Truth in Sentencing in Michigan prisons
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#41 Jul 29, 2010
My husband is in there for fleeing and eluding.....( running from the cops ).... he got 3 years. I am soooo sick of hearing from counslers and guards, that he is a waste of bed space. He is coming up for parole in october, and should be home april 2011... but rumor from hi up is they may flop him????? Makes NO since... he has had NO tickets and done everything to come home.... LET HIM COME HOME>>>>>...

Monroe, MI

#42 Aug 6, 2010
Jacqueline wrote:
my husband is in prison and has been for a year, he has 2 more years for an offense that should have been a driving offense, the judge had a bad day and used him as an example, he has been the perfect inmate, and im doing all i can to get some one to listen, and do away with the truth in sentencing, can any one help? I am not a politics kinda gal, I just want my husband home, this state is in such a mess, why is the answer to send every one to prison? My husband was a master mechanic we owned our own business, and life was good, now im on assistance, i cant work im disabled, and they think this is the answer? please help!
HB's 4497,4498,4499 have become stagnet to restore good time eliminating TIS check out Hb's 6329,6330 Help with contacting your State Representatives & State Senators to encourage them to support these bills when they come to the floor for voting.Right now they are sent to Judiciary Committee.

Monroe, MI

#43 Aug 6, 2010
Honest Man wrote:
"truth in Sentencing" law which mandates that anyone sentenced to prison must serve all of their minimum sentence IN a prison.
Umm....that's as it should be...that's why its called a MINIMUM sentence. If prisoners could get out before serving their minimum sentence, it's not really a minimum is it?
Before truth in sentencing...a convict could get a 5-10 year sentence, but be out in 3. When that happens, it severely damages the states credibility. If a prisoner could get out in 3, it should really be called a 3-10 year sentence, shouldn't it?
3-10 should mean a defendent should spend at least 3 years in prison but not more than ten, 5-10 should mean at least five, but not more than ten. Why is this so controversial?
As stated above......
Prison expenses in Michigan are currently 1.9 BILLION dollars a year. Thats more than Michigan spends on ALL of its universities put together.

When the truth in sentencing law was passed in the late nineties...Michigan was still financially sound as it had the Auto Industry thriving...and it could afford the high cost.

NOW..nearly a decade later as Michigan has had the highest unemployment rate in the nation for the second year in a row...and as hundres of thousands of Michigan families have lost their homes to foreclosure...Michigan needs to re appropriate the tax dollars... and spend that money on the PEOPLE of Michigan.

States that surround Michigan each have a prison population of about fifteen thousand less inmates.
Yet Michigan enjoys no LESS crime rate than those states...proving that longer incarceration periods do NOTHING to lessen crime.

Olivet, MI

#44 Aug 23, 2010
Walt B wrote:
I disagree. The 'truth in sentencing' law was the best thAng to ever take place in the Water-Winter Wonderland.
It hold scumbags responsible for the error in their ways.
For ages Michigan had what you propose going back to. Prison was a 'joke' because they almost got out as soon as they went in.
Don't try to fix something that isn't broke...
Um so I am real sure that Granhlom would love to repeal the law to make her look good on her way out.(thank god) And hey Mr. Man you better take a good look before you judge all for one day you to will be judged but according to your ignorant way of thinking the state of Michigan can certainly do without you as well...

Olivet, MI

#45 Aug 23, 2010
Um so I am real sure that Granhlom would love to repeal the law to make her look good on her way out. (thank god) And hey Mr. Man you better take a good look before you judge all for one day you to will be judged but according to your ignorant way of thinking the state of Michigan can certainly do without you as well...
Eric Scott

Brookfield, MO

#46 Oct 13, 2010
I believe they should bring back good time in michigan prisons. I believe habitual offenders should qualify for good time as well. It gives inmates something to look forward to thus decreasing violence in prison and also helping the michigan economy. Everyone is so worried about releasing violent offenders and making the streets unsafe and i totally respect that. For violent offenders i dont believe they shouldnt receive good time but they should have to demonstrate through their actions that they deserve it by doing 25% to 50% of their minimum sentence before qualifying for good time. I believe this is fair and i also believe habitual offenders shouldnt have good time taken away i believe all inmates should qualify for good time. If anyone wants to contact me email me at [email protected] thank you

Detroit, MI

#47 Feb 22, 2011
Our state is cutting education and adding money to the prision system. Each person in prision cost us 36,000 dollars, yet we will pay only 1,200 dollar per child to educate them in school! What is wrong with this picture? If a person has not killed or raped a person they should have good time for them. Let's put Michigan money where it counts. Invest in the people of Michigan. Our children, health care, jobs, and rebuilding Michigan. Stop spending our tax dollars to fill the prision system. Bring back good time. Get rid of the truth in sentencing law.

