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Huntsville, AL

#21 Jun 19, 2008

Yes…good subject…I have a great example of cheating…one year at a draft a particular coach tried to protect top round players instead of his own son and his assistant’s son. He was told that he would have to protect his own son, at least. So, he protected his son and another kid (or kids) who was in the higher rounds (instead of his assistant coaches’ child, who was in a lower round). I guess he thought he could protect better players, to make his team stronger than others and still pick up his assistant coaches’ child later on. Well, he got “Jobbed” because another coach picked up his assistant’s son and refused to trade with him. I guess this upset his applecart, because he could not manage to pull off his CHEATING SCAM and now he is venting on a public forum under the disguise that he “Abideth” by all the rules!

Isn’t it funny how when someone didn’t manage to manipulate the system in their favor, they all of a sudden want to change the system to make it ‘FAIR for ALL’?
blah blah blah

Foley, AL

#22 Jun 19, 2008
play ball people!!!!!
Not A Chance

Daphne, AL

#23 Jun 19, 2008
Trust me blah blah blah, if you knew Abideth like the rest of us, you would be on him too. He thought he was the best at manipulating the system, but evidently couldn't take it when others outsmarted him (probably not real difficult to do). Once, he wouldn't pick his own son in the early rounds(who by his own admission was an allstar pretty much every year he coached) hoping to pick up other good players (like I said, his kid can play)then grab his son later. Well, evidently what is good for the goose isn't also good for the gander in this case. It seems that if someone else tries the same draft "technique", they are "cheating". When he tries it, I guess it is "creative drafting".

Oh, and by the way Abideth, check your context before you babble about the meaning of an expression. There is only one way you could have meant you "could care less" and it was wrong. Just admit it and move on...everyone makes a mistake now and then - sort of like starting this blog sequence!
Steve Gross

Mobile, AL

#24 Jun 19, 2008
Let me say, I am embarrassed by both of ya'll. I am pretty sure who both of you are. I think we ALL do. I wish you would not make a mockery of our town, and our kids! At least I have the balls to post my name. It is "Kid's" baseball league. 10-11 year kids. I think we should do the draft, like stated earier in this babbling....put the teams together, then assign a coach to the teams via blind draw. NO more stacking...There are plenty of good Dad's willing to be assistant coach's. I saw plenty of coaches this year that Austin would NOT play for. I really feel sorry for the coaches who did not make the pros so they are living thru their kids. I know coaches that I consider friends OFF of the field and on the field they turn in to ASSES. I think there are a lot of Dad's sick of the crap some of the coaches are pulling in front of our kids. It is a GAME you JERKS!! As far as All Star voting...One parent of every child on the team should have to vote for three kids on their team. Top two make it to ALL Stars....COACHES DO NOT PICK!! ALL TEAMS ARE REPRESENTED by two players.

In closing let me say....Abideth don't ever draft Austin...He will not be allowed to play for you.
Justice4all thanks for ending the season on a "FUN" note, and then stomping our kids in to embarrassment. Neat way to remeber the season. Remeber playing the last game for "FUN" was YOUR idea!! "Let's put some kids in different positions" Sportsmanship at its finest...

Mike Herret

Mobile, AL

#25 Jun 19, 2008
I have been coaching in Daphne Dixie Youth for five years. I've coached at every level but Ozone. I have coached both in the fall and All-stars. I started coaching my daughter in T-ball with a team "given" to me. As a newcomer to the system, I just wanted to teach the kids the game. I knew one child, my daughter. We went 10-0 and had a lot of fun. My daughter only played that one year of T-ball. I made a bond with my assistant coach and continued to coach up through the ranks with his son as my "protected" player. The next year, I drafted a player in my first year of coach pitch in the third round who has a father in the Coast Guard. He was not able to commit the time necessary as a coach because his job "kept him in the water" frequently. Subsequently, this young man became my second and last "protected" player. I have had one of these boys for all five seasons and the other for four. I am not an officianado of the Dixie Youth rule book, but I believe the draft system in Daphne is more than fair. Each team "protects" two players(usually the head and assistant coach's sons). Since I don't have a child in the league I am afforded these two players. They are both very good players who put in more than their share of extra work at home before and after practice. They are always rated in the first two rounds. There is no doubt they have been the foundation of my teams, but only an idiot will tell you two players make a winning baseball team. They definitely contribute more than their fair share, but we win because my assistant coach and I know what we're doing and know how to teach the game. We don't throw a tantrum or take it out on the kids when things don't go our way. In every year's draft, we do not get to pick another player until at least twenty players are gone. This past year, when we made our first "open" pick, we were in the middle of the fourth round. You don't see me whining to anyone who will read my four hundred repetitive posts. I am also man enough to admit a mistake. I coached "abideth's" son in the fall league before his first year of coach pitch. I thought then and still think highly of his son and his baseball ability. It's true, I informed him the only way I would be able to draft his son in the upcoming season is if he missed the tryout and "fell" to the bottom of the list. However, there was no "offer" only the thought. That was an error in judgement on my part, but don't believe for a second he took the "high road" in this situation. I believe he wanted to coach his own team. That "loophole" has been eliminated anyway. If a player does not show up to the assesment, we put his name in a hat and the "hat" cannot be picked out of until after the fifth or sixth round. I do not believe any coach has x-ray vision or the names are written in braille. We (our team) have had good drafts and not so good drafts. I have gone undefeated and finished in third or fourth place. After the first four rounds, the draft is a crapshoot anyway. Of course it helps when a coach knows a kid, but there are too many scorekeepers eyes on these kids at the evaluation to "sandbag" their results. Professional leagues spend millions of dollars in scouting and they have "busts" in the first round, so don't give me this B.S. about the draft being rigged or unfair.
Mike Herret

