Should state mandate immunizations? N...

Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effective in July

There are 9784 comments on the story from May 4, 2011, titled Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effective in July. In it, reports that:

Immunizations are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect children against childhood diseases and Tennessee law requires documented immunizations.

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Springfield, TN

#5896 Apr 23, 2012
Immunizations shot will damage your children. When are people going to wake up. They have trained us parents for years , saying it is a good thing. People please do you homework. Look up ALex Jones. You are letting the goverment kill our kids by agreeing. All I can do is tell my children Im sorry for being a follower at the time. God Please forgive me for I have done wrong by my children. You only let me barrow them for a short time. I can only pray that others will wake up and Stand up for their children's sake.

Springfield, TN

#5897 Apr 23, 2012 (( correction in typeO ))
my opinion

United States

#5900 Apr 25, 2012
Nobody should dictate whether u give your children shots or not. There's evidence to support both sides on being harmful and helpful.

Murray, KY

#5902 Apr 26, 2012
of course they should mandate children be immunized. Scary postings from people who think the moon landing is fake and wrestling is real.

United States

#5904 Apr 26, 2012
Curious wrote:
<quoted text>
And YOU are a duffus for even suggesting stopping vaccines.
Apparently the likes of you don't mind returning to a time when if you got a certain disease, you died-period.
Autism is now at one in 29 kids...If you caused a 6000% increase in stealth disablers wouldn't you try to cover it up too?

These 2 articles are all the people need to stop the criminals from killing any more of US and to get the people treatment they need to prevent the AUTISM and all syndromes their arrogance and greed has cost this nation in the billion of SS taxes we must pay to take care of all those syndromes they lied about in the first place instead of treating them all to cure and prevent fetal transmissions because that WAS NOT the goal....

Outer surface protein A (OspA) is a crucial protein in the infection of Borrelia burgdorferi causing Lyme disease.

We studied conformational fluctuations of OspA with high-pressure 15N/1H two-dimensional NMR along with high-pressure fluorescence spectroscopy.

We found evidence within folded, native OspA for rapid local fluctuations of the polypeptide backbone

in the nonglobular single layer &#946;-sheet connecting the N- and C-terminal domains

with &#964; << ms, which may give the two domains certain independence in mobility and thermodynamic stability.

Furthermore, we found that folded, native OspA is in equilibrium (&#964; >> ms) with a minor conformer I,

which is almost fully disordered

and hydrated for the entire C-terminal part of the polypeptide chain from &#946;8 to the C-terminus.

Conformer I is characterized with &#916;G0 = 32 9 kJ/mol and &#916;V0 = &#8722;140 40 mL/mol, populating only &#8764;0.001% at 40C at 0.1 MPa, pH 5.9.

Because in the folded conformer the receptor binding epitope of OspA is buried in the C-terminal domain,

its transition into conformer I under in vivo conditions may be critical for the infection of B. burgdorferi.

The formation and stability of the peculiar conformer I are apparently supported by a large packing defect or cavity located in the C-terminal domain.
They didn't listen in 1996 ya thank they will now fellers?

When this residue (Pam3Cys) is at the N-terminus of a synthetic peptide, it acts as potent immunoadjuvant to enhance both IgM and IgG antibody responses to the attached peptide.

Conventional analytical procedures (e.g., Edman degradation and amino acid analysis) are either not applicable due to the N-terminal modification,

or do not provide confirmation of the intact structure.

Chromatographic analysis is also hindered by the tendency of these lipoidal Pam3Cys peptides to form large aggregates, and in some cases to be permanently adsorbed on reversed phase columns.
What they are describeing to all of you is stealth infections that share their genes to perpetuate those infections. The Real AIDS...Researchers like to call it prion like, like they do if your child get measles spots after their MMR--Measles like....Or seizures after their DPT---Pertussis like, or Orchitis after their MMR---Mumps like...LOL

Folks a prion is a synergy created by using genetically altered organisms in vaccines that they knew in 1985 that perpetuated those infections and again in 1996/Korea, and Again today in a universal collaboration for the people of investigative research for the masses...and why we still have no blood test for many of those infections that are hiding including Prion.

