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rose beldon

Verona, KY

#1 Mar 19, 2009
i think he's the best doc around. he cares for his patient's not only on a professional level but a personal one too. unlike others who have you in and out in a matter of minutes dr. s takes his time and listens to what's on your mind. he's always friendly and whenever he finds something wrong he sit's down and explains it to me he's the first doc i've had that would do that most just write a script and show you the door. i for one love him and hope he never leaves because i'd have to pack my bags and follow him. go see for yourself he's an amazing person. i reccomend him very highly.
theresa p

Macon, GA

#2 Mar 24, 2009
every time you go in there it's usually packed and most of them are waiting to see him so he must be good my grandma goes to another doc in that office but i've heard good thing about dr. shahazad

United States

#3 Mar 24, 2009
Have you heard Dr. Shahzad has been asked to leave the hospital because he is Muslim. It's only because Clark Taylor who is a fanatic christian cannot tolerate a Muslim in this community.

I was in the medical executive committee meeting tonight. All of the medical staff supported Dr. Shahzad but Rick Hemple and Clark Taylor with his army of hospital administration. They wanted to place restrictions on Dr. Shahzad which will limit him to practice medicine ethically and will force him to practice medicine as dictated by hospital administration to cut the cost at the expense of people's life. He did not agree to do that because he treats his patients like family and could not compromise his patient's lives and well being for money. At the end of the meeting the president of medical staff Dr. John Ricker resigned from the hospital in protest and there will be many more doctors and hospital employees leaving this hospital because of this unjustice. We as a community need to stand up against these money hungry vulchers like Clark Taylor and Rick Hemple as save this hospital for us and generations to come.
ICU Nurse J

United States

#4 Mar 24, 2009
I am an ICU nurse. I have know Dr. Shahzad for 2 years. He is an excellent physician and spends day and night in the hospital taking care of his patients regardless of financial incentive. Hospital has hired it's own hospitalist who do not even have ICU training. One of the doctors has been removed from medical staff in two hospitals in Louisville and Lake Cumberland Hospital in Somerset for incompetency. These doctors are taking care of very ill patients and don't know what do to. I've seen inappropriate orders given to the nurses. Like other nurses in ICU, I do not feel comfortable working with these incompetent doctors. I have resigned with other 8 nurses from ICU at Ephraim as my license is on the line. I will not send any of my family members or friends to this hospital as their life will be in danger. As a responsible citizen, I want the community to know the facts. Beware of this hospital. STAY AWAY!!! Go anywhere but Ephraim.
bev p

Jackson, KY

#5 Mar 25, 2009
i don't care if he's from mars he's a great doctor and you can't get rid of someone based on religion that is discrimination and a lawsuit waiting to happen . dr.shahazad took care of my mother and grandfather in their last days he was very kind and respectful where others wanted to do experimental procedures that would have most certinally killed them. i'm baptist does that mean i can't seek treatment from anyone but a same faith doctor . so he's muslim i don't know much about the religion if this is stemming from 9-11 i have this to say we CANNOT judge the whole by what a few do if that were the case half the world would have nothing to do with america . so to dr.shahazad you are greatly admired and respected sir fight for your rights don't let a few speak for the whole.
rose beldon

Verona, KY

#6 Mar 25, 2009
i hope that the hospital goes under ppl like clark taylor and rick hemple and anyone else who's trying to get rid of dr.shahazad to save money should drop to their knees right now and pray to god that if you get sick you don't end up with yhe kind of doctors you're trying to push off on us since when did a person's life start getting valued by dollars and cents. dr. shahazad is a good man he treats everyone the same he will go out of his way to help his patients why can't they leave him alone are they jealous ! he's brought alot of business to the hospital and now you want to get rid of him. i and several others are going to get in touch with our state representatives and if we have to we'll start a picket line and protest we will make sure he goes nowhere but the others might after i'm done and to the "religious" ones you may want to try opening that bible and reading the words inside.god created us all use a mans religion against him but be ready for the biggest lawsuit in history. so go ahead ya rednecked bible thumping right wing nuts try it. if dr. shahazad goes so goes the hospital because who would want to play russian roulette with their lives i for one won't i'll go to harrodsburg or lexington. dr.shahazad keep your head up and smile you aren't going anywhere they don't want no trouble
martha dutton

Verona, KY

#7 Mar 25, 2009
just let me know when and where the line starts and i'll be there he is a good person
Ready and Willing

Richmond, KY

#8 Mar 25, 2009
The only fight that will take place over starting a picket line would be who gets to stand in front. So many people care for Dr. Shahzad; many of which have given up their jobs. Just name the place and time and I will be there. The best place would be in front of Emergency Room. By the way, I heard Clark Taylor has told Dr. Shahzad not to be seen in the hospital and he cannot admit people at Ephraim as long as he (Clark) is there. I didn't know he owned the hospital, if not we need to get rid of him. This is a community hospital which is a non-profit organization and runs by the money earned when patient's get seen and tests are done in this hospital. If we cannot have our favorite doctors be allowed to work in this hospital by Clark then we need to stop supporting his hospital. Let Clark bring his family money to run the hospital.

