Help for victims of gangstalking

Help for victims of gangstalking

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New Canaan lurker

New Canaan, CT

#1 Oct 4, 2009
The victims are Nancy Colwell and her son Walter Pittman.
We need to get this case publicized ASAP...this is one of the sickest situations we have come across in Fairfield County in long time- but it is hidden under "dog park" and other issues of concern.
We are talking about a situation here where a local, "respected" attorney- Paul H Burnham of Darien- basically destroyed/attempted to destroy- a 55 year old woman who had just lost both of her parents abruptly. At the same time, he attempted to eliminate the son to gain the assets left to both mother and son.
The attorney also sought to discredit the son who came from PA to assist his Mom. Also tried to have him arrested at one point. Admitted that the grandfather was not competent when he signed his final will due to kidney failure. Conned the late Mr and Mrs Richard Colwell of 10 Possum lane into believing he would act in their daughter's best interest.

The attorney knew that the Colwells wanted their daughter Nancy to inherit the home, and Nancy had many discussions with her parents about how best to maintain the home and yard. She had no intention of selling the home.
The attorney preyed on her and her son when both were in mourning over the sudden loss of Rit and Jean Colwell. Mother witnessed both deaths.

The attorney knew that the mother and son did NOT want to sell, but he blew them off and picked out early in advance of the grandfather's death- the individuals he wanted to buy the home. He tried to divide and conquer mother and son, and he stressed that they would not fit in "socially" in this area.

The attorney lied to the "buyers" attorney, stating that the mother and her son were recalcitrant tenants, not heirs. When the mother and son contacted the buyers attorney and told him the truth, HE PULLED OUT OF THE CASE.
The attorney threatened the mother and son late at night, with slurred words. He deprived them of a vehicle. He had them both stalked.

New Canaan lurker

New Canaan, CT

#2 Oct 4, 2009
After they gave up and left the area,things became worse rather than better. He had them gangstalked across the country.
He had his stalkers hide gps and audio monitors in their car- bought outside Philly- then later arranged to have the Police impound the car illegally in PA...
most probably to remove the evidence.
OT He colluded with the Bank of America in Darien in determining the timing of the purchase of a vehicle to coincide with the hispanic men there to sabotage the vehicle and to add the monitors.
The gangstalkers always act upon the initiator's wishes. In this situation, both mother and son were seriously poisoned.Son almost lost his right arm after being stabbed in the thumb by a needle carrying the strep bacteria.
Mom and son were attempted run off the road repeatedly- mobbed and boxed in on major highways. The initiator hoped for their deaths, I believe- in a way that would look like an "accident." He condoned the theft of their pet cat and his (most likely) euthanasia. He condoned the stalking of the mother's 88 year old Aunt in North Carolina....
The attorney hired by the family to counter Burnham- Larry Ginsberg- turned out to cooperate with Burnham. He refused contact with the mother and refused to send her money she needed to get out of a jail where she had been declared innocent.
Burnham did not want her at her father's final meeting. He had stolen a copy of "Burnham's Lies" out of the home when the son was packing things up. He was cited for billing for meetings never held, checks never given, among many other offenses.
When the mother finally sent in a grievance, the attorney lied. She was not given any chance to confront him in person and to confront the lies....
"Let's not sit by and watch this attorney continue to traumatize this woman and continue to set up situations to try to have her falsely incarcerated or worse...."
If you care about this situation- please contact Attorney Paul Burnham of rucciburnham and express your dismay. He will try to avoid your call, or will state the woman is mentally ill. She is, very clearly, not.
Contact the NPD and express your concern. The home which was left to the woman and her son- was broken into by the so-called "buyers". That negated their chance of purchasing the home.
The attorney railroaded it through, anyway.
Please help the mother gain legal support as she attempts to deal with the corrupt actions of Attorney Burnham.We fear for her life. She is Not safe.

Norwalk, CT

#3 Oct 5, 2009
What a horrible thing to have to go through! I don't know how he can live with himself...this is just wrong-amoral-sadistic-cruel.

I think the best thing for this mother is publicity. Now, no doubt she wants to bury everything that happened, but with publicity she has strength.

Do we have an investigative reporter who is up to the task of interviewing the mother? Please tell me they don't all cower away from important stories such as this one.

People need to be educated about this crime. The gangstalkers hope that the victims they follow will commit suicide in distress, or will perish in a car accident they set up in advance....

Who would you all recommend to investigate this case?

Norwalk, CT

#4 Oct 9, 2009
from Lawson's book- Why people are gangstalked

Right up front, targets of organized stalking report that LIES circulated about the targets are what fuel local hatred for the targets. One of the favourite lies being circulated is that the target is a child molester. This is routinely used against female targets as well as targeted men.