United States

#5906 Apr 26, 2012
Measles wrote:
<quoted text>
Measles are coming back as an epidemic because of freaks like you. Vaccinate your litter, or keep them away from the public!
Measles or any other disease is not making a comeback because of not vaccinating..

It is making a comeback because the vaccines never did work and prions the public is massively infected with is sharing those genes...In fact I expect stupid people like you to cause the Prion to go very viral and wipe out 2/3rds of the pop.s so the criminals can come take the flag if they can't get us into another war knowing the troops are massively infected with stealth just like our kids are.
China and France collaborative efforts for the masses.
At 3:08 detecting the stealth prion proteins perpetuating infections to cause all syndromes of unknown origin. You can kill all the infections to keep your life and our own stem cells are working great to turn the immune system on to keep them out.


The only difference in any of the syndromes is how many and what infections you have and the immune system they are in...For MS or Autism that may be but 5-6 infections while ALS/Parkinsons may be 15-20...Fact is they know to much to tolerate stupid any more.

N. and Spain concur----

And since we already know that Alzheimers is the stealth infections

I would put the number closer to 100% of those vaccinated that have their stealth. For those like in Alzheimers who may not have got blessed with the 70 antigens they received in the name of protection they will get theirs as the immune system wanes...For our kids however they are crushed with the ignorance of ignoreing the truth of the last 38yrs.

They all ready know there will not be a flu vaccine to ever work again and if anyone tries to spit one out there to kill us all like they did this last go round they will go to jail...
We know too much.

Like the murdered Don Wiley reported---each subsequent passage between animal and beast it becomes more viralent---

Say Thanks Pig Pharma as this was not the people who should be fighting for their lives instead of their pocket books.

United States

#5907 Apr 26, 2012
WHO has let them feed us bugs all these yrs. they know could not be decontaminated --the USDA and FDA could be directly responsible for Morgellons in All the Syndromes of Unknown Origin contributing to their disease processes caused by gene swapping stealth organisms? No wonder they refuse to admit the truth of the pop.s massively infected.
I have only found one person who does not have it.
FDA To Improve Labeling Of Insect-Derived Food Coloring
It is too late to label. It is too late to prevent. The people need real treatment and the criminals in our Govt. who have controlled the medical mafia and all orders of science must be dismantled.
The bugs themselves are recombining with stealth pathogens that share their genes.
No this is not a joke.
All the babies that suffer with Autism and all the people who suffer in their lies of a syndrome of unknown origin also suffer from Morgellons in depressed immune systems infected with stealth pathogens that can and are sharing their genes to hide.
Yet Kaiser refuses to tell the truth.
FDA to improve labeling of insect-derived food coloring
Sure hope they are not letting them use bug food color in meat laced with the stealth of ecoli. I would call that Morgellons in humans for profits.
The brutal truth is they hoped you would ignore it in your autistic kids and all the other syndromes by lying to you and telling you it is delusional and all in yur head....
We must STOP STUPID and Criminals.
morgellons microscopic pictures-photos of fibers gmo pics
You can induce an exit with many mild acids such as lemon, dawn dish det., animal wormer paste pea size amount on palms and feet, esp. between toes and finger and fatty heel, works great. Look with a micromagnifying glass like the quarter size inside reg. at walmt. They will be seen as fibers of red,white,black,blue and black dots exiting the skin...Kids get real knarly when exposed to the sun and certain lights but the criminals tell you to lock them up in blankets and forget it...I will tell you when you treat the stealth infections it gets better.

United States

#5908 Apr 26, 2012
You mean they knew and did nothing? Yep...

United States

#5909 Apr 26, 2012
Flagellin in the DNA is able to be seen more than any other in the real cause of seronegative AIDS. Yes I said the real AIDS.

And they told them in 2010 and they still refuse to help the people---
2010 Oct Abstract
for IgG, at least one band of P83/100, P58, P39, P30, OspC, P17, P66, and OspA;

for IgM, at least one band of P83/100, P58, OspA, P30, OspC, P17 or P41.
While the criminals at the CDC/IDSA who made the vaccines and devised the tests put that bar so high no one could reach=======Notice they even took out the most important bands OSP A for which they used band 31 and 34 to make the failed vaccine and to this day refuse to tell us what OSP A is in molecular function and structure--try to find it, you can't. Because they lied.

