Woodland man convicted of raping clas...

Woodland man convicted of raping classmate

There are 44 comments on the Daily Democrat story from Mar 7, 2009, titled Woodland man convicted of raping classmate. In it, Daily Democrat reports that:

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig stated a Yolo County jury convicted 22-year-old Jeffrey Lockwood of Woodland on Thursday for the June 2005 rape of a 17-year-old girl.

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Denver, CO

#4 Mar 8, 2009
I just want to commend the victim for following through on this. Can only imagine how difficult it was and is. You are a very strong and brave. Thnak you for doing the right thing and making society better.

Woodland, CA

#10 Mar 8, 2009
Interesting how the DAs Office takes the credit and nothing mentioned of the investigation done by the police. mmmm alot more press releases coming from the DAs Office lateley, maybe someone is getting ready for re-election?

Penn Valley, CA

#49 Mar 10, 2009
I think that all this is BULLSHIT and i can only hope and pray that he gets his chance to get an appeal.

San Rafael, CA

#50 Mar 10, 2009
Isn't funny that the victims family doesn't seem to feel the need to say anything? or announce her innocence. Also it seems that your tune is changing: he didn't touch her, he did touch her but only because he was drunk, and, now it was consentual and she cried rape. Then he is only a few month older then her and then they are the same age (17). did the court not have his birth certificate? if he didn't do then appeal;but in two trials he was never found innocent. if he did do the robbery why shouldn't he be held responsible someone said it was just a playstation i would be pissed if it was mine!
Poles Mom

Grass Valley, CA

#51 Mar 13, 2009
This whole things is very sad and I hope they appeal this becasue I know the accused and he is a GREAT person. Seems like this girl has a track record of crying wolf.

United States

#52 Mar 23, 2009
I feel the "victim", if you can call her that, doesn't actually know what happened that night if she can't get her story straight. How does anyone know she wasn't drunk that night and in fact doesn't really know what went on that night. Something that has been boggling my mind is that they did a rape test and it showed his semen. How did it show his semen if she never said anything for a while? Or they found evidence on her clothes, didn't anyone ever think she might have washed her clothes from the party since she didn't say anything right away. In my opinion the only thing everyone listened to of this girls side of the story is that she was raped and everything else just went in one ear and out the other. If she can't get her story straight something is not right. This needs to be appealed. I grew up with Jeffery Lockwood and he is one of the greatest, honest, loving, kindest person you'll ever meet.

Merced, CA

#53 Mar 30, 2009
I think that this judgement is absolutely ridiculous. This girl was a nobody who wanted attention and got it by accusing one of the nicest, most loving, harmless person I have ever known. It's really unfortunate to watch her just stand back and let someone elses life and family be destroyed all because she had a regret. Like the others have commented, get your story straight and dont let someone innocent go to prison for a quarter of their life.
Questioning this verdict

San Clemente, CA

#54 Apr 1, 2009
Having attended this trial, I can assure you that in their own testimony, medical "experts" admitted to omissions or deviations from standard procedure in handling evidence. Since there was little evidence to begin with, I was left with substantial "reasonable doubt" regarding the guilty verdict. I am very disturbed by this verdict. Frankly, anyone in Woodland who has a son of dating age, should be concerned about the way this case was handled.

Fairfield, CA

#56 Apr 2, 2009
Is this Jake Wallace guy ever going to give it a rest?
Poles Mom

Grass Valley, CA

#57 Apr 7, 2009
Does anyone know what the out come on the sentencing was? I am just sick by this. Jeffrey and my Son were friends through school and I know Jeff would never do that was forcable or not wanted. I agree if you have a son of dating age beware of girls like this... VERY SAD.
Questioning this verdict

United States

#58 Apr 8, 2009
The sentencing was postponed until tomorrow, Thursday, April 9, starting at 8:30 a.m. Pray for Jeff.
Sleepless in Woodland

United States

#59 Apr 8, 2009
Jeffrey Lockwood's case continues to keep me up at night. I spend a lot of time searching the internet to make sense of the Ystrs testing that Mr. Reisig's office claims is the new technology that helped to convict Jeffrey Lockwood. This was stated in a press release from the District Attorney's office, the Woodland Daily Democrat, and the Sacramento Bee. The trouble is that there is no way that this testing can identify Jeff and only Jeff as the unquestionable guilty party in this case. Ystrs testing doesn't work that way. Interpreting Ystrs testing has a lot to do with probability, that troubling strand of mathematics that most of us admittedly do not really understand. Because the workings of DNA mystify those of us who are not scientists or mathematicians, it is possible to convince a jury to believe something that may not be true. It is also possible to misrepresent the findings of a nurse practitioner, who admitted in court that she had neglected to record whether she saw a possible rape victim's injuries with her eyes alone or with the power of magnification. The same nurse practitioner also admitted to the defense attorney that the injuries she noted could have come from consensual sex.
Sleepless in Woodland

