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VTech Service at 1505 Chester Pike Folcroft Pa

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Folcroft Citizen

United States

#1 May 21, 2009
Do you know that vtech service brings all the trash that they collect from thier septa train station contracts to thier parking lot in Folcroft to dump in huge red dumster behind building illegelly? Go check out all the rats that luv to eat it every night. Philadelphia kicked them out for same reason. Call and ask why our town !
Folcroft Citizen

Harleysville, PA

#2 May 29, 2009
Perhaps this needs to be reported to the daily times, or find some awareness. Go to the Folcroft council meeting!!!
Folcroft Citizen

Harleysville, PA

#3 May 29, 2009
The next one is June 16 in the Folcroft borough hall, 7 pm-Elmwood & Primos.
Joseph Papaleo

Westland, MI

#4 Jun 5, 2009
Hi Folcroft Resident,
I am on Council in Folcroft and from time to time I check these forums in order to keep my ear to the ground and stay abreast if events in the Community. In addition to that this forum has been a good way for me to chat with resdients and throw ideas around.
This morning I logged on for the first time in a while to find your posting here and to be honest, I am distirbed by your reports. I am very concerned. I will sound the alarm for rest of borough Council, and the mayor and I promise that i will look into this immediately and make some calls throughout the weekend.
In the Mien time, DO NOT CALL VTECH inc. If they know we are onto them we'll never be able to catch them in the act... If you see this posting feel free to call borough hall and ask the secretary who answers for my contact information. I will let her know that you will be inquiring about that.

When you get my contact information we'll coordinate. If you can snap some footage of them in the act, It would help a lot for when they try deny it as they will most certainly try to do. They are known for demonstrating this kind of blatant disregard!

I hope to hear from you soon, Folcroft Resident.

Your Friend and nieghbor,
Hon. Councilman Joseph G. Papaleo
Folcroft Lifer

Allentown, PA

#5 Jul 9, 2009
Any update?????

“Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Right”

Since: Dec 08

Upper Darby

#6 Jul 11, 2009
Folcroft Lifer wrote:
Any update?????
Its says you're from Allentown, Folcroft Lifer. Did it occur to you that "joe" was an imposter? Maybe VTech actually is the ones monitoring this site in case anyone is on to them. They're just toying with you. Maybe.

Philadelphia, PA

#7 Jan 18, 2010
I actually worked for these people. They are haveing trucks repoed left and right! The owner Than is a degenerous gambler! I would get a pay check and wouldn't be able to cash it because there were no funds in the accounts. All the employees are criminals and addicts. They had a sister company Ulitity Line Clearance who only lasted 6 mths in that place because Than owed so much money to banks and lenders! They left Philadelphia because of nonpayment of rent!

Darby, PA

#8 Sep 26, 2010
im currently working there and have been working there for three seasons. the owner is a degenerate and so are the managers. every last one of them. im getting paid 7.25 and hour to brush montgomery coutny pick up trash and cut and chip trees. they get there licenses to spray chemicals like herbicide which is poisonous to the body wheather you breath it or touch it. half the ppl are on drugs and drink while working. the trucks have no insurance half the time and ppl with out a valid drivers license drives the trucks to and from that wharehouse and even home. flaggers dont know what they are doing because they just hand them the licenses. believe me. the job is horrible. i have a family to feed and bills to pay. i tried applying to other areas and havent found another job yet. citizens of folcroft, please get v-tech shut down already. the owner is not even paying his taxes. im not an imposter. im an acual worker who is tired of being used and tired of the bs. the person who posted before me is not lieing one bit. this past friday my check bounced. i still havent cashed it. folcroft i advise you to do something asap. v-tech is destroying folcroft.

Marcus Hook, PA

#9 Apr 12, 2011
i also worked there i just quit today when i found out what they were paying "7.25" hour.. its a joke mark my words somebody iss gonna get killed out there on the tree crew nobody has a clue. n ur working on the side of major highways.
Spray money

Chicago, IL

#10 Jun 2, 2011
If you are stupid keep walking the highways picking up trash or working on the tree crews for 7.25 a hour,,,,if you dnt do it somebody else will and you can bet on that,,,,,I will let you know I am it is no secret my name is Howard yes I work at v-tech I have a certification in pesticide,,yes I spray the highways ,,yes my check is fat every week 16.25 a hour ,,you do the math oh my nick name is I dnt give a fuck ,,I dnt what to be a boss just keep my money straight ...remember you only get in this life what you are worth...look I dnt care about the politics of v-tech I just work here I dnt own the company,,that is one of the problems ,,,stay in ur lane of what concerns you,handle ur business ...feed ur family ,,now that you have read this how much are you worth
name is Big Ed

Washington, DC

#11 Jul 9, 2012
I just recently been fired from VTech because they keep burning me out of my pay, and I kept asking about my money so Dwight Clayton fired me ! This company isn't safe not only for us workers, but for the residents of Folcroft ! The company is Illegal in so many ways. Dwight Clayton is the supervisor, but has his signature on checks and documents that he shouldn't. If you wages are$10 or $12 an hour, they'll pay you $8 an hour. The guy Howard who posted on here is a crackhead and a thief ! He (Howard) ole $3,000 cash from the company, and they hired him back as a ”Foreman”! They need to arrest Dwight Clayton and the owner of the company...... And Folcroft needs to get rid of them !!!

