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Wanting to know

Mooresville, NC

#1 Oct 15, 2009
Has anyone had any type of possible corrupt dealings with the Iredell County Department of Social Services? Let everyone hear your complaints.
Know Enough

Rockwell, NC

#2 Oct 25, 2009
I know enough and that is they will let kids stay with parents that are either drug addicts who place their kids in harms way or parents who abuse them in several ways!! I know SEVERAL families that have been reported and there has been sufficent evidence and NOTHING was done!!

I think the entire department needs to be fired and a new group of no nonsense individuals should be taking of business the RIGHT way!!
Wanting to know

Mooresville, NC

#3 Oct 26, 2009
This is very interesting. Lets face it, ABUSE MAY POSSIBLY BE ACCEPTABLE AT IREDELL COUNTY DSS, unless a change takes place. I have seen so many blogs about abuse of children. The signs these Departments teach the world to look for are being IGNORED by the ones teaching it. What exactly does this say about our government?

Think about it...

A individual that sells drugs, etc gets less time in jail and possibly NO Time at all...when a person getting help for their families gets all the time in the world...

Does this not show a screwed up system? What should we do? Talk to our congress...Complain to our Senator...Speak up to our governors? Go ahead and see just how far you get...Most government agencies work together to cover their own rear ends by listening to each other instead of the INDIVIDUALS that has supported them to get in office. They get what they want, yet many get nothing in return...except for a promise to do certain things just to be elected. Let's face it... A GOVERNMENT NAME AND OR TITLE SIGNIFIES IMPORTANCE! YOU ARE A CITIZEN AND YOUR NAME MEANS WHAT EXACTLY?

Many believe that laws need to be in place to protect the citizens from possible corruption in DSS...especially those in areas like IREDELL COUNTY that just don't care. Whether its child protective services, Programs for Senior Citizens, Programs for children, or Programs for the overall families... CITIZENS NEED TO KNOW THAT THEY HAVE SOME TYPE OR FORM OF PROTECTION FROM POSSIBLE LIES OR CORRUPTION IN THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES...ESPECIALLY WHEN THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCAL SERVICES FAIL TO DO THEIR JOBS...

We are in a economical crisis and EVEN THE GOVERNMENT IS OUT TO GET MONEY ANY WAY THEY CAN...
Not just Iredell County

Charlotte, NC

#4 Nov 12, 2009
I am not sticking up for Iredell County Social Services, but I have also had the same situation with the Rowan County Social Services.
I am a daycare provider and we are required to report any abuse or neglect. The problem is that they make announced visits. It they were to make unannounced visits, they may be able to see the problem. But since they are made to call the home first and schedule an apt to come out, it give the parents time to clean up their act for one day. I feel that they should make unannounced visits. It is happening in all states and all counties. The policies need to be changed.

Philadelphia, PA

#5 Apr 18, 2010
this comment is to that day care provider in mooresville, nc..i'm a lil confused at what you say; who makes announced visits? and what problem are you referring to??
The problem is that dss does not want children of drug addicts/alcoholics, and may very well be gosh darned afraid of them...and sad to say, those are the children that may truly be the abused ones.. my experience, dss takes children from parents who have had accidents, and by accidents I mean a one time situation...omg, accidents dont happen?? yet dss employees will make a federal case out of one incident, one accident, and label the parents for the rest of their lives, while having the children grew up in the system...and this is done to enable the state to receive the title iv d federal funds...which pay the states 100% of costs to raise the child..
shall i continue? maybe day care providers and teachers should learn, first, the laws and rules of dss, and how much dss gains by removing children and stop being so dam ignorant.

Midland, NC

#6 Nov 12, 2010
The Iredell County DSS would rather spend thousands of the tax payer's money toward foster homes than GIVE US Our grandbabies. I recongnize that beautiful babies are hard to find, but those babies BELONG to us. They are our FAMIly.

Pfafftown, NC

#7 Nov 15, 2010
I just made a complaint today with Iredell DSS. I'm hoping an investigation is started on the children's mother. She has admitted she can't handle taking care of them, yet won't give custody to their father because they are just a paycheck to her in the form of child support. She leaves them for days at a time. The kids school have threatened to make a report, but they never have gone through with it, so she keeps getting by.
Grand parents in Iredell

Myrtle Beach, SC

#8 Nov 20, 2010
We are having to fight the Iredell County DSS and the court system for custody of our grandchildren. Basic finding is this agency uses every negitive issue to try and adopt children outside of their own families. God forbid someone's feet stinks cuz this agency WILL bring it up in court. I have three words for this agency. You can just guess what they are.
aggravated in SS

Cleveland, GA

#9 Dec 1, 2010
Yes, Iredell County is a pain in the butt. The lady that is working with me now is saying that she does not understand why some people come in and practically get help thrown at them and others have to fight for every crumb. Right now, I know several people too lazy to work. 1 is getting over $200 in foodstamps, another over $500 because he lives with a woman and 2 children. I've worked all my life and can't get a cent. Oh, they will take my property is I'd let them but they sure won't help us people who worked all of our lives to try to have something. I say, don't work, don't have anything, if you have any money bury it somewhere and when you need help you'll surely get it. It's us working fools that are crazy!
aggravated 2

Atlanta, GA

#10 Jun 8, 2011
Not sure about the child stuff-known a few ppl that've worked with seniors for iredell DSS & said they ignore the rules & do whatever. Maybe getting $ on the side, maybe just think they know better, who knows.

