Speed Demons In Law Enforcement on I-75

I was travelling Southbound on I-75 on Saturday, May 18th and the usual predators were there, not for speed enforcement, but for revenue! Tifton had its usual crew on the overpass!

Down the road, my radar detector blasted. I watched as a patrol vehicle came blazing down the off ramp at an absurd speed! Rolling thunder came up behind me, then me, around me, over into the number one lane and then over into the safe ramp along the center divider. Rocks were flying everywhere as he went after his prey!

I would estimate that he was travelling 120 mph! He pulled his prey over in a maneuver that I would hardly call safe!

Now, he was successful in adding revenue to the government coffers, but I have less respect for law enforcement with all of this revenue generating activity! Valdosta is just as bad and perhaps worse!

Officers, of any stripe, travelling at breakneck speeds to chase down a speeder travelling 15 mph over the speed limit is an absurdity and I have observed this on more occasions that I like to think about on I-75.

If you travel over to Poulan, GA on Highway 82 between Tifton and Albany, just East of Sylvester, was forced to remove the 45 mph signs that reduced the speed trap on that stretch of highway. It you exceed 55 mph, you are still at risk, but the state lowered the boom on that absurdity! That community has the following reputation:

"Poulan is notorious for its police department's speed trap tactics along six miles of GA HWY 82. In 2009 Poulan's tiny police force generated nearly $900,000 in fines and fees, a number comparable to a city 30 times its size. The per capita revenue from fines and fees is a mighty $1,019.15." Wikipedia

I have observed the same actions by law enforcement in Poulan!

So, for all the law enforcement teams up and down I-75, do you want the repetition of a despicable and unethical community like Poulan, Georgia? Some are trying to earn that reputation? Some are setting an extremely poor example by predatory ticketing and negligent driving that has no business in law enforcement! We don't need the cowboys on I-75 who are much more dangerous than the speeders!

I'm sure I'm not alone! What is your experience?