Paniagua Auto Sales
Victoria H

Blue Ridge, GA

#67 Jun 6, 2011
My husband and I bought a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali for a REALLY good price,on Valentines Day this yr (2011). After purchasing we noticed it was leaking anti freeze from the radiator... but all it needed was a radiator cap (about $4). We left the loan office and went back to the dealership to sign more papers (before we discovered what was wrong). And they were very helpful when they notice my husband looking under the hood they came runnin' over asking what they could do...then we discovered it was the cap. Of course after signing the purchase "AS IS" we had to pay for the cap. Before we left they insisted on cleaning it and takin all the stickers and writing off the windows... They were really friendly and helpful!Four days later,we drove it to Savannah,Ga (about a 5 hr drive) NO problems at all!!

Ringgold, GA

#68 Jun 22, 2011
Anna wrote:
<quoted text>
First of all STUPID not all mexicans are from MEXICO. We are also born here. Second you can take it to a shop and have them check it out first. Last thing save your freakin money and get a new car so you don't get screwed. Oh what most white people are poor white trash right? I forgot they can't afford new cars. How is that blanket statement for you.
Anna..dumbass..if you were born in America..that would make you American not Mexican..right? nevermind your skills are too low to answer...

Ringgold, GA

#69 Jun 22, 2011
Anna appears to be a dumbass..

Cleveland, TN

#70 Jun 23, 2011
no that would make her a mexican still...

Despite loving this place so much and acting like its the greatest place they protest looking like a bunch of idiot losers:

SMH. Seriously you are in america. Wanting American rights for the people who are here illegally so you send your legal family members to the courthouse dressed in mexican flags and expect to be taken seriously.

Ringgold, GA

#71 Jun 26, 2011
i bought a XTERRA from them and it didnt last a week and the oil light came on, they said they had done 72 point inspection and looked the car over good and it had no problems at all, what a lie.. the oil pump was wearing out so they put thick oil in it to sale it to me then after driving it a week the pump finally gave out,all this info per my ASE mechanic. folks look for a car elsewhere,these scumbags are a joke and the BBB has many complaints,research their history before buying from them...go to a reputable car lot instead of their junkyard rebuilds,,,what goes around comes around,,go back to your country you bunch is stinky jackwagons!!!!!!!!

Niles, MI

#72 Oct 2, 2011
I run a website that sells goods and I sell about 120 items a month. Out of the 120 items that go out the door, 118 people are always satisfied and honest throughout the transaction. There are always 2 or 3 transactions that fall through and every month these 2 or 3 transactions are Hispanic people who are dishonest and try to manipulate the system anyway they can to get something for free or to scam. Coincidence?? Every month it's the same story, the 2 or 3 people are all hispanic. That's not even a racist statement, it's just a fact that I have observed over the years.

United States

#74 Jul 31, 2012
Don't purchase anything from these dumbasses! Every car is a piece of shit. After I got off of work I was on my way to loan office, got all the paperwork completed, drive down to Dalton to buy the car and it was sold. I just spoke to the dumb bitch on the phone yesterday evening saying she was going to call me as soon as the car was ready which was today. Meanwhile I was going to purchase the vehicle yesterday but they said they couldn't sell it yet because it wasn't ready and she would call me when it was. Never got a call. So the dumb bitches sold it AS IS this morning. Same shit I was going to do yesterday. Ha! Won't be going back there ever again.

United States

#75 Jul 31, 2012
Hey Anna wrote:
I want you to do simple math. Take the number of children you have, add the number of jelly roles on your stomach and then add the number of visible stretch marks. If it is more than 7, then you are a true mexican.
Here we go again talking shit about Mexicans. You fucking white hillbilly. Why dont you apply the same simple math to yourself??? Did you forget the fattest people are in America?,and it not the Mexicans eating all them fries!!! It's your own white people that screw the system and blame everyone else. I am a proud Mexican and I love America. I just hate the stupid white Americans that think they are better then others.

Dalton, GA

#76 Aug 1, 2012
My husband and I looked there a while back and all the cars we test drove had a check engine light on. I also know of someone who works on the cars and they are all bought from auctions. I also know that a Paniagua stole my grandmother's SS and still uses it to this day...and my grandmother's dead!!! And I don't care about all these racist comments ppl will be ignorant..and have their opinions like we all have a (you know what)..I'm a hispanic born in Dalton and I'm married to a white man..dishonest sales ppl come in every different color. It's not polite to discriminate cause there was a time when most of our "American" population were immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, Europe and they weren't treated all that great...Do unto all I'm gonna say

Ringgold, GA

#77 Aug 28, 2012
Viva La Joe Farr.

Since: Oct 11

Ringgold, GA

#78 Aug 29, 2012
i dont know if this helps any but all the work that gets done on their cars is done at the rush tires on glenwood.

