For all the Children who have died

For all the Children who have died

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San Antonio, TX

#1 Apr 11, 2008
This will be a thread for the children who have died. Whether from the hands of an evil one, or natural causes.
I am thinking of 2 children and I do not even know their names, but their little lives are not forgotten.
I bet the Angels delight being in your presence.

Abilene, TX

#2 Apr 12, 2008
You use these children's deaths to have a reason to talk on these forums. Yet you call others sick?
You don't give a crap about the kids you are using. You just use this as a reason to spew hate at others. Yet you call others sick?
You make fun of anyone and everyone, including children. Yet you call others sick? You call children retards, and other hateful names.
Sounds to me like you are more hateful and dangerous than the person you are out to hang!
For all the children who have died,elle don't give a damn about you! Elle just wants to use you for her own self pride!

San Antonio, TX

#3 Apr 13, 2008
For Reagan. You touched so many lives during your short one.

United States

#4 Apr 13, 2008
I remember a child in Danville years ago who died I think (?) as a result of a medication overdose from a babysitter, Corey or Cody Cudney or Cutney or something. There was a big court case about it, but I don't remember the outcome.
Corey you are remembered too.

Also Ryan Katcher and Holly Anderson, they were older, but still someones children who died young. Ryan was under strange circumstances, and Holly's case, I don't think has ever been solved. May they always be remembered too.

Abilene, TX

#5 Apr 14, 2008
To all children who were forced to be immunized. To all the countless babies and small children who lost their little lives due to the need to fit in.
To all the parents who are being victumized by the peer pressure groups to immunize because they still think that it is the year 1900.
To all the parents and kids who will continue to be immunized out of fear.
To all the angry amercians that will threaten to take someones child if they are not immunized.
If we murder our children it is illegal, but we are forced to give children immunizations that could kill them? Why because murder isn't murder if we tell ourselves we didn't know.

You are more than welcome to skip over this post. I mean these are only kids right?
This thread is only for nasty murdering people and the kids that were lost in ways that you think are murder.
Is it still murder if you willing take your child to get immunized if you know that they can cause your child to die or become mentally ill?
What if you gave your child a tylenol knowing that your child was allergic? What if you allowed your child to ride without a seat belt? What if you allowed your child to play with a rattlesnake?


Abilene, TX

#6 Apr 14, 2008

Abilene, TX

#7 Apr 14, 2008
no shots

San Antonio, TX

#8 Apr 14, 2008
Boob I agree with ya, on all counts, but why then your posts above? This is a place for ALL kids you have passed one way or another. I know what your talkin about with the shots. I think they are bundled together too much and too soon.

Abilene, TX

#9 Apr 14, 2008
My reason for the above comment, was because there are several people who will continually use the death of children to hurt other people.
They use these forums to really put down one certain family.
Some of the people on these forums do not care about the death of the children at all. They only care about using the deaths of the children to make pop shots.
The same people have also made fun of children on many forums. They have called some children retards, and other mean names. Then they come here and pretend to care for the same child they had recently made fun of.
If you look around on these forums you will see what I am talking about.

I guess my main questions would be why continually call some people murderers, when the entire american public is guilty of forcing immunizations on children? Wouldn't that be like calling the kettle black?

United States

#10 Apr 15, 2008
No, I haven't heard anyone call a child a retard here, but it is possible I haven't been to the forums you have.
Whether it be a potshot or whatever at least a child is remembered. There are so many. I am thinking of a little boy who got ran over by his father in the driveway who had no idea he was behind the car when he backed out. I believe that was truly an accident.

Others are not, and I do not think a day should go by that they are not publically reminded what they have done.
I believe that Hell is on Earth. I hope that whoever killed Baby Reagan sees her name in the news and in memorials regularly, and it eats their soul out.

Abilene, TX

#11 Apr 15, 2008

What good does it do to remember an innocent, loving, compassionate, and trusting child, if you are going to turn it around and use that memory to spread hate? Aren't you cheapening the sweetness of the child?
To be filled with so much hate and bitterness is no different than being against abortion and shooting people before they enter an abortion clinic.
Nor is the hate any different than the fighting between the thrid world countries.
How far are you going to go to make sure someone pays?
One more thing all the anger that is being spread in these boards is not hurting the person who did the crime? Nope! It is just raising your own blood pressure, and will eventually cause you to burn out.
Instead of continually trying to rip one particular man down for the rest of existance, why not start a children's home and give love to children. You could call the home the Reagan Center.. Another thing you could do is remember allt he children by getting people together to make sure that their grave sites are never empty of flowers and or visitors.
As far as Hell being on earth you are right there is Hell on earth. But what makes up that Hell are the decisions people make on Earth. Every single choice we make will effect someone else.
Don't get me wrong you are more than welcome to continue to do what ever you want.. But don't forget your choices are also effecting someone elses life too.
If your hate filled aggenda builds up anymore what all will you be capable of? Fighting, hurting others? Murder? Will you become the one who fights fire with fire?
If that is the job you wish to take on then perhaps you should get a job in the Local prision. Then maybe you could be the one to inject the people who hurt children with the fatal shot. Perhaps that will fill your hunger for revenge.