United States

#48 Mar 10, 2011
Walt B wrote:
I disagree. The 'truth in sentencing' law was the best thAng to ever take place in the Water-Winter Wonderland.
It hold scumbags responsible for the error in their ways.
For ages Michigan had what you propose going back to. Prison was a 'joke' because they almost got out as soon as they went in.
Don't try to fix something that isn't broke...
Walt, get a life.

Kalamazoo, MI

#49 Apr 4, 2011
my husband was sentence to four and a half years do he have to do the hole thing ?

United States

#50 Apr 4, 2011
shantavia wrote:
my husband was sentence to four and a half years do he have to do the hole thing ?
If 4.5 was his minimum then if the laws dont change he will do at least that... michigan likes to keep them for 120% and 140% of their minimum...... got to love the state of Michigan (NOT)
P Palmer

Grand Rapids, MI

#51 May 9, 2011
When will michigan wake up they are spending more of our money in the prison system and taking more money away from the schools system. They should release the men that have meant all the requirement and have carried a good record in prison.

Collierville, TN

#52 Nov 19, 2011
You need to get rid of the truth senetencing in Michigan I have a brother in the system and he made a stupid mistake because of a friend who got him in trouble and he never had a record he worked hard his entire life he was a college educated person and his friend set him up and the legal system did not defend him and you know what that is where it is wrong and he is serving 7 long years and for what because he is not guility and he is spending 7 years of his life behind bars and lost everything he worked for and he lost my father he didn't get to see and now my mother is very sick and this is justice NO! THe Michigan economy sucks and you people here do not realize what is going on behind bars he does and the justice system thinks people get treated nice in there they don't you waste all this money on these people who did not even committ non violent crimes when it can be spent on the economy wake up and really think good time or truth sentencing need to be looked at really what is wrong with you guys!

Detroit, MI

#53 Jan 11, 2012
i served eight years in the mdoc under the truth in sentencing law and i can tell you that the inmates are not seeing a crumb of that money they suppose to use the money for fixing and developing a better and safe environment for inmates but the money is going else where when they are closing prisons to save money and stacking human beings together like we are sardines no crime should go un punished and if thats the case than who would punish the law makers for the error and un just act as to the united states constitution if michigan had the death penalty they would be forced to get rid of truth and sentence so the tax payers need to be asking where is there money going cause education is a big concern they closing more schools than prisons and with no education you only allow the youth to be headed straight for prison that mean you could become a victim to crime cause you didnt use your brain and help do something about a corrupt and hypocritcal system that have been these way since the engler adminstration
Blaze da truth

Toledo, OH

#54 Jan 12, 2012
US Citizen wrote:
Walt, I'm not saying people shouldn't be responsible for their actions...I'm saying Michigan needs to begin thinking of the FREE people who have worked so hard for decades to have homes and create lifestyles of satisfaction...lifestyles that have now been eroded for the most part...because lawmakers choose to continue to spend a large portion of Michigan's budget dollars on its massive prison system. Tax dollars.
Michigan has one of the highest rates for refusing parole in th e nation...yet as we speak the crime rate is climbing faster than it is in any other state. WHY? Because those people who are FREE...are unemployed; and have been so for the last 2.5 years...and many of them have lost their homes as well..which leaves them desperate..and desperate people do desperate things.
Yes; people will resort to stealing and robbery and burglary and embezzlement and anything else they have to in order to feed their families.
I just think the "truth in sentencing" law was passed when Michigan STILL had the FUNDS from its auto industry. Those funds; as WELL as the auto industry...are gone as long as Michigan KEEPS the truth ion sentencing law in effect; their going to HAVEE to get the 1.9 BILLION dollars a year it takes to support it from somewhere...,and right now that money is coming from the people. a crime in itself
that's crazy how can u really put the blame all on the offenders if 4 one min u thik maybe he deserve another shot if and then they mess up then lay the law down.i was a one time offender and got caught up they offered me 7yrs for nothing I was never offered me a program to redeem myself or nothing to better myself so I feel they should close down all jails and prisons it's a waste of time and money and prison down make u nothing but better at ur craft it's a breeding ground to be better at getting away so b4 people say yeah put them in jail think about this he maybe b learning how not to get caught again and if he do hes gonna feel I can't go back to jail.but I've been there and I promise I ain't goin back not because I'm worry or scared but because I have better things to do beside sittin in the white man jail wasting my time doin nothin
Michigan needs help