United States

#60 Apr 8, 2009
More things trouble me about this case. I believe that the judge who presided over each of 3 trials which involved Jeff, should have recused himself. Surely, there is a judge in Woodland who did not know both primary characters in the case personally. It seems to me that Jeff's right to a fair trial was compromised by Judge Johnson's inability to choose the honorable thing to do.
This case was built on marginal evidence and the conflicting stories of young people who partied together 4 years ago. Most of those who spoke seemed mortified to be part of the proceedings, but made sure that they protected their own interests. Many people bear responsibility for the events that occurred that night. There are parents (mistakenly identified in one newspaper article as Jeff’s parents) who left their son home alone around the time of his high school graduation. Among several parties he had that week, one of them had tragic consequences. Interestingly enough, some parents felt it necessary to honor recent graduates with a party at Nelson's Grove at which alcohol was served. A young woman drove two female acquaintances to a home where she admittedly was close friends with none of those present. When the two friends abandoned her to spend time with young men in two of the home's bedrooms, she did not think to take her keys and leave. This could have been a cautionary tale about young people mixing alcohol with sexual experimentation, but it became something far worse. One young man has been singled out for blame and the whole course of his life has been changed. The truth is that no one really knows all that happened or did not happen that night. It seems to depend on the well rehearsed testimony of the young woman involved (which I understand had several versions) as opposed to the awkward testimony of the young man, who has from the beginning declared his innocence. The prosecutor, probation officer, judge and jury all seem to demand that Jeff admit guilt. The question that haunts me is this. Isn't it possible that Jeff is innocent? Can you imagine the horror of being in a situation where people in authority do not believe you?
My final troubling thought is that the judge advised the jury to make their decision without "worrying" about the sentence Jeff might receive if found guilty. How could they be expected to make an informed decision in regard to Jeff's future without knowing the consequences of their decision? I would not be comfortable at all with being asked to decide such a serious matter without this knowledge.
Most of us have a sense of what life in prison is like. From what I understand, it's hardest on those who are innocent. I think Jeff's case deserves painstaking review by an impartial courtroom. At this point, it's highly possible that a sentence will be given this morning that constitutes tragic legal error.
Woodland Legal

United States

#61 Apr 8, 2009
I firmly believe that Judge Johnson should have recused himself long ago regarding any legal dealings with Jeff Lockwood. It has been obvious in the judge's treatment of anyone concerned about Jeff that he is neither unbiased or impartial in his beliefs about Jeff. I am researching legal decisions that have been published online about motions to disqualify a judge. In one case, the Supreme Court of the state of New York made several statements, such as:
It is not only the duty of a judge to render a righteous judgment, but it is of transcendent importance to the litigants and the public generally that there should not be the slightest suspicion as to his fairness and integrity. As such, the people should not exact less from the judiciary, the most powerful branch of our government.(People v. Kohl) 1959

In Sardino v. State Commission of Judicial Conduct (N.Y. 1983) it was stated:
Furthermore, the judge cannot state his views in a sarcastic manner, or display animosity against litigants or to intimidate or dehumanize them.

It is understood that a judge who has any bias toward a defendant, should take the honorable step of removing himself from the case.I'm pretty sure that everyone in 5th grade and above knows that!!!

Throughout the trial, several people who have sat on Jeff's side, have been intimidated by the bailiff or the judge himself. The people on the other side have been chatting amongst themselves and even eating. No one has threatened them with being forced to leave the courtroom or worse, go to jail. I was even pushed by someone on the other side as I entered the courtroom last Friday. She whined to the bailiff about what I said in response. I told him she had put her hands on me and I didn't like it. He merely told me: "Then don't sit by her." I was trying to make the point that if it is as easy as this case demonstrates to make an assault claim and find DNA "evidence", then I can make the same claim against the woman who pushed her fingertips into my shoulders when I asked her to let Jeff's family have a few minutes to be seated in the courtroom. Hmmmm. Guess whose DNA is on my blouse! Of course, had I put my hands on this woman's shoulders, I know exactly where I'd have ended up that morning.