Philadelphia, PA

#12 Jul 9, 2012
name is Big Ed wrote:
I just recently been fired from VTech because they keep burning me out of my pay, and I kept asking about my money so Dwight Clayton fired me ! This company isn't safe not only for us workers, but for the residents of Folcroft ! The company is Illegal in so many ways. Dwight Clayton is the supervisor, but has his signature on checks and documents that he shouldn't. If you wages are$10 or $12 an hour, they'll pay you $8 an hour. The guy Howard who posted on here is a crackhead and a thief ! He (Howard) ole $3,000 cash from the company, and they hired him back as a ”Foreman”! They need to arrest Dwight Clayton and the owner of the company...... And Folcroft needs to get rid of them !!!
,,,first of all you got stuff all messed up i am not a crackhead i never used drugs in my life,,second that 3000 was owned to me back pay....now afr as you being fired you are right on that issue so sue them,,,now my preblem is that i am in contact with the epa about the chemical facters concerning the way the herbicide is being ran,,,every morning within that conpany thier is a chemical spill in the drive way to unclog the trucks that are used to spray chemicals in five counties,,and yes you are right about most of the unlawful things that go on dwight name is on it aswell as the owner who co-sign everything,,,i am trying to get in touch with nick martino who is in control up in penndot to find out why v-tech herbicide applicator most are not license are spraying chemicals in these counties,,,five counties ,,the contact say one applicator for each county licensed,,,v-tech will put any body out thier to spray chemicals and everybody just look the other way this has to stop ....also i want to know how is v-tech getting away with all of the fake paperwork as far as chemical reports,,the owner will tell the applicator that if you spray 200 gallon of herbicide to report 500 gallons this is a rip off of the tax payers money and yes dwight is the house negro who over see everything for the owner,,i am willing to tell all the in and out about this unlawful conpany,,i work their for six years ,,i can talk about insurance scams,,,they even submitted paperwork 609 to chester county about work that was suspposed to be done by rodney cureton who is in prisonand was in prison at the time...fake paper work and i know because i am the one who hand deliver them to the inspector for chester county to mr.ed r.,,,,he didnt care if the work was done he just signed the 609 for the owner on dwight behaft,,yes dwight is the superviser who is the front man for the owner,,they are in to alot of unlawful stuff
Da vtech stopper

Newark, NJ

#16 Jul 22, 2012
Yea all this stuff is true also i have been fired for da same thing they owe me day of work pay an when i ask for it there is always an excuse or issue why icant get my money. Dwight an tito are too bosses tht do the most scamming in this world. Dwight takesmoney tht he owe wrkers an slips in right into his pocket. For his car note believe it or not he just got a BMW wit our fuckin money tht we will never see. Someone put a stop to this scam an abuse of us as workers i will never send anyone to tht place its dirty also u have to check out da rest room sad. Also they pay a horrible 7.25 an hr for ppl to risk their lifes on highways or trees i be happy when this place no longer exist
Dwight Clayton

Dallas, TX

#17 Jul 24, 2012
I'm sorry fellas, I'm just a big goof ball who sits on his ass all day lifting weights and taking orders from a Vietnamese coke head gambler...my bad
big e

Tuscaloosa, AL

#18 Jul 24, 2012
im going every day becavse i need money i need a pay out thing need to change one day some things is going to haved but for now u will see out there /....

Newark, NJ

#19 Jul 25, 2012
I am the wife of an employee that works here and I am disgusted by these accusations!..... He is not a criminal nor an addict but just a man who had a hard time finding a job after being layed off. If this company is doing these things it is very harmful to our families physically and financially. Do they not care about the welfare of the children in our homes I QUESS NOT!!! We are raising children and paying bills. My husband told me some of these types of rumors but to see this is reality. I'm definetly gonna talk to him TODAY after reading these comments. I see fraud charges being brought against them. This is sad.......they only do this to the people out here struggling to make ends meet. AS TO MR CLAYTON "as a black man in a position to help others" I pray you are not that corrupt to fill your pockets for material things when people have mouths to feed.....smh These people starving out here and with the right one that shit will get you hurt! This is a mess I'm glad I googled this company.
big e

Tuscaloosa, AL

#20 Jul 25, 2012
Shyt r3aL

Philadelphia, PA

#21 Jul 27, 2012
I work at Vthec services.And let me tell you it pays the bills I'm glad I have a job. But wait that's because I'm a hard worker no matter where I'm employed. I'm sad to hear grown people complain about a job when they don't take the time to look at it importantly and necessary for everyday life. Most Humans don't look at their own mistakes and their for judge the frist thing that comes to mind. I understand feeling cheated and disappointed but if you came into this world not expecting that u are mistaken. This is not a carrier job just a steping stone to jobs in all fields. Experience is the key to success sO learn from this message. Have a great life
Da vtech stopper

Newark, NJ

#22 Jul 28, 2012
Who ever talks good bout vtech its only cuz they must be kissing Ass cuz the job is really a scam an illegal shit tht goes on there its funny. I think the job el would do better with a couple of different ppl around an a better pay rate. So its goin dwn haha hope all my co workers da best but its bout time tht they get a hold on this business. FUCK DWIGHT CLAYTON AN HERMAN REYES u kno they do da most stealin in this company
big ed

Tuscaloosa, AL

#23 Aug 23, 2012
we all to get job as fast as u can be for the same thing is going to had to u

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