Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Jan 5, 2011 Full story: The Cincinnati Enquirer 81,788

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Nashville, TN

#64406 Jul 24, 2012
hahahaha...tap, tap, tap, "ignoring", not your FAKEbeliever...but here have a Godvine or two:

Polar Bear Mommy Comes to the Rescue of her Troubled Cub

You can always count on a mother to come to her baby's rescue...even in the animal kingdom. This little guy was struggling, but his mama came to the rescue. Check it out.

Watch an Endangered Baby Panda Grow Up

Panda bears are one of God's most beautiful creatures, and being endangered makes them a real threat to become extinct. Let's appreciate the beauty of this awesome animal with this adorable video.

Polar Bear Cam
Rigged with a live camera, the Tundra Buggy roves the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, tracking polar bears and other native species during daylight hours. Best viewed from 7 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. central time, this footage is brought to you courtesy of , Polar Bear International, and Frontiers North.


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#64407 Jul 24, 2012
Rattlesnake Pete wrote:
<quoted text>How can you disagree with someone, if you didn't see the snakes in the first place? Your statement said "no immediate threat to farmers" and mine showed the possibility of a serious threat to eyesight. I wouldn't be aware of it myself if it hadn't have happened to a friend of mine. Blueminer you ARE special, you're the only responder to a post asking if anyone else had seen a larger than usual snake, then you replied and said you doubted that there was snakes that size, and you call ME the smartass?
Oh not another one!!! Reread your post and let me know if you are serious with that. If you are? Sorry it makes little sense. I still doubt a 10 ft rattler, big deal. Why you trippin about it?

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#64409 Jul 24, 2012
It was starting to like all that stuff was gonna mellow out. Why are theses people obsessed?

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#64411 Jul 24, 2012
No, not drunk, I just tried it w/o the reading glasses.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#64413 Jul 24, 2012
It must be personal. Your obsession with Abeliever is more of some kind of sick grudge. I'm wondering do you know each other personally?

No offense to either of you two I'm just askin.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#64416 Jul 24, 2012
Stop the hate.Life is to short.
what up

Morehead, KY

#64417 Jul 24, 2012
what about the birds

Nashville, TN

#64420 Jul 24, 2012
Blueminer wrote:
It must be personal. Your obsession with Abeliever is more of some kind of sick grudge. I'm wondering do you know each other personally?
No offense to either of you two I'm just askin.
Hi Blueminer, You are right. OBSESSION. I have no idea who this poor excuse for a human being is and I hope to never have to breathe the same air he and his troll club do. Sorry you have to. I live in the Louisville/Fort Knox area and don't know anyone from Scottsville and obviously I am glad about that. We know he hates anyone that doesn't believe his crap or are amused by his sick humor. The rest are just as you describe them. Not worth the effort to respond to. I like the regulars and decent posters. Could careless what they think. Apparently, they have bored the people of your town to death and now see the bird thread as the next one to target. The 3 political threads are too much for them. lol. Looks like the mods aren't too impressed either. The earthquake posted an update since I posted the above Indonesia newsbreak. Think I will posts it with anything else I feel like. lol

Have a good night.

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#64421 Jul 24, 2012
Earthquake Report

Magnitude: 2.6

Magnitude: 2.0

Magnitude: 1.7

California - 5
Magnitude: 2.6

Alaska - 10 total
Magnitude: 2.8

Magnitude: 1.9


Indonesia - 2 total
Magnitude: 6.6

Russia - 2 total
Magnitude: 4.8

Greece - 5 total
Magnitude: 4.6

Turkey - 16 total
Magnitude: 4.5

Chile - 5 total
Magnitude: 4.0

Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Bolivia, Poland, and Spain also had earthquakes.

Biological Hazard

Area: Near to East Beach
City: Santa Barbara
A Great White shark attacked an adult female sea lion near East Beach in Santa Barbara Tuesday morning.

Biological Hazard

EMS crews are at the scene of a possible shark bite in Ocean Isle Beach.

