Dallas Cops Gone Wild

Dallas Cops Gone Wild

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TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

United States

#1 Apr 4, 2013
well alot of kids and older people just may let you and your jones have the whole city. we got word they say they dont need nothing from yalls place. they said you burn your own gas they will go around and round with the cops any day. so looks like they read about what the dallas city cops been doing to harrass and beat unarmed people. so they tell some of us we will meet up with them soon. keep your old stuff they say alot of them say they going to the get to buy your own stuff you aint getting their money now or summer. we got friends in four or 5 states who come back us up too. you aint getting none from them. also they said your police are just looking at car tags to stop them they say hope your taxes go down and they aint going to get maybe shot by a cop. so looks like this summer might not get what you did but i knows and lots of people knows what you been doing. chief is running innocent people off the road. we done got pics this time of you and 2 of your city cops and we're going to the Fox and CNN news this time.

we got plenty of gas and you aint gonna stop us. don't watch out for the crooks, watch out for the crooked cops. cops in dallas need to hold their pants up but its done too late we knows and we got the pics so we'll see who is laughing when the feds come in to take you down for what you done. everybody in dallas knows the city cops is dirty but now we got the proof and it don't matter what the chief says this time. we got the pics and the proof this time chief on you and all your other dirty cops. people that are innocent and unarmed don't have to fear you all no more when this dirt comes down. you gonna see some rain when them cops start their crying and start spilling the rat and each other.

you done messed with the wrong mojo man this time. you aint hiding this time because i done smell you out and you don't smell good. see whos house you come in to now big man. you think you are a prophet for the city, that the people have to bow down to you and your cops. too many old ladies getting hurt and put out on the strreet by the thug cops. but that will change when the feds get in to town and bring you down.
TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

San Antonio, TX

#2 Apr 4, 2013
cops in dallas be thuggin worse than the criminals. we knows which girls you been usin and where they lives to. when we gets started we gonna ride that town like it was a new pig and the feds gonna back us up this time. the whole bunch is dirty from day one and all day long. but this time you done got caught with your hands in the jar and on camara. which one gonna start crying first.

we gots pics, we got receipts and we done took down who was where and who said what. what you got to say bout that now chief? cant harrass and beat your way out of it this time. you know you and all your boys is goin down for it this time. the feds is comin and you all is a goin.

i told you not to mess with me and my boys. we got people in four or 5 states and they all come to back us up. but we gonna let the feds tear you up some first then we gonna get ours.
TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

United States

#3 Apr 5, 2013
dallas cops startin to sweat now. chief is going under and taking the hole deprtment wit him. Who gonna start cryin first to rat the rest out? Who gonna cry loudest one? we got the pics, we got the feds, we gots the backup and now we gots morris dees on our side. morris dees gonna wreck you all for what you done. then the feds is goanna wrek you again. then all the hood rats is gonna ride that dallas goat till it cant ride no mo. gonna clean out your dirty under drawers this time. you cant hide it and you cant beat yo way out of it this time. morris dees gonna see to that and the feds is gonna haul off the hole bunch of crooked cops. dallas better be looking for some good cops to take over because it be goin down soon. them outside the jail gonna be on the inside. thems on the inside gonna be set free. you wont be sending no more folks to the hospital with you beatins. but you better look out in prison cause they dont like no cops up in there.
TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

Bossier City, LA

#4 Apr 5, 2013
dallas cops shakin in their boots. same boots they use to stomp and kick. we gots the pics now and they up on the facebok. soon they be up on the utube. next time we get vidio too on you. you done made a bad smell in Gods nose and he know you stank. morris dees is comin with the broom for all you cops. you done went too much and now too much is been seen. feds comin with the chains for the hole bunch. i knows you skeerd now. which one gonna cry first. police dont tell on police till they all go down then somebody gets the rat. which one gonna be the rat? which one stank the most. feds is coming to make you pay for what you done. well alot of kids and alot of older people aint gonna let you and your jones have the whole city no more. we dont need nothing from yalls place and no jailman. feds gonna go around and round with the cops and the cops gonna be yowing like kittens in a blender. everybody don read about what the dallas city cops been doing and you aint gonna hide no mo. they say morris dees is coming and you all gonna runs like roaches. see who leave town first but feds gonna track you down. see whose money you take now big hoss and whose head you crack.