It is like they tell you if you get a measles rash from a MMR---No its not measles, its measles like...Because they lie when they knew no antibodies would be there once folded into the genes of stealth.
The CDC criteria for a positive WB are as follows:

* For IgM, 2 of the following three bands: OspC (22-25), 39 and 41.

* For IgG, 5 of the following ten bands: 18, OspC (22-25), 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66 and 93.

Can we now estimate how many patients have been left to die with their syndrome of unknown origin because of the lies and failures?
So while China says we only need one band unless that band is 41kDa/flaggelin---you have Lyme....While the CDC/IDSA's above took out the 2 most important in many ---bands 31 and 34---because they used those proteins to make the vaccine---SO they WOULD not be seen......Because the vaccine WAS INFECTIVE.....
The causative agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, possesses a segmented genome comprised of a single linear chromosome and upwards of 23 linear and circular plasmids.

This is honorable researchers telling us---you can clone borrelia and remove a major plasmid and it is still very much viable and infective. So the vaccine they used what they called OSP A to make the vaccines---had to be infective.

This is the time in our history when everyone should put down their ego's and their weapons and pray for the people...Because if they don't we won't be here in another 30yrs. Because borrelia spirochetes are the real carriers of the God Like Protein known as prion.

Longview, TX

#5910 Apr 26, 2012
You cannot solely blame immunizations for the rise of autism in our youth. While yes I do believe vaccination should be a decision left to the parents it is the rise in drug and alcohol related addictions as well as latent hereditary genes that are just as much to blame for autism and other childhood problems. If immunizations stopped completely we would once again be forced into the era of plagues and major diseases of which the same who blame vaccinations would then want cures for.

Greer, SC

#5911 Apr 27, 2012
I agree with zengal

United States

#5912 Apr 27, 2012
YES YOU CAN Blame Vaccines on all Syndromes.

Show the studies that All the Jewish now suffer from plagues because they don't vaccinate or any of the other groups that do NOT vaccinate.

Because they have immune systems that are better able to fight. But because stupid tried to kill US all these yrs. by not telling the truth---the prion protein is being carried in our vectors of disease so they too will get their chance at their syndromes too. Then the money changers will be happy because there will be no comparison.

In fact they hoped to lie and cheat people out of their lives long enuf for that to happen, but they got busted instead.

Pam3cys is Ecoli used in vaccine for which to this day they know less than 1/2 of its proteins functions and when they gave it to everyone in vaccines made from a woman who had Syphilis/HepB/Cancer they could not and did not kill the God Like protein and WHY they refused to give us a blood test to detect...WAKE UP.

Now they tell us that Pam2cys/Mycoplasma behaves the same. The fragments encoding potential B-cell epitopes were cloned and overexpressed in an E. coli system.

Japan now tells us they see the same in Pam2cys/mycoplasma.

The results infer that MALP-2 is applicable to a cytokine inducer but not to an adjuvant for antitumor NK immunotherapy.

They have no idea how many of what is hiding in the stealth proteins. Why? Because they will not culture... Cattle tick assessment.

See what they see in the different morphological forms of vector----what is the difference? The blood they feed on. IMO it does not matter what the tests say when we know they can hide in synergy of the DNA. Treat everything.

They have no idea how many of what is hiding in the stealth proteins. Why? Because they will not culture... Cattle tick assessment.

The results showed that the PCRs targeting the
OspA gene,
fla gene,
rrs gene, and
P66 gene detected
37 (6.8%),
74 (13.6%),
16 (2.9%), and
14 (2.6%) tick samples,
respectively. The PCR targeting the fla gene was the most sensitive method for the detection of B. burgdorferi s. l.
So you see once they share their genes they are able to hide from even the DNA tests...Which was very profitable for the criminals who then refused to even try to treat them all so they could profit from all the junk to just treat the symptoms.

Japanese identify the structure of OspA; It appears to be Pam3Cys:
A delicate interplay of structure, dynamics, and thermodynamics for function: a high pressure NMR study of outer surface protein A.