Toledo, OH

#55 Jul 12, 2012
I believe that there should be different sentencing for different crimes! People never stop and think about the pain of the inmates children, mother, or wife when going through these rediculous sentencings. How can a first time non violent prisoner get the same amount of time as a murderer and more time than a rapist and people just turn there heads? Because its not you who's suffering! I lost all faith and respect for Michigan laws. The majority of prisoner are African American men who made the wrong choices in life and because of that choice he spends over half his life in jail. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing what these people have done, I just believe in a second chance, not just throwing people under the jail on there first offense that's non violent or giving non violent prisoners the same amount of time as a murderer. It makes no sense and I hope things change soon, if not for the state of Michigan than at least for that little girl who's growing up without her father because he was over sentenced and is required to do the full time

Mount Pleasant, MI

#56 Dec 3, 2012
I feel we should go back to Good Behavior, this is ridiculus Michigan is broke, prisons are over crowded really lets just make it simple and bring back Good Behavior, I don't understand why it was ever taken away.
wyandotte mi 48192

Highland Park, MI

#57 Nov 30, 2013
the truth in sentencing law past by the law makers must be has only created more problems.the pisoners have no hope of getting out early and we the taxe payer or common person must pay for the mistakes of our elected law addition detroit is falling apart because our taxes are not being used properly.

Cheyenne, WY

#58 Dec 1, 2013
The Truth in Sentencing and the buildup of prisons
started during Gov. Engler's tenure. Those prisons and keeping people in prisons as long as possibe so that many small mining towns in the U.P. would have a source of jobs. The prison industry is close to surpassing the tourist industry for jobs in many parts of Michigan. Gov. Engler also closed the mental hospitals and many mentally ill patients ended up in prison on criminal convictions. There are some long lines in prisons for the Mentally ill prisoners lined up for their daily Medications from the nurses. North Michigan looks at Detroit as a natural resource of prisoners.

Lansing, MI

#59 Dec 5, 2013
Bobby wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you realize it costs approximately $35,000 per year per inmate? So do you honestly think stealing hub caps or getting caught with personal use marijuana or not paying child support justifies spending that much money? Additionally, since Truth In Sentencing passed, has the crime rate decreased? No it hasn't. We have more prisons and prisoners than we did in the 80's, but the crime rate hasn't really changed. Michigan has more prisoners per capita than the vast majority of states in this country, but yet we are one of the smallest states. And our crime rate isn't any better as a result. Knowing this, how can you say that. This begs the question, are you retarded?
Actually the crime rate nation wide has gone down quite a bit over the last several decades, although that has more to do with societal and economic changes. Michigan on the other hand has decreased to a far lesser extent. This law is just another example of "revenge" oriented justice, where instead of trying to do what is best for the society (in my mind keeping people safe in the most humane and economical way possible) it is instead about inflicting pain and punishment on those who have committed crimes. Yes, this includes some truly awful people, but many others locked up for ridiculous offenses that shouldn't be crimes or for making one or several small mistakes. Too be honest, I blame this law, along with several other issues in Michigan, for our much slower decline in criminality compared with the nation as a whole.

Highland Park, MI

#60 Dec 5, 2013
The only way to repeal the TRUTH IN SENTENCING LAW and replace it with the GOOD BEHAVIOR Law is by writing your state representstive or state senator and tell them if this is not done they will lose your support and vote. Than you will see how last the law will be repealed but do not let them use their political double talk on you.

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