Mobile, AL

#26 Jun 19, 2008
Now, I'm not an idiot and know that any coach worth his salt is looking for that "competitive" edge and maybe a few get away with one player, but an unlikely number of scenarios would have to fall your way to make any real difference. For example, what number you draft in any particular round(the first round sequence is drawn out of a hat and the subsequent rounds are staggered by a computer chart based on the number of teams in the league) or if someone has their eye on a certain player and they pick ahead of you. Coaches are known to drop down a round or two to get a player they covet. The idea of appointing one person or anyone other than the coaches to pick the teams is not only idiotic, but opens the door for a whole new level of cheating. Are you kidding me?! I have always been respectful to you and kind to your son. Since you threw me under the bus, I'll return the favor. All of these redundant rants are coming from an individual who is bitter because he cannot coach in our system because he was thrown out of an All-Star tournament as a coach representing Daphne. To the best of my knowledge, the same rulebook he is so happy to quote states that if you are ejected from an All-Star tournament, you are banned at least one maybe two years from coaching in the regular season. I wonder why he didn't mention that? This is a prime example of someone who is trying to make himself bigger than the game. I'm as competitive and just as likely to blow a fuse in the middle of a game as anyone, but these are nine and ten year old boys. I coach because I love the game and love teaching the game. The next paycheck I get for all the countless hours of my free time I have given over the years will be my first. The opportunity to kick the "butts" of my fellow coaches is payment enough. At least I have the guts to reveal my name rather than throw stones behind an alias. I have never been kicked out of a game and I firmly believe there is no excuse for it. So, if you can't deal with the consequences of your actions Abideth, maybe you should take your talents elsewhere.
What the

Panama City Beach, FL

#27 Jun 20, 2008
Abideth..seriously now. Go back and read your first post. You contradict yourself throughout your posts. Delusional much? Anyway, all I got to say is get over it. Sounds like you're just mad your kid was on a losing team, you weren't allowed to coach, and your kid didn't make AllStars. That about sums it all up.
Never knew there was all this drama at the Daphne park. I've heard several times that kids come from Spanish Fort to play in our league because it is so bad over there. Go figure.

Sugar Land, TX

#28 Jun 24, 2008
Do not let the e-mail address fool you,. I am a local coach.
I watched a Daphne "Allstar team" at municipal park last night. There can be no excuse for that team being so weak while your other team breezes through their subdistrict. The team I watched had no, and I stress NO pitching and no power hitting. Your system was unfair to theese boys . They wanted to compete . Your system sent a one legged man to a butt kicking contest.
Theese boys played their hearts out but could not compete. What the board or coaches or whoever did to theese kids was wrong and should not be overlooked.
I do not know what kind of draft system you are useing. I can tell you it is not working, a change needs to be made.

My advice is , while you are watching your prefered team at the district tournament( and you better go watch because they will not get out of there) find a park with 2 teams represented and find out what they are doing.What ever it is seems to be working. Sure one team will be stronger but a park of your size should have 2 competitive teams at the subdistrict level. I believe you could field 2 teams that would make it to the district tournament. This would allow 24 boys to play more ball.
If I am not mistaken letting kids play ball is what started the whole deal.
veteran baseball dad

Mobile, AL

#29 Jun 24, 2008
baseball coach, please don't be too hard on Daphne's Dixie youth program. although it is true that the team down in the gulf shores tournament may be a bit stronger, don't indite the entire program. the truth is that that age group from our park(ozone) is in a down year talent-wise. we simply don't have as many strong ball players as we've had in the past or that we have coming up. it was not that the coaches stacked the league but that there is just not the number of strong ball players that Daphne usually has.