Lincolnton, NC

#5 Apr 8, 2013
TJ sounds like you are a nut case. I bet they bust your ass for the big mouth you have. You must be a local redneck! You need to be arrested!!!
TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

Bossier City, LA

#6 Apr 9, 2013
you be with the cops trayvon yous done got popped onced down in florida adn the dallas cops gonna be popping yoo again. they gots your name and your number and they gonna try sattin you straight. thats triple 9s for you this time punk. you know its gonen down hard when it happens. whole town gonna be straight up trippin when the cops get hauled off, gonna see what we been talking about the whole time coming. you can't ride like that and make that gold and dont get the feds on you. dallas cops aint tight like that. chief gonna find out his boys is all rats and all rats gonna run for cover. chief trying to blame the mayor and the govnor but theys just playing him till the feds get to town. trayvon got it in the head and now he says words on the dallas cops. they be get him before the feds get here. morris dees gonna come to town and make the cops all cry and weep for theys mama. radio playing but the dallas cops too crazy for drugs and money. they cant buy me none and they cant buy morris dees. they get the load and hauls it up to the corthouse. who get the last dollar, who get the shorts. thats the man who gonna rat you to the feds. chief comes bustin heads but that aint gonna protect him none. you gonna bust a fed head. you gonna roll chief with all your hoot boys on patrol. the fires gonna be ketching you up and the feds got the matches. you shakin and skeert now. where you at now. you hides in the corthouse cause you know the feds is coming so you better hide from morris dees. you know TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx gonna sing your song. ol TJ gonna flop your fish gonna watch you go down. hole city gonna go down mayor gonna have to tell the truth mayor gonna have to come clean when morris dees sink his teeth in. feds gonna have to pull the chain and make them dogs mind.
TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

San Antonio, TX

#7 Apr 10, 2013
twice now you done come up on me and my slice. you try to disrespek me for the fronts. my brother was chilling and you jumped in his too. but i gots the camara and i make it work. it work for me and for the feds and now morris dees done got a copy of it. you slap down the innocent and the ladies and now you done got caught to taking what not yours. your hand is in the pie and the trap is set for you. I know you dallas cops are all scared of what is goning to be happening soon. but you got a rat in your hole. that pig gonna squeal day and night until you is all ratted out and the fed have you in chains. you know you did dirty and crooked cops gonna pay. we got the pics now and you got the cuffs. prison gonna be bad for dirty dallas cops. some will be leaving town as soon as they can get out because they don't want the feds to take them down none. but too late for you we got pics of every one of you crooked dallas cops and we got it wrote down what you done and who all you done it to. the girls are telling their stories to the feds now and you aint gonna last very much longer. feds done turned one of you mans mr chief. and hes squealing loud on you and your crooked men. too much against you now. even the mayor and the govnor done turned on you and all your men. no more smoke show no more nite sticks. morris dees gonna come down for our rights and make you walk the line.
TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx

San Antonio, TX

#8 Apr 12, 2013
pig on tha run
pig on tha run
feds comin to town to have some fun

better run piggy, piggy. you done gone wild long enough. time for you to gets what is comin to you. lets see how loud you squeal now piggy, piggy.

you know you gots some little piggies that is going to squeal on you chief. some of you own boys is spilling the rat on you right now to the feds. they is taking names and gonna come for you soon.

why you hiding in the courthouse? why you to skeert to come out and face the feds. none of your dallas cops has got your back chief. they all spilling theys guts to the feds about you. but i want to see you all go down and none get off free, you all is dirty, you all is crooked, you all is bad

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