As a little boy,i played in lineberger park.rode the train,when i had the whole family enjoyed the park.Thats why its there.enjoyment and recreation activities for adults and children,NOW look at it!Its full of drug addicts,whores that are on crack!And thats any given time of the day.lets let our police officers do thier jobs and get rid of this garbage.Gastonia is going to hell in a handbasket!You also have people from other states that eric brooks and his band of thieves,that he picked up all up and down the eastern seaboard and brought them to gastonia to rob and steal and write bad checks.Now he is in prison and what a mess he left gastonia in.His dad lon brooks was also involved in the gang of thieves and robbers and i think most of them were all felons from other states.eric brooks brought one man from florida,after the man wrote bad checks for eric brooks,the man went back to florida and killed two people by stabbing them to death.