Why do I hate Mayor Scott Eisenhauer?

Why do I hate Mayor Scott Eisenhauer?

Created by mrbobdole on May 1, 2012

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He tapped my wife

He's incompetent

Dirty Tricks

He tapped my mom

Voter Fraud

His Toupée

He tapped my daughter

I'm an antigov't extremist

He raised my taxes

He's Dwight Eisenhower's love child

Rick W

Saint Joseph, MI

#72 Jun 13, 2012
Where there is smoke, there is fire. I'm sure if one looks close enough and a little further south of DeWitt, one will find the truth of this scalawag. She never claimed the syphilis came from Mayor J. Scott Eisenhauer of Sgt. Kenneth Kidwell lawsuit fame, but she was upset to being diagnosed with gonorrhea. Scott's parents thought the DJ-Cougar wedding was scandalous, and they promptly sent him and the grandmother-to-be on an elopement. Hush, hush quickly happened when his cougar couldn't handle him poking everything that moved.

United States

#73 Jun 14, 2012
Some peeps ride roller coasters for fun, others jump on a Harley, and dat Mayor Scott Scottie Big Dick Eisenhauer rides me!
Negotiations Break Down

Westville, IL

#74 Jun 15, 2012
(AP)- Negotiations between Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer and Jane Doe broke down at midnight Tuesday. Mayor Eisenhauer could not agree to the monetary settlement. Jane Doe, a former employee, sought damages for sexual harassment, hostile work place, and retaliation for filing a complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission. A sticking point for the city was that there was a consenual relationship outside of work and once Mayor Eisenhauer broke it off, that the real reason is that she is a "jilted ex-lover."

Sources close to the negotiations say that the size of the settlement is the only stumbling block. Both sides stipulated to the relationship.
Bob R

Westville, IL

#75 Jun 15, 2012
The truth is out there. For example, if one reads the Commercial-News, no one has ever read about Sgt. Kenneth Kidwell and the Danville cover up. Yet, if one Googles it, they find that there is an entire case and hundreds of thousands spent. Local officials have ignored Mayor Scott Eisenhauer's whorre hounding for years.

Westville, IL

#76 Jun 15, 2012
Mayor Eisenhauer Mayor Scott Eisenhauer Mayor J.Scott Eisenhauer City of Danville Danville Mayor Danville Illinois cityofdanville.org Sex Scandal Girlfriend Kenneth Kidwell Danville Police Department Danville Fire Department Danville Casino Eisenhauer Scott Scottie DACC Danville Area Community College STD gonorrhea herpes cheating lawsuits. All words to describe our illustrious mayor.
David S

United States

#77 Jun 18, 2012
The people of Danville are geting what they paid for. He was all of these things before the dirty tricks he pulled to swindle real businessmen from running the city. Another candidate might be gay and the others are married, but at least they are all faithful to their significant others. Danville City Mayor Scott Eisenhauer had no qualifications or experience to run anything, and he even stole his wife away. What do people expect? A leopard doesn't change its spots.
Scott Joseph Andrewski

Danville, IL

#78 Jun 27, 2012
The mayor has never released financial statements showing how much money he has. Why is that? Is it true that he purchased $100,000 in Kohl's stock last year for pennies on the dollar? If so, that makes it like a gift. If so, who "sold" the mayor his stocks?
Could it be he "bought" his stocks mere weeks before offering a $1 million tax-funded giveaway to Kohl's? I wonder if any of that money got rerouted into his bank account?
Only his secretary and banker knows for sure? Or maybe his former secretary, Lisa Monson, the current treasurer, might know too.(She's the unqualified hack who got a sweetheart deal to move from the low $10,000s up to more than $70,000 in salary and benefits, plus extra "goodies" in the form of freebies and rebates all over town.) I've always wondered how someone with less experience than a 10 year old at a lemonade stand "convinced" the mayor to appoint her to such a sweet job. She must have given a good oral presentation!

Call City Hall and found out today!

United States

#79 Jun 28, 2012
I jus filed a lawsuit against the mayor stating he fathered my child when I met him at a mayor's conference. I was bartending and he went to my car. The rest is history. He acts like he don't know me now. Y'all jus wait and see till the paternity test comes back and then we will be keeping it real.
Bob J

United States

#80 Jun 29, 2012
Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer has an impressive biography on cityofdanville website. He has been a DJ and flunked out of the University of Illinois becuase he was drunk and wife chasing all the time. Now City of Danville Mayor J. Scott Eisehnauer, DACC alumnus, got involved in a stupid lawsuit with Sgt. Kidwell. No marriage is safe with this bozo in power. He must be stopped.
Legend of the Scottsman

Georgetown, IL

#81 Jul 6, 2012
Aye, there was a better man in office before the Scottsman came along. The Scottsman comes and comes and comes all day. On blue dresses, in your face, your mom.
The Flying Scottsman is taking holiday in Springfield all weekend. Using city credit cards he amuses himself, by himself, all alone on the water slides. The water slides are how he likes his water sports. The Flying Scottsman knows there aren't any amusement parks in Springfield so how does he participate in water sports on a water slide? Out of the public eye and in the basement of some rich person's home!
He is the Scottsmander. Born to be king, he's the princess of the universe!
Julia Julian

Westville, IL

#82 Jul 18, 2012
Scotty had a little lamb,
Little lamb, little lamb.