Biological Hazard

City: Indio
Angry bees swarmed two people in Indio, Calif. this morning, sending them to the hospital with almost 200 stings in all

Biological Hazard
Area: Coastal areas of Florida
Mass. Die-off (fishes)
Beachgoers looking for a day of sun and sand were shocked when they found scores of dead fish scattered over a Florida shore. Two-miles of Ormond Beach were covered with thousands of whiting, spot and sea trout carcases, shrivelling up in the heat. Officials believe the fish were the result of by-catch, extraneous marine life caught unintentionally by commercial fishing boats which is usually discarded. The thousands of fish began to wash ashore around 2 p.m. on Sunday, according to News13.'It was packed and we were swimming and swimming,' said resident Monique Marella. Then the fish came and you sure couldn't be the water. Everyone just left.' Determined visitors walked for miles in either direction to escape the dead creatures, but they filled the water and the beach on either end. A Volusia County Beach Patrol captain said that several shrimp boats had been spotted near the shore and they were the likely culprits of the casualties. Lt Tammy Maris said that the incident was not unusual and that no public services would be deployed to clean up the mess. Sunbathers struggled to understand the biblical scene.'There's just so many of them,' Kevin Soravilla, visiting from New Jersey, said to the News-Journal.'I've never seen anything like it.' Lt Maris said that the tide or the hunger of local seagulls would clear up the beach eventually.

Dead fish, bees attacking, and shark news about everyday now. Interesting. Global warming?

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Scotts Vegas

#64423 Jul 24, 2012
So it's some crazy obsession?...You don't know me.

Nashville, TN

#64427 Jul 24, 2012
what up wrote:
what about the birds
Are the birds still dying in western Kentucky? We haven't heard about any birds dying only fish, dolphins, whales, turtles, etc.. If you know of any please let us know. Hard to stay on "topic" if the birds aren't dying anymore. They aren't still talking about a conway/paul debate, some woman getting her head stomped at randpaul rally etc..but those three threads are still going. I try to find a story or two about the birds to post. Here they are:

Live Beautiful Bird. Enjoy

Backyard Birding

Strange and interesting story:

Federal law bars possession of a bald eagle - dead or alive.

Heirs of a wealthy New York art dealer were left a $65 million sculpture that might just be more trouble than its worth.

Illeana Sonnabend, who died in 2007, left an art collection worth an estimated $1 billion. But one item in particular, Robert Rauschenberg's “Canyon,” is an heir's nightmare, a lawyer's dream and an IRS conundrum. The bequest comes with a $29 million tax bill, but since the piece includes a stuffed eagle, it can't be sold.

Lawyers for Sonnabend's children and beneficiaries, Nina Sundell and Antonio Homem, are hoping federal tax collectors change their valuation of the item, since they're stuck with the piece - and the taxes on it. But for now, the IRS isn't budging, and the case may be decided by a jury.

“We are hopeful for it to be resolved before a trial,” tax attorney Ralph Lerner told .

Federal law makes it a crime to possess, transport, sell or otherwise convey a bald eagle, whether it is alive or, as in this case, stuffed. Sonnabend got an informal waiver from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1981 that allowed her to keep the piece, considered a masterwork of 20th century art.(Rauschenberg got a waiver for the artwork by showing that the bird had been killed and stuffed long before the restriction was enacted.)

Sonnabend died in 2007 at age 92. The estate tax, which at the time of Sonnabend's death stood at 50 percent on estates above $1 million, was suspended in 2010 as part of the Bush-era tax cuts, which were renewed and remain in effect until the end of this year.
Placing a value on an item that cannot be sold is no easy feat.

The venerable auction house Christie’s placed the value of "Canyon" at zero. The IRS initially put it at $15 million, then jumped the figure to $65 million when Sundell and Homem refused to pay, according to The New York Times.

The IRS, which declined to comment on the matter, is not only asking for $29 million in taxes, but also an $11.7 million “gross valuation misstatement” penalty, according to Forbes.

