 2010
I would have too agree with Cindy. All those with who responded just showed how rude and arrogant emergency assistance professionals are. I have been in ambulances in Warren that have gotten lost on their way to the hospital. So I guess they are not as smart as all that!

San Diego, CA

#33 Nov 7, 2010
Oh Bother wrote:
<quoted text>
thanks. i needed to hear it from a ems person. recently my wife was transported to the nearest hospital and it was a disaster. Like arriving safely and opening a door to a vacumme (poor care). ambulance ride perfect but at the other end was a mess. I'll take care of it now that she is out and home. like you said i could have put her in my car and drove the 18 miles if she wasn't that much in distress. actually she was bad off and i might have been giving cpr on the freeway. Still in all closer isn't always the best for your health.
Stand Corrected

Grosse Pointe, MI

#34 Nov 8, 2010
big D wrote:
i had just made a call to 911 and they came but my mom had chest pains but i think it was her heart, the paramedics said she wanted attention and they were very rude. are paramedics allowed to say that?
Let me get this straight,you called 911 for your mother who had chest pains? Now you're trying to get your question answered on a computer about paramedics being rude or not?!? I've had emergencies before in my family and needed the ambulance to be involved for a safer ride to our destinations, Never did the computer come to my mind on our experience weather it was a good out come or not so good. If it were a not so good my reaction was to report to their (EMT;Ambulance;Paramedics ect..) supervisors about my concerns,its just that if you are in an emergency situation I feel that you'll know in your heart if your ride was acceptable for your emergency or not, not the computer. I mean what if you need to call 911 again,we never know and can't perdict the future,but if you do hopefully you won't have to experience the rudeness again because you reported it to the right athorities, I guess what I'm saying go with your gut instinct you are right rudeness is unacceptable! Especially in a emergency.
AAA Ambulance Medic

United States

#35 Sep 4, 2011
AAA Ambulance in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas require some medics to work 72 hour shifts. So when they have an attitude it is not their fault, their employer does not care about them, incompetent management and very unconcerned about their employees.

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#36 Sep 22, 2011
I agree that you can't pick and choose in an emergency as to what hospital you go to. Everytime I have had to call an ambulance,( different people, different cities), they have always been nice and have asked which hospital they would prefer. However, I do understand if it is an immediate life threatening emergency they would take you to wherever they could get fastest and whomever in the ambulance should be very thankful for that.

We do not have the best hospitals in Macomb County, I can understand some people prefer one to another and someone most likely will be transfered to Ann Arbor or Detroit depending on emergency. The younger doctors in the ER seem straight out of med school in Macomb County, though very nice, wouldn't really trust them in an emergency. The older ones are just plain rude and also not very aware of medical procedures. It really scares me as to what could have happened to some people if I was not in the ER with them.

Of all the professions, I would like to think that some medical caregivers should really try a little harder to be nice. I have stories I could tell people that would blow their mind about what has happened in ER's.
Billy - NREMT-P

Hagerstown, MD

#37 Jul 9, 2012
Refer back to your EMT book under Roles and Responsibilities.... You are to be a patient advocate.... It is not your job to judge others, its your job to provide treatment.... Being rude to your patient serves nobody.... Treat people like the human beings that they are.... you are not god, you are paid to do what you do.... if you are a volunteer its no different.... I do not tolerate this type of behavior.... Not only is it unprofessional but, it very poor PR.... These type people would get some time on the street.... Fix that problem real quick....
Not Impressed

Tallahassee, FL

#38 Jul 29, 2012
Look, just because you work in the medical profession does not give you a license to be rude. Nobody else in any other profession gets away with demeaning the people they serve. It's a question of doing what's right and doing good for the people around you. I understand EMS is a stressful, often depressing job, but what separates good people from great people is the ability to act just as professionally in every situation. There are no excuses.

Having said that, I recently suffered from what turned out to be a simple Vasovagal episode (fainting) while driving my car with my 13 weeks pregnant wife in the passenger seat. The car went into a tree, despite my wife's best efforts to control the car from her seat.

The EMT immediately assumed drugs and alcohol were involved and tried to stand me up, yelling at me, which caused me to collapse again. In the ambulance, and within earshot, I could hear the personnel commenting on my wife's breasts, arguing that it was obviously a suicide attempt, that I was wasted and all sorts of horrible, hurtful falsehoods which caused my wife to sob the entire 5 minutes to the nearby hospital.

I was scolded the entire way for everything from the actual accident, driving in general and for causing the EMT's to have to work in the hot sun and sweat. The sheriff deputy on the scene contributed his share, but was a little more political.

When people are in trouble, having suffered a traumatic experience, the last thing they want to hear is the bellyaching and self righteous and ill-informed opinions of a bunch of hooligans. What I got was all of that plus a slough of horrible criminal accusations. 911- send the apes next time.

Geneva, OH

#39 Mar 24, 2014
I work at the hospital and I have noticed not only are paramedics rude to pts the paramedics all weigh about 350 or more 56lbs. Seriously how can they save lives when they can barely walk? Isn't there some guidelines or physical you have to pass? One paramedic was so nasty. We just laughed and decided he was rude because its been a long time since he was able to see his penis.

Westbury, NY

#41 May 27, 2014
G have to admit that sometimes the Ems should be considerate. The who calls 911 are When the Ems arrived at my house the first thing she as the FDNY guy is if we speak English while my husband was clearing our babies breathing path. Our baby was having seizures, but to her it was another routine job.

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