United States

#79 Sep 11, 2012
KIM wrote:
<quoted text>i think 1st of all u are dumb or going on here talkn all your mexican if you dont like them why go there to began with thats whats wrong with the world you had pro. ok say it dont run the lips about mexicans makes you look like trush
;] oh yeah im white so you know
u prolly fat, ugly, u sound stupid and ur prolly married to a stinking illegal!!!!!!!!!!

Dalton, GA

#80 Mar 14, 2013
To the inquirer:

There are MANY Paniagua lots.
Each owned by a different salesman.
Paniagua 2, down by MLK, is owned by LEANDRO.
Not Francisco.
I've known this man to be incredibly helpful and patient.
When buying a used car, keep in mind to ignore the flashy stuff and pay attention to the condition of the vehicle!
If you want a flashy car, I highly recommend you to get a new one.
Now, if you want something that gets you from point A to point B, then you should ask for that.
Leandro even recommends his customers to take it to their own, well trusted mechanic to give them details about it before buying it.
If there's things that need fixing, he tries his best to fix them for the interested buyer.
At any case, ANY used car dealer will sell a car. Good or bad.
Some actually invest fixing their vehicles and some do not.
You need to experience it yourself before taking advice from people who didn't follow the guidelines to buying a used car.
This is the Internet.
Nothing but trolls and racists.
Just don't go off buying the first car you see. Give it time. Check it out. Study it thoroughly. You're taking it home so make sure it's the quality car you want. Call the dealership before making a final judgement. Ask for details. Test drive it.
The dealer gives you the tools to make your own decision, so be smart about it.

That is all

Summerville, GA

#81 Mar 14, 2013
Pablo says to be nice to the Paniaguas, when they get this voting thing straightened out, the Mr. Paniaguas will be known as Mr. Mayor and Mr. Police Chief, and they won't need no car lots, no more. What a country!!! Thanks Roberto!!!
pee daddy

Ringgold, GA

#82 Mar 14, 2013
The Panaguia ppl are crooks never go to them they sold me a dodge ram truck and the truck i had for 1 month and that kept overheating and panaguia would not fix it, I took it to them 3 times and they also got mad when I tried to take it and have someone else look at it. So guy finally gave me my money back but he still stole over a thousand bucks from me.

Dalton, GA

#83 Jan 15, 2014

Summerville, GA

#85 Jan 21, 2014
pee daddy wrote:
The Panaguia ppl are crooks never go to them they sold me a dodge ram truck and the truck i had for 1 month and that kept overheating and panaguia would not fix it, I took it to them 3 times and they also got mad when I tried to take it and have someone else look at it. So guy finally gave me my money back but he still stole over a thousand bucks from me.
Beat them down to the ground and they will stop fu&@ing with Americans!!

Summerville, GA

#86 Jan 26, 2014
who="law officer"uoted text>
read the paper and see what is going on at that place,we are on them like a shoe fly in a outhouse. keep up with the daily citizen news you will see who is trash talking[/QUOT
All dalton police are lazy worthless pieces of crap. Hypocrites to the core.
Wally Martin

Dalton, GA

#87 Jan 28, 2014
Does it not seem odd that all these car lots they have and amount of inventory they have hasn't raised any suspicions. They have more inventory than the new car dealerships have. Everybody talking about their purchases but how do they have so much money tied up in these cars. I think there is more to it. Way too much and the large lot on Walnut Ave. Come on Wake Up!!!
Fed Up

Chatsworth, GA

#89 Feb 25, 2014
All you illegal mexicans are nothing but welfare sucking slobs! You do nothing but keep popping out kids. You say you work hard for your stuff but hell its easy when you live 20 to a house. Your rent is next to nothing when split up and that gives you plenty of money to pay for your escalades. Then yall go to walmart and load up your 3 grocery carts full of damn food. Yall get hellacious amounts of stamps & WIC every month. Dont get me started on the flea markets, what once was a descent place to go browse around is now clown music, old squished produce in the walk ways, bra & panties, stolen car audio, and stinky nasty looking food trailers. Flea markets used to be an american tradition for finding antiques, what nots, etc. All of your "legal" establishments and I use the term "legal" very loosely do nothing but cater to the hispanics. If a white or black person comes in you all jump to over charging, scheming, or ignoring us. We white & black Americans are what built this country. It is our ancestors who fought the wars, fought for equality, and paved the road for us. We are the reason why you are able to have businesses and a place to live other than a dirt village with no indoor plumbing (mexico) We are also the reason why Mexico has tourist hot spots. If it werent for us spending money there and not to mention all the U.S monies your people send back your country would just be a big dust bowl. Respect what the American people have done for you instead of chalking everything up as a racial slur. We Americans have every right to be upset at how the crooked leaders in office have made it easy as pie for the illegals and hard as hell for the hard working honest Americans. All we ask is be respectful, do things the legal way, know the history of our country, and speak ENGLISH! I would assume you would expect the same from us if we were to take up residence in your country.

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