Young Girl Facing Charges After Wetti...

Young Girl Facing Charges After Wetting Pants

There are 27 comments on the story from Jan 4, 2007, titled Young Girl Facing Charges After Wetting Pants. In it, reports that:

DANVILLE, Pa. A 12-year-old special education student in Montour County was charged with disorderly conduct after authorities said she deliberately wet her pants at school.

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Loving DAD

Rochester, MI

#1 Jan 4, 2007
Sad commentary on just how BAD and autocratic the school system has become in America. What makes it even worse is the foolishness of the police to side with them. Lets see, 'special ed', severe 'fear of a particular authority figure'. This sounds like a legitimate lawsuit.
What a horrible Thing

Davenport, IA

#2 Jan 4, 2007
As the father of a special education child, I am astounded by this lack of social and educational responsiblity shown by the school and local law enforcement. Should such a thing ever happen to my child you can bet that they would be answering for their actions. Most likely in a civil court. No person should go through the indignity that has been thrust upon this child with specail needs; regardless of what those needs are.

Gilbert, AZ

#3 Jan 4, 2007
THis story has been listed on Drudge. It will be interesting to see what the DA does now. No way this will ever go to court.
Mother of 3

Round Lake, IL

#4 Jan 4, 2007
I am astonished that this school cannot handle their students, especially a child with special needs. These so called teachers and staff should be fired. They have no business teaching or running a school with children. My son use to do the same thing when he was young, and the worse thing you can do according to doctors is to punish them. You are suppose to reward them when they dont soil there pants.
Incredible Insensitivity

Washington, DC

#5 Jan 4, 2007
The principal wants us to believe that a 12-year-old girl deliberately wet her pants as an act of defiance. Really? When my first wife was a little girl, she at times had difficulty making it to the bathroom when she got home from school, especially in cold weather. Her mother treated her accidents as a disciplinary problem. As Judy explained to me, however, she hated to wet her pants; wet panties and socks are extremely uncomfortable to any girl.
People whose brains are wired differently than most often are subject to unusual phobias, particularly during childhood. I have Asperger syndrome, so I have experience with some unusual phobias. For several years when I was a boy, I refused to eat with a fork because I didn't like the holes forks made in food. "Eat with a fork, not with your hands!" other kids would scold. Eventually I got over that phobia and replaced it with a different one: I began insisting on eating everything with a fork, including ice cream and even apple sauce, because spoons were too childish!
The girl's refusal to go to the kitchen may have been driven by some unusual phobia. School officials, however, apparently made no effort to understand why she refused and treated it as a disciplinary matter. They then made the same assumption when the girl, obviously terrified of the principal, wet her pants and socks when confronted by him. Incredibly, the police went along with the insensitive school officials.
If you have a hard time understanding the unusual phobias to which some children are subject, perhaps I can illustrate the matter in a different way. Besides being subject to some seemingly strange phobias, people with autism or Asperger syndrome are often immune to certain fears common to most people. For example, I have never experienced stage fright. I read once about an author who wet her pants on stage during the only speaking engagement she ever accepted. I know that public speaking is something that many people find very frightening, but I simply cannot relate to their fear. Should I conclude, then, that the author about whom I read wet her pants deliberately to get out of the speaking engagement? How ridiculous that would be! But it would be no more ridiculous than the conclusion the school administrators and police reached regarding that girl's accident.
Shame on them!

Charles R. Gies
Sterling, VA

Rochester, MN

#6 Jan 5, 2007
This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read in my life!! As the mother of a child with special ed needs, I find this very appalling. Something should be done about these so called "educators" and the police department that sided with them. My advice to the parents, get an attorney right away.