People who are concerned for Jeff have reason to be anxious and troubled, so perhaps the bailiffs should have some sensitivity training. In my mind, it goes without saying that Judge Johnson, like the Wizard of Oz, may be "a very good man" but in this case be " a very bad wizard (or judge.)"

One More thing_ FYI

United States

#62 Apr 8, 2009
http Statistics and the Prosecutor's Fallacy
Despite the persuasiveness of such figures, it is quite possible to misuse DNA evidence to incorrectly argue that an innocent suspect must be the perpetrator of the crime, or that a guilty suspect should go free. Both defense and prosecution attorneys can—accidentally or otherwise—misinterpret data to make a highly likely event seem improbable, or a highly unlikely event seem probable. Jurors can be confused because DNA testing reveals the probability that an innocent person's DNA profile matches the sample at the scene of the crime. Jurors must decide, however, what the probability is that a person is innocent, if his DNA matches that sample. The prosecutor's fallacy occurs when investigators focus on the existence of the match, rather than the possibility that the match could be a coincidence.
://www.answers.com/topic/genet ic-fingerprinting

Scroll down on page. Article is called : Genetics Encyclopedia: DNA Profiling
Jeffs Sister

Poway, CA

#63 Apr 10, 2009
Thanks for everyones comments, that support my brother. Jeff is a strong person, and I look up to him. To be accused of something he didn't do and be more stronger than my family is just amazing. I can't wait for them to appeal it, retry the case and clear my brothers name, so that he can finally come home! Jeff would never do anything like this, it's just mind boggling how someone can ruin his life so much. I honestly believe the supposible "victim" was just hungry for attention and since she had a crush on my brother (thats a fact stated in the trial) and he thought nothing of her, she jumped on the one oppurtinity to get back at him. It's sad how low immature girls can get just to get attention.
jake wallace

São José, Brazil

#64 Apr 11, 2009
Woodland Legal wrote:
I firmly believe that Judge Johnson should have recused himself long ago
Is Johnson a slim, dark haired guy with glasses, I think? We were in court over a Calif false claims act cases against Judge Steve Basha (whose a crook) and presiding judge, Donna M. Petre,(who used the court and grand jury in a conspiracy to obstruct a felony investigation).

That judge then removed the case off his calander in court and sent us the annex court room where retired decrept henchman Judge Haugner, who had a stuff hog on the bench, porked us.

There´s no JUSTICE in Yolo!
jake wallace

São José, Brazil

#65 Apr 11, 2009
Blip wrote:
Is this Jake Wallace guy ever going to give it a rest?
YES he is, once I have the investigation that the Calaveras and Yolo supervisor´s/county council stated in writing we would have. The issues are now and again with 5-county grand jury(s)-Yolo, Calaveras, Merced, Tuolumne, Sacramento) and they will be releasing their reports July 1st/;

Look I am in Rio d Janeiro having a great time and on a long vacation just chilling, playing, parties, Brasil´s a great place to be--- let a guy get his due process, no skin off your nose, right?
jake wallace

São José, Brazil

#66 Apr 11, 2009
We worked with Woodland official's to include DA Jeff Reisig as a state licensed group home and their conduct would be comparable to a street gang, drug cartel or the mafia. Because they have titles, wear badges and have power that we bestowed upon them we have become the losers, liars and lemmings.

When Judge Donna Petre refused to have the grand jury investigate Chief Meyers, Petre (who appointed him)was also protecting Calaveras official's from the same allegations and the murder conspiracy of Steve Weber, a bldg dept whistleblower.

These are not nice law abiding people.

Yolo DA Jeff Reisig is holding this alledged rapist to a higher criminal standard than probation chief, Don Meyers, who committed felonies like 2-1 coupons and Resig has been sitting on state documentation that proves this since 2006.

Here's what DA Reisig is selling; that this 17-year old tampex queen has more rights than over a dozen foster youth's civil rights that were violated by Chief Don Meyers.

Yolo DA Jeff Reisig doesn´t have California nor case law to uphold this selective prosecution what DA Reisig does have is the Woodland Gang and a campaign to run.
Poles Mom

Grass Valley, CA

#67 Apr 13, 2009
So was Jeffrey sentenced? My heart goes out to the family and I like Jeffs sister cant wait until they appeal and win. Jeffrey is innocent and I feel like they should have taken this trial to another county. I dont know how they can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to an innocent young man and his family. Please please all pray for Jeff and his family.

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