James Buchanan school cafeterias fail...

James Buchanan school cafeterias fail health inspections

There are 73 comments on the Public Opinion story from Feb 26, 2010, titled James Buchanan school cafeterias fail health inspections. In it, Public Opinion reports that:

The kitchens at James Buchanan High School and Middle School failed the most recent health department inspections, with the state citing mouse droppings near food and other violations.

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Darth Vader

Bendersville, PA

#44 Feb 26, 2010
I can just picture somebody going up with a tray
and getting a burger and having someone ask
"You want mouse turds with that ?"

Glenside, PA

#45 Feb 26, 2010
Well lets see....I think that to solve a bunch of problems all at once they should just tear down both the Middle and High schools and completely build ONE nice, updated building that both locations can move into. We are putting all this money into these old out dated schools (pipes, lockers, heating/ac, etc) when they could just build a new facility that could handle all the students together...separted by an upstairs and downstairs and different areas. They could update the cafeteria into a food court like they have at Waynesboro and everyone would be happy.
Horses Mouth

Newville, PA

#46 Feb 26, 2010
The pool has a leak, the dust from the renovation is thick on the floors, the air quality system is "Ifie" at best and the wonderful community of Mercersburg would not vote favorably when the referendom came to vote to up the taxes to have the school completely renovated as should be! So lets not put all the blame on the educational staff at the school! You want a safe haven for your children then you have to dig into your wallets and help pay for it!!!
Dumb people irritate me

Elizabethtown, PA

#47 Feb 26, 2010
DEETS wrote:
Well lets see....I think that to solve a bunch of problems all at once they should just tear down both the Middle and High schools and completely build ONE nice, updated building that both locations can move into. We are putting all this money into these old out dated schools (pipes, lockers, heating/ac, etc) when they could just build a new facility that could handle all the students together...separted by an upstairs and downstairs and different areas. They could update the cafeteria into a food court like they have at Waynesboro and everyone would be happy.
And how much would that cost? seeing as how the middle school was just renovated 5 years ago and that debt hasn't been paid off,your suggestion is flat out ludicrous.

Chambersburg, PA

#49 Feb 26, 2010
Yeah, but they make a mean sloppy joe though.
single and free

Landisburg, PA

#50 Feb 26, 2010
Curious wrote:
How are animals using the roof latch to gain entry? Pretty smart critters!
squirrels and chipmunks can very easily get in the hatch. I've watched them do what they have to to get inside and get warm.

Gettysburg, PA

#51 Feb 26, 2010
This thread needs a little love to the lunch ladies:

"This is a song..."
"This is uhh, This is a new song..."
"It's through the eyes of one of the greatest people alive, I feel..."
"The Lunchlady"


Pickerington, OH

#53 Feb 26, 2010
See...wonder where our tax money goes??? Right into the pockets of the ones who do the least....need I say more?????? Lets give more raises to those we know well.
cat whisperer

Mercersburg, PA

#54 Feb 26, 2010
I can let the district borrow my cats they are really good mousers, no mice around my house just an occasional head or guts laying around real easy to clean up
Former Student

Woodstock, MD

#55 Feb 26, 2010
I think all of the problems at these schools go back to the administration of the district. The money and resources have obviously been mishandled for many years. As far as mice go, yes the schools are in a field, but with proper pest control, there would not be these issues (remember the melee a few years back at Taco Bells around the nation?). If I were a taxpayer in this district I would seriously question the administration's ability to handle their responsibilities and demand that changes be made.

I will agree with another former student's comments that these things (clean cafeteria and sports venues) are not a requirement for a good eduction, however, I would think that these things would affect not only the morale of the employees of the schools, but also of the students who attend. Low moral can go a long way to causing low test scores, etc.

Let's face it the problems in this district are many. It will require cooperation of the administration, parents and students to resolve these issues. Administration, do the jobs you are required to do. Parents (and other taxpayers), make sure they do their jobs. Students, hang in there and study, your term in these often prison like conditions will be over before you know it.
Agent 0

Carlisle, PA

#56 Feb 26, 2010
Whats wrong with some mice taking shelter when its cold. The real problem they should address is putting a branch bank in the school. Now that makes sense. Just ask the Chambersburg school officials.
Kids First

Mercersburg, PA

#57 Feb 26, 2010
Wow wrote:
I graduated from JB this past year, and I can't believe that you all are criticizing the learning environment when a few things go wrong. The school isn't as bad as everyone says. Unless you go in, spend 180 days there.. then you can't judge what is, or is not going on in the school. I scored advanced on both reading, writing, and math on the PSSAs. I also attended FCCTC for Allied Health and took nursing, as well as dental. Got a B average in both. Just because we're short on what you consider 'necessities' for school, doesn't mean we're idiots. So to whoever said 'i would never send my child to Tuscarora school district' why don't you spend 180 days there, then you have the right to say what you want. Not just what the Public Opinion, or any other newspaper article says.
Great Post. Unfortunately many people will repeat what they hear instead of witnessing something for themselves. Every school has its own problems and many are quick to criticize. Try saying or doing something positive for your school district the next time a problem comes to light.