Washington, DC

#7 Jan 5, 2007
I went to danville highschool, my mom was a secretary to the now super intendent steve kiefer. I always looked up to him until he let this happen on his watch. The middle school principal i believe was my 9th grade history teacher who didnt like me cause i came from the south, and the DA, well all i know is his wife and daughter. His wife was my english teacher and let me say, if he is anything like her or her daughter, then god help this schoolboard that is about to be sued. I dont call danville home anymore but i can see this happening. Let me break down what i know.
Steve only got his job because the former super intendent was corrupt with half the school board. The police are ignorant and harrassed its citizens it was paid to protect, the DA i can only imagine is half if at all as intelligent as his wife and daughter which hahahaha i might say is lacking. Then all that leaves is the principal that has remained nameless. If you are who i think you are this was for the harrassment you gave me. Its sad seeing a place i called home on the global news for tring to press charges on a 12 year old retard for peeing themselves and me knowning all those responsible. I knew a kid in bootcamp that pissed himself cause he drank to much water and they wouldnt let him pee, how do we not know that the school wouldnt let this 12 year old pee. I sue them family of the 12 year old. This is nothing but a waste of peoples time and money, taxpayer money. And the one effect by this is the family of the innocent 12 year old. Regardless if they were retarded or not, noone pees themself unless they are scared shitless or are being denied that right to pee in the first place.
Danville area school district, you need to drop charges and pay off the family and myself to keep quiet haha

Lakeland, MI

#8 Jan 5, 2007
I am amazed at the stupidity of the Danville school board. Gov. Randell you need to have someone do an investigation into this. Thank God I no longer live in PA.

Flushing, NY

#9 Jan 9, 2007
Without being there, let me explain exactly how this happened, and why, given today's society, it's the best-case scenario.

First, you have to understand that Special Education is not limited to kids with serious mental disabilities. It's the dumping ground for school officials who can justify moving kids who are hard to handle. In school, I knew several Special Ed students who, while they may have never become brain surgeons, certainly could have been B+ students in the regular classes, provided they made the effort. So, while this girl could have been "challenged" in the way we conventionally think of Special Ed students, it's not a given.

So there's this girl, who's acting out in class. What should the teacher do? She can't dicipline her in any meaningful sense, and this girl is detracting from the learning experience of the other students in the class. So the teacher defers to the Principal. It's either this, or let the girl go wild while teaching the other students in the class, or focus on the girl and leave the other students in the Special Ed class to their own devices (hint: the latter two are not acceptable).

So the Principal comes in and the girl pees herself. Who knows what else went on in that time. Did the Principal come in screaming and frighten the girl until she wet herself? Or, did the Principal come in calmly and the girl tried to pee on him intentionally? Or something inbetween?

So, now we have the Teacher, the other students, the Principal and the girl. Do you want your child exposed to the urine of their classmates? No. Should teachers be forced to work in a urine-soaked enviornment? No. So now the girl has to be removed. Is it okay for school officials to touch children? No. So who ya gonna call? That's right, the police.

Now, if you think any average cop out there thinks it's a good idea to arrest 12 year old girls for peeing, you're wrong. So forget that. The cop shows up, and the school officials tell him this girl is out of control, that she's tried to pee on people (whether they actually believe what they tell the cop is not relavent at this time). There's enough here to remove the girl from the school for Disorderly Conduct. If the cop doesn't remove a child in this type of situation, and then the child say, stabs someone in the eye with a scissors, guess who's stuck working night security at Walmart? So the cop removes her. Well, you can't just detain people for no reason in this country, so the cop arrests her.

And there you have it. Because of our litigeous, over-reactive, and stupid-in-general society, these people all had little to no choice in this situation. You can't put your hands on a little girl, no matter what craziness she's getting away with, and educating our children and protecting people, while two of the most important goals of society in general, are the most under-funded and over-scrutinized. That's what leads to 12 year olds girls being arrested for peeing themselves.

Easton, PA

#10 Jan 20, 2007
I agree arresting this young girl is ludacris at best. However I do know the foster parents of this girl. I feel a great deal of empathy for the young girl but find it hard to have much respect for the mother. I have known her for roughly twenty years having met her through the foster care system.It has been said that it was the mothers idea to call police in the first place, she knew exactly what she was doing. Those children she has are a paycheck and this unfortunate little girl is possibly about to pay off.