San Antonio, TX

#12 Apr 15, 2008
booby, somehow you have missed the message here. This is for any child under any circumstances who has passed. This is not for vengenge, sometimes there is no reason a child dies, like from sids, sudden infant death syndrome.
maybe those who have murdererd a child are getting off on the attention, but no one should care what they think. This is for those who grieve their loss.
There is no greater pain than the loss of your child, if it was done by the parent, to me there is no excuses for their behavior.
I do not condone violence anywhere, I believe in the court justice system. When it fails, there are ways to get the laws changed.

Abilene, TX

#13 Apr 15, 2008
I really hope I did miss the message hear. Just in case here goes.

Hey would you like to help put together a candlelight vigal? It can be done in the name of the little babies that have been lost?
Everyone on this forum could participate right in thier own home town.
Another thing everyone could do is start visiting the people in the hospital who have been battered. Perhaps take them teddy bears and spend time with them.
There are just so many things that could be done to keep these kids names alive:)
Well if you would like to do something like this email me at [email protected]
If you are really serious about keeping the children's memory alive and it is about the children. You should set up a group on myspace, utopia, or facebook and get word out about the many forms of abuse.
You could also put facts on the site about safety and such. There are a great deal of people who would help.
As far as the justice system well i don't believe in them. I think that is there were a true justice system then there wouldn't be children sitting in prison right here in the USA.

The justice system is more like popular voting booth anymore. It was popular to yell and screem at illegals. But here is the product of the anry outburst. There are now children stuck in prison.

Lets face it the justice system don't care! Shoot half of the people don't care.

Abilene, TX

#14 Apr 15, 2008

United States

#15 Apr 15, 2008
There was a vigil for Reagan. I am a participant in a few organizations.
I do not do the myspace, facebook thing.
That is mostly a young person thing, and does not attract those with the funds to help.
A little boy named Jack died in Tennessee today. Natural causes. So sad.

Abilene, TX

#16 Apr 15, 2008
Pattycake myspace can to generate the funds to help.. I have witnessed some very good organizations really take off on myspace. A few but not limited to.

Hookers For Jesus ( This is an organization that gets the hookers off the streets of Las Vegas Nevada.)

JCS Girls gets girls out of the strip clubs and helps them get the self esteem they need to live productive lives.

Pink Cross Foundation ( This is a woman who was a porn star for many years. She turned her life over and is now getting women to actually leave porn and turn their lives around.)

Anti Human Trafficing is a large foundation on the interent.

Homeless causes.
Say no to drugs
Moms against Meth
Not for sale ( another anti trafficing website)
There are even groups who match singers with children and funds re created to take goody bags to the kids. The goody bags are filled with things and the children smile.

The options are only limited to the amount of work you want to put into it.

There are so many organizations on myspace that are doing really good things. The people took the time to make the sites and people are really being helped.

Well goodluck to you in your fight to keep the children's memories alive:)

I really hope that you find what you are looking for. God Bless You!


Tilton, IL

#17 Apr 18, 2008
I lost my infant son in 2006 to premature birth, and was horrified at the infant mortality rates in Vermilion County...wondering why it is so high...wondering if it could possibly be the medical's just horrible in our area. At the cemetery where my son is buried, there must be 15 - 20 new graves at LEAST since he passed away in 2006...seems a little bit strange to me...anyone?

United States

#18 Apr 19, 2008
No I don't know but I am so sorry. I agree about the care in this area. It seems to me that you have to do all the researching yourself, and then tell your Doctor what you want to check for. Then in the event something goes wrong during birth, I do not believe the Danvile hospital or staff or equipped or trained to handle it.
I do not know of any OB Docs in Danville that seem to enjoy what they do. It is just their job, and they look to get it done, and go home.

Abilene, TX

#19 Apr 20, 2008
Muse I would advise you to go to a website called . There you will find reasoning for many things that are happening today.
There are also several other places to do some research.

Did you by any chance get an Tetnis Shot?

Abilene, TX

#20 Apr 20, 2008
Muse another thing you might try is getting together with all the people who have went thru what you went thru.
Question the other mothers, and see if there are any key factors. Statistic records should be public record as well. One more way to do some research would be to contact the colleges int he area. Many of the colleges keep records of such things..
Sorry to hear of your loss...

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