Winchester, KY

#9 Mar 25, 2009
Who is this Clark Taylor? Is he a doctor or administrator?

London, KY

#10 Mar 25, 2009
taylor is the ceo of the hospital. i have always thought that he was a nice person but guess again. leave the doc alone. he is the only doctor in danville that has ever helped my mother. doc we love you dont leave us fight for your rights.

Pikeville, KY

#11 Mar 25, 2009
They need to leave him alone he is the only Dr. that actually cares for his pts. EMRMC has gone to the dogs since he has left look at the people that has died since he has been gone..These hospitalist are not the smartest around.. They are so cocky and act like they know it all and they don't know Shit...Clark Taylor and Rich Hemple needs to go..Rick Hemple has done things that has not been told such as not seeing his pts for days and them in the hospital he had one that had not seen him in 3 days is that a way to treat your pts..
ICU Nurse too

London, KY

#12 Mar 25, 2009
This is my fist post ever on here. But I heard about this thread and had to speak up.
I have worked with Dr Shahzad for many years. Being an ICU nurse and in direct contact with him anytime day or night regarding patient care, I can say that this man knows his stuff! His ability to recall lab values, past and present medical diagnoses, reason for past hospitalizations, orders that he wrote 5 yrs ago on any patient is unbelievable. How many doctors do you know that really know a patient that well? His knowledge of the medical field and the world around us is phenomenal. Yes, he has his days that he can be a little unruly with nurses and patients, but he has a very low tolerance for stupidity. If you know your stuff and can anticipate certain outcomes, then I guarantee you will see Dr Shahzad's brilliance come through. He was blessed with an endless mind for medicine and he uses it wisely.(don't get me wrong, bad outcomes can and will happen under his care, but he is not GOD and he does not get to dictate when it is our time to leave this earth.)--but rest assured that you will at least have a fighting chance with him as your Doctor.(of course there are a FEW other doctors I would trust, but this is not about them)
I have heard a lot of stories as to why he is or isn't leaving the hospital, but until I read this thread, I had not heard of the religious issue. I personally don't see him being discriminated because of his beliefs. But if people do have issues with it, then I suggest you get help and learn to grow as a person. I guarantee you that if your family member was in ICU and crashing you would be praying to Allah, Buddha, God, or Santa Claus that he was their doctor. They might actually make it!
I am not even going to go into detail about how much money good ole Eph loses when Shahzad is not admitting, or when he has to work under contingency orders. That is an administrative decision that is just shooting themselves in their own foot.(no wonder nurses can not get paid a competitive salary there-they can not keep competent doctors on staff, therefore, no patients admitted, no Eph income, no money to pay nurses. hmmm way to go guys!
So, last issue at hand is the idea of bringing in hospitalists to Eph. I have not met or seen all of them, but I heard that one of them is a Dr that came from a nearby office-He is very kind and has great bedside manners with his patients (kuddos to you! so this next statement is not about him) But there is one that I saw the last day I worked. I am hoping that he was just having a bad night and his actions and orders are really not that poor. Because of HIPAA I will not and would never go into details about my patient...but lets just say that before you come through ICU and start "barking" random orders--please take the time to learn our policies and procedures! And if you ARE going to admit a patient to ICU--at least have a good reason! I mean if a 110 yr old lady has a blood pressure like an 18 yr old track star, why order the most toxic blood pressure med for them? And...oh I wish I could tell you guys more of his orders. Even for non medical folks out there you would get a kick out of them. So, lesson learned. Lets try to retain our nurses, and Doctors that KNOW what they are doing and stop bringing in random Joe blow off the street that has NO business caring for anyone critical. The community really needs to speak up. We have a wonderful hospital...we just need to keep the most qualified personnel in the proper places. If you don't like Dr Shahzad for whatever reason, that is your right, he is a strong man and I am sure he can take...he is not there to make friends, he is there to save your life. But please realize that you may not always have the opportunity to fly north to LEX when you need speak up and help keep qualified professionals at our local hospital!

Macon, GA

#13 Mar 25, 2009

Manchester, KY

#14 Mar 26, 2009
I work at EMRMC and I can say that it is getting bad when they get rid of dr shahzad on the say of Rick Hempel that hardly ever admits patients and when he does he does not go into see them or clark that has no idea what a good dr does because he is only out for the money. I have often heard dr.Shahzad say he does not do his job for the money he does it for his patients and friends because he loves everyone of them and they love him. I for one think he is the best doctor in the state and I consider him a great friend. Stay strong dr. shahzad they will see what a big mistake they have made when someone comes in and takes over their hospital because they cant pay their bills without patients.

