I believe it. But could it be because the beach front property owners are wanting to charge a "daily access" fee to the very people who want to do the cleanup? Some of the property is inaccessible by any means other than boat or by ingress from a driveway. Do they really believe there is a good rationale for saying BP should pay them for using their driveway to deal with the oil? What's next, charging firemen and police officers a fee for putting out a fire or rescuing an injured family member? This is nothing more than a case of greedy individuals who want this to become a profit center rather than merely a tragedy that has to be dealt with. Its one thing to be a contractor looking for a work opportunity but another entirely to profit from it.
By the way, is it true that BP has offered to fill in the cut created by hurricane Ivan (at their expense)?

John, a recent visitor to the island.