Huntsville, AL

#30 Jun 24, 2008
...also, the accusations in this thread is being made about the Minor league and they have not even started their sub-district tournament yet...
baseball coach

Sugar Land, TX

#31 Jun 24, 2008
veteran, If you believe the selection was done right, I will leave it along.The system belongs to your kids. We have enough problems on our side of the bay.



Poplarville, MS

#32 Jun 30, 2008
baseball coach, daphne could just keep the same allstar teams together each year and practice illegally throughout the baseball season to win like many other teams in this area are doing...daphne ozone picks 12 players for 2 teams and fields a true allstar team.
baseball coach

Sugar Land, TX

#33 Jun 30, 2008
9yrsatlott wrote:
baseball coach, daphne could just keep the same allstar teams together each year and practice illegally throughout the baseball season to win like many other teams in this area are doing...daphne ozone picks 12 players for 2 teams and fields a true allstar team.
I think the term "many others" may be an overstatement but I definitly know of 1. They will get theres before it is over with.
I am sure if you took a good look at the team that beat you guys Saturday night, you could tell this was not the case . Your guys played hard. your team just ran out of pitching .The municipal team that beat you ,ran out of pitching last night themselves. I would rather see my kids get beat then teach them to cheat. Maybe the district director, who has been at the park during this district tournament, will put a stop to it.
Steve Gross

United States

#34 Jul 10, 2008
I would like to say what an enjoyable time it has been at the Daphne Ballpark (Lott Field) watching the Peanut kids play Ball. The games have had excitment and enthusiasm. When I think of Little League, this is what I think of. The City has done a great job on the fields, as well as the many volunteers who have made this a neat experience for the players. The way parents have come out to watch the Daphne team play...That don't even have kids on the team...has been awesome. I feel like everyone assosciated with the park should come out and support the team. I hope in the upcoming seasons we can all realize that this is OUR park and ALL of this is for our kids. Lott park is truly a neat place to bring our kids. I would also like to thank the Daphne team for showing us adults what Little League is all about. GOOD LUCK DAPHNE!!
dad with a kid

United States

#35 Jul 23, 2008
All of you are sad sacks of shit. Living vicariously through your boys... the anonymity of the internet truly brings out the worst in people, but at the same time the truth. I guess the truth hurts. I had no idea I would come upon this wholly sickening blog, but alas, it does exist. Damn, I had no idea that the men in our community were such sorry old losers. I was attempting to find out when and where to sign up for the fall league, but now I see that there is really no sense in it. Everything is rigged and your children are going to be the ones to take the loss of personal character. Go ahead and order the steroids at pharmabolic.com . Assholes.
Daphne Parent

Foley, AL

#36 Aug 1, 2008
Regardless of all the publicity DDYB seems to be getting from this blog it really is not THAT bad. My son has played there for 6 years and has loved every minute of it. Granted there is politics that go on at every park it really is a fun, laid back atmosphere. The only ones that get lost in the politics are some of the coaches with their children. There are coaches in every town and ball park who think their children are better than everyone and think they do no wrong. They wear rose colored glasses but they are only doing their children an injustice. When their child has to play in the real world for a coach other than dad reality is going to be tough. Fall Ball in Daphne is really fun and the coaches who are the ones that you need to watch for do not play fall ball. All the coaches in Daphne are good guys and would never hurt your child. The person who started this blog is the one that I would not allow my child to play for. That is why he has not been allowed to coach there.

Pensacola, FL

#37 Sep 3, 2008
When is the sign up for fall ball in Daphne?

Panama City Beach, FL

#38 Sep 11, 2008
Carl wrote:
When is the sign up for fall ball in Daphne?
I am wondering the same thing. Do they usually post signs? I have not seen any. It seems like if they were having it that it would have already started. hmmm. Who do you contact I wonder?

Mobile, AL

#39 Jan 9, 2013
Well it's now 2013 and Daphne Dixie Youth league is no better! Cheating still occurs and runs rampant starting with its board elections! Watched it myself and it is as planned as I had heard! My suggestions/ join a travel league!!!

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