An Admission that Lyme and LYMErix cause immunosuppression (Tufts):
"A better understanding of the workings of innate immunity is important for developing therapies for diseases such as Lyme disease where either an ineffective or an over-exuberant immune response causes the symptoms of illness."

United States

#5914 Apr 27, 2012
If that is what you choose to believe that is your right. Next thing you know it will be said they use immunizations to sterilize. If you are not a scientist in this specific field then how.can you state with 100% conviction immunizations are to blame? Anyone can find online articles to support their claims, does not make it real. I stand behind my earlier statement and wish you well.

United States

#5915 Apr 27, 2012
The results showed that the PCRs targeting the
OspA gene,
fla gene,
rrs gene, and
P66 gene detected
37 (6.8%),
74 (13.6%),
16 (2.9%), and
14 (2.6%) tick samples,
respectively. The PCR targeting the fla gene was the most sensitive method for the detection of B. burgdorferi s. l.

Furthermore, Western blots identified that the levels of the endogenous TPPP in the brains of scrapie-infected experimental hamsters were significantly reduced.
China tells the truth. They won't be seen with methods they used... 2010 Oct Abstract
RESULTS: The following interpretation criteria were recommended:

for IgG, at least one band of P83/100, P58, P39, P30, OspC, P17, P66, and OspA;

for IgM, at least one band of P83/100, P58, OspA, P30, OspC, P17 or P41.

In addition, syphilis, leptospirosis and other related diseases should be excluded when the positive band is P41 in IgM.

For IgG criteria, the sensitivity is 73.2%, the specificity is 99.4% and Youden index is 0.726; for IgM criteria, the sensitivity is 50.6%, the specificity is 93.1% and Youden index is 0.437.

CONCLUSION: Standardization of WB assays is necessary for comparison of results from different laboratories. Moreover, the criteria of other genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato should be determined in the future to complete the criteria of WB for the diagnosis of the Lyme disease in China.

As they look for themselves they have discovered the also need criteria for Pos....Notice sensitivity is still what I consider low while the specificity is extremely high!!!!! Which means we may still need to kill some first to be seen on the testing.....

NOTE they include the OSP A bands used to make the vaccine while the CDC/IDSA criminals took them out so they would not be seen and then set the bar so high NO ONE could reach....
The CDC criteria for a positive WB are as follows:

* For IgM, 2 of the following three bands: OspC (22-25), 39 and 41.

* For IgG, 5 of the following ten bands: 18, OspC (22-25), 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66 and 9...3.

Can we now estimate how many patients have been left to die with their syndrome of unknown origin because of the lies and failures? Billions who depended on their expertise left to suffer and die from their greed and crimes. Because the people have had Lyme bill after Lyme bill in Congress ignored and refused to bring for a vote even with over 120 cosigners the Energy and Commerce Comm. sided with the criminals and would not allow a vote.

Now that they have us on the precipice of the destruction of man---never again should we be so dependent on organizations who have no financial interest in getting the people well and who protect profits of all things immunological without even trying to cure.

Because of the lies they were also allowed to keep hidden what it takes to go very viral and this is not in the publics interest in the billions of taxes we have paid throughout the yrs. for them to protect the public not fill their own pockets.


United States

#5916 Apr 27, 2012
zengal wrote:
If that is what you choose to believe that is your right. Next thing you know it will be said they use immunizations to sterilize. If you are not a scientist in this specific field then how.can you state with 100% conviction immunizations are to blame? Anyone can find online articles to support their claims, does not make it real. I stand behind my earlier statement and wish you well.
Because there is no way to decontaminate prion protein that shares its genes. Which is why they have refused to give us a blood test for the prion synergy created by using genetically altered organisms in vaccines...Namely Pam3cys/Ecoli and Pam2cys/Mycoplasma. There is no vaccine that is safe knowing they used in all the masses with cells made from a woman who had Syphilis/HepB/Cancer....YOU CANNOT KILL THE GOD LIKE PROTEIN. But you can kill all the infections they share their genes with and you can use stem cells your own preferably to turn the immune system back on to keep them out.

Our avg. life expectancy is no more today than it was 60yrs. ago...65 is unacceptable when we have worked so hard to provide so much protection that have actually killed man in their kindness. Because not only did they use it in us, but all our feed animals and pets....

