Three Teens Killed In Wyoming County ...

Three Teens Killed In Wyoming County Crash

There are 29 comments on the story from Jun 7, 2008, titled Three Teens Killed In Wyoming County Crash. In it, reports that:

Three teens were killed when the car they were riding in crashed along Lemon Creek Road in the borough Friday night.

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a friend

United States

#1 Jun 7, 2008
i knew brittany she was awesome.she used to ride my bus. i was horrified when i found out it was her....ahe has alot of brothers and sisters they loved her A L O T. i'm sorry for their loss.
sincerely,a friend.
a friend

United States

#2 Jun 7, 2008
i don't live in rodchester new york i live 5 minutes away form brittany.

the friend again.

Lake Winola, PA

#3 Jun 8, 2008
brit u will be missed so much me and u had so good times just hangin out love ya girl we will all be together some day.u were the best brit

Tunkhannock, PA

#4 Jun 12, 2008
I was not close to any of these students but I saw 2 of them walk across that stage for graduation. I can't say anything but; may they rest in peace. My heart goes out to all of their families.
popcorn chick

Wyoming, PA

#5 Jun 17, 2008
it was a bad crash
i feel very sorry for the family brittany
popcorn chick

Wyoming, PA

#6 Jun 17, 2008
oh yeah and i dont live tunkannock i live in dalton
Felicia Zagata

White Haven, PA

#7 Jun 26, 2008
I new brooke for nine years. She was my half. I have two halfs. Rachael Wydeen and Brooke Hunsinger. She was one of the most amazing people you could ever meet. She loved being out side. She always wanted to help people. But if you pissed her off she could come after you. She wasnt afraid of many things. But she was afraid of the dark. If any one new her they new atleast that much. She was always there for me and I was always there for her. The only reson why I wrote this is because all of you had something to say about the other two people. But nune of you had anything to say about Brooke. So I figured if they are going to have this then there miniswell be something nice about the person who no one stuck of up. For the person that the news didnt even show a piture of. Atleast not intill a cupple of days went by. The person who didnt graduate but worked so hard for the first time in school. For the person who all you should have meet. She always had a smile on and always was there with a sholder to cry on and a tissue for the tears. She would always let you cry and then make you laugh. She had something about her that you couldn't help but love. If you did meat her then you know what I am talking about. In less you got her mad. Then all there was one pissed off girl who would hit you if you hit her. She would never through the first punch. But wasn't afraid to if you pissed her off enough. She wasnt a fighter. She was a lover. I used to get yelled at all the time. STOP HITIN ME! Then she would hit be back. Well I could sit here and go on and on about her but I think I'll stop. Sorry about the spelling I cant spell for anything.
family friend

Tunkhannock, PA

#8 Jul 10, 2008
My family and Brookes family are good friends. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sorry for everyone, friends, family, the community. It is a huge tragedy and it never seems to get better. I lost a friend to a car crash 3 years ago also. Jessie Hallock. He should have been up there on the stage graduating with us on June 14th just like brooke should be doing next year. No one is to blame it is just a terrible tradgedy and it will never get easier for friends and family. They will carry that burden forever. I know so many people say sorry...but what else can you say. My constant thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families. Time will make it easier, but it will never completley heal. We are all praying....
Lizzy Giberson

Ashland, PA

#9 Jul 23, 2008
i knew Britney Kay Giberson by the fact that she was my older sister she was my hero an i loved her very much but now she's gone and ill never see her again thanks to brandon murry that ass hole bkg i miss you big sis r.i.p big sis ily and miss you very much please come home to where you belong ily r.i.p you'll never ever be forgotten or unloved
love always and forever
your lil sis lizzy
Tanya Reed

United States

#10 Aug 1, 2008
i knew brandon and britney and brooke a lil bit i only want to school with brooke seen a few times down atthe ball park i know her older sis a lil better but yea...i grew up with britney i went to school wiht her in cosmetology and so forth we werent super close but we knew each others situation in life and talked about it when we saw each other...but brandon murray..omg...that boy was an amazing boy and he still is...for the very short year or so that i knew him...he meant alot to me, out of the whole gang, he was the only one that took time out and would rather chit chat abuot shit than to party... help me with my problems in the other room and dry away my tears tryin to keep me going...he always asked for my advice...ive saw that boy cry and everytime it broke my heart, i really hated his girlfriend when she would pull that shit(no im not talkin about britt) i most def lost a son that day...cuz thats what it felt like he was to me,,,i take care of all them boys when there at my a mom...i have an awesome video of tons of pictures of us together, he'll never be forgotten... rip B$money...o and by the way this is for those assholes who would rather paly hte blame game than to greive...its not like he woke up taht morning on the day of his graduation and the same day his life started a new, and said "o geez lets kill all of my friends and myself today" you guys are fuckin idiots for blaming just him...its none of their fault...THATS WHY THEY CALL IT A FUCKIN "ACCIDENT" FOR A REASON! you werent in the car you dont know what happened...why cant you just leave it at that...karmas a bitch...and life goes on...thats all i got to say...Yo B even tho your gone were all still here for ya..sticken up for ya and for each other, brothers till the end with the exception of mama(me) hehe love ya! rip
your a joke

Kill Devil Hills, NC

#11 Aug 8, 2008
ok tanya i agree with you about not blaming anyone but who do u think you are makin comments like that to the family of a another victim. You have no right passing judgement. in fact you are the reason people fight about things like this. They have feelings too and just like you said we shouldnt play the blame game but what the fuck r u doing? Dont talk to people like you know them when u have no idea what the r goin through. Your a joke for saying that and should be ashamed of your life. You werent in the car either so dont pretend. The families of the victims are very hurt and it will never get better. How would u feel if you lost one of your kids? pretty shitty i bet. I bet you would blame people also. Dont be a joke tanya. Act like a human not a fuckin animal. Quit pretendin you know how they feel! grow up you skank.

