Obama knew about Bengazi, nothing abo...

Obama knew about Bengazi, nothing about missing plane?

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Indianapolis, IN

#1 Mar 16, 2014
This Obummer clown in office is truly a disgrace. He could tell us all about Benghazi moments after the big coverup, but emperor Obama has no words behind the missing Malaysia airliner? Hillary might say, what does it matter? This is proof that this was a top secrecy act from Obama to distract attention from his failing presidency. Everyone knows that the USA has the complete technology to find and locate this plane, but Obama administrators refuse.

If it involved Trayvon Martin, NSA scandels, IRS scandels, Benghazi, mosques in the Middle East or racial tensions, King Barry would be flapping his lips on TV.

But several missing American passengers on this plane, Obama says not a word. Think about that one.

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Mar 16, 2014
This is not Obama fault! Neither our gas prices. If Bush hadn't done what it did, these things wouldn't be happening.
The Patriot of Honor

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Mar 17, 2014
Obama and Liz Warren knew about GM cars being defective and killing over 300 drivers as the cars burst into flames like those tesla cars Obama used tax payers money to fund. Here we have a new scandal against this Obama marxist regime . Many drivers who bought GM cars The car company liberals say Obama saved has killed over 300 drivers, They now know there was a huge coverup about ignition problems in GM cars that caused them to catch fire and now have killed over 300 drivers. This is the car company the liberals boast that Obama saved. This coverup is bigger than the Toyota cars where a few people were killed, Never was it found that there was a coverup by toyota even Obama demanded that Toyota be punished, You think he will say the same of GM lol. You watch every slime ball liberal dem come out in defense of GM. watch how the lapdog Obama media covers for him. somehow they will say this problem began way back in the gwb ADMIN LOL.How many recall liberals scolding Toyota chief executive on not handling the problems that supposedly caused deaths. Yet our own NHTSB cleared Toyota .Ray Lahood a republican Obama and dems picked to head investigated TOYOTA and concluded no acceleration problems in their cars.GOV T OBAMA MOTORS IS NOW RESPONSIBLE FOR OVER 300 AMERICAN DRIVERS BEIGN BURNED TO DEATH BEHIND THE WHEEL BY FAULTY GM IGNITION SWITCH. WHO WILL ANSWER TO THIS?

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Mar 18, 2014
Obamas fault! He is satan

Indianapolis, IN

#5 Mar 19, 2014
The Obamabots will defend their savior until their last breath. The refuse to accept the Obama is 5 years in office and the blame does fall on him. They still blame bush.

Obama did something right however. He targeted the 3 worst demographic areas to buy votes. The ghettorats, the pot smoking hipster kids, and the crazy progressive liberal slime. All uneducated and worthless scum of society.

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Mar 19, 2014
Why wasn't this on the news?!? No one has heard a thing about it!!!
The Patriot of Wisdom

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Mar 21, 2014
He could also fund Bin Laden also lol, The Bin Laden that Pakistan had all along and Obama knew as did GWB. because Bin Laden was killed way way back in tora bora region. Obama found out Bin Laden was killed, They needed a look alike who we only saw on video and never saw actually dead or buried at sea.Obama says IRS did nothing wrong, Like Obama was in the room with IRS heads targeting the tea party people. The same tea party Obama mocked as tea baggers.face it Obama will be protected until he is completely out of office and He and his leftist media will make sure he is protected and Messiahfied and praised as being a peace keeper and promoter lol.Obama from day one wants the USA TO LOOK WEAK AND BECOME WEAKER AND SO DO ALL OF HIS LEFTIST PALS IN AMERICA AND IN THIS WORLD. Obama was born a communist and Muslim and taught to hate white colonialist and white capitalist . He is a true blue Fascist to the core of his beliefs . He believes in revenge . The same guy who talked about civility mocks white people and small business and Christians . He and his leftist regime are doing all they can to cripples white generations . He is enslaving them to big govt in the guise of guise of healthcare .I still see many empty homes in the inner city in every city across the USA. housing isn't back, The govt is now buying up property and putting a section 8 sign upon it and then saying housing market is back lol.more or less if you are black and an illegal Hispanic come on in. Obama told illegals don't worry about being illegal sign up at govt healthcare now. how many of those illegals might be rapist killers criminals and Obama says sign up now we don't care what you did at all.
Democratic guy

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Mar 23, 2014
Lord Obama knows what happenened. What does it matter. Follow lord Obama, Obama the great. Emperor Obama. King Barry. Black jesus. The savior! Vote democrat!
The Patriot of Wisdom

Indianapolis, IN

#10 Mar 23, 2014
i DOD NOTICE HOW THE ONE PILOT LOOKS A LIKE LIKE AN oBAMA LOL. he even has a mole on his face lol

Indianapolis, IN

#11 Mar 25, 2014
The Patriot of Wisdom wrote:
i DOD NOTICE HOW THE ONE PILOT LOOKS A LIKE LIKE AN oBAMA LOL. he even has a mole on his face lol
Obama planned the missing plane to divert media attention from Putin, Russia, Ukraine and north/south Korea. Oh lest we forget about the obamacare deadline. CNN was reporting the plan could have been sucked up in black hole or abducted by aliens. Way to go liberal media! Keep King Barry looking good!
Nancy Pelosi

Indianapolis, IN

#13 Mar 26, 2014
Oops. We are busted.
Nancy Pelosi

Indianapolis, IN

#15 Mar 26, 2014
Obama told me to. I love Obama and the gay progressive liberals. I love obamacare. Me and Diane Feinstein are gay lovers. I eat her pelt.

Indianapolis, IN

#16 Mar 26, 2014
I'm gay!!!!!! Accept me!

Chicago, IL

#17 Mar 27, 2014
Lol! Republicans sure are [email protected]

Indianapolis, IN

#18 Mar 27, 2014
Howard wrote:
Lol! Republicans sure are [email protected]
But us democrats are satan worshipping pot smoking homo liberals.
Abe Lincoln

Indianapolis, IN

#19 Mar 27, 2014
Mod wrote:
<quoted text>
But us democrats are satan worshipping pot smoking homo liberals.
Sounds like us republicans. You can add animals to that list for us though.

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