Other lies are that the target has a serious criminal record, or is into the drug trade, or is a prostitute. So for those reading this paper who aren't familiar with organized stalking, keep in mind that the obvious answer to "Why would people harass targets who are nobodies?" ... is that once lies are circulated that the target is a major criminal, that target is no longer a "nobody."

As to why certain people are chosen as targets, targets' reports show that whistleblowers and activists are sometimes subjected to organized stalking as "punishment" for their activities. Other cases occur when a target is in line for a large inheritance, or has turned in a well-connected spouse for criminal activity such as pedophilia, or sometimes the target just "ticked off" someone who is well-connected to groups willing to do organized stalking.

According to David Lawson, some targets are simply chosen for 'practice.'

New Canaan, CT

#6 Oct 17, 2009
Other cases occur when a target is in line for a large inheritance,- or sometimes the target just "ticked off" someone who is well-connected to groups willing to do organized stalking.

Personally, I think the attorney wanted the money back spent for the home and also wanted to put us through hell for having a list of his blatant lies (which he stole and is copied in the probate office.)
It is everywhere

Norwalk, CT

#7 Oct 23, 2009
from Colorado forum

Gang Stalking Victims: You know the key individuals orchestrating your stalking and harassment. You have, in the minds of these individuals, committed a crime against them. Maybe you caught their perfect child cheating. Perhaps you turned in a DUI. Maybe you caught someone embezzling the business or church. Whatever. The key point that in the eyes of the law, you committed no crime. So the perps have to ’punish’ the whistle blower. This sort of thing is as old as the hills, it’s just now with the net, victims can collaborate and realize that the drive bys, the searches, the comments etc are real and directed.
Do not consider suicide, but be aware that their goal is to remove you. If you live in rental property, your apartment can be searched in your absence. If you try to catch the perps in the act, the coworker in on the stalking will make a quick call to the perps, and as well, let the boss know you left work. The new digital micro recorders can reveal a lot. Once, I left one in a shoe in my living room, and actually heard a perp ask the maintenance man ‘did you find anything?‘ Also video cameras will reveal, even if the perps remove or disable it in your absence. Only record in your home. There are severe penalties for recording outside your property. I bought a house and aimed one out the window and discovered that the sound harassment was being done by several cars repeatedly driving by. It’s a bit difficult to get into a private home without busting a door or window, no pass keys. This allowed me to reveal the identity of some of their assistants. So I rolled by their house. They freaked out and moved with no listing in the phone book. A visit to the county records office solved this problem.

Key Points: You know the key perp. You somehow ’wronged’ the key perp and they are punishing you. Judicious use of data and technology can.
Getting even

New Canaan, CT

#8 Nov 2, 2009
"Do not consider suicide, but be aware that their goal is to remove you"
The goal to remove you- that is obvious. How does one fight back at such a vengeful, evil,large group of corrupt people with money to spare?
Suicide? Heck no. Let them do it to themselves, if they have any conscience about how they have destroyed the lives of many people in CT and all over the country.
New Canaan Lurker

New York, NY

#10 Dec 7, 2009
I wrote this and I was absolutely wrong:

If you care about this situation- please contact Attorney Paul Burnham of rucciburnham and express your dismay. He will try to avoid your call, or will state the woman is mentally ill. She is, very clearly, not.
Contact the NPD and express your concern. The home which was left to the woman and her son- was broken into by the so-called "buyers". That negated their chance of purchasing the home.
The attorney railroaded it through, anyway.
Please help the mother gain legal support as she attempts to deal with the corrupt actions of Attorney Burnham.We fear for her life. She is Not safe.

Clearly Mr. Burnham is the LAST person you would want to contact regarding these crimes, unless you are a police officer with handcuffs ready to click on.

Clearly he has no conscience.

We can't just sit by and let this woman be gangstalked,harrassed, forced homelessness,staff at shelter paid off to victimize her in a number of ways.....


New Canaan Lurker

New York, NY

#11 Dec 7, 2009
Any investigative reporters daring to take this story on?

Norwalk, CT

#12 Dec 12, 2009
too afraid to take this story on....I would suggest she contact NYC media....
CT lady

Norwalk, CT

#14 Dec 30, 2009
I was sarcastically asked if I would appear on Dr. Phil or Oprah. Sure. I have nothing to hide and perhaps my story might help others.

The gangstalking has destroyed so much of my life and my family's connections.....