When stupid lets them give us something very viral like more rabies antigens or more swindle flu that they know grows stronger and more viralent with each subsequent transmission between human and beast like what the murdered Don Wiley reported===then only those who do NOT vaccinate will be left to fix themselves from their infections...

United States

#5918 Apr 27, 2012
We must go back to the beginnings when they knew the Hep. B test found at least 88% of HIV, while across the pond MadCow was raging and ask what do you know and when did you know it.....

When did they know that the God Like Proteins that spirochetes carry like the ones used to make the HepB vaccines from a woman who had Syphilis/HepB/Cancer---could not be killed by any means known to man? When did they know that HeLa cells were prion synergy?
2012 Apr 13.
Our study demonstrates that the storage of blood prior to analysis greatly affects the detection of PrP(C) by flow cytometry. To limit the inclusion of storage-generated artifacts, we recommend the processing of blood samples immediately after their collection. 2012 Apr 20
BMC Microbiol. 2012 Apr 20;12(1):60.[Epub ahead of print]
BB0324 and BB0028 are constituents of the Borrelia burgdorferi beta-barrel assembly machine (BAM) complex.

So in their arrogance and greed they never understood anything about the antigens and proteins given in the name of protection---other than they got an immune response as intended any way they wanted to work them.
As many of you know Bowen lab was shut down. And they even jailed some researchers for a time. Many lost their licenses and their livelyhood trying to help the people.
They didn't like it when researchers told the truth.
Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012 Apr 8. doi: 10.1038/nsmb.2273.[Epub ahead of print]
Human prion protein binds Argonaute and promotes accumulation of microRNA effector complexes.
You see they always ignored the miRNA as inconsequential to the elicited immune responses they needed from vaccine, now we know it is the very core of our beings they ignored for profits. 2012 Apr 12.[Epub ahead of print]
Borrelia burgdorferi, a pathogen that lacks iron, encodes a manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase essential for resistance to streptonigrin.
These data show for the first time PrP(CWD) in feces from naturally exposed free-ranging elk and demonstrate the potential of PMCA as a new, noninvasive CWD diagnostic tool to complement IHC.

Imagine that---now that we know the truth every honorable and able country is working for the people.

What we MUST NOT DO---is add more to the mix to cause it to go viral...Because that could be the end.
New News

Lenoir City, TN

#5921 Apr 27, 2012
A new study suggests that children who had the Whooping Cough vaccine were more likely to actually get it after the vaccine wore off (around 12 years)...

In actuality, vaccines last anywhere from 2-10 years and the boosters usually only last 2 years. So, anyone over that age is technically unprotected.
That's most of the population. Are we going to start mandating vaccines boosters every two years for everyone??
All you people who are negatively commenting about parent's who decide not to vaccinate are really the ones we should be pointing fingers at.

Fingers pointed.

Check the article out folks...
Whooping Cough study

Also, this study clearly shows that vaccinated children were more prone to allergies and other illnesses(like asthma, bronchitis and hyperactivity) than unvaccinated children.

Info about the Measles Vaccine and a failure to guard against the disease for long periods of time.

United States

#5922 Apr 27, 2012
It's all about what is best they do the test and that's what we have always went off of.
New News

Dyersburg, TN

#5923 Apr 27, 2012
Who's they? The FDA? The same people who think it is cool to feed school kids pink slime, insist that ketchup is a vegetable, and are pushing GMO foods to everyone.

Or is it the same people that allow McDonald's and Taco Bell to still be operation. Wait, it could be the same group that says cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs are totally cool as long as you are over a certain age or have a doctor recommend it (while money goes into their pockets).

Oh wait, I got it. It's the same group that will lead 1 in 3 children to have diabetes. It's the same group that promotes growth hormones, pesticides, and preservatives.

Yes, they totally have our best interests in mind and will never take a bribe. Our government is definitely not corrupt and wouldn't do anything to harm us, right?
help us

Antioch, TN

#5924 Apr 27, 2012
Ok some of that is true they take money with no problems. But the rest is what has been here for as long as I can remember but it's not going to change it is the way it will always be

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