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#1 Sep 4, 2012
Who honored you, Marty Warner, whom you aided and abetted in carrying out one of the most horrendous abuses, and spiritual rapes of the 90's? Like him, you are both a fraud, spiritual Pharisees and a disgrace to the Body of Christ and enemies of the Cross of Christ. Maybe not the worst hypocrites in the church,(Marty Warner and his buddy Betsy Close would take that position), but you and your wife would be close runner ups.

"Mrs.(Betsy) Close was aware of the abuse I suffered for years, including the ritual and emotional abuse, rapes and beatings during the period of my breakdown in 1993-1994. After my 8th child was born in July 1995, I shared with her that I needed help and safety. Betsy Close told me I would have to wait for my husband to commit adultery before I could ever divorce him and seek safety. Betsy Close proclaims to be a born again, spirit-filled Pentecostal Christian and is “pro-life.”

The crimes committed against me in 1993-1994 are Rape Count I. Oregon law states: sexually using a women who is physically, mentally incapacitated and helpless is RAPE COUNT I as described in Chapter 743, Oregon Laws, 1971, 163.375. Rape in the first degree is a Class A Felony. Husbands are not exempt from this law.

Betsy and Chris Close did nothing; the courts, attorneys, family members, Pastor Ron Sutter and his church members did nothing.

I reported the crimes of battering, rape, child and sexual abuse to law enforcement agencies, attorneys, judges, the Oregon Attorney General, and the Governor. My story was also presented to President Barack Obama on Mother’s Day 2010.

In 2003, my true life story, BONSHEA, was published. Dr. Barbara May, Professor of Nursing, Linfield College, invited me to be a guest speaker for her class in 2001. BONSHEA was used as a college text for her nursing students in 2004. Dr. May, my mentor of 15 years, as well as many physicians, counselors and advocates throughout the country describes my Oregon court case as “obscene” and the individuals who were a threat to my safety and survival “toxic.”

The price for my own safety and freedom in 1996 was an imposed, unnatural and unwanted separation from my eight children. The injustice committed against me is not just the physical separation from my children, but the willful desecration of the mother-child relationship and bond, a sacred spiritual and emotional entity.

Forcibly taking a mother's children, and then controlling her emotionally by withholding contact must be publicly recognized as one of the greatest forms of 'mis-use' of the American justice system and one of the greatest hidden vehicles for wide-spread socially approved physical and emotional abuse and control.

Dr. Clarissa Estes writes,'A culture that requires harm to one's soul in order to follow the culture's proscriptions is a very sick culture indeed.' 1 I think this is true. By obeying the Order of the Court, I betrayed my soul, my children and myself. I was forced to make a choice that no mother should ever be forced to make."

Independence, OR

#2 Aug 4, 2013
enough of your sick lies. mrs warner

Colorado Springs, CO

#3 Aug 7, 2013
truth wrote:
enough of your sick lies. mrs warner
The post you responded to was made by me, under my registered user name. I am not Coral Theill. Plus, I live in Colorado, whereas, Ms. Theill does not. However, I am an advocate and supporter, not just of Ms. Theill, but of all women who have been spiritually, and/or physically and legally abused. I don't know why anyone would be surprised that Ms. Theill has many supporters. By the way, she is no longer Ms. Warner. I have studied her case history (1995-2013), documents, etc. If you want the plain unvarnished truth, I recommend that you go to the Polk County Courthouse and read the court file, including the numerous affidavits from neighbors and women who Mr. Warner has also abused, court documents about the abuse of the children, etc.

You may also wish to take time to read her entire website: and her 2013 published memoir, BONSHEA Making Light of the Dark. Coral Theill is also creating a film documentary which includes audio court hearing tapes.

You may want to also educate yourself about denial.

Denial is an attempt to reject unacceptable feelings, needs, thoughts, wishes--or even a painful external reality that alters the perception of themselves.

This psychological defense mechanism protects us temporarily from:

- Knowledge
(things we don’t want to know)
- Insight or awareness that threatens our self-esteem;
(things we don't want to think about)
- Unacceptable feelings
(things we don’t want to feel)

The thing about denial is that it requires a considerable amount of self-delusion to be able to maintain it; and the longer it is maintained, the more hysterical and desperate become the attempts to preserve it.

"When courts blame victims and fail to hold abusers accountable, they reinforce abuser behavior, subvert justice, disempower the victims, teach children that abusive behavior is permissible and may even be rewarded, and reinforce the cycle of violence. Most batterers
know they can bring criminal and contempt charges at no expense to the abusers, but they take an enormous financial and emotional cost on their victims. The result is that many abusive men drag on the litigation and file spurious claims openly acknowledging they are trying to drive their victims onto welfare or into homelessness; half of all homeless women and children in the U.S. are homeless because of domestic violence." - Joan Zorza, Esq." ;

Finally, you may have one version, the Warner version of what happened. Coral has another, truthful version. What happened to her at the hands of her abuser and his co-abusers was indeed sick, but no lie. It has been pretty well covered up, except for Coral's expose. There should be more like her; courageous enough to come forth and tell her story, in spite of the severe opposition, persecution, and great trial by fire. I dare say, if these things had happened to you, you might feel differently about a woman's suffering.
Mothers of Lost Children

Santa Rosa, CA

#4 Aug 9, 2013
truth wrote:
enough of your sick lies. mrs warner
'People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed' Freidrich Nietzche or is it that you do know the truth and can not handle it. Do not want others to know your sins of silence. The way a society, a family and community stay silent while abuse of our children and women continue. Who will be brave enough to stand with the victim, the whistleblower. The Abused who dares to share her truth, and educate others. This brave woman is so courageous as she stands in her truth, the only lies here are the ones you tell yourself to get through the night. There will come a reckoning. A special place in hell for women who help to take children from their loving mothers. Such women who collude, interfere, stand idly by. Your day will come. Until then, lets shine the light into the darkness for others who need to be shown the way. We should thank Ms. Theill, for her bravery, for in doing so she helps others to share their truth. Sadly, her story is repeated across the state and the nation, by other mothers who have experienced the legal abuse, the court ordered kidnapping and inhumanity towards women and children. Events like these are shared by women daily at . . A country that for 20 years has been removing children from fit loving mothers and giving custody to batterers and molesters. We document more than 58,000 children a year across the united states. Thats 1 Million Children living with abuse. Ms. Theill story is about the worst we have heard, but it is far from uncommon. We have a systematic failure to protect victims of abuse. Incest is still a family secret, child rape is not considered a crime and Domestic Violence is still underreported and not investigated as a crime, Child protective Services close cases and send into Family Courts where Due Process is violated and crimes against children and women are ignored. In this case the Civil and Human Rights of the mother and her children were violated and her right to protect and be protected was denied. Justice denied.
whose truth

Independence, OR

#5 Nov 30, 2013
I keep looking for the evidence and there doesn't seem to be any. Claiming something is truth does not make it so. I find it hard to believe that everybody else is wrong and this woman is right. Other than activists who look for a cause to support whether valid or not, I do not see the evidence to support her story, other than her own statements. I have witnessed Mr. Warner in the community for years and see a caring giving individual. I see his children and how they have been raised to be hard working, respectful young adults who are a productive part of the community. I do not mean to imply that Mr. Warner is perfect, none of us are. But the constant attacks and repeating of lies towards Mr. Warner are unfounded. People have gotten a lot of "mileage" out of this accusation, and do not seem to have to provide any proof other than what they say and those few who support them. I just hope people will think for themselves and look at more than just the one sided, unsubstantiated comments of one person. As far as I can tell she has made a career out of attacking a good man.

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