United States

#12 Aug 26, 2008
Me and BrookAY, were good friends about 2 years or so back, we use to hang out almost every day at the ballpark or each others homes. we had a amazing time evertime we were together, never "bored".I can honestly say that she was the closest "girl" friend,i've ever had. she was the nicest person youd ever meet, i mean..she "made" me date her ex that she cared for and im happy to say that she made a good call on that, we've been together for almost 3 happy years and i thank her very much for that. Me and brooke got in a arugement and it stayed like that for a while, we started talking again and walking to class together and saying the I love yous, but it wasnt the same. About 10 hours before she left us, we did something together and it was just like the old times..laughing together, looking at pictures, making jokes..she was always fun to be around. I regret that arguement, i wish it could of been different. she had such a positive look on life. she made everyone smile..everything she did, you couldnt help but to giggle at. Brooke truely was a good person, her family, friends and puppy meant the most to her. The memories of her will always be in my heart, rip hunnie.

Tunkhannock, PA

#13 Aug 27, 2008
I've known briteny for about four years.
I knew brandon for the short time of only about a year and a half, but I still knew things about him thatmost people didn't. I agree with tanya about the blaame game. Everyone is blaming murr, and I know how he was when he drove. yes, he drove a little too fast but he knew how to control it. He was usually always an amazing driver. Im just upset for the fact that I was supposed to be with them graduation night for alittle bit before they went up to tanya's and chris's. and them not going up with me, just pissed me off. not their fault, but mine.
I should have been there.
as for robert, the surviver, is okay.
He's still blaming himself, and I would know.
I dated him , you know ?
He used to be really upset with it, but life goes on and you have to learn how to take negative things and turn them into good memories.:)
rest easy, my angels.
Danielle Hunsinger

Glen Lyon, PA

#14 Sep 28, 2008
Brooke was my baby sister, one of the most caring bubbly kinda girls who accepted everyone for who they were.
i dont agree on some of the stuff some people have to say. no brandon murry oviously didnt know how to control it when he "drove too fast" because 2 childrens parents family and friends have to grieve for the rest of there lifes because of someone suppost to have responability when driving 3 minor children in his vehicle.. now i read the police reports and for some reason over 80 mph on that road let alone any other road for that matter with CHILDREN in the car is just fucking stupid. place blame .. nope but the person was being told to slow down and when you say "oh we did this last night your fine" while being in control of the situation.. well you figure it out for yourselfs... Now any one with children would really do what everyone else was doing.. my mother is going threw terrible shit right now and for her to get on here and read what someone has to say .. grive your selfs because the parents of them children are going to be grivingfor the rest of there lifes.. my daughter and niece cant grow up with there aunt.. my mom cant handle life becauseher babys gone .. and im sure its vis versa with brittanys mom too.. now why dont some of yas grow up and take the situation and think about..
for the ones that had no choice.. brooke and brittany rip
brooke your niece misses you dearly baby

Long Pond, PA

#15 Nov 17, 2008
i knew && loved brit && brandon...but you cant blame it all on was in all reality && i understand your grieving, but get back o reality guys...accidents happen....RIP :'( tunkhannock wont be the same man...
alyssa daily

Dover, DE

#17 Jan 1, 2009
My Mom knew Britney Kay and Lizz when they were a baby Britney i made a poem for it is on your myspace page : i wonder i wish that you were here, but now you are in Heaven you watch all of you friends and family!! i wish i could here your voice and see you with my own blue eyes i want to see you beatiful eyes now ily and imy alot
love always:( Squeakiee ))i love you and i miss you Britney i wish you were never gone i really want you here but i know that you are in a better place i love you and i miss you!!!!! Britney you will never forgotten Britney K.Giberson i want you here i want to hear you wonderful voice and i want to see you so bad i love you britney k. giberson you are my hero you were everyone's hero we love yo uand we all miss you
love :( squeakiee
maranda henry

Tunkhannock, PA

#18 Jan 6, 2009
this one girl that you guys are all talking about was the best friend and cousinyou can ever possibly have and i loved her like alot and i will never ever forget her even when im dead!!

♥♥&#98 29;♥♥& #9829;♥♥ ♥♥&#98 29;♥♥& #9829;♥♥ ♥

Tunkhannock, PA

#19 Jan 6, 2009
i didn't know britney but when i heard about the crash i felt really bad for the entire family.

may she rest in peace
Britts baby Cuz

Caledonia, Canada

#20 Mar 26, 2009
As I Lay Here
Written By; Tasha McKenney

As I lay here I think about all the good times that we had,
I think about the fight we had and the nights we stayed awake.
I think about the times you called my crying,
I think about the times you were so mad I thought you might just kill him.

As I lay here I think about the days that we spend together,
and the times that we would sit around and talk.
I think about all the times we lived together,
and the time that I moved away.

As I lay here I think about that time I went to the football game
with you, Billy, Ted and Jesse. That night was the best because
we got to catch up on everything. I miss those day baby girl and
I cant wait to be with you again.

In loving memory of Britney Kay Giberson ... Rest In Peace Hunn love you
Jamie Hunsinger

United States

#21 Oct 18, 2009
I miss my baby sis so much. I still watch the accident sometimes and get so mad that all they have said about her was a few seconds and didnt hardly even show her picture. I understand all of the kids were great people but so was my sister. She was loving and energetic and could forgive anyone in a moment. An accident is an accident but he should have had better judgement on what he was doing. Brooke wouldnt want anyone to play the blame game. But technically it was him. Plus everyone is still grieving and finding someone to blame. But, i forgive him. Love you little one Rest in peace.

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