Mercersburg, PA

#58 Feb 26, 2010
http://www.agriculture.state.pa.us/portal/ser... ;

^^^This website shows all the details of the violations. If the schools were first inspected on Feb. 9, why wasn't it taken care of then? There is no reason why this problem wasn't taken care of before the follow-up inspection on the 22nd. It's none other than pure laziness of the cafeteria staff. I'm sure they saw the mouse droppings, so why didn't they at least clean them up? Especially after the first inspection!! And all of the staff was ServSafe certified, looks like they didn't learn anything in that class! This is completely disgusting and no one's fault but the school's!! If my children went to JB they'd never eat school lunch again!

Saint Thomas, PA

#59 Feb 26, 2010
quit_yo_bit---- wrote:
<quoted text>
And how much did you actually spend on the track Jim? The money came from A) state grants, initiated by the late Terry Punt and B) donations by volunteer citizens...so unless YOU donated money or somehow can single out that TSD taxpayers were the only ones paying for the state grants, you just another prime example of people who only see one side of the story. Learn your facts before you post somewhere again.
The fact is that the track has NOTHING to do w/ this issue, as all the money secured for the track were raised by outside parties. Even so, the track was a good investment regardless. Not only were we not allowed to host a home meet on the old track due to PIAA guidelines, but have you ever run on a dirt track? If you have, and you have also run on a track similar to the one that we have installed, then you would notice a great deal of difference between the two in comfort. Besides the comfort factor, running on dirt also makes you more likely to injure an ankle or knee, as the ground isnt nearly
as stable.
Well aren't you the bright star in this. Last time I checked state grants are not manna from heaven but TAX DOLLARS paid by people like me a home owner who pays over $9,000 a year to apparently have a school so poorly run that it can't pass a health inspection. And I don't believe that I said that taxpayers were the only ones who paid for the track but let's be real that's where the bulk of the money came from. Any just in case you're interested and you very well may not be, I am a marathon runner and have been running for years. And yes I have run on dirt tracks and don't have a problem with that, even at my age. However, I have the opinion, as a well educated person, that the primary goal of schools is education in a classroom. Check out the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations site and see how Franklin County rates in college graduates, pretty dismal indeed. Maybe you can check out those facts before you tell me how to think. I am always fascinated by small minded people who get so offended when someone disagrees with them. Have a nice life, that is if you can dislodge that bug that seems to be causing you such intense discomfort.

Elliottsburg, PA

#60 Feb 26, 2010
this cafeteria should be shut down and not allowed to serve food! a restaurant would be!!!!!!!!!

Scranton, PA

#62 Feb 26, 2010
Ol Barney wrote:
I'd like to inspect the kitchens of all these "concerned" parents. I suspect there would be many cleanliness issues identified...and probably the ones criticizing the loudest have the filthiest homes!
Yea but those parents aren't running a business out of their home. Get a clue. It's no different then going to a fast food joint and having mouse crap there.
Former Student

Woodstock, MD

#64 Feb 26, 2010
Over Population wrote:
<quoted text>
The real problem is the school districts are running out of funds. Everything is going to get worse due to over population of children from parents that are here illegally. We are running out of room in classrooms, enough teachers to handle the load, and we have to hire bilingual teachers to handle students who can't speak English. Oh, yeah, you can bet our taxes are going up to support more and more aspects of the illegal immigrant problem. It is going to get much worse in another five years. The illegals have drained California resources dry and the state's finances are broke. Many more states have the same demise to face soon. There is no sense in having an immigration agency when they aren't doing anything to stop the masses from coming over. Everyone's quality and standards of living will deteriorate.
This is not a new problem, yes they are running out of funds, but I don't see how illegal immigrants have anything to do with the problems that the Tuscarora School District is facing. Let's face it, unless you are a Native American your ancestors were immigrants at one time. I don't see how mouse crap on the floor at the schools has anything to do with people coming from other countries. Do you know why immigrants come here, because they are willing to do the crap work that people of our own nation don't want to do.
Now that we have completely gone off subject, maybe we should go back to the article and review and come up with some suggestions that make more sense.

Gardners, PA

#65 Feb 26, 2010
What a disgusting situation! Absolutely disgraceful. Kids, remember your lunch bags.
School Safety

Gardners, PA

#66 Feb 26, 2010
Schools are spending millions in an effort to keep our children safe. Elaborate monitoring systems, key card entrances, locked doors and windows. And now another safety concern for parents to deal with. One that is lurking on the inside. . . .children becoming ill from contaminated food. This threat can easily be taken care of if people just do their jobs. Replace food storage areas with rodent-proof cabinets and cupboards. Store food stuff in stainless steel containers. Make sure hot stuff is hot and cold stuff is cold. If hot water is not accessible for handwashing, buy a quart of hand sanitizer. Set traps during non-school hours and weekends. Have maintenance or security check traps regularly. Our kids deserve better than what is outlined in these violatons.

Mercersburg, PA

#67 Feb 26, 2010
bst wrote:
Good grief. What kind of a dump is that school? With all the other problems...and now this...they should shutter the place.
Oh but they just had to build that brand new track. Its ok make are kids sick , but they can run cant they. ONCE AGAIN THE PEOPLE ON THE BOARD HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE SCHOOL. Just makes me sick to think they are so worried about there bodies and not there brains. Then you wonder why are school has one of the lowest test averages huh. But here like normal we are to blame in this as well for letting this happen we choice pretty now over our childrens health.

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