Why was he indicted by our courts?

You know, I'm a Christian and I attend church on occasion so understand I'm not a Muslim -- but this bothers me.

This young man CHOSE out of his own free will to go to a FOREIGN country. He went to Somalia, not America.

No Americans have died(as far as we know) by his hand. No Americans are there in Somalia fighting their govt.'s war.

If this man wants to go to a foreign nation and throw his fate and lot in with some crazy religious group then that's his business. Why is it the business of our govt.?

He's a grown man, as long as he's not killing Americans, it shouldn't be our business what he does.

If he wants to go to Somalia and fight the govt. there then that's his affair and if he wants to get his head blown off by foreign troops or police then that's his fate.

Why are we nosing around in the business of foreign nations? We really have to stop this shit. It's getting annoying. We can't indict every swinging dick this side of hell who's in cahoots with a political or religious movement we do not like.

Live by the sword, die by the sword -- agreed.

But he was fighting a foreign govt. If he chooses to do so on his own dime and time, that's his business, not ours.

If he wants to die in a foreign land, that's his business, not mine.

If he thinks he's going to get virgins or money or whatever that's his business and not ours.

We as a nation have to stop sticking our nose in foreigner's business. If this guy went there we should arrest him if he tries something here but this is bullshit.

You can't indict somebody for what they do in another country.

Our laws end at our borders.

Stuff like this has serious consequences.

What happens if foreign govts. indict our citizens for shit we do in 3rd party locales?

We need to pull out of the Middle East and let those people kill each other off.

It's really none of our business.

If this guy is dumb enough to throw away his future, more power to him.

But I don't want my tax payer dollars wasted on this jackass. We have enough real criminals than to be worried about a few random wannabes fighting in Africa.

If he wants to die in Africa, that's his business, not the business of my tax dollars.