Mooresville, NC

#11 Jun 9, 2011
iredell dss...very unprofessional and basically useless workers who do not give a damn yet collect
a paycheck

Mooresville, NC

#12 Jun 9, 2011
it is a waste of time and effort to report complaints against dss caseworkers-first of all you
will NOT be connected to the right person and those
worthless bitches lie and cover up each others
Corruption In New Hanover

Wilmington, NC

#13 Jul 11, 2011
Does anyone know where to file serious concerns at a state level against DSS? I need any information and direction!! Please..

Atlanta, GA

#14 Jul 18, 2011
I know they ignore the way the state says they should do stuff with the adults. Less money in it for them if they do what Raleigh says ;) 'Oh, I know the best place for you to get help with that'

Sumter, SC

#15 Jul 23, 2011
I would love to communicate with grandparents who have not been able to get their grandchildren from IREDELL COUNTY CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. My husband and I are long time married and professionals with no history of crime, drugs or any other dysfunction yet the CPS of Iredell County have denied us having our grandchildren while our son fights to win them back. It just does not make any sense. They keep threatening to adopt out our grandchildren. Why? Is there anyone who is having a similiar problem that will communicate with me? If so please respond to [email protected] Has anyone tried legal efforts outside of the county?

Elizabethton, TN

#16 Jul 28, 2011
where can you file a complaint against DSS ?

Since: Jul 11

Holly Springs, NC

#17 Jul 30, 2011
You guys might want to discuss this on the forum at , too. It seems to get a little more traffic than this one.

Statesville, NC

#18 Dec 2, 2011
I am so disgusted with this place! Something is gonna come out of this. I have seen first hand how they would rather remove a child from their family and place them in an unfamilar home without even going out to the home in which the child lived! My entire family has at least 2 adult family homes, with degrees and wealthy enough to take care of our family plus the creeps that make decisions in DSS. I dont know how these people called child protectors sleep at night. DSS so called child protectors are the rapist, child abusers etc... What if this happened to you so called child protector! What if a child was removed from your family and you wasnt allowed a home visit or a meeting to bring the child in your home! Oh, I forgot you probably dont have a family as close as most so it dont matter to you. Well I can bout promise you, you will think about me every night you try to sleep. One thing they need to know is Karma is real! This is one family that you will not get over on just for your Christmas bonus. It does not matter if we have to spend every dime. Enjoy your so called job for the present time, the day is coming that you will be searching for a new one and perhaps feel the pain you have caused us during this holiday season. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL TRUE JUSTICE PREVAILS!
Jill J

Atlanta, GA

#19 Dec 7, 2011
Imagine if there were a state agency that paid for & oversaw, for example, road building. Say they gave the workers at the county 'road bureaus' a specific set of rules, to help ensure fairness & competition & all that, for handing out contracts to build roads. Then Imagine you discover the workers at the Iredell County Road Bureau are completely skipping over this process and walking contracts (paid for out of all our paychecks) over to whichever company they want. Why would they do that? That is how it is done at Iredell County DSS (and in Mexico)
Mark Hatcher

Shelby, NC

#20 Mar 2, 2012
I have a son who has been on drugs for about 5 years and me and my wife which is his mother wanted hm and his wife to get clean so they could be the mom and dad that God meant for them to be. Is that a bad thing no i think not. But over the years they would run back and forth from us to his motherinlaws playing both of us. It would just depend on who he was mad at at the time. Him and his wife have already lost one child to his motherinlaw and when that happened we knew nothing about it. It was to late for us to do anythingbecause at that time he was mad at us. You parents know what i am talking about the rebellios teenager thing where they give nothing but disrespect. Well anyway me and my wife Sandy have been lied on slandered and our character has been defamated by my son and his wife and his motherinlaw. They have told all kinds of stories to the DSS worker and i havent a clue what has been said and the social worker will not meet with us to talk about it. My son and his wife are the ones with a case openend against them but me and my wife are the ones suffering. Because of my son and his wife and his motherinlaw (Vivian Morrison) we cannot even see our grandchildren without supervision. It hurts very bad but there is nothing i know to do. The case workers name is Priscilla Ashe and i have been told she is a very nice lady but it seems to me that she is partial to one side.They say me and my wife are guilty of something but will not even tell us what.Vivian Morrison has money and me and my wife well we dont. Me and my wife are being unjustly judged by Priscilla Ashe she is listening to the drug addicts and the woman that claims to be a better parent but yet she gave up a child earlier in life but she is better because she has money to throw around. I want to know why it is ok that this lady says we have to be supervised when spending time with my grandkids. Do me and my wife have an open case against us no we dont. So why is it this way.Please come talk to me and my wife and get to know us instead of listening to the people who only want to hurt us. The last time i read my bible it was wrong to bear false witness against someone Priscilla Ashe.

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