Sundell and Homem, who could not be reached for comment Tuesday, have paid $471 million in federal and state estate taxes related to the collection and have already sold roughly $600 million worth of art to pay those taxes, Lerner told .

Read more:

Nashville, TN

#64430 Jul 24, 2012
For "Nope" and OJG...sorry I missed you "Nope" and the rest of the decent posters. Looks like blueminer is tired of the real spam on here too. Maybe the Mods will take the trash out like they have been doing and it will be more normal tomorrow. I will be home most of the day so hopefully will catch you all earlier. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. This little one is adorable. Got to love the rescuers out in the world. Taking care of the Creator's animals. Enjoy. I am out of here...

Zoo cares for orphaned baby albino seal after mom dies

Sad news from Germany’s Dortmund Zoo: Shortly after the public debut of an extremely rare — and extremely adorable — baby albino fur seal, the seal pup’s mom died suddenly.

Zoo officials happily introduced the baby South American fur seal to visitors and photographers for the first time mere days ago, on July 20. The seal pup delighted onlookers by snuggling up to his mom, Harimée, nuzzling her nose and draping himself over her back. Harimée had given birth to her exceptional albino baby on May 26; mom and pup stayed out of the limelight until last week so the pair could bond and adjust to their new life together.

The Dortmund Zoo announced on its website that Harimée died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 16. Female South American fur seals can live up to 30 years, and the zoo plans to conduct an autopsy to determine her cause of death.

In the meantime, zoo workers have taken Harimée’s still-unnamed baby boy back behind the scenes so they can feed him by hand and keep a close eye on him. Young albino fur seals can experience a range of health problems, including visual sensitivity.

The Dortmund Zoo website says the baby albino fur seal will be given everything he needs, including a swimming pool and other fur seal pals for companionship. Zoo officials asked visitors to be understanding about their decision to put the pup back in isolation:“The welfare of the animal is paramount.”

This is not the first time the Dortmund Zoo had to raise an orphaned seal pup by hand. A young male named Samson — not an albino— lost his mother in death at the zoo in 2006.

Zoo visitors are still being invited to vote for their favorite name for Harimée’s newborn seal pup. Name options include Chilo, Albus, Claro, Rubio and Branco.

Here are some additional photos from mom and baby’s last moments together:

Too cute huh? Have a peaceful night!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

#64436 Jul 24, 2012
Ahhh....Smells better in here already.


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#64437 Jul 24, 2012
Mingo wrote:
Ahhh....Smells better in here already.
Yes, all that copy and paste junk really stinks and Bluewhiners post just got deleted.


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#64438 Jul 24, 2012
Good night Mingo.

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#64439 Jul 24, 2012
crazy people

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#64440 Jul 24, 2012
Um...So did all your posts.What have we learned?Still nothing?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#64441 Jul 24, 2012
Goodnight Una


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#64442 Jul 24, 2012
<quoted text>
Yes, all that copy and paste junk really stinks and Bluewhiners post just got deleted.
Sorry I missed them, informative I'm sure.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

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#64443 Jul 24, 2012
<quoted text>
Yes, all that copy and paste junk really stinks and Bluewhiners post just got deleted.
Sorry, but as I lurked in the background for the past while, so have most of yours, Uni. The Mods are busy as little bees tonight...

Time to get back on track and play nice, everyone....

BTW, I see California is still rocking and rolling. So is Alaska.. I've decided that when I finally take my future "bucket list" road trip, that area will be a quick in, quick out kind of journey. California is probably going to slide right off into the Pacific one day.... I surely don't want to be there for that ride.

I found the article on the Florida beaches quite interesting. The theory about fishing trawlers makes a small bit sense as far as an 'excuse' would go, but I'm not buying it. I've personally seen massive fish kills along the east coast waterways of Florida. None of which made much sense no matter how you looked at it. The shear number alone is proof enough that it couldn't be a trawler that trashed their catch..

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