Let's be honest here: Their goal is to kill or institutionalize you...with not one of them taking the blame- just the culmination of their sadistic actions....
thank you to Islip Ny

Norwalk, CT

#15 Jan 2, 2010
I would certainly hope so. We'll tell ALL, and are open to any questions. Bring the attorney on as well, in the interests of fairness.(Unlike attorney grievances- what a joke- they do not give you a chance to confront the attorneys in person after they write their "replies". Burnham lied on his reply and so did attorney Ginsberg in Stamford. The latter said I never contacted him after 10/2006- when I wrote and called almost every day- and got hung up on. Burnham said that he never had any contact with us after we left CT- baloney. He called my son in the hospital and sent various "visitors" in to see him who had to be escorted out.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#17 Apr 15, 2011
He's at it again. I'm outta here.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#18 Apr 16, 2011
Thank you for the $20.00 added to my phone on Valentine's Day (how sweet) to enable the following features:
"What can everstealth track?

Mobiles & Computers
Voice calls
Recordings Recordings
Pictures & Videos
Browser history
Address Book

Also apparently the spyware is located in the handset, not the battery.

Lexington, KY

#19 Apr 21, 2011
They have no conscience. In my experience at least some of them, and certainly the one calling the shots, is a sociopath or possibly a psychopath. Look up these psychology terms and study what this "mental illness" is. They are people that have zero conscience and were born this way. One in twenty five people in our country is a sociopath but it is nearly impossible to recognize them. Many people, including myself, spend years in relationships whith a sociopath and don't even know it. They are like chameleons and most victims do not figure things out until it is too late. I found myself in the presence of several of these people and I felt a strong presence of pure evil. It was bizarre, almost as if they were functioning in a different spiritual realm, a dark and evil one where no love exists. That probably sounds crazy to you but it is the only way I can describe what I experienced. Some of them are very intelligent and almost genius in an evil, diabolical sort of way and I wonder how many people are killed each year without anybody ever suspecing a thing or finding out the truth. They are extremely manipulative and conniving and many are career criminals. Out of all the career criminals who are caught and put in prison, I wonder how many are in our society and are just too intelligent to be caught. I guarantee the number is much greater than you can imagine. They can commit crimes and leave no evidence behind. These people need to be addressed at the public level because some of them are extremely dangerous and the masses seem to be totally unaware that they are around.

Lexington, KY

#20 Apr 21, 2011
Just noticed when I posted above that my city location was included. Even that worries me because they are very intelligent and can track me through the computer.

San Jose, CA

#21 May 5, 2011
Trust me, they are not intel,just have a program to track.. thats all., they are dumb ass, most and a tiny few actually does have a portion of a brain..
The one single piece of evidense thats going to land them in federal prison is the LIST that is kept , a log, of all they do , all there names,all actions...with date and time stamps.. Its just a matter of time.. U will see !! them falling like dominoes.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#22 May 5, 2011
Fingerwave, I would LOVE to see a copy of the list/log of their activities state by state.

I still have lots of lists of vehicle descriptions
and their license plate numbers- which may be bogus.
Still have a pic of our cat with his leg shaved in a Motel in CT- 2 cops responded, made no report. Saw the attorney a few hours earlier sprinting from restaurant to restaurant in the area, looking for son and I and probably showing false dossier.....

I suspect there is also a list of those to be stalked. How do we get that list?

Why do they persist after years and years when they have achieved their goals of violating a family's trust. conning an elderly, ill man, and obtaining most of his resources that he saved for generations? I have no power. Only knowledge. Let the other families go formward with their lawsuits. I just want to live my life in peace.

Providence, RI

#23 May 9, 2011
Why don't they STOP? They got all the money and conned my father when he was ill.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#24 May 17, 2011
Check this link out if you believe this kind of thing does not happen in the good ole U.S.A.:

"One day I was a wealthy entrepreneur with a beautiful home, a successful business and money in the bank....The next day I was hunted, living through 18 audits and investigations and a smear campaign directed not just at me but also members of my family, colleagues and friends who helped me."

She believes it "originated at the highest levels," putting her through more than two years of "serious physical harassment, and surveillance,(including) burglary, stalking, having house guests followed, and (finding) dead animals left on (her) doormat."

What most people think can't happen in America, in fact, does, to anyone challenging corporate or government power - trashing the rule of law for their own interests, cleverly manipulating the public not catch on, or when it does, it's too late.

In Fitts' case, Hamilton's business and future opportunities were systematically wiped out, what led her to found , focused on ethical investment, to help individuals and families protect their assets by understanding how dark Wall Street/Washington forces collaboratively drain investors and communities." from philly.irc

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