I had been friends with this woman for a few years until I knew she had her own biological children. I only found out because I met her eldest daughter by coincidence joking to her about how much she looked like this woman. I could have fell over when she said she was her mother. I assumed she was a former foster child. This woman has three children that she abandoned before the oldest was ten years old. She has granchildren she doesn't concern herself with either. I'm sure there is more to this story than some poor innocent girl victimized if not for the love of her parents.
mom in PA

United States

#11 Jan 21, 2007
This womans biological children are none of your business.

United States

#12 Jan 21, 2007

United States

#13 Jan 21, 2007
Wow, Pennsylvania must be a great land. How do you get foster children if you ditch your own kids. I guess there's not a careful screening process down there. Very scary.


#14 Feb 1, 2007
who cares really?

Chesapeake, VA

#15 Apr 17, 2007
Wow I've been reading everyones comments on this issue. Basically what I have to say is what about this 12 year old girl? She is the victim here! Appears she has already had a life of unjustice being placed in a foster home or homes. She obviously has had a very unstable life to begin with. Imagine how this incident must be affecting her. To arrest her for peeing her pants regardless of the situation it arose in is absolutely in my opinion uncalled for! My Gosh someone take this poor 12 year old aside and show her some patience, understanding and unconditional love! Just imagine how she must be feeling over all this. Probably ashamed, afraid and confused. Her whole life has been confusing to her more then likely. Oh and by the way to the person who stated the Foster Mothers biological children are no ones business my opinion is you're WRONG! If this woman is rasing foster children and she didn't care and love for her own children how do you think she can properly care and love for foster children? Answer is they are a paycheck for her and that's more then likely it. Anyhow back to the poor 12 year old I do empathize with her. She needs some sort of positive and stable direction in her life. This situation definately is not helping her with that as a matter of fact it's making matters worse for her. I feel for the girl and I hope one day she finds someone who will love her enough to care, understand and be patient with her. She deserves that. She's a child!!!!!

United States

#16 Apr 18, 2007
gimme a break these kids are a pain in the ass to work with hell I bet any kid is a pain to deal with in todays politically correct world, I say use the paddle on them like I got when I was in school-it kept all or the kids in line

in this day of lawsuits it must suck to work with kids these days--I should know I work at a juvenile center and while being threatened by 18 yr old musculer black kids from philly I have to be nicey nice until they actually do hit me and then I can take them to the ground and hold them there until he calms down--bullcrap I say if I had it my way we would take them down the momment any disrespect was shown, thats the way it was done in the 70'2 80's and 90's and it worked-no riots no staff injuries oh but now we had to soften it all up and look how it is now

and little baby pissy pants can stay in the class with all the helmet wearing retards and cry all day--just give them some candy they'll shut up

Gig Harbor, WA

#19 Jun 6, 2007
Even if the child didnt wet herself deliberately, sounds like she is problematic. Frankly I think to be socially correct in spite of the considerations of the staff is bullshit. The girl needed some sort of dicipline and embarresment and punishment do the trick. You don't let someone shoot you and then claim it's alright because their mentally ill, this is just a far less severe aspect of the same.

United States

#20 Jul 31, 2007
Did the girl just have a bladder problem?

Why even debate on this. How stupid.

Norristown, PA

#21 Aug 9, 2007
What amazes me is the fact that all of the taxpayers have to pay taxes for police departments and to have District Attorneys and such, and the fact that this is what we are all paying for. This is so rediculous- so I guess it is alright for a criminal to be on the loose and for the police to make no effort to apprehend them- because they are too busy going to schools like this one to try to solve problems that the administration should be abe to deal with on their own. Taxpayers need to get real and start paying attention to how much money is wasted- If the school wants the police to come for a situation as rediculous as this one, then they should also foot the bill- not the taxpayers!!!!!!!

Tamaqua, PA

#22 Aug 9, 2007
Principal's name is Duckworth. He's a dope.

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