Scotty had a little lamb,
Little lamb, little lamb.

Scotty had a little lamb,
And he tapped it daily.
Tammy Faye Baker

Westville, IL

#83 Jul 19, 2012
I am with pouring on makeup in Heaven now. The Mascara and fingernail polish was worth dying for, I gotta tell ya!
But, looking down on planet Earth is just as much fun as it ever was. Scott Eisenhauer is an abomination to D-Vegas. He's ruining traditional values. Joseph Scott Eisenhauer invites God's judgment!

Westville, IL

#84 Jul 20, 2012
Dat mayer sayed he ready to move in wit me an leave his wife behind. He gets naked real fast an puts on a gray tie an we agree to a safe word. Da safe word wuz "city of Danville". I axe him to at least let my friend spit on it befo plowing me from behind, butt all he does is pull da ties on my legs an arms tighter. Affer he ramming me he axes me to talk dirty by reading his biography from da City of Danviile website n keeps saying, "Who's ur DJ now beotch?" da nex day I couldn't walk straight an my momma keeps axing if I will be able to o to my youth group at my church. Hell yeah, doe da mayer sayed now ain't da rite time fo us to be hookin up, an he'll see my sweet ass again affer I drop my chile off a daycare.
Bill B

Westville, IL

#85 Jul 22, 2012
What's up, Mayor Eisenhauer? Don't pretend you didn't see me. Either Vickie's car broke down or you and her had an appointment. By the looks of you dropping her off where you did and acting like you didn't see me, I think I know better. Every husband in Vermilion County should either place a GPS locator on their wives or have their new herpes case DNA tested to see if it is the same as you.
Bill Clinton

Westville, IL

#86 Aug 5, 2012
I am madder than a junk yard dog after getting neutered! Monica Lewinsky informed me she took a cigar from Mayor Scott Eisenhauer and she preferred his technique over mine! That horn dog has been eyeballing Chelsea and word down at Sarge's Tap is he thinks he can get to Sasha and Malia before I do. You is bad, Scott, you is bad!

United States

#87 Aug 9, 2012
WCIA: Alderman Question Third Claim in 14 Months

Alderman Ricky Williams and Bill Gilbert want answers. David Wexler, City of Danville attorney, citing confidentiality agreements, would not respond to our request for information.

Alderman Williams said that there is another deductible being paid to settle a sexual harassment claim by a former employee. Ricky Williams stated that "The charges just keep happening and costing the city money." He wants the charges explained at the next meeting.

Mayor Eisenhauer did not return our calls.
Scott is Thor

Danville, IL

#88 Sep 11, 2012
I, ye olde towne mayor, Scotts Andrews the Aizen-hauer, hereby honorably proclaim ye truth to all who have ears to hear.
Hath not a gigolo's eyes?
Hath not a gigolo's ears?
Hath not a gigolo's testicles?
If ye suck me, do I not jizz?
If ye tap me, do I not jizz?
If ye stroke me, do I not jizz?
... As ye mayor, to whom it mayest concern, ye must know ye truth! I am ye perfect human incarnation of ye Norse god, Thor! There, I said it!! It is true, from ye tip of my perfectly coiffed head of Nordic hair down to my ginormous jigglies!
Bow down to me, or suffer ye consequences. Not unlike ye way I did those black hoes in ye threesome on Alexander Street ye other night. That screaming was real! Way real, beeottch!!
As proof, I offer ye this: A challenge, a duel to ye death to ye pathetic pretender, Arnold Schwarzenegger. My testicles are so divine, he wilst be defeated and vanquished back to Valhalla wherest he belongst!
City Denies Wrong Doing

United States

#89 Sep 11, 2012
Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the City of Danville explained that the insurance carrier, not the city, decided to settle the sexual harassment claim leveled against a city employee. The young man claimed he was harassed and fondled by another employee at city hall, and because of the position of the employee, the young man did not know who to complain to or how to react to the advances of an older man.

City of Danville attorney Dave Wexler stated a city of Danville's size often has numerous complaints per year, and many insurance companies typically settle rather than fight due to lower costs.
Buddy the Elf or Scott

Robertsdale, AL

#90 Sep 17, 2012
Buddy the Elf? or Scott Eisenhauer:
Captain Crunch

Tilton, IL

#91 Sep 21, 2012
He uses his teeth. Not cool, dudes, not cool!

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