Macon, GA

#15 Mar 26, 2009
i heard there's going 2 be a meeting this afternoon on this matter at the hospital can anyone find out and confirm this with some details.if it's true then ALL of dr. shahazad's supporters need to be there to help this man and show the hospital that they aren't about to get rid of 1 great doctor and replace him with 6 bad ones

Danville, KY

#16 Mar 26, 2009
the meeting is at 5:30 at EMRMC.

Nicholasville, KY

#17 Mar 26, 2009
Dr. Shahzad has many supporters at Ephraim, but are unable to voice their opinion. I heard that they were told that if caught even talking to Dr. Shahzad they would be fired. We need our jobs, but Dr. Shahzad you are a gread Dr., friend, co-worker, and etc. Fight for what is right and we are behind you silently. (That is absolutely awlful that we cannot voice our opinion to support what we believe in.)
I used to work there

Danville, KY

#18 Mar 26, 2009
Speaking from the insight of a former ICU nurse at EMRMC I can say that without a doubt Dr. Shahzad is the most amazing MD I ever worked beside or took orders from. And I worked there for close to five years... so I have many many memories that would convey his brilliance. One that sticks out the most is from a shift years ago. We had a patient that we in the medical field refer to as "circling the drain" for hours. Dr. Shahzad was the physician and he stayed in the room, right by thier side, working with us nurses. He knew exactly what medications to give her, but that is not the amazing part. He ordered chemistry panels every 30 min or so after giving various meds, and the man knew within tenths of a point every time what all of the critical electrolytes would be. So, you see he wasn't giving these meds because a book told him to, or because ACLS protocol recommended it. But because of his exceptional understanding of the human body and medicine. More than that, he took the time from his life and overwhelming schedule to stay there to treat and predict results and then treat again. How many doctors could do that over the phone in the middle of the night? I have seen him get an ABG from the femoral artery of a person in asystole. For those of you who don't know, you must have a pulse (and usually a pretty good one) to get blood gases. And not to my surprise, he knew the results before it was ran thru the machine. AMAZING! He has made that hospital. I had a younger patient one shift and I called him to report that I was concerned and within 5 minutes he was there and in the room. He is compassionate and understanding. He never treated you like it was your fault when a patient went bad, if you approached the situation with any competence... After becoming a nurse I turned my medical care needs over to him. My child and husband are also patients of his and I would recommend him to anyone in need of compassionate, accurate and sophisticated care with a smile.
This is truly an injustice, why such an act of ignorence has occured I do not know. I can say that he cares more about you, your family, happiness and health more than eph. does. Their philosphy is "If you don't like it leave". I guess that is why the ICU "has left". And that is mostly stemming from the administration. I mean for real, Carl Metz, Clark Taylor... Where is ATR now? And why could eph. hardly make pay roll last period? It is a sad day when such a beautiful person and mind is let go without a fight, even sadder... asked to leave. Care for myself or my loved ones will not be provided by imcompetent young, distracted, or irritated doc's who couldn't make the diagnosis of sh@t with a mouth full. With the exception of Dr. Waseem and a few others.
Sorry old "Evil Empire" but losing Dr. Shahzad is your loss, along with close to the sum of a quater million patients. Like I said, whatever happened to ATR?
bev p

Jackson, KY

#19 Mar 27, 2009
i hope dr. shahazad reads this as i have stated before he treated both my mom and grandfather in their final days. let me go into more detail as to why this man means alot to me . my mom passed on 5-5-2001 she was only 43. she had lapsed into a coma and her heart was in very bad shape he came in and explained to me what would be happening to her then he told me i had a decision to make if she died bring her back only to face death again and again until her heart gave out which he said would be a matter of days or sign a DNR order he did not push me into a decision he gave me the time i needed to think about it he understood that she wasn't merely a patient she was a mother who's only child was left with a heavy burden the family asked if he'd be an honorary pallbearer at her funeral he agreed even though work kept him from being there he did send his sympathy . my grandfather died 6-19-2006 he was in the hospital for 13 days dying with complications of heart disease and diabetes other doctors wanted to take his legs off knowing full well it would do no good as well it would kill him dr.shahazad made sure they left him alone and made him comfortable in his final days he is a special man and deserves better treatment than what he is getting now so to dr. shahazad i say keep your head up we love you

“this is me”

Since: Sep 08

somewhere in KY

#20 Mar 27, 2009
I have worked with Dr Shahzad at another hospital. I have found him to know what he is doing and he has an excellent bedside manner. He listens to the patients, familys, and staff to get the full picture of the patient

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